I usually get hungry at 2-6pm. But if my previous day was too lean (therefore too low-cal) or something else was off with it, I tend to get hungry way earlier…
I only wake up hungry if I went to bed hungry. But the previous days matter a lot for me too, I don’t get a tabula rasa in the morning. Maybe some people do. Alvaro seems so but he likes to eat vaguely similarly every day, I have much more variety.

I don’t think so… I don’t remember the first one well (don’t remember anything wrong in it though) but the second was very clear to me (it helped that I knew that thought very well but it seemed pretty clear anyway). But we all have different sensitivities and experiences and sometimes they come into the way, the brain jumps to something, finding a bad match with a pet peeve. It happens. Hopefully won’t happen to you in the near future and I wish you full healing! You write very, very well for someone who isn’t even in top shape! Or for anyone else, actually, we know that not everyone can write well even in their own language (and it’s fine but I start to fed up with fanfic writers who has HORRIBLE spelling and grammar while the style and plot is much better so I want to read their work… well that’s another low level entirely. I am in-between, my grammar isn’t bad but my style must be so, I just can’t use English as well as I want - definitely not for quickly written comments, especially in tired or morning zombie state - but I keep learning big words and sometimes even use some. and being clear? I try but I use an abundance of words for it, some better style and English knowledge would be more effective but I don’t seem to have it or it would take way too much time and worrying from my part).

And I must be zillion times worse… My brain has this chaos inside. If i had to write some proper text, I would spend a lot of time on it, being concise enough (I have my limits) and clear and organized but it’s not something naturally comes to me. For notes, maybe but full comments…? I am thinking while writing. Writing helps me think but the end result may be negatively affected.


wow the posts were rolling in the thread :slight_smile: so many good posts to read.

see when ever I tried to do ‘any solid tweaking’ and trying to control in any way zc I failed fast. My best approach for me was just eat what I want when I want, as much as I want. I let the body repaired direct me. Key being I listened to it. As with in year 3 of carnivore I got to where I wanted more lean meats. Simply ate more lean on those days but I never could go more than, say 2 or 3 days cause then boom, the body was super yelling for a honking ribeye and fatty meats.

I found all my improvement and weight loss benefits and more in just letting each day be what I wanted to eat. Some days I ate way lean. Some days I would inhale a lb. of bacon early in the AM cause I needed it. Then the rest of the day would be lean cause I had no draw to fatty meat. Other days all I wanted was fatty meats. But I never gained a lb. Ever. Only time I gained was when I started and it was like 8-10 lbs which I dumped reasonably quickly much to my relief :slight_smile:

It took alot of years to ‘find my eating level’ and how best I do. Now it seems my ‘best right now’ is eat bigger fatty heavy meat first meal, which then satisfies and second meal can be whatever I want. Alot of times in the old days it would be another honking big ol’ steak but I moved out of the need for 2 big fatty beef cuts. Second meal becomes shrimp and chicken or can of tuna and maybe 2 smaller cheeseburger patties and total satisfaction.

I ‘vaguely and loosely’ tried pmsf and pkd and whatever else ‘the zc community’ was blabbing about and every time extremely fast I ‘got off balance’ incredibly quick and would almost put my zc lifestyle in jeopardy. I had to stop doing anything with manipulation and control to any zc eating. I had to ‘eat what the body was telling me’ and that is how I shined on this lifestyle.

I don’t get jumbled as much as I did in years before. I feel like I can easily estimate exactly what my body wants to eat the night before. I can ‘feel my 2 meal’ food intake at the end of the day, a few hrs after eating that 2nd meal I can safely say, hmmm, I am feeling a bit hungry but of course I don’t eat, not that hungry to eat ya know and then I make sure I defrost a big steak for next first meal. I can satisfy my hunger as I need cause I feel like my body has leveled me out to follow its wants and patterns.

I also can tell the night before if I go to bed extremely feeling satiated and not wanting anything, not a twinge of hunger at all, I can roughly guess I might be starting my day with some pork or maybe chicken. I just don’t require big heavy dense fatty meat for first intake.

Alot of zc’ers fall into 1-2 maybe 3 basic food. big read meat. pork. maybe add in some seafood/eggs into their day. See I eat ALL I love. I eat chicken. I eat some dairy with my foods. I definitely do surf and turf meals. I eat alot of pork. I still eat a lb. of bacon when I want it. Don’t get me wrong, I used to eat a ribeye in the morning, a ribeye in the evening. Cause that is what the body required. Now I fall into eating what I want for that meal and I can kinda predict easily the day before which way I will be eating. surf and turf. just a chicken day with a lb. of bacon to start. big ol’ steak first meal, second meal will be whatever up for grabs :slight_smile:

It is interesting watching everyone who is not ‘new’ but into year 2 or 3 now and how they are needing to change it up. I never had that. I just followed the basic lines of zc. Eat all ya need. All you want, and yes my menu is very varied zc still. I did not fall into 2 beef meals per day like many. I did for a while and then my body directed me off that eating mostly. If it is zc and I like it still, darn right I eat it only when the body is asking for it.

I got cans of sardines in the pantry. Haven’t wanted any. But I know when I wake up and think, I need a can of sardines, darn right I will eat one, til then I don’t want one :slight_smile:

I think everyone will find themselves on zc as they need. There is tons of ways to manipulate zc and yes, I believe one might be able to stagger into some control and change their eating patterns a bit and also do so much better with good results. But for me I failed in the sustainability of doing just that. I had that brain set…if I am eating ONLY zc and I dumped all friggin’ food categories from my life but meat/seafood fish and fowl and luckily for me can eat some cheese too…I can’t then control it down any further. I go into feelings of deprivation and loss of my eating freedom I have on zc as it gave that to me. Yea, heading into yr 6 for me and I can’t monkey on zc with manipulations. I ain’t got it in me to function that way on this lifestyle but more power to those who can and for those who need it.

OK guys this is about me and how I had to roll thru it all to suit me.
Not saying what any one else is doing is off in any way. We all walk the walk. My walk was get out of my own way and follow my own eating thru body signals as it directed and just eat. I had to keep zc as a free to eat, don’t need to manipulate in any way plan or my brain would explode HAHA But I also never had weight gain since the few lbs when I started so I never had to fight that battle in zc ever. I think that is one of the biggest reasons I held zc and did well on it. I never ever gained any weight on no matter how much I ate per day.

So everyone roll as ya need. Keep finding yourself on how this lifestyle will suit ya and good vibes for all moving forward as needed!!

------------------------SO last night I was so hungry around 9 at night I ate 3 hot dogs. What? yea LOL too late to cook up anything, didn’t wanna bother but wanted food. OK it was mediocre and not satisfying but it was enough :slight_smile: Reason I figure was I ate my chicken breasts but did not bother to make that alfredo sauce. So it probably was not enough, even tho I did fry the breasts up in alot of butter and soaked that up on the chicken. but most of us know, chicken sometimes never can hold us or some days it does if the right fat is included? I don’t know for me but it is how the day went down :slight_smile:

So I took out a nice Tbone steak for this morning as first meal. Second thinking some thin cut pork chops.

I am needing a good freezer refill. No good sales around. So off to check a few stores in my area and even if I have to drive a bit further I might do just that to load up a bit. I see a lower freezer and I start to get nervous LOL

zc strong all

(Megan) #123

I’m sorry to hear you’re unwell and are taking a long time to recover. I’ve had terrible fibromyalgia my entire adult life and the cognitive effects can be marked at times, moreso the past 8 or so years than earlier in my life. I’ve always valued my brain, my ability to communicate, my ability to grasp concepts and wade through data, my memory, my ability to keep focused and concentrate. I have good days and bad days, but I function at a fraction of what I used to, cognitively. I’m still grieving the loss, often not very gracefully.

Keep posting :smiley:


I only could eat half of it for lunch (I got a stop sign, yay! it makes things so much easier sometimes). And egg milks. With coffee. Sigh.
Ugly rainy day, we got more than a month worth of rain in the last one and half days so I am not very tolerant with rain at this point. But I could go out when it didn’t rain, just a little walk but it was good to get fresh air.

(Megan) #125

I really get you on the feelings of deprivation and loss of eating freedom Fangs. My relationship with food has been messed up since I was a child. I’ve used it for all sorts of things it’s not rationally intended for. It’s still messed up, I’m just eating different foods than I have previously. Any thought of tinkering with anything, like instituting an eating window, a set portion size, a particular macro etc fills me with anxiety. I’ve set one very clear boundary - the food must be carnivore - and outside of that I need to be ruleset free to “stay ok” mentally.

My biggest hope is I continue to eat carnivore and I continue to do ok eating carnivore. Regaining the weight I have lost, a whole bunch of inflammation and general unhealthiness (aka metabolic dysfunction) lay waiting in the wings. I know me. I know how easy it is to go back to eating how I used to.

The biggest mental/thought change for me on carnivore is I’m not constantly thinking about food. What I’ll next eat and when I’ll next eat it isn’t constantly on my mind. It’s incredibly freeing. I’m also not feeling bad about myself all the time, because of what I just ate or what I’ll probably eat in the next 30 minutes. And the weight loss to date, for me, is better than any anti-depressant, as far as self loathing and shame goes. I still have fat to lose, I still have parts of my body that “look fat”, but it’s so much less than before.

I dream about having energy one day and about participating actively in my life, instead of spending most of my day sitting at my desk, often doing something on the computer, while my surroundings are dirty, my section a mass of weeds with the lawn long gone, my house in an ongoing state of disrepair, getting worse year by year. It’s very depressing. I try not to look at it, to not be aware of it. Unfortunately, “things to do” on the computer make that very easy to do. Screen time has an addictive quality and has become one of modern man’s defense mechanisms.

Oh boy, what a cheerful prattle ><

It’s 4.45am. I have been to bed, but I’ve woken after an hour or 2 unable to go back to sleep like I did last night. I don’t feel good physically, I think this hernia is causing all sorts of havoc inside. And possibly the scar tissue from several emergency surgeries and the peritonitis when my gall bladder ruptured. Note to self: bad things happen when you ignore abdominal pain for 4 days.

Not feeling good physically is really affecting me emotionally (as is probably glaringly obvious from this post).

(Robin) #126

@Septimius, excuse my poor memory, but I can’t recall if your brain fatigue is due to covid. If so, I can certainly relate. I had 6 months in a very dense fog last year. And I am still not 100%. But my cognitive functions seem to be a vulnerable target for viruses and some meds.

Whatever the reason, please keep posting and interacting. We need your voice. I read your previous posts and saw nothing off key, but you’re right… knowing someone makes a difference. And it’s always tricky business giving advice without overstepping.

Keep those brain cells engaged and carry on!
You got this!



I ate very simple today, hard to be mistaken but I thought it over and checked again… Yep. I ate that little. Wow.

Guesstimation says 102g protein (I haven’t even taken my collagen peptides… pork, of course), 64g fat, 1g carbs (my lowest ever not counting my fasting days).
Just pork, eggs, 4g butter and that’s it. Around 1000 kcal, the numbers fail to do the math correctly, I don’t know why the site has such data but I don’t care about tiny differences like <100 kcal.
2 meals in the very usual times, somewhere around 3pm and 6pm.
I am very, very satiated and a tad nauseous today.
I just don’t do such days without some reason in my immediate past. It was probably the fattiness of my last day. I never noticed such a connection but I rarely eat like that. I had such a protein intake before but it was paired up with low-cal almost each time.

I wish a normal day tomorrow. Sans mild nausea.

But my food was lovely. I just got satiated very quickly.

(Karen) #128

Alarm set for 7.30 this morning and i had been up just a few times through the night but it was so dark and i was in a lovely sleep state and the alarm woke me up! Haven’t been woken by the alarm for ages, i aways wake before it goes off.

Meds, BP and black coffee in the lounge with books till it was time to go to CrossFit. Another killer workout!

Doesn’t look much but the cardio was all sprint!

Returned home to some more reading and another black coffee to ‘recover’ … of course lol Put 4 chicken thighs sprinkle with cajun seasoning in the oven and at 1.15pm has them for brunch … they were very nice.

A trip to the Company Shop this afternoon, picked up some meals for Raymond and 3 Ribeye steaks for me plus some cheese and some cooked topside beef sliced. Had the sliced beef with a bit of cheese for dinner and the followed that with 4 rashers of bacon.

My finished jig saw puzzle. Its just horrible taking it apart when you’ve spent so much time putting it together :confounded:

100 push ups and 50 each side and front delt raises completed.

(Michael) #129

Well, completely unrelated to you all, I will be joining the higher fat to protein ratio group for a few months, well, starting soon. However, I will 100% be eating very large meals still, as I strongly believe that insulin signalling is so important. For me it has to do with A1C and sd -ldl relationship I confirmed over my last experiment. This next one will be high fat OMAD, potentially will carbohydrate assistance, still planning and will await glutathione, testosterone and oxidized ldl test results.

In the meantime, where the hell are all the food photos?? Here are a couple of my recent plates

Also separately, strongly considering a YouTube channel……handle could be “Meathead Mike”, what ya think?

(Judy Thompson) #130

@Naghite Meathead Mike is perfect! Looking forward to that.


I had to quickly jump to an AI image generating app and type in ‘meat head’ before @Shinita did it.

I would visit a channel called Meet Meathead Mike.

(Michael) #132

Lol, love the image. I will need to buy a laptop first still, might pull the trigger over the summer.


Breakfast today was at 1pm. I held off a bit until a proper, recognisable hunger signal as @Azi Linda suggested further up the thread.

I had 3 pasture fed chicken eggs cooked in the rendered lamb fat from last night’s chops. I added in something interesting. Last night I also had some chicken wing bits cut down at each joint. The butcher calls them ‘niblets’. The baking dish from the wings had a layer of what looked like fat. But it was mainly collagen. It peeled out all rubbery, then melted into the lamb fat. I added about 60g smoked salmon to the eggs.

Tested blood glucose before eating = 5.5mmol/l (99mg/dl) and blood ketones = 0.3mmol/l.

I was out in the sunshine doing chores around the homestead, carrying, digging, walking upslope, watering etc. I am feeling thankful and grateful that I can walk, that I can walk and move without physical restriction or pain. It is so nice to be in this state again. I thank y’all for being there.

I’m hoping by writing this to pass on the knowledge that a reduced pain life is possible. Reduced pain motivates more physical activity. Yesterday I had a surfing rehab session with the physiotherapist. But I have pulled up well after a good night of restful sleep. I think I’ll pop down to the beach for an ocean lagoon swim and look at the fish. Last swim I got to swim along with a stingray.


oh yes. I also have ‘dieting issues’ and while I have improved on them I am also on a very slippery slope if I get out of my zc comfort zone.

you said key words in your post…I know me! I also know me and when we know how fragile we truly are, we have to take all the steps to not go backward. good post!!

Just curious on this. The Company Store. Is this just the name of it or does it have some significance to it being a company store?
I never liked taking apart a puzzle either :wink: cool pic on it tho!

Wonderful healing FB!

I am chatting with a 73 yr old on my zc forum and just 3 months into the plan the guy is raving how much better his joints are feeling and he said the same. He is overwhelmed at being more healthier so quickly and that reduced pain movement is so freeing to him. As much as we all wanna focus on that darn weight loss, there is SO much more to life about what an eating plan can change. Our health and daily well being improved is a factor we sometimes push aside! For me it truly is a very high priority result in just living a daily better life in the ol’ body :slight_smile:

----------------Pic of food I want today. got a bacon hankering. not sure if I will eat 1/2 or the whole lb. Probably the whole lb in that the package is huge til ya fry it up then it becomes very small to me HAHA

big ol’ rack of ribs for second meal.

got me pork zc covered for today :100:


After the last rain easily breaking records in the are, a very sunny day came. Not the slightest hint of a cloud in the sky. I did my usual pond round, saw zillion ducks and seagulls and 2 egrets! :slight_smile: It was nice.

I have freshly sharpened knives, the big one I use to cut pork never dull anyway… Maybe I shouldn’t forget it or just don’t use it in my morning zombie mode. My left thumb will heal quickly, my injuries always do but the blood didn’t want to stop for a while. And I had to cut half of my meat with a somewhat decapacitated hand (I used a fork).
Oh these happens all the time, cuts and burns. Wait, it was ages ago I burned myself. I get better OR the food I make just isn’t that dangerous. My meat surely don’t need much presence :smiley:

Last evening I wasn’t fully satiated and finished my tiny leftovers (+70 kcal? I never could have guessed it was so little, it was leaner and fattier pork and half a sponge cake). So still super low-cal day and my satiation lasted until noon! :smiley: And it’s on/off baby hunger since so I wait.

I plan a very similar day to yesterday, maybe with more meat and fat :wink:

I dropped my ideas about being strict, I want to be free and chill ~
I still won’t just eat things just because they are there and I like them but I indulge every little fancy.
Therefore my coffee quitting doesn’t go well. But I started to use a 25ml glass and I definitely don’t add anything to it until my first meal. I still don’t like black coffee.


so you aren’t gonna hold carnivore right now?

hey, coffee is fine on relaxed carnivore. many drink it and do fine so yea you don’t gotta dump that on carnivore if you don’t wanna :slight_smile:

sharp knives, oh yea, I had my share of that crazy!! :scream_cat::100:


Of course I stick to carnivore(-ish sometimes), this is something I very seriously set my mind on and I am so stubborn that even if I change my… Not mind, not attitude… Even if I feel different and don’t see the point so clearly, the months when I was determined to start a long carni time on January, they made their impact and even myself is powerless with that momentum :smiley: And of course, a big part of me is wholeheartedly with the plan.

I mean dairy and coffee, mostly. If I fancy a little sour cream (but easily could stay away), I probably eat it now. I am in that mood now, as little restriction as possible :smiley: But I do want to be stricter when I don’t mind. And there are so many other factors! Sour cream and even cream has a way bigger chance now that I almost live on leanish pork. I just don’t get enough fat (no problem, I don’t feel the need but I know I can’t do this for long) so my balance loving self and my health-conscious self nudges me to eat more. But if I don’t fancy it, I won’t yet.

I don’t care, it’s not right for me. I eat ZILLION. I can eat it for an hour, not doing anything useful sometimes (morning zombie mode is horrible). I should walk and run instead. It even costs money and useless to me. And it easily triggers eating. First I add eggs or cream, then I suspect I may get hungry earlier this way… No, I should keep my coffee consumption in check. But as I can’t do it in this mood, I don’t worry about it. But I will come back to it later!

When I was a kid and even later, living at home… We always had blunt knives. I learned to work with them. And Grandma came and sharpened them so I promptly cut my finger…
Now, living in my own house I prefer sharp (not super sharp except for raw and not half-frozen meat, oh we love cutting half-frozen meat, it’s just firm enough so we don’t need so much force) knives. All of them get sharpened (except the butter knives, of course), be it tiny (my favs for many things) or big (I don’t even use the biggest ones for anything. I have my kind of big fav, that’s the best, I always cut bigger slabs of meat with that, raw or not).

Oh and forgot to say, I don’t even fancy non-carni items now (being determined to do carnivore already helps but as I experienced many times, it’s not always enough). I am in the most perfect state, easy satiation, enjoyment, chill, no temptation :smiley: Not even a tiny bit or thought that I easily fight back normally, nothing. Very unusual. I enjoy it until it lasts!


ohhh ok you are saying dairy and coffee. ok I get that.

key being if you do OK on dairy and it doesn’t trigger or ?? to you personally then have some :slight_smile: but of course one has to have decent fat intake to even hold carnivore, it really is a key for us on this lifestyle.

OK…I was thinking it was ‘being strict’ and dump coffee cause ya ‘wanted strict carnivore’ which is dump coffee LOL but if it is a trigger for you and you want it gone then yea, work thru that issue as you need. We can get many triggers still on ‘how we handle’ our carnivore so if coffee is an issue for you, yes work on you to dump it truly :slight_smile: I get ya on that.

Yup, Carnivore gives us satisfaction and truths for each of us as individuals on what do we need physically. That helped me so much to then ‘work on the ol’ brain game in the mind’ LOL We need to accept our changes and what works for us on this lifestyle.

you seem very in tune with how you need to roll now for yourself. cool! just keep doing you on carnivore and finding where you fit in and what works best for total domination over it all and you will shine!

(Judy Thompson) #139

Good morning, I’ve been keeping up with you all but not writing much.
Yesterday was a year since I ended psmf and tomorrow, a year since my 1st day of carnivore.
Low fat has never worked for me at all. In the 80s I tried a popular diet called T-Factor where you ate 0 fat for several days running. One day I got so desperate I pulled a container of gravy from the fridge and ate it cold with a spoon! I could feel the anxiety draining away. PSMF was a total pain with special shopping and continual tracking. Without fat I had a terrible time getting calories up to 700. I read 4 or 5 books on PSMF on kindle plus the Emmerich psmf book I ordered. It was that book that introduced carnivore, oddly enough, and I ordered her carnivore book immediately and came to KF to see if I could find a good thread, and found you! (I joined KF in Jan 2019 when I started omad.) You’ve been my lifeline ever since.

I drink a 5 oz grand lungo coffee in the morning with cream and collagen protein powder. I want my Carni lifestyle to be sustainable, not a diet that I’ll have to get off of and rejoin society, like every other diet I’ve been on since I was 12. So lately I have added some minor seasonings. Tabasco is just 2 ingredients (Cholula has 10!) and some horseradish.
Oh yes and a modicum of alcohol, mostly carb free.
I feel like if I ever had to go to a Mexican place I could still get fajitas and just eat the meat and cheese.
I put pepper on the pork tenderloin the other day but don’t think I will do that again, I don’t need it.
I added a tsp of xanthan gum to the gravy I made out of pork juices, ghee, and cream.
So I think I’m rounding out to a relaxed carnivore state, just staying as close as possible for the long term win.

Recent food pics:

Pork tenderloin yesterday and the day before

Eggs and burger, Australian smoked cheddar, and the last of the gravy, lastnight


I had lunch at 2:45. About 700 kcal and 80g protein… And I ate as much sour cream as I could while still enjoying it! I think I will switch to pork chuck for dinner, I lost the huge desire towards the leaner pork anyway. Still nice but not irresistible.

@Fangs, the dairy thing… I am fine with dairy and I don’t want some strictness badge (fat chance for that anyway…) but I love simplicity. It’s like order, wonderful thing, I just can’t do it. But I still aim to get better!
I think I have it easier with simplicity…

Originally I minimized most dairy in order to avoid overeating fat. I could eat much fatty dairy and it didn’t satiate me, not even cheese I think but I never ate much of that one so I can’t know. But it didn’t seem it is good for hunger for me.

Now that I love my leaner pork and never overdo dairy anyway, I don’t need to stay away from less satiating fat sources so it’s probably about simplicity…? Challenge? In the case of cheese, it’s very useful to keep myself from it when I don’t actually fancy it, I surely wrote it 1-2 times already, it’s WAY more enjoyable for me to eat it rarely. And this is a special, not usual day, it may help me out when I eventually still manage to get bored of pork and need a tiny break.
I avoid cream to avoid coffee, not like it works this far…
Sour cream… It’s useful to learn without it for several days as sometimes we run out. If the village supermarket happen to have very bad prices at the moment (dairy price is crazy nowadays) or I want one of my fav brands, it’s good if I don’t feel miserable. I do my best to have sour cream all the time but I like not to be a slave of it… But I resist it the least. I had some today, mostly because my fat intake is so awfully low. I added 10g lard to my 484g leaner pork (but the fattier parts. still lean compared to my needs)… And in the end I got 16g lard back… I have plans with my pork jowl (still will eat a slice if I feel the need), I don’t fancy sausage, no way I eat pure fat apart from a little butter (like, 2g)… How could I get fat into my diet? Never thought it will be my problem. Not a problem, per se but I do need to think about it as my options are almost non-existent. And if I run out of pork yowl, it will be even worse.
But I like this leaner pork. It’s lovely.

But I open a box of cream tomorrow :slight_smile: Alvaro ate his dish he cooked on Sunday and we both are looking forward to try Alfredo sauce. He is ready to eat meat again after his few vegetarian days. It makes cooking easier for me.

I forgot to say that I made soup. Just meat, no bones. It was pork, it was lots of meat for the water so it is very delicious :slight_smile: Okay so we don’t need bones or vegs or even cream to make a good soup from meat. I did add a tiny spice, more for color than taste (turmeric!)… But I will add cream tomorrow. The soup got the leanest part of my pork so it’s pretty lean (I like my soup not very fatty and the meat had enough for that) so when I eat the meat separately (I love my soups mostly or totally liquid), that’s a bit bland. Lean, boiled meat… Nice but needs some sauce to be really good! Preferably a fatty one :wink: So Alfredo may be a good choice.

So I am fine now, do my little things recipe wise, I couldn’t just stop experiment and try out new things even if I love my simple dishes…
I am curious if my very nice state stays with me if I just stay carnivore(-ish. I still don’t think some stew can cause problems, I eat them very rarely anyway. I feel I prefer an ever lower onion content. we already use super little compared to normal recipes - those are crazy! 5-6 onions for a young bunny? - but last time I found even that modest amount extremely much. no problem, I let Alvaro eat almost all the jelly and I grabbed the few clearer jelly bits, not the heavily onioned ones. but mostly the bony meat, my share and toy. why I like playing with bony parts no idea but I do while Alvaro hates them)… It would be too good :smiley: Though considering all my struggles in the last several years, maybe I deserve an easy time.

I never heard about it but it sounds epically unhealthy and for masochists (or at least not fat lovers like me). It’s very known we need fat.

I never even needed desperation for such things :smiley: We didn’t have gravy but I could eat various things with a big spoon, all alone and cold, almost no matter what.

Why the special shopping? I never went deep, I just know PSMF is starving with lean protein and that sounds simple, that’s not the problem.

Understandable. Does PSMF say anything about calories? It’s a very low-cal thing but I don’t know if there is something regarding calories… (Maybe I should read about it but it sounds such a scary idea…)
5:2 is even worse with its two 4-500 kcal days… And I think they expect us to eat that in MULTIPLE meals. It’s snack sized already… No idea why it has popularity.

Never understood why it matters how many ingredients something have. I have zero problem with 24 ingredients stuff as long as the ingredients are right.
My fav spice mix has about 10. I make it from simple ones :slight_smile:
I like simplicity though so that’s preferred but some dishes are better with more spices.