Drums are the best. I still don’t like chicken so much as it has about zero flavor normally but it’s fine now and then and i can use spices.
Oh indeed, big sale due to expiration date. But STILL… It’s cheap even for that!
Oh our wonderful prices 1-2 years ago… Sigh.
We only have cheap electricity and gas (not the thing for the cars but the mineral gas or what) now but people still act like almost no one could afford them. I don’t know why.

I planned a cute day for tomorrow… With some pork jowl as it got too lean. But we will see :slight_smile: I finally make the scotch eggs, Alvaro run out of food to eat…
And I keep forgetting about my soup, I have that, yum! I only ate some of the meat from it, it’s in a separate bowl.

(Linda ) #162

What is the base of your desert?

(Michael) #163

First plate last night

Then a bowl of bone broth

Followed by 6 eggs , 10 oz cheese and some heavy cream as scrambled eggs, no pic though. OMAD ain’t got nothing on me!


@Azi: What could be the base of any of my dessert (except pure sour or whipping cream)? Eggs, of course! :smiley:
Fluffy ones. I normally use 3 whipped egg whites and 1 whipped yolk (works without whipping the yolk unlike in my sponge cake as it will have water on the bottom anyway). Flavoring, tiny water and gelatin. That’s the base but it’s a bit meh. It was nice with sweetener and much flavoring though. But it’s WAY better with cream (whipped if possible but works anyway. maybe I get a thicker jelly bottom if it’s not whipped but it should be tastier then) instead of sweetener. In a pinch butter works too but cream is the best. 30-40g does the trick! :smiley:
It’s a fluffy, creamy dessert, with whatever flavor I use (in the past I liked it with anise but I run out of it. I usually make everything vanilla-y, even my coffees sometimes so that’s the default).
But the bottom (may be anything between a barely visible one to a thicker layer) is jelly :slight_smile:

I think it’s original role (besides being a great dessert) was lowering my fat intake. Even with the cream it has no big fat/protein ratio but originally it was a very low-cal, protein-rich thing. I have various days, sometimes even I need more protein because I got satiated too quickly and even 2 meals couldn’t balance it out.

Now it’s just fun and variety. With my infatuation with this leaner pork, lack of protein even a smaller problem for me than before :wink:

My problem is getting enough fat now. Even with my leftover pork jowl, I couldn’t bring my day over 75% and when it runs out, even 65% will be challenging (maybe not while I still have pork chuck but little is left). I simply only have leanish food to eat. Eggs are the fattiest among the ones I can eat in bigger amounts.
So I probably will do leaner experiments. And more normal but leaner than usual days. But maybe there is something I forgot…
It’s so odd that I need to think crazy to find ways to incorporate more fat into my life, I had the opposite problem and attitude since I went low-carb! I learned sooo well to skip added fat most of the time, now I appreciate some leaner meats… And find myself in potential trouble without pork jowl. Eating more eggs help but I like the meat/egg ratio of mine lately…
And i definitely want to eat whatever I want. I still will be careful about my macros (okay, as much as I do such a thing… :smiley: my macros are still a bit all over the place. I had no 200+ g fat or protein day this year though, I wonder how long it will last. I got them both rarely but regularly before, during the entirety of my low-carb life and I mean all low-carb, not just the before keto level) but it just means I will shift my focus on different items if I don’t mind and when it brings me better macros. Something like this. Or more interesting macros though as I want to lose fat now and not even wasting money, I don’t really want to break records :smiley:

Sunny day (it started cloudy but changed), tiny walk, I feel cheerful and ready to do various things I planned since too long.

Oh. My. God. You folks here sometimes eat cheese like no tomorrow :smiley: Meanwhile I have 33g grated Gouda and I feel very very bold and reckless to plan to eat it all up today… Sometimes I eat more but for 6 eggs, I wouldn’t use more :slight_smile: I like my scrambled eggs eggy. But if I considered them a cheesy pasta-like thing… No idea. I will eat it one day and report :slight_smile: I liked that cheesy while my scrambled eggs use cheese as “spice” :wink: Rarely. I rather pour sour cream on it, scrambled eggs and sour cream is a match made in some gastro-heaven. Sour cream works with so many dishes, soups, stews, several egg dishes… It goes into deviled eggs (I think many people use mayo, maybe that’s the common thing to do? we always used sour cream with mustard instead of mayo in multiple dishes. we never used mayo in anything) and I start to desire some, it was AGES ago. I got bored of them but I am ready to have some again.

