No Angst Animal August - 31 day Carnivore Challenge - 2023



My sleep was okay-ish despite Ginger waking me up at 3:40 (she wanted to go out. nevermind she came in half a minute before when Alvaro went out a bit. it’s a very normal cat thing but still, she doesn’t get bored this quickly when she comes in during the day…) and the usual annoying lil dog at 6:30… I could go back to sleep the first time and the second time wasn’t super early though I didn’t sleep quite enough. Alvaro has the problem of waking up super early and being unable to go back to sleep, it’s quite unfortunate :frowning: I have that sometimes but it’s quite rare.

I decided to make some spicy pork tomorrow :slight_smile: I mean using spices, not being hot though maybe a little chili is fine too… I will just mix a bunch of it. I got the idea from a dish on my fav cooking channel, they made a dish even Alvaro doesn’t want to taste :smiley: It has an insane amount of sugar and considering it’s a meat dish, it’s a big turn off. But we don’t watch it for ideas. And I still got it: spices in my meat. I love my pork but this leaner stuff eventually needs some extra help.

I forgot to write before but my sour cream is lactose free and super sweet. It only fits sweet desserts IMO. I could eat it but it was weird on scrambled eggs and even as my usually neutral-sour dessert. I never know what to expect from lactose free dairy as it’s sometimes quite sweet, other times close to normal and some items are sweetish anyway (milk and cream). This is the one where the extra sweetness is very apparent but it’s probably not a sour enough kind. I am sensitive to that, I only really enjoy 1-2 brands and we have many as sour cream is a vital part of Hungarian cuisine. I like the sourest kind :slight_smile: And I like when it’s really creamy but the taste is the main thing, it must be properly sour. Any kind may work mixed into a dish, the difference isn’t great that way but as dessert or on top of something, that calls for one of my favs.

(Judy Thompson) #22

@Fangs so great to catch you flying through! Angus August, yeah! Maybe we did that last year, sounds familiar. And when I grow up I want to be just like you!
About empty nest ya know, it never really goes away. My kids are 43 and 37 and I’m still frustrated not to be at the center of their universes. One on the east coast, the other in CA and me here in the middle. Hubby’s son is in New Hampshire, and is 52. Hubby is still bummed they’re not as close as when the kid was 12, and he’s devastated when they have political disagreements. Overthinks everything. Loses sleep.
@Geezy56 I’m with @robintemplin, your body will change on carnivore (likely already has!) You are becoming fat adapted, even your brain and nervous system are operating on fat now rather than glucose, so much more efficient. Your better moods, quicker thinking, longer endurance, all those are due to fat adaptation and the superior bioavailability of your food. I actually think if I added back the keto foods I ate before, the weight I’ve lost would be back on me in 10 minutes’ time:rofl: Anyway, just a consideration.

The supermoon coming up over the valley lastnight, from our deck.

At the restaurant today. A very nice burger patty, first time this place didn’t overcook it! As always, I picked around the contraband. It was 99° in the outdoor seating in Kerrville- but there was shade, and a breeze, and the puppy who was very happy to be along on the day’s expedition!

(Geoffrey) #23

You are a voice of reason, thank you.

Stared the day off with a big hamburger made from ground lamb and three fried eggs on top.

Finished off the day with a rib and three big slices of smoked brisket leftovers. The brisket was sliced from the wonderful fatty point. Delicious.

(Shawn Patrick Malone) #24

This is my approach to Carnivore. Minus the carb refeed. This man was way ahead of his time.

(Karen) #25

Love your super moon @JJFiddle and your cheese burger looks great and just how i would like it.

Good food choices @Geezy56

I was up early this morning before the alarm sounded. Straight onto 100 hops (just recently got into these having seen a tai chai reel) and then 51 stair runs. Still doing hand release pushups each morning but no where near the 100 a day i was doing. When i got back to a more regular regime at CrossFit i dropped the number because of how much i was working my shoulders and arms in the wods. Outside for a coffee and reading my daily books and then drove to CrossFit and ran a mile before the class started. The wod was a normal thursday grind, very sweaty and i thought i was going to die :cold_sweat: what a killer … it was great :rofl:

did just under 8 miles running and walking…

Went straight home after and the got bus into Beeston to Citizens advice bureau to get someone to go through my pension forms to ensure i had completed everything correctly. They photocopied some ID for me too. Then to bank to sort out the global account and then for a bite to eat at cafe.

it was tasty if you hadn’t guessed lol

Got bus home and then walked to local post office to send off paperwork and continued walking the long way round to Lidl via Tescos. Eventually returned home after 5 and feeling ready for a sit down!

Dinner was piri piri chicken wings and some cheese slices. The wings were perfect … crispy tender and moist inside.

Ready for bed now :wink: been busy busy day!


I didn’t even notice but managed to eat many eggs and barely any meat today… I wonder if I can pull it off…
It seems I got bored of my leanish pork (it’s not even totally lean, there is plenty of visible fat… just way, way more lean meat). I used curry and other spices today, okay I knew I am not into curry soooo much. Nice sometimes but it can’t make this meat very tempting. We always used curry with lots of vegs, they were great that way but the right vegs are quite tasty even day after day and in big quantities… (Though I wouldn’t feel the same now…)

I will use my sausage spice tomorrow. And if nothing helps, I make a stew. But chicken thigh is on sale now so I buy some tomorrow. The price cap era is over, it’s mandatory sale time (for certain food groups with a minimum percentage) now.
I am finished with roasted chicken thighs, cheap chicken isn’t tasty, it needs soaked in flavors! And the skin should be fried into a scratching-like crunchiness! If I take the thigh apart, I can even track it way easier. And I get bones with some meat on them for soups.
I try to grab some fattier pork.

I had this (minus some pork), a little turkey pâté and coffees with egg milk:

On the plate: cheesy fluff (the thing I often make for Alvaro and typically eat 1-2 myself), sponge cake, sponge cake with quark, sponge cake with quark and sour cream (it’s quite similar to quiche to me).
The scrambled eggs contain tiny bacon cubes.

I tracked. And had a little food later, mostly pork.
Still only 310g meat for today, the vast majority of my calories came from not meat… About 145g fat and protein, a bit high but not too bad. But I did OMAD with a few bites elsewhere and had my leanish pork AND I totally tracked after lunch - but things happened. My ideal food intake range is very little, too easy to go overboard. But I have a plan for tomorrow :slight_smile: I will use some old frozen pork skin (from very nice smoked sources, two of my favs…) to spice up the boring leanest part of my usual pork.

Alvaro brought eggs and milk today and I just forgot about its existence despite drinking coffee… Nice. I want to come off from milk. It will be trivial as we simply don’t buy more than 1 liter a week. Coffee is - as it’s quite apparent - harder to quit or minimize. But I keep trying.

I have some deeper pits of my usual extreme life crisis (I got super good at ignoring it, that’s why I am still sane. my mind is stubborn like that, I doubt I could ever go mad without some serious physical “help”) and I wonder why anyone want to eat carbs when stressed or depressed or just mostly lose their will to live or whatever… Makes no sense to me. I have no such inclinations when I am unwell. Makes sense, why would I be even worse…? Even my worst self-sabotaging acts can’t involve significant health damage and the same for how I feel physically… And what joys and comfort could carbs give me that carni food and coffee can’t…? I merely lose my already minimal resistance to temptation as resisting is tiresome.
Well if I am really unwell, I lose all appetite. But that never lasts long and my appetite is usually still zero so it can’t really affect my food intake. Only negative appetite has control but that’s total control as I can’t eat in that state at all. But good reasons to eat wear it down quickly.

I should go sleep, it’s not good for anyone if I write here while even more unwell than usual and sleepy.

(Judy Thompson) #27

@Karen18 can you post a link to those Tai Chi hops? I looked on You Tube yesterday and couldn’t find a reference.
What an exhausting day you had! The food looked fantastic.
@Shinita love looking at your different rolls! You’re so creative with those.
@ShawnM I remember the steak and eggs diet. 2017 seems late for it. Seems there was one way back in the 1970s - besides Atkins. I tried Atkins in 1972 I think. I thought at the time that it made hypoglycemia worse. Don’t think we knew as much them as we do now :rofl:

Today we went into town to shop for clothes. Saturday we are back playing at the winery which is a large steel barn without ac, usually at least 100° (how do the customers stand it? But they are young). The new mechanical violin pegs are there to keep extreme heat and humidity changes from intonation fluctuation during performance. But then there is SWEAT that makes it hard to hold the instrument with my chin!
I have a couple sundresses, needed some lightweight dusters to wear with them. In the past, weight loss would return my body to normal but this time (being 70) I have all this skin, so I am uncomfortable in sleeveless clothes.
I got 3 great tops, then we went to lunch and we split a sausage plate. 3 big German sausages and 2 sides - so he got ⅓ of the sausage and all the sides! Sounded fair to me! I split it like this:

And ended up bringing some home, it was so much.
A good hour’s nap later I’m ready to get back to work producing some music for Sunday’s church.


Have you tried a collagen supplement for your skin? I am a bit older than you and I swear by it, I bounced back pretty well after losing 125 pounds.

(Judy Thompson) #29

I’ll look for it @velvet. Which one did you use or does it matter? I take collagen peptides daily and drink bone broth but I assume you’re talking about a topical lotion?

(Geoffrey) #30

Just did OMAD today with a half a rack of pork spareribs.

But…how about a little carnivore humor.


(Robert) #31

Just doing a fast, just a few days, my first in almost 2 years. Will probably wrap it up tonight or tomorrow lunch. Didn’t realise how much I needed it. Loving it. Going to go carni for a few days after it. Carni for me includes smoked salmon, 30 month aged cheese (indulgent haha) and of course, steak.


@JJFiddle: Thank you! I can be very creative when it’s about my food! :wink: And I am stubborn. I make things work somehow, at least if it’s about my satiation, variety and food joy. I can’t make everything right but these are important to me. I like various textures as well :slight_smile:
Those are some nice looking sausages… Of course the taste is more important. I am lucky enough to find pretty good sausages on average so I have very nice feelings and memories when seeing a pretty sausage :slight_smile:

I was dying over 25C even as a kid I think but definitely over 30C… 100F (I know that’s about 40C) is HELL. But it is for nearly everyone, right? It’s extremely hot. Over our body temp, even, it’s bad.
And some poor, poor souls work in a hotter environment…
Once I was in a cooking contest, fortunately I wasn’t the cook, I wasn’t that close to the fire… And it was bright sunlight and 100F or close. We just poured water on top of our heads…
I always preferred cold over hot as my body heat help with the former. Until some point and only if I move or am insulated but still. I lived in a 8C house (while starving), it wasn’t too bad. 30C is definitely much worse. It’s one thing for 1-2 hours, even more while hiking or cycling outside but people are living in such apartmans… They don’t get relief even at night as the place is so hot it just can’t cool down.

@Geezy56: The carrot fun is great :smiley: Thank you, I needed a laugh. (I always can use one more but I needed it now.) I even see vague faces on them! :smiley:

I got hungry early again but I was stressed too, why I do this when it’s simple and there are no real problems? Inheritence thing (I didn’t got the final paper, apparently. and I barely know the Hungarian official terms - well I picked up some from Mom, she was a judge - so I can’t say it properly in English) AND finally a company wants to buy my useless little piece of land! IDK what they were thinking but there is a bigger land (still not huge) with dozens of owners (and we got back some land not so long ago, maybe they followed inheritance things since the time it was taken away…? still stupidly annoying). Now I know that my share is about 40 square meters. And they will pay me a little money for it, great and good riddance! I lend my proper land with 100% ownership but these stupid lil ones…? They are just a bother. I am inheriting a tiny piece of a property in a town too, with so many owners that it worth very little and useless this way anyway.
And these are simple but I still almost get anxiety attacks from it and I barely even have any idea what anxiety actually is, it’s not my thing. But I hate these official things :frowning: And phone calls (except with family but I prefer talking with them personally too). I pay super little for my phone calls as it’s a few minutes with Alvaro per months, mostly. I had long calls with my Aunt as she lived so far away… :cry:

I focus on meat now when hungry, I don’t want another low-meat day, they aren’t so great. Eggs and dairy adds up super quickly as they can’t satiate me as well as red meat. They are probably quite useful on OMAD. And adds variety anyway. And no way I don’t eat eggs every day.

We had rain again but the sun is shining now and I will have a nice long walk to the town to buy some fattier meat! I had no walk yesterday for some reason so this double usual amount will be great. Except the mud on slopes. And possibly the humidity, that makes the walks not refreshing. But fresh air, forest, movement, it will do me good! Even my brain works better if I don’t just sit (showers are still more stimulating).

Apropos shower, Alvaro complained(? or just mentioned it) about the coldness of the “hot water”. I turned it pretty low when I found it too hot for a shower some days ago (I can’t just use the cold as it’s too cold and mixing the two is problematic, I simply use the hot tap so I get very cold water, then warmer and in the end I get lukewarm or almost… but I got warm water lately. I don’t even need that for washing my hair in summer) but apparently I overdid it despite using the dot specifically put there to know what is right for summer. And we didn’t even do cold showers at that time… Oh well.

I got used to cold to lukewarm showers so well. I am curious if I keep using them when summer ends. Probably not, sometimes it starts too cold for me even now but I am too bored to wait and it’s not too bad… But we get almost freezing cold water in winter and I couldn’t handle it even now. Summer cold is cold enough.

Sorry, I just couldn’t stop myself and it didn’t even help with my stress enough. Maybe my walk will.


Fantastic rib eye steak tonight.

(Geoffrey) #34

I don’t drink coffee anymore but I do drink one cup of hot tea in the morning. Today I decided to try my tea in the form of Bulletproof Tea. I really, really liked it. I used both butter and coconut oil. It was rather coconuty in taste but I like coconut so that’s all right. The tea I used was Irish Breakfast which is pretty mild so there wasn’t much tea flavor so tomorrow I’ll try it with Earl Grey and see how that tastes.
I believe I’ve found a new way to start my day.

(Robin) #35

Wrongo .This is obviously a keto wife pleading with her paunchy starchy husband.

(Karen) #36

@JJFiddle Judy, Go on facebook and search Dangche Xen’s reels. You should be able to find the hops. They are just hops like as if you were skipping without a rope but allowing your whole upper body to relax so your arms kind of flop about. All his reels are short but informative videos of exercises for various parts of the body and various issues… heart, energy, hips etc. He does one a day i believe. Tai chi.

The german bratwurst made me want one, i do like a bratty x

(Judy Thompson) #37

Very cool, I’ll look! The brats were great.

(Geoffrey) #38

Being of German heritage and having lived in Germany for five years I do love me some bratwurst.

(Geoffrey) #39

OMAD again today. Made a batch of my meat stew.

This time I used a bunch of skirt steaks that I had. It can be a tough cut of meat so slow cooking it in bone broth in the crockpot does a good job of tenderizing.

(Judy Thompson) #40

Love the John Deere plate too :upside_down_face: