No Angst Animal August - 31 day Carnivore Challenge - 2023



Have to say, I do like butter. Ghee is great for cooking.


Rainy day, wasn’t outside at all. Good I had my walk yesterday!
I had a tiny lack of sleep, the weather probably affected me too, I didn’t do much. And managed to spend way too much time in the kitchen despite it’s Saturday and Alvaro cooked a meat dish… After 5pm… So I ate my own pork… Meat way above a pound today, my protein got too high even without eggs… Oh well :slight_smile:
My tracking is a bit lazy when I eat way too many different items multiple times but it seems yesterday was lowish-cal and today definitely not. But I have no idea about my fat intake today, it’s the mysterious cut again. I know the name of the cut but it had maybe 1/5th of the fat compared to the info about that cut… Whatever, I ate much meat and that’s good. It was hard to get satiated at dinner, I blame my big eating window (why I started to eat early again? oh yep, the tiny leftover coffee was wet and I needed something dry… coffee complicates my life) and my extras as somehow I get farther from carnivore. I make things strict starting on Monday, tomorrow I will have circumstances. I still focus on meat, I just won’t stray this month! Just a wee bit when I can’t stay strict. But I do my comfortable best, really.

Alvaro’s meat dish (with chicken thigh, forest mushroom and little onion) is edible but not my fav. It’s not particularly much (2kg chicken get very little if I try to separate it from the skin and the bone… I may try it half-frozen or cooked but it wasn’t sooo bad this time either :slight_smile: but I wouldn’t do this often) and it’s Alvaro’s food so I stick to my pork. I roasted my slightly fattier meat today, I have more than enough left for tomorrow but a bigger piece of leaner pork is defrosting too. I really take having enough ready to eat meat seriously now! (Maybe it wasn’t proper English. It looks weird…)

I made meatballs from meat and pork hock skin (eggs are low so I do my best to spare them), it’s fabulous, I was still a bit hungry and ate most of it. Meat is just the best to satiate me and I need a decent amount of it.

I need to eat up a lot of cream (for me) due to a close expiration date but Alvaro is helping. A little. We will see if I can avoid the very logical thought, coffee in the near future… Today I had creamy coffees, of course. But it was enough.

So, again… NO coffee (but definitely not before lunch). Not eating early (or super late but it’s all about if I eat well before). And sticking to carni. It is supposed to be easier than what I experience.
But I eat my meat, that’s good. Sometimes I accidentally eat multiple times as many eggs as I want but I don’t mind it very occasionally… And I have a bit too much dairy with a close expiration date. But Alvaro helps. Even my freezer helps if it’s needed…

Sorry maybe I shouldn’t do my thinking here. I try not to write until I had a very proper day and bring photos!

(Karen) #43

Oh dear a few days of catch up.

Some of what i have eaten since Thursday evening!

Steak was tasty as, 2x packs of Pork Loin slices on way home from Tea Dance on Friday … felt sick but was under the weather a bit anyway and 2 packs were just too much :rofl:, so i had to drive home feeling nauseous! , ate another packet after the Steak dinner and that went down better! Suasages were Jolly Hog real porkers which we used to call bangers and i have to say i have finally found some proper bangers and they were so nice i had the rest of the 6 pack for tea. Todays brunch was the pork burger with cheese and i had a second one without. I had defrosted them to eat yesterday but the bangers were enough so they needed to be eaten. I have also defrosted fish pie mix for dinner. Snacked on hard boiled eggs and cheese.

