No Angst Animal August - 31 day Carnivore Challenge - 2023


(Geoffrey) #201

Yesterday I rendered down some beef fat trimmings for tallow and cracklins.

Today it’s scrambled eggs with cracklins mixed in cooked in tallow.

(Karen) #202

@JJFiddle not completely done with yet still waiting for the Ex-Gratia payment from the prison but thats all now…
The pension company has paid up woohoo :smiley:

Food pics

There maybe some duplicates.

The beef ribs were so tender.

Did i mention that i went ro my back man wednesday. My first trip out driving for a couple of weeks. Felt okay but i got quite emptional when having the treatment. Not been back to CrossFit since Tuesday and my tumble. Thursdays are CV so I knew i wouldn’t attempt that…its aways long and arduous. Today i took Raymond to Boley Tea dance. We had a lovely afternoon. He spent most of it chatting to people but he danced 2 slow sequence dances and did really well. I on the other hand danced most of the afternoon but my brain wasn’t really connecting with my left leg … my dancing wasn’t as fluid but we will get there. We are still on course for our weekend dance break in 2 weeks.

The drive today was easy going thankfully.


I run out of my leanish pork and don’t want more for a while… So I fried hake. It was pretty okay with a lot of spice!
I remembered wrong, the deer was 600g. Still tiny so I made goulash from it and we were modest so we could have a tiny leftover… It was good, of course I ate some (it didn’t mean very much carbs as I made it… 6g per bowl. I looked up recipes, oh my, I would never :smiley: mine is just right, I always preferred it meat heavy but Alvaro didn’t complain either). So today wasn’t a carnivore-ish day (I knew it as I made the plans and I won’t say no to some deer dish) but probably wasn’t bad (didn’t track yet), I wasn’t hungry much but ate multiple times so my protein is definitely not low and there was plenty of fat there but not too much. I ate sponge cakes (some had quark), pâté, egg milk (still with coffee but I am getting ready to stop, it’s not so easy for me), pancake (Alvaro had the majority but I put a little flour into those as he doesn’t like my wonderful flourless ones. 10g flour per egg, one tenth of the usual amount in recipes but I use way less liquid too… Alvaro likes it)… I had some tiny hunger some time after dinner but it passed. I would have eaten some ham if I could bring myself to go downstairs…

Tomorrow we do some moderate shopping. I want some fattier pork already. I won’t touch the usual green ham this weekend, I have turkey drumsticks to roast :wink:
I hope his Mom will make some proper meat dish as usual. I am probably quite hard to tempt with desserts nowadays as I can make my very good ones and other people typically make super carby ones. Oh I had jellied fluff too! I thought I better stop to put vanilla and clove into absolutely every desserts (including egg milk)… So it only had anise, my fav flavor for my jellied fluff, I didn’t miss the others, I already was unsure if it needs something else, nope. I used the last of my whipped cream, it was good! Pancake isn’t good for me as the dessert ones are better with sweetener (and I am not so much into the savory ones I easily could make), besides, my number one fav is walnut pancakes… That’s why I almost never make pancakes now. But it wasn’t my main dessert, it was Alvaro’s. I had my jellied fluff and that amazing thing really doesn’t call for more sweetness than what it gets from cream. And gelatin makes fun textures.
Even quark is a bit lacking without sweetener when I use it as dessert (lactose free sour cream helps as that is very sweet) so I appreciate the very few that is just right without.

(Robin) #204

Well, with all you have going on… your food never disappoints.
Well done, you!


The sunshine is falling from the sky. I have to go out and catch it.

(Karen) #206

@robintemplin got to keep eating well even if all else is falling around our feet!

No Crossfit this morning. Not ready for a full blast out CV yet maybe next week. I always think if i can run up and down my stairs a few times then i am ready :wink: i will try monday.

We have a cloudy sunny rainy day today. Saves having to water the garden. It.s a downpour then it’s sun put then the clouds come over all grey again :roll_eyes: it is mild though and i got a bit warm sitting reading in the garden earlier.

Lunch was 4 rashers smoked bacon… too tough but needed using up and 2 burgers that were pretty good. I have 4 more to use up today plus the leftover pork chops from yesterday… they were a bit chewy too. Ah well it all goes down the hatch whatever.

Going to be a bit of a lazy day. I dug out 2 dresses to wear on the dance weekend in 2 weeks. One is my mother of the bride dress that i chose with a view to using it for dancing afterwards. It is a little bit too long so may have to lift the hem a little. When i had it taken up for the wedding i asked for it to be shorter than the lady actually did. I was annoyed but i am not really one to complain and didn’t want to be a nuisance thinking i could do it a little shorter afterward myself, but of course thats always a regret late on. The other is the flamenco dress i made. It is always difficult deciding on dresses because i have been on a number of weekenders with this crowd and of course try to wear something different each time. Not that anyone remembers what you wore the last time!

I have the first bloom on my passion flower yay!

(Michael) #207

I have been absent from the boards recently, so here is some colour commentary for you all:

Beef heart, chicken liver with snails and sheep spleen. Look at all those vitamins and minerals :cut_of_meat:


I am waiting this horrid weather the end, summer decided to use its last days well and did some mad dash… The city was nearly unbearable, we did the bare minimum shopping.
I am not even in the mood to write more about it now.

I am melting.

A/C and an insulated, mostly shadowed house is a blessing. Even if my room with the south looking big windows under the roof is hot and poor kitchen virtually never gets sunshine…

It’s still not good even here, that will happen later. We get some better weather on Tuesday, maybe, weather forecast says, along with some rain - and then summer just won’t have a chance to come back.

Alvaro’s Mom made chicken today. I didn’t miss my pork. It wasn’t pure meat and I messed up my eating epically, even had regrets and I barely ever had them… So I come back as soon as possible, we will finish the deer goulash though.
I didn’t get fatty pork but I will in the village supermarket real soon.

Okay, I still wrote more than minimal.
And way more I should after such a shameful day. There are things I can’t resist despite I totally should. I need to make my own version even if will be just keto.

(Geoffrey) #209

Nice pictures of the food but none of you modeling the dresses.


Michael, I have missed you. King of Snails :snail: :crown:!


Gah, food storage rookie mistake. In a rush I chucked all 4 lamb fore-quarter chops in the freezer last week. Together, and together they froze. Usually I would separate them off into pairs.

Nothing for it but to defrost them all, cook them… and eat them. Look at them, @Geezy56 would call them ‘thin cut’. They were fried in butter and tallow in a cast iron frypan on the wood fire stove. I build the fire up with some dense hardwood and put the cooking pans on the stove to heat. I allow the meat to reach room temperature before cooking. The reason for this eludes me.

I watch the fire. It is meditative. The flames dance around and over the fuel. :fire: :dancer:. @Karen18 would understand the fire in the dance, and the dance in the fire. When they have settled to a small yellow flame over orange coals, it is ready to cook. The pans are hot, and the fats liquid.

After the chops were done and nicely browned, cooking by colours, I added two chicken eggs and a playing card size piece of sheep’s milk halloumi. Yes, I still love a cheese that can be cooked.

It was quite a meal. The sky was restless down on the winter side of the cape on which we live. The light was hungry and so to I became.




Been a busy couple weeks here. Hubby’s been out of town a lot. And, when he’s gone, I don’t sleep well and the animals tend to misbehave. This week was no different. RedBull escaped. Got an escort from the fine trooper from the Michigan State Police…

(Bean) #214

Very late joiner for August. I’ve spent the month tinkering and transitioning to carnivore from low carb.

I knew I didn’t want to go all in for August. I had college kids home for a break and had the first few weeks at the university where I work, which is a special kind of crazy. Even with a far-from-perfect transition, I was impressed how much my physical ability improved, especially physical therapy for a decades-long should impingement.

Looking forward to joining the September thread!


Hey Bean. Welcome. I work at a University as well. I’m a lecturer in Design. I find that I need the clarity and physical strength to teach. Then to guide and respond to fast, young minds. Then to crush the admin and marking. So very low carb carnivore is a great help for doing the job I love.


Welcome, Bean! I am looking forward hearing about your food, experiences and whatever you will write about, we have many topics :slight_smile:


@beannoise … Welcome! This is the most wonderful, supportive, encouraging group of folks you’ll find to go on the carnivore journey with!!! Totally get the struggle of transitioning to carnivore. You are not alone!!! Hoping you will find the encouragement needed to continue.

I should have posted more backstory regarding RedBull…he was supposed to go to the butcher. He was very non-compliant. Had to take a much smaller bull. So disappointed in taking a smaller bull because I was dreaming about the jumbo sized steaks and briskets. I think RedBull might have sensed where he was heading too. IDK. But, one way or another, I will get the jumbo brisket off that guy. Grrrr.

In other news, the second batch of chickens have grown enough now that I can tell we have at least 4 roosters. Much friendlier than the last one I butchered. But, no one around here needs those four alarm clocks going off at 5 am. So, fresh chicken will be on the menu in the future. And the turkeys! Heavens-to-Betsy! I must have close to 25-30 turkeys with all the babies we incubated. So, turkey is on the menu as well.

Weather has been great here. Although last night, a couple miles from here hit 31F !!! No frost warning was issued- so - that is gonna be bad for a few farmers. Never had frost in August that I can recall. Weird.

Grilled about 12 steaks last night…wanted some leftovers to munch on. Made a Shopska salad from garden veggies, cooked grandpa some fresh broccoli and yellow beans from the garden. No potatoes. So, I mostly ate just the steak but did nibble a bit of the broccoli- slathered in butter. Been working on the foot and muscles more. Started planking again. It is a struggle, but, my core section is way better- and the foot will come along. Having to take LOTS of Magnsium Glycinate and potassium to stop the spasms. So far, so good. Liquid IV makes an electrolyte mix now that is SF using Allulose. Not bad, and in a fix- its handy.

OH! Learned to drive the newest tractor now, and operate the bucket and spear. So, I can feed the cows a round bale if needed, while hubby is out of town.


@SecondBreakfast: Yes, you didn’t lose the war, only made the wise decision regarding this single battle! And RedBull lives a bit more, good for him.
IDK how is it for you, I usually often can wait a bit or more when I am sure the good thing will happen eventually (and of course, I still get my joys and needs met while waiting. that’s important). I understand being prepared for the jumbo steaks and being disappointed not getting them at the planned time… But your time will come!

I roasted 2 huge turkey drumsticks today.

I wonder if I others have this too or I am a special snowflake (probably not) but whenever I look at a turkey leg part, I can’t help but imagine some giant fowl. While the turkey isn’t THAT big! At least without all the feathers. It must be mostly legs or something. Those drumsticks are huge! :smiley: It’s just a bird… But chickens have impressive legs too, for small birds…

Oh, spasm, I thought about it a few days ago that I havent’ had my calf cramps since long. No wonder, I never have them if I eat much meat. So i don’t expect them to come back. Yay.

I really need to train my core though, I do it sometimes but forget about it a lot too and when I start, I need to stop in no time as my core is so weak I can’t even train it, basically. it will be hard to change from this but I try to remember to train it multiple times a day :frowning:
I don’t do normal planks as I collapse in 5 seconds still. But I do simpler ones and many other exercises. I know a lot and they are fun enough, I just can’t do them for “long”.

I take things more seriously now, hopefully this state of mind won’t change, I NEED this.

Guinea piggie went home. I miss her a bit.

(Robin) #219

Thank you… your experience and telling is a great way to wake up.

(Karen) #220

@Geezy56 nay have some pics from the werkened away. I will post if i have any taken. These guys have already seen pics of them posted some time back :wink:

Yes @FrankoBear you do write so eloquently. Sometimes it is like reading poetry.

@SecondBreakfast you may be looking forward to a large brisket but Redbull isn’t looking forward to supplying it! He looks magnificent. I think he should be allowed to spend his last days in a sanctuary … the one that got away!:wink:

Wll they say it comes in 3’s … i developed toothache eary evening yesterday. I spent the night praying constantly and helping those prayers along with cocodamol. I managed to get some shut eye but it was very wakeful. I know the prayers helped because instantly the pain dulled enough to doze off. I haven’t had to take any more medicine during today. I know it’s there and had to be careful eating… choosing softer more tender meats to eat.

For lunch i had 2 burgers, i had to slice off the crispy outer side where it was a bit burnt… i have popped those bits in to the fridge with the last 2 burgers from the 6 pack that i needed to cook up. I will eat them cold when the pain subsides a bit more. Dinner was a cold pork chop covered in the jelly and a bit of fat. The jelly is super nice.

I still have a couple of cooked chops left in the fridge.
Also eaten some mild cheddar… it was softish so fairly easy and painfree to eat. Don’t you have to be careful what you eat when you have toothache. I haven’t had toothache for years and just when i start booking the appts in for the dentist … whallop! My first appt is on 21st sept but i have 2 weekends away before then and don’t want to be plagued with this while away. I will go along to Dentist tomorrow and ask if they can sort me a prescription for anti-biotics. Usually have to take a 2 week course prior to treatment to get trd of infection.

(Geoffrey) #221

Welcome @beannoise. Glad to have you here. I look forward to your input.

Lamb burgers today.