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LOVE THIS!!! ‘One day I got so desperate I pulled a container of gravy from the fridge and ate it cold with a spoon!”

I say you showed some restraint since you used a spoon!


Okay I did things but I can’t follow you there :smiley:
(I don’t mean I don’t get what you mean just that my brain shuts down there, I stopped at spoon and it didn’t felt restraint but sometimes I realize there are more levels… :D)

I always used a spoon (often a big one, Mom had spectacular ones, the biggest tablespoons ever). Or fork. The list of food items I ever ate but never tried to eat with a fork isn’t particularly long. My SO sometimes looks at me funny. And I look back that yep, it’s a bit problematic for the liquid part but it’s mostly thick, good for a fork… Sour cream is totally a fork thing (though I eat it with spoon too but fork is very common as well), the last one was something more liquid :smiley:

(Anyway, he ate yogurt with chopsticks. Mostly to annoy his coworkers who focused a bit too much on his eating but still. So he has no right to have any problem with my fork usage :upside_down_face:)


It’s almost 8pm and I simply couldn’t eat dinner. What.

Tomorrow I definitely raise my fat intake, 1-2 days are fine and dandy but I need to eat more afterwards even if my body went into this odd state and it would be interesting to see when it snap out of it. It’s usually 2-3 days - never had something like this but underate before - but it tends to be too wild, I prefer to avoid it. I feel completely full now, maybe too full, eating is impossible without force.

Is this a thing? At least when one plays with fat/protein ratio? I totally expect this to go away but it’s SUPER odd. Even for carnivore. And I only had my rare seriously undereating days in the beginning when my body was confused, never again…
Oh well. It’s not too bad yet but due to my too fullness, I have a borderline nausea and food aversion.

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@Fangs The Company Shop is the store name and is a membership company and to become a member you had to be employed by either logistics or service employer such as Prison, Police, Forces etc. Now they include those in receipt of housing benefit. You have to apply for membership and show proof of who you work for and have a card you use evry visit to get in and also they scan your card at the checkout. The goods vary depending on what they get in and they get a lot of branded food like M&S, Waitrose, Sainsburys, Tesco but also from stores like Aldi and Lidl. All close to use by date which is why they are so cheap. The stuff like bread is usually 35p a loaf (£1.80 in a main store) but will only have a day or twos life left. Same for the fruit n veg but of course the good stuff like Meat can go straight in the freezer. Some of the stuff is in catering packs. They also get stuff like cleaning products toiletries and jars and cans of stuff. Teas and coffees, condiments. A real mixed bag.

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Up at 8am, not a great sleep last night even though i felt tired. 1 black coffee with my books.

Been running Raymond around today, first to a sleep appt in the morning and then a doctors appt in the afternoon. In the middle we went to a cafe for brunch. First time since starting carnivore that i felt a bit stuffed. I had a cheese omelette and asked for bacon and sausage on he side but when it arrived the sausage was sliced up and cooked in the omelette. The omelette looked huge. When i see a big plate of food i feel full before before i start eating. I should have asked for a doggy bag nut i just ate slowly and forced the last bit down. It wasnt a bad meal tbh just too much on my plate.

I just remembred to take photo after starting to eat! The omelette took up half of the big dinnr plate.

Didn’t get home till 5pm and really felt weary, more so than usual. Had some cheese while frying a ribeye steak. The steak was delish and very rare. And followed it with a tin of tuna.

100 push ups and 50 each side and front delt raises comoleted.


I got hungry ate just before 10pm :slight_smile: “At least not at 2am”, said Alvaro.
111g fat, 137g protein. Much better :slight_smile:
Pork chuck and pork jowl to raise my fat intake :wink: Egg, cheese and the leaner pork too :wink: As I thought, my dry sponge cakes help with the fatty stuff, I definitely didn’t want to eat even the pork chuck all alone.
It was nice but it’s never as right this way as sitting down to a proper meal. I did that for the chuck but I just grabbed and ate the rest standing (it can’t ruin cheese eating but I barely noticed the pork jowl, it was a few seconds with tracking numbers on my mind. next time I eat when the numbers are already written down).

When I saw way too many different kinds of food for Christmas, I always lost my appetite… But when I go somewhere for days and need to eat leftover food the previous day, that does the same…
I can’t really imagine a big plate of food as a single plate is too small to me. Though I always wanted to build some meat tower to see how much I can fit on a single plate :smiley: I am not particularly motivated, surely 10000 kcal is very easily doable… Even with a small plate. Of course I eat differently, I use a tray as my various food doesn’t fit a plate.

But yes, our mind sometimes interfere. Food may be intimidating when too much or too varied. (It was both at Christmas back then. I dreamed about being adult and cooking super simple at Christmas. And that’s close to what I actually do ;))


HAPPY CARNIVERSARY JJ!! :partying_face::100:

I never really ‘tried’ no fat pmsf stuff. What I did was eat leaner for a few days and very quickly I knew it wasn’t sustainable :slight_smile: We carnivores have to have the fat. Sure we can easily eat a day or 2 leaner if we want it but again, that fat calls our name. Hitting up a bowl of gravy? yikes girl. too wild, lol.

I also can’t do pepper. not only a why bother cause I was never a pepper gal anyway, it makes me sneeze now. Get me too near pepper and I hit a sneeze attack :sunny: If it weren’t for hubby in the home I would never buy ‘a gazillion’ things again that are in this house right now HA

@Shinita, am the same as you. I do best with simplicity also! I hear ya on that!

I hope Alvaro makes a great alfredo sauce :slight_smile: I find it yummy. Also great with any of our meats kinda and a good fat content hit for many of us.

it is a normal thing on carnivore. almost every one of us walk thru this. it won’t last long :slight_smile: our bodies are just healing/repairing and changing and there are some days we just don’t wanna eat alot and that is fine, because yes it will go away :slight_smile: just eat what the body wants when it wants it and of course get in some decent fat content and just let carnivore wash over ya. You will come thru ok truly as most of us did when we adapted more to the lifestyle.

Oh on the Company Store. OK I get it, I love for ‘the forces’ and other establishments like that. Only type we had near us was military. Dad was a Marine and we ‘hit the PX’ and had to use military ID to get in but boy the prices were so decent and mom loved shopping the PX.

I do like stores tho that ‘get in whatever’ for their stock. Every time ya go the shelf stock changes a bit and you can hit some good stuff :slight_smile: I bet you do enjoy shopping that store and with the diff. in bread prices like that, not bad savings. Yea even tho some expiration dates are closer, to save that kinda money is good on products plus with a bigger family, a loaf of bread could be used up in a day or 2 LOL Cool

Love your meal pics. That is a big omelet. very stuffed with your sausage in there, fat omelet :slight_smile:

me too. but for me, when too much food is in front of me like that I become overwhelmed with it all. Like it reminds me of gluttony, greed, like ‘just too’ much for the holiday or something. Like a big buffet in front of me, I never ‘get it all’ cause I just walk and pick a few items that suit me but my hubby, comes back with 2 plates full of everything, he is the type that has to ‘try it all’ while I just pull back from eating like that. Maybe it is I find I would love just a good plate of meat piled up with crispy juicy fat and keep it always that simple. I guess my simplicity of eating just comes into play alot also.

--------------didn’t make my ribs.
hubby wanted a giant chuck roast in the dutch oven. So I put that in low and slow just in some beef broth and when done you just know I had to eat some :slight_smile: YUM. I ate that lb. of bacon, yes I did and it made me full and happy and then when that chuck was cooking I thought, eh, save the ribs for tomorrow.

so yes ribs are going into oven today later.

I did however wake up at 4:30am as usual and find I don’t feel so good.
Hmmm. Got a head clog type thing plus my guts seem off a bit. nothing dramatic but when my guts feel off it sets me OH SO wrong. Why? Cause my guts are never off :slight_smile: when I get a ‘tad of some icky sicky’ type thing it irks the heck outta me. Cause I never feel this way ya know so when I do get icky a bit I think, hmm, what did I do? Only thing I can guess is the chuck roast had big fat on it of course, which when low and slow made the beef broth more fatty, and yes I put alot of that fatty broth over the meat and drank up a tad of it. I think my guts got ‘over fatted’ from what I did LOL but not bad so I will survive. But first meal of the day, thinking simple. like tuna and sardines, or maybe truly just a cheese omelet or something very lighter. Give the guts a chance to work thru the big fat intake maybe?

well I ain’t sicky icky enough to not eat cause I do have my sights on those ribs for later :slight_smile: Might just be an OMAD day for me too if it falls that way. Just roll along and let the day wash over me in any eating way that comes!!


Thank you - and yes, it is :frowning_face:

Having a particularly bad week this week. Hopefully I turn a corner with the remaining symptoms soon.


Sending good healing vibes to ya Septimius!!


I made the Alfredo sauce, I am the workday chef :slight_smile: I looked at various recipes (the English ones said whisking but how on earth could I whisk in a pan? no way, I stir. and how much is one cup of grated cheese or butter, I won’t search for my cup and then wash it repeatedly just to get this… so I ended up with a Hungarian recipe, grams and stirring :)) and then did whatever sounded good but this time I followed the recipes vaguely. It tastes nice but of course, it has good, luxurious ingredients, making this sauce highly expensive so I didn’t make much (anyway, when I try something, it’s little to mitigate the losses if something isn’t right. I still would eat if, I never mess something up enough to make it inedible. except when I convert it into charcoal but that is rare and only happens to thin biscuits).

We will have lunch soon, I will report about the reception of the sauce :slight_smile:
I added a few spices mentioned but not garlic. Sounds too agressive, especially that we have a huge clove left and that I am not into garlic anymore. Butter and cream have such a soft little wonderful flower, I won’t overpower it. And I can’t cut things into tiny pieces anyway.
Anyway, I want a good recipe I can use later and we barely ever have garlic as I don’t use it and Alvaro makes spinach, like, once a year now? :smiley: Poor one, he stopped making it regularly when I dropped my vegs and declared the freezer to be for meat mostly :smiley: He can make it any time if he cook it immediately… But that is a big hindrance, apparently.

Oh he is here, we will eat! I am not really hungry yet but not satiated either. And I am curious.

By the way, I made crunchy biscuits from hard-boiled yolk, little leftover egg and cheese! It just needed a lot of time in the microwave and it dried out while being a nice lace as it happens to cheese there…

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Got a digestive enzyme prescription in advance of what I expect to be a loose journey through higher fat. Starting slowly, here was last nights first plate , second plate was 1 pound of 50/50 ground. This plate had suet, large bone marrow, thymus and round roast.

(Karen) #152

I used to shop ithe PX in Berlin when i had left Army and was just a ‘wife of’ and hubby serving Berlin. The reductiins at The Company Shop are better though because of the little time left till the use by date. If you choose the time right to go in you get even morr mark doen prices … i try to only go now between half 2 and 3 … just after mark down and before the mad rush of people arrive :grinning::rofl:


This was the lunch when my body didn’t need food yet but my mind appreciated the joy… Oh well, yesterday lacked a proper meal sitting at the table, enjoying it fully.

I had some boiled lean pork with a tiny taste of Alfredo sauce and then I just added sour cream and cheese. I won’t bother with Alfredo sauce in the future I think unless I will be curious about a new additional flavor or will have a lot of cream to use up though a quiche would be better.
It wasn’t bad but it’s way easier and better and cheaper and less fatty (fatty is often nice but this thing is crazy - while NOT feeling fatty, odd) to use sour cream and cheese without any fuss.
That’s more traditional anyway. we just don’t really do sauces, usually… The only one we ever used was pizza sauce (homemade, obviously. I don’t even know what a not home-made contains but I wouldn’t trust it).
BUT I didn’t use parmesan as we didn’t have it. And won’t as it’s extremely luxurious and I can’t do much with it, I strongly prefer my half-hard favs. And the parmesan-like stuff from the beef farm (I added the last bits to the sauce, too bad there was so little), that’s so flavorful… But I still wouldn’t use it alone.
But cheese sauce is a very foreign concept to me to begin with albeit it sounds interesting… I strongly suspect it requires some VERY flavorful cheese. But so much expensive ingredients make so little sauce… Alvaro ate up almost the whole thing and just the sauce costed almost as much as his whole 2-3-course lunches do, normally.

But I will make it again if we ever will have some parmesan-like cheese for some reason.

So, I had my boiled beef with sour cream and cheese, okay I am not into that combo, it’s not pasta :smiley: Only egg can become pasta. But it improved poor lean pork.
I ate my carni biscuits, lovely. I had the crunchy microwave one and I had a slot in the muffin mold (I made new sponge cakes) for a small one and it turned out soft but great! I am in a cheesy mood now. That’s another reason to avoid cheese normally. I am not bored of it when I make biscuits. I am especially sensitive to cheesy dishes. Cheese alone (well with my sponge cake I use as bread)? Lovely for a long time. But cheesy biscuits, cheesy dishes, I don’t like them enough to have them regularly. And if they are too cheesy, I don’t like them. It made my eating in restaurants while a vegetarian way more tricky as I had to skip most cheesy dishes and not much was left. I was fine with pasta with cheese on top but the cheese mixed into something? Usually not my style and even if it is, it must have only a bit of cheese. And it doomed my crunchy carni biscuits as I don’t really have another ingredient being able to give them crunch. Just lots of cheese. or I didn’t experiment enough, surely I could make it with eggs and meat SOMEHOW… But cheese is the best. And while I am okay with cheese whisps sometimes, they are WAY too cheesy (being only cheese in it actually helps but not enough), probably too salty… And I am not okay with a biscuit half cheese. Today’s ones are more egg than cheese and they worked! But it turned out I need to dry it out really well, normally baking them isn’t enough. No problem, now I know. And the soft ones were good anyway.

It’s so strange that I find the same old big joy in some carni creation than I got from pastries or pasta dishes from the past. The two are obviously very different, it’s the feeling and enjoyment I get but with a time difference :smiley: So it’s very nostalgic and satisfying.

And afterwards I had my dessert. I made the usual jellied fluff (the one that had the name “marshmallow” but I take out the sweetener and added egg yolk… and later butter or the best, cream, whipped if possible but it’s good anyway) but changed the flavor. Normally it’s vanilla, now I put coffee into it. It was a brave move and yep, I overdid it, apparently so it became a bit too bitter (despite using my fav brand that isn’t particularly bitter. too much, it seems)… But it STILL didn’t scream for some sweetener (good thing as I wouldn’t add any). It’s lovely as it is. Yay! :smiley:

Oh and I ate a sponge cake with disproportionally much pork jowl… It’s so amazing… Today surely won’t be too low-cal… But I didn’t eat very much either so I don’t expect problems. Anyway, I had my sponge cake with it. I won’t eat it alone again if I can help it.

I feel cheerful today, second very sunny day in row and I managed to make the first half of my workout! (I never did better than that at once.) I am weaker than before my sickness but just a bit, I will go back to my usual weights and repetitions very soon and then I want to get better every time!


It was a few weeks ago when I first saw those suet granules… It’s so strange to me :smiley: Here fat looks like fat :smiley: (And I don’t even know how on earth anyone can get suet… Probably the beef farm is one option. I saw people asking for parts not in the list and they were accomodating. I don’t want suet, I just wondered.)

Do you have macros? How high fat do you eat? Way too high for me, I know that much :slight_smile: I will make new higher-fat experiments later but it wasn’t the greatest last time. I will do better next time (sponge cakes for every really fatty item) but for now, I really enjoy my leaner and fattier but not too fatty pork, eggs and dairy.

(Robin) #155

How long have you been having brain fatigue and when did it start? Just curious. Mine started 6 weeks after I had covid and lasted 6 months, with some lingering issues still.

It was so severe, I had no short term memory, got lost (stopped driving), and couldn’t do my favorite activity… reading books. Couldn’t focus or retain. Went so far as to get an MRI to look for Alzheimer’s or a tumor. My MRI was perfect.

One day (6 months in) it felt as if someone had opened a window and blew all the cobwebs out of my head. I still have some lingering issues…. But I am not lost…. Which is how I felt.

“They” are still learning about long covid and can’t say definitively if it will go away or remain. But I will take the improvement. BTW, I am 68.

Anyhoo, I was curious about your experience and understand if you don’t want to share.

(Michael) #156

For the past year I have eaten with fat macros of 65 to 72 percent each day. I will give it a month to settle in and see where I am at, going to shoot for 80% + in theory, but nothing is set yet, I am still formulating my plan of action.


I can relate… It’s super odd when I get something that is pretty common for many folks but NOT ME! It’s disconcerting.
But well, no one are immune to various little troubles, it happens, main thing one gets out of it super soon! And then I still can think of my body as a good one. I am the opposite of a hipochondriac for a reason, I need my body in working order to stick to it!

I do the same when I manage to overdo fat but my body wants leaner food anyway, not just my mind. It seems I never have problems with any amount of fat I can consume, it’s only when my food has lots of fat and barely anything else to help with it. Some protein among the fat isn’t enough. But I really trust my drier neutral sponge cakes. Not enough to jump the pork jowl really seriously (not like I have so much left), I do will be careful but I believe it will work even with more. I just don’t try the fattiness level of my utmost trust right away. I don’t even NEED it, I am just curious as always. But it can wait a tad.

I wonder when we go to city shopping, next weekend or the one after that… We need to think about it way earlier as we need to order from webshops (an art one and a normal food one, Alvaro won’t last forever without his sweeteners, he is at his last liter of coconut oil as well… and there are other items. it’s the good, cheap - really, even among webshops, it has very good prices - , not paleo one. the paleo ones don’t have everything Alvaro wants from a webshop. I use very little from any, of course. well I do use just don’t eat it, I make them for Alvaro :upside_down_face:) and we need to get the stuff at the right time to pick it up on Saturday.
But I slowly start to run out of things so maybe we should go sooner…? As much as I love not spending money on food, I do love having food… And not just whatever we have that would make surviving for months quite possible… Those aren’t my kind of food. And Alvaro would stop existing even remotely sane without cheese… (We never tried. I wouldn’t dare. And the village supermarkets still don’t have proper cheese. I still can’t comprehend it.)

Alvaro visited the supermarket today. It seems Tuesday is the pork day with the chance of the cheap leanish cut I like so much. The one with the price cap. Now the shops are forced to keep twice as much of it as in 2021, before the price cap. They still run out quickly, well the village ones here. I always can get it from LIDL and the limit is 5kg there while it’s 2kg here and they skillfully make 1.05kg slabs. No problem, I am fine with a tiny one between city shopping.
The 70/30 “scraps” pork went up a bit but it’s still a good option here and there. When I need lard. And today is dairy truck day, we really will get some nice stuff from it soon… Sour cream and milk, we found the glass milk bottle bought for that purpose. They never kept cream :frowning: But jingling with glass (he often already have a glass jar in his backpack) on a long bumpy road on a bike, I don’t expect it from Alvaro, he already brings me carbonated water sometimes. Maybe I should go, the truck has an appearance in our village too… Or maybe he can get it when he goes by car but that requires heavy rain.
But it’s not that very important anymore. That’s why it’s good I can live without sour cream for several days. I can handle when it runs out.

I was the same :smiley: My problem was that Mom made a ton of food for Christmas and she barely ate. So it was MY job to eat it all. Even I had my limits!
But on a festival I just grab things and eat it until I can and wish! I usually went back, didn’t grab a lot at once. So I didn’t feel the pressure. I didn’t even try it all. Sometimes I used Alvaro as a tester. Or shared one piece with him. It’s nice that time is over. And I don’t go anywhere anyway since the choir ceased to exist… It’s actually quite sad. I liked the choir and I really liked to visit the elderly ones in the home and the little ones in the nursery school… Those two visits before Christmas were lovely. They gave us things, often a show too and we made them happier, especially the ones in the home who didn’t have so much joy in their life, no matter how kind the workers there were. They were looking forward to our singing, they listened to it eagerly and they talked about it for weeks afterwards… And it’s gone now :frowning:
I pretty much ignored this all until now but now I started to write about it and got emotional… :frowning:

I could eat at least half a loaf in one sitting any time… Zero satiation but it was enjoyable if a tasty one was used… With butter and honey… Didn’t do anything to the satiation, I need PROTEIN and a lot of it :smiley:
Bread doesn’t really expire, it just dry. Even in a humid home like ours. If it gets moldy, no idea what crazy thing is that, ours never do that.

Oh I love close expiration date things on sale :slight_smile: Except things like fish, we don’t trust that so much. And certain items may have problems, one should look at it well.
But I never had problems with some firmer meat (firmer than fish so basically all) yet. And I don’t believe the expiration date on many kinds of dairy. Dry stuff is even better, we have a nice spice mix (it was fancy and not the cheapest but it was on a huge sale due to being close to being expired) that expired like 4-5 years ago… :smiley: It will last forever, Alvaro sometimes put it on something…
Oh my spices and especially herbs. I use so very little of them and I have a lot. Oh well, it won’t be a huge loss if they become soil… They aren’t proper food… But it took me years to think like that. My no waste policy is super strong. And I still plan to use up most of it. Of course, herbs eventually truly expire, I throw out some already. My dried dill didn’t age well :smiley: And I used less than 1g per month in the beginning and now I use waaaaay less :smiley: Alvaro uses none. But it’s nice with sour cream.

And today I walked and run and felt VERY well. Not as well as I could, I can imagine high energy and whatnot but a HUGE improvement! My last several weeks were so bad, sickness, paperwork, holiday craze, waking up late and being a morning zombie, that’s normal but I don’t have it so strong in better times… I feel as something lifted. I hope it stays with me!

@Naghite: With your plates, the grams must be quite impressive :smiley:
I am looking forward to your experiments, I can’t do it like that myself anyway, 80+ % every day is probably impossible for me now and I don’t need it anymore. I just want to try it out for isolated days. I like having unusual days and see what happens.

(Karen) #158

Up 7.30 with alarm this morning. Bit of another wakeful night but nothing unusual there. Got my meds with pint of water, BP slightly raised but that is also usual prior to a CrossFit session. Black coffee and books for 45mins and off to CrossFit.

Really hard cv session again today but i have to say it felt better than last Thursday, Saturday and this Tuesdays class … I didn’t think i was going to die :rofl:

Went to meet a friend for a coffee locally then did some shopping at Lidl. Only wanted eggs but there was some stuff reduced so i couldn’t pass them up. 3 large packs of chicken drumsticks (8 per pack) for £1.38 per pack, plus some cheese and a steak reduced and a deal pack of 4 steaks which worked out a fraction under £2 a steak.

Got home and cooked some defrosted chicken thighs that i seasoned with jerk spice. They were tasty.

So brunch ended up late at 2.15pm. 5pm ready to eat again so cooked the reduced steak and it was a bit disapppointing, quite chewy so had to leave the chewed indigestable bits on side of plate… almost half the steak again. I really need to stick to ribeyes and sirloins! Followed the steak with a bit of cheese and a jar of mussels.

100 push ups and the delts workout completed which felt hard because i had already done 120 push ups in the CrossFit workout :astonished:


We talked about this with Alvaro. It’s impossible to raise chicken this cheap. It’s something out of the world. Do you know how they do this?


I had my dinner. Wasn’t so hungry but could eat and better now and later. I knew I had to be low on protein (but with my super bad guessing abilities, I had no idea about my macros, actually. except the carb one :D)… So I had fried pork. And my leftover dessert. And a sponge cake with sour cream, yay!
It was a very enjoyable day food wise and otherwise too, I rarely feel cheerful enough to run almost completely spontaneously… (I do want to run more but I am not a controlling type even if it’s about me. And I don’t like to run normally. I like to WALK. But running is useful and sometimes enjoyable.)

My dessert (behold the super tiny depth of field!):

It’s very, very great. But Alvaro looks at it with disdain if I force his focus on it (as he totally ignores it normally) and tells me it’s egg. Tastes like egg. So nope. (He likes eggs but only when they are honest scrambled eggs or sunny side ups. And it seems he developed some sensitivity against my “mostly eggs” dishes. He can’t comprehend them and I keep making them and praising them :smiley: He only likes the cheesy egg whites and my yolky dishes are better… But he never will know.)

It doesn’t taste like an unwhipped, unflavored egg at all :frowning:
And even that would be better than his fav dessert that is carbs mixed with carbs and eaten with carbs on in the best case, chocolate

I have problems with tracking, I am lost but I ate a right amount of protein today I guess.

(Karen) #160

The drums were close to their sell or use by date. I just portion bagged them for the freezer when i got home :grin: i love getting bargains. I wouldnt ordinarily buy drums but at that price i will eat anything :rofl: so works out just over about 50p a meal