Walked in the rain to CrossFit yesterday, dodging huge puddles and cars that like to drive through them as soon as they spot someone walking past, changed trainers when i got there and hung up jacket, top and waterproof trousers to dry off as best as possible. Did a killer of a wod but as usual it was wierdly wonderful :rofl: i have had a bit of a dickie throat since Thursday night which i have been gargling salt water for but felt a bit under weather and it showed when it came to the bike erg as i found that hard but the rest of the exercises were on form, thankfully it was team work as per Saturday workouts.

when it came to returning home i found out just how UNwaterproof my gear actually was. My trainers were wet, jacket still drippin and someone had hung their wet jacket over my top, fortunately just gave me wet elbows lol walked home again from CrossFit … already wet so it didn’t matter it was still raining but by time i got home my thighs were also wet and i was able to ring my socks out! My daughter walked 10.6m to her hubby’s neices birthday party in the rain but fortunately her gear was better than mine! She is working up to walking a marathon (not an actual event, just the mileage) she expects to walk it by December. The rainy walk was good practise for when winter approaches! I was going to offer to walk with her but changed my mind when i realised how wet my stuff had become! I need to go buy some new walking gear from a proper outdoor hiking shop rather than from the charity shops which is where i usually get my stuff :rofl: probably why i ended up drenched lol

Been gargling salt water throughout each night and during day and together with a healing prayer it is keeping it at bay. … something and nothing and praying that it goes completely. There is a lot going around at the moment. Been told there is particularly bad virus strain doing the rounds. A friend from CF has been very poorly with Covid, at least she believes it is Covid and i must admit she sounds as bad as i was in May, also my SiL’s uncle has been hospitalised with bad virus strain and his Dad, too, is unwell. Raymond tell me he has read in papers that another bad strain of Covid virus is prevalent and not just here in UK. If that is the same as what i had in May I hope I don’t get it again.

My daughter is starting round 3 of IVF next week so would appreciate lots of prayers for her, thank you carnivore fam xx

(Geoffrey) #44

I certainly hope you get to feeling better Karen. Fortunately, from what I understand, eating the way we eat should help boost our immune system.
Those sausages look great btw.

(Karen) #45

I don’t feel anywhere near like i diid with Covid… this is just one of those something and nothing ails. My throat feels fine today and i haven’t been coughing much but my head feels like it could do with a couple of paracetamols. Just keep getting distracted from getting them out of the drawer lol x


Working on the mental health improvements and cognisant of work stress impacts this month. A few spells of sunshine weather certainly help as well as a personal trainer - Billie the Labrador. Work is busy, and managers are sneaky, they increment ‘small tasks’ like carb creep occurs on the keto way of eating. At least on ZC carnivore the carbs can’t so easily creep. And there are no food cravings or concerns on a beautiful beach (in my experience).

Eggs and butter, occasionally with some grated Jarlsberg cheese, omelettes to break fasts seems to be the flow. Then continuing with lamb chops or delicious Jersey beef (dairy breed) steaks. Let’s remember that Jersey cows will have male calfs. So the beef farmer in a near, but not close-by, agricultural area, keeps them on as steers to 3 to 4 years old and then has a beef resource. Dinner is complemented with sheep’s milk pan-fried haloumi cheese. Got to love a cheese that you can cook. Or, I’ll add a triple or double cream soft cheese like brie or camembert on the side, if hungry. But most nights it is just the ruminant animal meat. I am also eating biltong (air dried beef) and drinking salty beef bone broth.

The local winter beaches can be beautiful and uplifting. I imagine @Fangs is heading for the coast about now. This photo was taken on an old iPhone4, but it made a nice digital painting.

(Geoffrey) #47

Haven’t had any cheese in a while so I treated myself to a pepperoni and sharp cheddar cheese omelet this morning and it was a nice change.
But this evening I treated myself to this bad boy. A 2 pound bone in ribeye.

I then cooked it over a hot wood fire.
Isn’t that a work of art?


It’s very pretty indeed, Geoffrey, raw and cooked alike! :+1: Good for you!