Nice first plate, @Naghite, by the way. No one can say carnivore plates are boring and not colorful!
What is the pink thing? Not like I am sure about the rest, maybe I should after all these times looking at your plates… But the pink one is pretty and I don’t even like the color but it’s different when it’s on food. Or on the sky.

(Michael) #165

Good morning @Shinita. The pink is bone marrow, white is thymus with both liver and kidney in there as well as the salmon and snails. And yes, I really like cheese….too much really.


@Naghite: Thanks!

I cooked and I probably will have this after some soup:

I need some fattier meat for my scotch eggs and meatballs (even if they aren’t ball shaped)… They are the same except the latter has no boiled egg inside and it was fried, not baked in the oven. So that’s a tad fattier, it refused to soak up much lard.
I probably will eat sour cream too.

I think about going back to OMAD if my body if it will be on board, it isn’t yet. TMAD days are good for experiment too, I don’t even have the expectation to eat much for my first meal and can do it very lean or very fatty, I can balance it out later.


I’ll drop you a DM. :grinning:


Wasn’t hungry at dinner but oh well, I needed more food eventually anyway. After I started to eat, my body agreed and I even ate half a scotch egg after my tiny soup and leftover sponge cake with sour cream. And I drank some coffee with egg milk as well.

Another very normal TMAD day then, with lunch and dinner at their normal time.
Guesstimation says 136g protein (I am very glad with it, not much chance for less if one is me…), 107g fat. Good but I wasn’t active enough, only did a tiiiiiny walk. I wanted to go to the hilltop and run back but forgot. Didn’t finish my full body workout (I typically do 3 exercises on one day and the 2 big muscle groups the next day if Alvaro helps with the chest press. I never do leg exercises) as I have aching muscles after my long break. It won’t happen next time and it’s not bad now either but still enough to keep me from my workout, it’s already hard after the break, I am weaker as before. Not for long I hope.

I still have plenty of very lean meat, I need some sauce… Like my mustard sauce.

(Karen) #169

Up with 8am alarm, meds, BP and a nice long read with 2 black coffees. This afternoon started a new jigsaw. Only 500 piece but still puzzling.

Brunch about 11.45am ribeye with 2 fried eggs. Ribeye not as good as last ribeye a few days ago but it went down. Kept it nice and rare.
Dinner was a bit of cheese followed by some more later and 2 beef burgers plus a tin of tuna.

Aching after yesterdays CF workout so the 100 push ups today supersetted with the delt raises was hard. I felt quite stiff round my lats and glutes so getting down on the floor was a trial :confounded::worried:

(Judy Thompson) #170

@robintemplin I think we both had long covid. I didn’t notice brain fog so much but that taste thing with lactose continues a year and a half down the road. There may be some aspects of that disease people haven’t even discovered yet.

@Shinita Thanks for the nice responses! The PSMF instructions I followed did indeed specify 700 calories for women, 20g each of fat and carbs. I spent half my days tracking! The special shopping was to find fat free versions of things like salad dressings that I was accustomed to using. They tasted awful. Glad I only did that protocol for 10 days!
Since carnivore I’ve avoided herbs and garlic, now garlic smells horrible to me. So if I get a hot sauce I’ll get one with fewer ingredients to minimize ingestion of plants. I realize chili peppers are plants! I’m trying to use just a few drops though. I want to be comfortable enough with carnivore so it can last my lifetime. I figure on 20 years for that. How hard can it be?
@Fangs thank you! It was marvelous to realize the first, hardest year of ZC is behind me and it’s smooth sailing now.
@FrankoBear Mobility with reduced pain, YES. I will admit to stiffness in the mornings and sciatica as well as SI joint pain when I overdo it but since this woe it is much improved. I started refusing steroid shots and radio frequency treatments when I saw that the benefits were short-lived at best- and I have never looked back. To the point where National Spine and Pain fired me! I don’t think I was making them enough money!

Yesterday I had my boiled egg in the morning, we went to town for shopping, then to lunch and I ordered wings. No pic. The big section of the wings (we called it “the leg of the wing”) were all missing. What’s up with that? These wings are more pitiful by the day. Better to eat at home!
Lastnight, just a little smoked cheese.
This morning TWO hard boiled eggs, and then ground beef and 2 eggs for lunch.
We leave in a couple hours for the gig. As usual the day has been too short!


Tiny 3rd meal. Sometimes it happens but I managed to do it really tiny, little pork, little soup, a spongecake with cheese… I have a cheesy phase.

I put away my super lean pork (freezer is a wonderful invention). I had enough (could eat it but I have other things to eat and they are more tempting). Hopefully Alvaro can get some fatty pork for me next week (such stuff arrives on Tuesday, little chance to find it much later), I have plans for tomorrow and roast turkey for Sunday :slight_smile: And I still have a little pork chuck in the freezer.

Nowadays some of my regularly eaten meats got less regular. Like the turkey. I can eat pork forever, just not the exact same cut made in the exact same way. But I like my other favs too! My poor pork tongues are neglected too but I just have too much other things now :slight_smile: Its time will come and it will be glorious. That thing never disappoints me.

@JJFiddle: I probably will do some leaner experiments but I can’t imagine 20g fat I think…
Let’s see… My lean pork was 22g fat yesterday and it wasn’t even a pound. And yes, it had a little fat on it but it was needed.
Lol, the tiny, I barely noticed amount of the cheese sauce had 27g :smiley: But that was really fatty indeed. But it was like a big tablespoonful…
I will try PSMF lunches in the future :slight_smile: And then eat a proper, fatty dinner to balance things out. Maybe just once, 20g fat for a small meal sounds scarily low to me. Maybe the carbs help a bit on PSMF?
I rather plan leaner days, they went well enough in the past week. They were just a bit above 60g fat but they were low-cal already (1100-1300). They sound waaaay saner to me, of course not every day. Extreme low-cal shouldn’t be done for more than 1-3 days but I have this rule for anything below 1600 kcal as I experienced this is what I normally need as a minimum. Usually more but if I do everything right (and it’s not some special day when I need more), 1600 works.
I wonder what they expected from super low-fat. Oh well, I don’t need it. Maybe no one does, I am not knowledgeable enough.

That is the only part that I don’t consider cat food… Chicken wings are TINY! And bony and skinny! (Does “skinny” have a meaning like has much skin? I totally use it like that here.)
Give me the leg of the wings (lol, I will remember this) of a TURKEY and I am a happy camper :wink: (If I get my pork and eggs too, of course. Turkey is but a snack/side dish - but I will make more experiments.)

Did I ever say I call the front legs of a bunny “wings” at home? :wink: But they reminds me of wings, the feet is missing when we get the bunny and the hind legs are way bigger! :wink: Anyway, rabbit meat is very similar to chicken if you ask me. Totally the same category for me. If we make rabbit, I don’t make any fowl for a while as they are in the same category and I only eat fowl (or rabbit) rarely, not one after the other. The breast of a chicken and a rabbit are about the same, bad fluffy texture, no fat, not for me (unless it’s a must and it’s drown into some fatty sauce. it actually is edible that way - but give me some fatty meat any time, I grab that instead).

Why I can’t make a short comment here? And why do I write about meat when we already talked all of them over zillion times? But they are impossible to get bored with.


We love you for it.


Forgot to have breakfast. January month achievement unlocked, where the feeding of my health is background to living.

The sunsets have been beautiful.

I’ve been out and about working at physical pain-free chores that result in satisfying muscle soreness. Plus a couple of ocean swims. I wear wild bird feathers in my hair. They are presents left in our woodland. I pick them up and put them in my hair to carry and forget about them. My sun tan is golden brown. I reckon internal Vitamin D is high. I feel good. Went to town to see the bank manager like this. He gave me a loan. Mrs. Bear and I are looking at buying another 50 acres of old beef cattle farmland to plant and grow trees. We are lucky and grateful in life.

Yesterday Billie the Labrador and I walked out on to some low tide, shin deep, crystal clear water, sandbanks on the calm side of the cape. Billie is a black Lab, so water walking on a summer’s afternoon keeps her cool. There were small sting rays cruising at our feet.

I have set up the work computer again. Ready to soft land back into work next week. Had some fun last night designing a logo for a charity started by a young, strong woman I mentored a few decades ago. Her mission is this calling to run a charity of mobile veterinarians who care for homeless people’s pets in the city. Don’t get in her way. She is one of these go-getter types.


Last week @Naghite, Michael greeted us all waving a 17oz Sirloin. It got me thinking about weight. Wait for it, not about body weight, but about food weight, steak weight, in particular. @Fangs is gonna love this (being proved right again) as I set an intention to eat less volume, and in doing so, discovered I intuitively eat what I need on this base-guided WOE. Basing intuitive eating in a carnivore way of eating avoids all the pit traps of free-range, addictive carbohydrate food ‘intuitive eating’. I think there is an important difference.

This week I asked the butcher to slowly weigh the two rib-eye steaks in front of me. I usually just point at what I want and get it. This time slow, put them on the scale like they could explode (with nutritional goodness), so I could see how much I eat on steak nights. The steaks are 1.1kg. That is 2.4lbs when converted. Pounds and ounces are anathema. I live in decimal world. But I need them in my vocabulary to communicate with the tribe. Just shy of 40 ounces. I know not what it means, or if the calcs are correct, but we can meet and agree that they are delicious, nutritious, and satiating food.

(Linda ) #175

6 weeks in on my plan and 10 lbs down… today was fish and eggs in waffle maker with mayo and fatty coffee for both meals calories are low always are with cod but for some reason I’m wanting it so im eating it… I’m not hungry I do have bacon to cook if needed but it’s too late for me to eat now anyway without messing up my blood sugar so can’t see that happening…

(Linda ) #176

Your very active so I don’t see an issue…if your blood sugar is high though split that amount into two meals even three see what your still eating same amount just not all at once…reason. is if you fast too long your insulin drops too low and body is forced to release glucose to bring it up. Therefore rising your bg its why i wont do one meal per day and doing smaller meals…since it’s summer for you also try eating earlier see if that makes a difference I try to eat my last meal at 5- 5.30…coffee I dont care the time Dr boz feels eating earlier in the day really helps…

(Michael) #177

I am super blessed to have my skill set, but DAMN you write well. I am not envious, but I wish I were as eloquent as you, at least on occasion.

Oh yah, math looked good. I translate into ounces for the forum as well :grinning:


Yeah I admired @FrankoBear’s writing too… :slight_smile: Sometimes it’s exceptionally lovely. I liked the part with the wild bird feathers. It’s not always the eloquence but the thoughts, the attitude… Very refreshing. But probably both the thoughts and the writing. I am not awake enough to analyze and not in the mood for it either. Doesn’t matter. It’s like music, I don’t analyze just enjoy.

Ounces are crazy but at least it’s weight. Cups are crazy and pretty useless.

(Alec) #179

Anybody else done pork belly borsch? Sauce/soup was water, pork fat, salt, cheese, apple sauce (gasp!) :joy::joy:. Delicious. And very filling. Now stuffed.

Immediately below is what I used to eat… and below that is what I now eat… :joy::joy::clap::clap::clap:

Weight on Thins: 262lbs
Weight on Fatty Meat: 194lbs
Oh, the irony! :joy::joy::joy:

I listened to a Dr Boz video last night and she made a great statement: “Stop telling your body to store fat”. Spot on.


Oh my, it has been so lovely and uplifting reading everyone’s posts! That was a lot to catch up on, but so inspiring. It has been difficult finding my way out of the carbohydrate cave, but all good now. Hubby did a 4 day/96hr fast w me. Much easier than the previous ones, for some odd reason. We were both pleasantly surprised. But it was a great purge of carbs and cravings. Broke it with a carnivore meal of ribeyes, filet mignon, drumsticks, chicken thighs, and meatballs. (He wanted a little salad too. ) Made a ton, so we have leftovers for a few days. Preparation is a big key to success,so, there we go.
Weather has been in the 20’s-mid30’s, as of late. Not much sunshine. Hubby went all out for Christmas- and bought a UVB light for Vitamin D, and decided to get s second one for sun-tan. They’re small, but, do a fantastic job. So, internally, feeling pretty good now. Slowly getting back to exercise with the healing foot- the tendonitis knot is beginning to improve but I have to keep massaging it and dealing with the aftermath. Its a fine line.
Chickens are giving me 7-9 eggs a days, which is great for being in the dead of winter here. We had a bull butchered this fall, so all set with beef. Made a few Aldi runs, and have restocked the freezer with chicken thighs, breasts, tenderloins and drums. And, butter. Butter is like $5 a pound here- ridiculous. Found a delectable cheese at Aldi this past fall…Red Cheddar. Didn’t know a cheese could be THAT delicious! Great prices, though. We still have a lot of fish leftover from Hubby’s trip to Alaska, mainly salmon and halibut. A little cod, too. So, plenty of carnivore variety. Looking forward to steak and eggs in a few hours.
Nice to be back, and starting to feel good again. Cheers!