No amount of alcohol, bacon or sausage is safe say cancer experts

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10 minutes ago,…
Then read this

Sooooo…part of my OMAD…Just had a salad for dinner w real :boom:BACON​:bacon: :boom:and vinegar

Then I had an omelette w 1 Famous Nathan’s :boom:HOT DOG​:boom:included ! ( topped w a lot of butter )

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Well, now you’re probably going to die tonight, so been nice knowing you.

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Just noticed already posted under different thread
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Oh well!

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Been practicing for the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest!!
Still time until july 4th

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How about this for a headline…

“No amount of WCRF cancer experts make meaningful dent in cancer reduction”

While they persist in believing that reduction of cell nucleus mutations is the key thing to address cancer prevention, they will achieve nothing. Everything in the world seems to poison us in its own small way (sun, air, water, food, lifestyle, etc.). The key is to reduce the mitochondrial inflammation that seems to turn mutations in to tumors - to which, eating bacon is a key tool!

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From my cold, dead hands!!!

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Within the context of a high Carb, high fat, grain based, processed food nutritional pattern.

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Prevention of mutagen formation in heated meats and model systems “…Water was not a prerequisite for mutagen formation in meat. MeIQx, 2-amino-3,4,8-trimethylimidazo[4,5-f]quinoxaline (4,8-DiMeIQx) and PhIP were shown to be present in dry-heated meat juice. …”

”…Heterocyclic amine (HCA) mutagens are produced in a wide variety of cooked or processed meats and fish and are known to be carcinogenic in rodents and considered to be probable human carcinogens (Sugimura and Sato, 1983; Layton et al., 1995; Skog et al., 1998)…”

”…Mixtures of glucose, amino acids and creatinine simulating the composition of six different kind of meats (beef, chicken breast, chicken thigh, turkey breast, pork and fish) were dry-heated to simulate the formation of HCAs in meat. The presence of 16 HCAs was investigated in the model systems and in the six meats and their corresponding meat drippings to determine the importance of meat composition to HCA formation (Pais et al., 1999). …”


SHORT ANSWER: bullet-proof yourself against HCA-mutagens with phenolic; polyphenols like green tea (very powerful) and raw chlorophyll rich leafy greens i.e. ANTI-HCA’s (neutralizes it!)


  1. The difference between Matcha and Green Tea!
  1. Unreleased FDA Testing Reveals Glyphosate in Common Household Foods May 1st, 2018

Do I really need to eat organic meat + dairy?
Adequate fiber is a real problem
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Interesting. I always wanted to try …have you by chance had any off the above? Or recommend any?


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What I am drinking right now!

MUSHROOM MATCHA with Lions Mane & Ginger

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Thank You!
I just finished my ACV Drink w Ginger

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Dr. Eades posted this on Twitter and said he’s screwed. :joy::rofl:

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They won’t be happy until we’re all eating bean sprouts and drinking carrot juice.

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What these Dr.s don’t mention sometimes
or emphasize to the general public is that the cancer risk from these meats has to do with the added nitrates and preservatives they often contain and not the actual meat itself. That being said, there are alternatives and uncured varieties widely available.

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That’s rabbit food :rabbit:

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Mmmm rabbit :yum:, with a creamy mustard sauce.

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“…Turns out rabbit meat is so lean that if a person ate it exclusively they could develop something called “fat-hunger” also known as “rabbit starvation.” …More”

…Must wrap :rabbit2: in bacon :bacon: Hee hee!

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Even better