(I just couldn’t stay away for longer…)

The radio totally whines about the weather while it’s perfect here for me :slight_smile: Cool and very sunny! What a combo in August! I can go out and walk every day when it’s not too rainy, it’s very nice.
The country has parts with the monthly rain falling in a few hours again…

And I am back for chill, simplicity, the chance to lose fat and the right to write here (as I feel just the same with carbs now. at least temporarily but I am too pleased my carni food to come back very quickly so maybe I never will try what would happen otherwise). I just roasted a nice slab of pork but I have some leftover too, from the fattier cut. And while I felt it wasn’t fatty enough when I tasted it warm… Apparently it is now…? IDK how it works. But it’s way better cold with plenty of lovely fat. I still had difficulties with long term satiation without my pork (no wonder as my other meat option was chicken) so I ate a decent amount for my second dinner yesterday. It was lovely.
We only have maybe 23 eggs for 3-5 days and it may seem decent but it is extremely low for us so it means we just avoid using eggs whenever possible. I still will make (white heavy, I have those extra) sponge cakes today, I managed to postpone it for long but it will be nice to have some now, I want some with sweet sour cream and quark anyway (both are lactose free, the quark tastes pretty normal but the sour cream is only for desserts).

I always stay below 40g on carnivore and carnivore-ish but part of it that I try to eat little especially dairy… I may fail, hence the 40g, it’s far from my normal number but happened.
Okay, it’s 20g without milk and that’s super low to me. And who cares if it’s just animal sugar anyway? :smiley: Not me.

By the way, the raw milk lasted so long that it almost spoiled. And I drank coffees with it! (But eventually I opened a box of cream and stopped.) I am better than I expected, I thought I will miss it a bit but nope. 6dl a week is plenty now and it lasted for 4 days this time. Maybe I will be fine with 2dl eventually, Alvaro easily uses up 8dl at once. But he never drinks milk, it’s always a dessert.

I have big plans for this week, various ones. I even try to behave better in the future here. And talk about proper things like meat, mostly :wink: And eggs, they are my other pillar even if they just can’t satiate me the same.

(Robin) #49

Life is good.


Did I write I had almost 4 hour sleep last night? It’s a zombie day. I can do some physical stuff (not lifting) but my higher brain functions are problematic. My mood is good though, probably due to my meat, it usually has a good effect on me…

No tracking yet but I will have some huge eating window, I started eating at 12:30 but at least I started drinking coffee only at 16:30, it’s not sooo bad from me (I had a headache, that’s why. I opened another box of cream, let’s see if leaner meat + non-satiating fats work)… But I barely have any coffee left, I just don’t buy more for a while, that should help with my coffee quitting, right? (We always have some at home as it’s a vital ingredient in our chocolate but I have some minimal self control and won’t use up the fancy instant coffee willy-nilly.)

I had leaner and fattier pork, very little egg and dairy, good day I suppose. The lean pork is a tad boring but I made a cream/mustard/yolk sauce for the leanest parts. And I have my fattier cut anyway.

It was about 17 Celsius as our MAXIMUM temperature on a brightly sunny summer day… HOW? No idea. At some point I had to wear a long-sleeved t shirt and Alvaro wore a cardigan… Superb! It won’t last for long anyway, it’s very very enjoyable short term :slight_smile:
I wanted to run a bit but I was too sleepy and my right heel is painful now, no idea WHY. Sigh.

I plan to go to bed super early (like right after midnight), I need the sleep and I just can’t stay asleep after 7-8am (7 today :frowning: yep, I was totally awake even at 3am, my bad. even I don’t do that often…).
And I plan a great day tomorrow! :smiley: I go for no-coffee, no food until 3-4pm again… I run out of my usual tea, only have fruit and green teas. Theoretically water is an okay drink… Alvaro always drinks water. Sometimes tea when I make it and coffee once in every 3 months… I should do better too. Of course I drink lots of water, how could I not? But I still like variety.
I should make soup again, I have plenty of bones for it now…

(Karen) #51

Up early, still rinsing throat with salted water through night and day, 100 hops, 50 stair runs and out in the garden for coffee and books. Ran to CrossFit and ran home again. Done not a lot since getting home.

Brunch was a cheesy omelette followed by cajun spiced chicken wing for dinner, i have a few left over.

@Geezy56 ribeye looked great… i haven’t seen any here with the bone in but i am going to have a good look around to see if i can find some!

@FrankoBear lovely pics as per. Billy is a gorgeous doggo.


I tracked. Not a bad day, per se but could be better. I had a bit too much dairy (cheese and sour cream. cream too but not too much) though I needed the fat… Still don’t know how effective they are. Maybe not much combined with too many meals… I overdid the protein again but it happens and it was only 180g, not something extreme ;). 670g meat today (all pork), 4 eggs and some dairy.

I will try do my absolute best to enforce a tiny eating window from now on as I really, really dislike being hungry and grabbing more and more and more food as it can’t be satiated (and I used pork! I can’t have anything better than that). I stayed hungry-ish (but definitely far from satiated) after my last meal. I ate enough, that was clear but it just never works well in a big eating window (almost 8 hour but I had a bite of butter later as satiation never arrived, that helped). Or a late one. My gremlin time starts at 6pm so I better eat well before. It’s strange but it’s not always trivial.

I know what to do, I just need to do it now! I am hopeful though it’s my flaw. But I can’t help it (not like I want to).


Dinner with the Generals tonight. Just me and my parents-in-law. Had to go keto. Meat and vegetables. A cup of tea for dessert.

Full and busy work day.

For some reason I have leg soreness.


Eggs and butter, indeed! We must be thinking the same way. This morning, it just popped into my head…poach a few eggs - and I set them atop half a stick of butter. Pure deliciousness. Honestly, that should keep the belly full all day. Definitely satiated!

Work is going to get better. Boss hired another asst,so, I can cut back to 10 hours/wk instead of 20+ . Paycheck was nice, but the foot was not. Discovered that the bone that had broken in the left foot is now very sensitive to changes in barometric pressure. We had some heavy storms, and the pain was exactly centered over the area where the break was. Rain goes away foot feels oodles better. Go figure.

Other things going on…hubby has been working to get the hay all cut and baled before more rain hits- AND- before his other work schedule goes bonkers. He has an enormous hotel scheduled to open in about 6 weeks and there are many, many days when he will on the road with that. Fortunately, with my reduced work schedule - I can go with him now! We are selling one of our bulls, and butchering another. That will cut down on the hay consumption- until there are more cattle.
Trying to get the baby chickies and turkeys to a size where they can live outside with the others. My concern is that the wild turkeys will attack the babies. they’ve chased them before, so, they may just need to stay in the garage for a bit longer.

Well, time to change into some work clothes and get moving out in the yard. Hope you all have wonderful, meaty day!

(Geoffrey) #55

Did omad yesterday and since we were busy running around hauling cattle to the sale barn, going to a preneed appointment then an eye appointment, a little grocery shopping and then back to the sale barn it was just too busy to do any cooking so we just picked up a rack of pork spareribs from the bbq joint. I probably put away six of them. Man, they were sure good.
Spent the morning working on filling holes from running waterlines at my barn. Noticed I was getting hungry so I had a couple of eggs with some leftover ribeye from the other day. Tasty eats right there.

(Karen) #56

Your plates of food look great :smiley:

(Robin) #57

That was a great peek inside a life and world completely different from my own. Nice.

(Karen) #58

Up early 100 hops 51 stair runs, coffee and books in garden then a run to the CrossFit Box. Hard but really good, my kind of, workout today. Then ran home again.

Drove to the Smart garage to sort out contract for next 4 years services then home again, quick chnage and bus into Beeston to meet Raymond. Was feeling a tad bit hungry by this time … ordered a cheese omelette which had a ton of cheese inside and made with 3 eggs. Took some eating so it was just as well i was ready for it. It took up whole plate … how they would get extras on that plate for those carby peeps i have no idea! Forgot pic, soz!

Dinner was 2 duck breasts. Nice but i have had better. I did it less time in oven that specified and still it was a bit over cooked for me!

(Geoffrey) #59

I haven’t had duck in quite some time. I need to see if I can find one. I’d like to put one on my smoker.

(Karen) #60

Lidl often sells duck and whole duck near xmas time. Usually farm shops will sell them love the duck eggs… probably love them more than the actual duck. In fact i think i got this duck breast from lidl … was trying to remember whether it was Company Shop or Lidl? :thinking: