@JJFiddle: Gets better soon! I had similar symptoms and the whole cold or whatever lasted several days, very slightly in the end but it’s still not fun! Now I am fine, yay, now we have paperwork trouble, not too big ones but we had enough lately.

I still don’t understand the hype about rubs and marinades, even sauces (though that sounds better and better as time passes… I do like meat in sauce I suppose, I just almost never had such a thing), I must be super puritan if it comes to meat! :smiley: Well, not today as I will make Scotch eggs and meatballs :slight_smile:

We walked in the forest in today’s warm but not particularly sunny day (but now there is sunshine so maybe it will change) and I got hungry early again. Suddenly and strongly, only lasted until I cooked and made this and that in the kitchen, it helps…
I had scrambled eggs, 3 eggs, 30g bacon. The bacon was way too much, it ended up being overly salty. But it was already so tiny bacon, oh well, next time I will use 5 eggs. I ate yogurt with it so the saltiness stopped being a problem. Some yogurt was left and I had a sponge cake with it. So I had a tiny first meal, I am okay now but it can’t last longer than an hour but we will eat rabbit soon. Alvaro does his best not to eat too early. He tends to use up his 3 meals early if he isn’t careful, once his dinner ended at 2pm and that means very much hunger later. But he gets fat if he always eats when hungry so he doesn’t do it.

You didn’t ask me and right, I know nothing about it… We don’t eat much beef since ages. I know about pork, every proper pantry had delicious smoked things hanging for several months there… But beef? No idea. Probably it was more common before… I know two Hungarian breeds, I just learned there is a Hungarian Spotted, that’s the common one but I only knew about the famous old Hungarian Grey that it rarely seen nowadays but farms have them.
The supermarkets mostly have fresh meat but some are aged, sure. The beef farm sells very fresh meat :smiley: One day we visit it again (and buy some very aged cheese too, it is the most flavorful I ever had!).

Nice but nothing special, I ate more beef in one sitting before and it was a proper sized meal for me, definitely not too much… And I am not among the ones eating much meat anyway.

I don’t even think I have heard about halloumi before this forum… Non-cow cheese is rare to begin with… If we fry cheese, that’s breaded, well that’s SUPER common.

Oh I always had it and my family never had famine, not even in the war. We just respect food and don’t waste it. Not like it has anything to do with finishing to plate, one can just put it into the fridge.
I always finished my plate in the past (and often got a second helping. or 6th when I had soup in tiny bowls) and it was perfectly fine, actually. The more I stuff myself when I am hungry, the smaller my energy intake for that day, I need some EPIC overeating to get unwell from it too and even if I overeat, I will be less hungry the next day.
But carnivore changed so many things and now I often don’t finish my plate. It’s odd :slight_smile: Fortunately my instincts are no problem as if I CAN’T eat (without force and feeling miserable), I don’t eat. And carnivore food may trigger this state. Far from always but it’s common while I never ever ever ever had it before. If I was satiated, satisfied, full and definitely ate over my energy need, I still could eat several hundreds of kcals more (using carbs, they were needed there). This ability of mine got weaker even using carbs but I still don’t need an effort to overeat if I can use a significant amount of non-animal carbs (sometimes I massively overeat on carnivore but it’s very rare and as it’s only one day, I don’t even consider it real overeating. it’s just a very high-cal day, it happens).

It doesn’t change that I typically should eat late, big meals, that’s a personal thing. Some people doesn’t mix well with tiny meals, they just trigger hunger (even when I have tiny meals, I get hungry too soon). And others can’t eat or shouldn’t eat big ones. While it’s irrelevant or not that simple for some people.

Carnivore brought lots of changes like this. I had a super old strong habit/desire, often even my mind was on board with it… But as my hunger/satiation/appetite changed quite drastically, they didn’t matter, the thing I did before just wasn’t on the table anymore. I had this with my peanut addiction. Never miss it on carnivore. I love the smell so I may smell the jar (but it was so long ago, I pretty much stopped that already) but never want to eat it. Off carnivore it’s way harder but that gets better as time passes and I don’t feel addicted to it (and I feel a tad off if I eat some so I like to stay away). It’s still lovely (crunchy, that’s already means a lot to me and I love the taste too) so I tend to eat some of off days here and there…
I am quite curious what happens after some very close to carnivore months. Peanuts aren’t so interesting but fruits… I am super curious about my June. And we still have fresh fruit in the garden, this is a fun winter like that. Alvaro dutifully eats them all up but it’s just a tiny amount anyway. I am such an easy to entertain kid, I can’t stop finding the existence of this fruit hilarious and highly enjoyable :smiley:
By the way, I totally keep the right for my few drops of lemon juice here and there. It’s the only fruit included in my personal carnivore-ish definition. I don’t overuse it, it’s truly just some drops per months. It’s like when I sometimes use a few drops of Stroh80 rum in something. Too little to count for me. The default is still not using either*, I just don’t resist if they lightly tempt me.

*My actual default is very strict. Dairyless carnivore + tea, I think that’s it. I probably barely will have such days as the other things are too nice and often even needed for variation but I don’t eat them willy-nilly, without a good reason as freebies. Only eggs, fresh meat, salt and tea are in that category. I don’t try that hard (and I realized that I am just not in the mood this week, by the way we have bigger paperwork problems now but we will solve it. we both hate phone calls and we make a lot. but my no mood for big strictness is more like because of this lingering holiday thing, Alvaro is at home all the time, December still have a tiny impact) BUT I know about my default and do my strictest comfortably possible now :slight_smile: Even if that is quite relaxed at the moment. It will be worse but I am a naive optimist so I believe 5 months keto is possible for me :smiley: I am still okay despite not tracking yesterday. It helps a lot if almost all my food is carnivore, soooo much better than my original, vegetarian keto. I had to track there to be sure. But that was yesterday, we used up our milk and I didn’t feel much desire towards the jellied rabbit sauce full with onions. I don’t need them. I wonder if we could make something carnivore with the rabbit. Dairy is fine, spices too but we could skip the onion…? I don’t worry about onion in trace amounts but 1. I love jelly so it’s a bit odd I avoid it. I found a bite without onions but only a little one. 2. variety! we can buy rabbits often enough to want something different. Anyway, Alvaro tends to make the stew too watery due to fear about burning it in the pressure cooker.
I know lean rabbits (ever leaner than these fatty home-raised young ones) were roasted with some pork belly in the past… But it sounds slightly complicated with putting them into slits, I think that was the method. Or maybe I can wrap them into it? But it probably overpowers the subtle rabbit flavor… Maybe some cream would do something nice… We could curry it too (but Alvaro can’t imagine a curry not based on vegs and I don’t like curry as much as other spices. fun sometimes but not one of my top favs).

Huge comment again but we have multiple paperwork problems (it probably will get solved fine soon but still) and I needed to focus on anything nice instead… Food is nice and can grab my attention like few else :slight_smile:


I have read back…

Great indeed, I would be very happy with half of it (actually, any of it would be nice)!

But HOW? What people eat then, pure fat? Normal people doesn’t eat pure fat (I think it’s pretty much a fact but my wording may be problematic for others as they don’t know how I define ‘normal’)… I had a pure butter snack once and I do love super fatty items here and there but it’s very extreme even for me, the fat lover)… I don’t eat anything but protein sources anyway, what else s there to eat? :smiley: (Not like I had no carb meals in my life but they were extremely rare, usually out of desperation or as a needless snack. I always want protein when hungry. Fatty protein but definitely a protein source.
It makes me perfect sense to start with leaner protein but with fat? Odd to me. But I am willing to try if I figure out how. I probably won’t so I just make fat fast days/meals as I did that before and now I won’t necessarily hate them. (I am very sure I need a lower fat/protein ratio too but it never stopped me from experimenting.)

Tricky. Protein makes me satiated. With the right amount of fat. So I need to eat them together, obviously, how else - but it must be very much fat and little protein.
I actually bought some pork jowl and I have some scratching (loosely… somewhat fried fat tissue) in the freezer so I can try it now. Pork jowl is the only item that is very fatty and I may be able to eat it alone. Maybe not now when I find leanish pork perfect and anyway, my fat should be less than my protein… But I still want to experiment when I feel ready. First I rather lose some fat with as low-fat (and low-protein. low-carb too) as I can. I have little experience but I had short carni times and I only lost fat when I ate very little (from my viewpoint).
But I wanna try everything doable that doesn’t seem utterly wrong :slight_smile: I don’t KNOW for sure what helps, I just strongly suspect due to everything I experienced from my body. And I don’t desire a too fatty diet. I only desire TONS of fat. With tons of protein. But I shouldn’t eat like that and I don’t need it on carnivore or close. It’s just a long desire but not so very strong near/on carnivore.

Yep, I will do it later, surely I will have a fattier-loving phase! I barely got the ability to enjoy leaner meat!

It’s still somewhat new to me that there is a low-fat world out there and I couldn’t wrap my head around it in the mounts I am aware. I can’t even imagine it… I even heard that some countries don’t even really have fattier cuts. Trimming most cuts is one thing but almost unable to buy some properly fatty meat we fancy? Scary.
At least humankind couldn’t breed hens to lay leaner eggs so eggs are still very fatty. And butter is still sold. Still can’t be nice, nothing helps enough if my meat isn’t fatty enough.

By the way, fat. My fresh ham had so lovely thick fat layers on it this time (I try to grab the biggest and fattiest pieces) :slight_smile: The inside is lean, it can’t be helped (but still nice when juicy) but it has so lovely fat on the outside… I fried some really fatty pieces and ate half of it, it was lovely.

I only walk myself and rarely at night (except when I want stargazing) but I can relate sooo much. I like the sky. Could be better, we don’t have Magellan galaxies here and why we can’t have 2 moons, oh well :wink: But it’s still amazing, at night and during the day again. When it’s not fog is totally clouded with ugly uniform clouds. I LOVE clouds. And I see plenty of sunsets as I often go for a walk that time. My normal walking time is in the morning or in early afternoon but some hours pass and I miss some fresh air again. And I love to go up the hilltop (it’s very close) and run back (I don’t love that, per se but I want to get used to it). There are only bees and fields there, not even trees, only in one direction but they don’t bother the view much either. Most of my view is the sunset with lovely colorful clouds (never the same) when I go up. I see the Venus left a lot… And there is the moon.
And no people at all, usually, in 1km radius. Or 800. My kind of place.

We stopped watching TV maybe 20 years ago…? When we moved out. We never owned a TV. Just zillion computers.
My aunt watched the TV all day and it was insanely annoying when she talked with me as I can’t focus to two things and even if I want to tune out the TV, it’s impossible for me.
Alvaro’s Mom has the TV on a lot too (she is alone and often can’t sleep back so I understand it helps her) and I can appreciate watching lovely animal documentaries (and saw great movies and shows at home back then) but I still am glad I have the internet and that’s about it. Radios too if I want. I don’t experience certain things TV watchers do due to not looking up those (I am sure I can find almost anything on the Internet but I tend to go for my personal favs and whatever else YT throws at me and I find interesting. I am way too curious) but it’s fine.

I had dinner. Lovely fried pork (fresh ham), some defrosted pork chuck from the freezer (it was too lean and not so nice, why? I had such things before. this piece must be leaner but I didn’t like the texture. oh don’t tell me I get sensitive and find frozen meat not so good now…), rabbit (I ate up my share, Alvaro has more left and he says he don’t want more meat in the near future), eggs and little cheese and sour cream that felt too sweet… Sigh. I try to enjoy sour cream until I can. I think the more sour brands are still fine, it’s a new one I never tried…
Today was good (though too many too small meals), I even will track though I didn’t measure the rabbit but I guess something, it was little.

I managed to boil good runny eggs for the Scotch eggs, it seems. We will see how easily they will peel but probably won’t be a problem. I tested one, after all. It was a bit reluctant but peelable in an ugly way - but it was warm, colder ones are easier and I waited a tiny bit more anyway.

I ate between 1:30pm and 6pm, 3 times I think. Sunset cut my eating window into two, not like it matters…

WHY I couldn’t have a Mom like this? Or dad, whatever…
We had beef ONCE a year (not because of money, Mom spent a lot on food. never on GOOD cheese though), pork way too rarely… Just chicken, Vienna sausages… Mom disliked fish so never that either. And of course no other seafood, I am not even sure that was an option. The other items were good, I could buy as many eggs and vegs and whatever I wanted. No idea why I never demanded better meat… I don’t think I cared much (except I got traumatized by the frequency of chicken). I do wanted eggs and dairy galore and I had it. And no limit on vegs. I would have hated that, I really loved them.
Oh it wasn’t too bad (well… there was sugar and margarine and sunflower oil… but everyone ate them), I heard about poor kids with only poor options. Mom could have thought I shouldn’t eat tons of fat and eggs…
But I can’t help wondering what if I had shrimps, salmon and nice steaks… And lots of pork… I bet my carb intake would have been lower and it wasn’t THAT high as I ate so much fat and protein, even I couldn’t do something extremely crazy. Whenever I hear about 6-800g carbs a day, I can’t even imagine that (I probably could if I really wanted but I do everything not to do it)… Alvaro probably has 2-300g (sometimes less) and he is a somewhat active high-carber. Once he had an extreme day when a very grainy and very fruity day met some Australian candy… That was 400g and he overate (and he did 130g protein while he eats usually way below. I think. I will track some of his days when he will eat simple). He probably don’t have more than a few such days per year and Christmas has some impact with the gifted candy that I definitely won’t eat much of.
Of course, he eats fatty but still… 800g. Can’t imagine.

After all this time, you all here still can say meat related things I need to look up as I have no idea… It’s probably quite understandable as there are so many and I am not around English speakers here… And I was a vegetarian and then an at home vegetarian for decades… I barely learned most of the pork related basic words in Hungarian, some are quite tricky :smiley:

(Karen) #63

Awful night last night, i just couldnt drop off and at 2.30am ended up taking a couple of herbal sleepers. They eventually seemed to work but i was up again at 5.30 and then awake at 7 40 so i got up, a bit knackered. Havent got dressed today and just about ready to go back to bed!. When i got up i thought perhaps i shouldn’t go dancing this afternoon as it is a good 45-60min drive each way. So as per usual i raised it in my morning prayers and he said rest … i picked up my daily Joyce Meyer and the title for 6th Jan … Get Rest!

So i stayed indoors! Did my reading, did some of my jigsaw and completed my 100 push ups and front and side delt raises 50 each.

Yawning already and its only 6.40pm.!

Brunch was late at 2.15pm pork chops.

The sausages were dinner, all 6 from the pack.

Also had a cup of chicken stock with an oxo beef stock cube added. Plus drinks throughout the day, pint of water with meds, 2 black coffees, mug of hot water, cup of black tea and now on pints of water again. Needed all the hot drinks as it felt quite cold in the house today … of course could be i just felt the cold having not slept well :roll_eyes:

(Karen) #64

Lidl sells aged steaks, 21 day, 28 day aged… the older the age the more expensive. I can’t really tell the difference in taste so generally buy the 21 day aged. I dont think they sdll any others! If i buy steaks in the bigger supermarkets i dont think they mention aging. Never even thought to google what the difference is! My guess is it is done to make the consumer think they longer the aging the better the steak and so have justification to sell at a higher price! X

(Linda ) #65

I do not like aged meat at all, it tastes rotten to me and I can’t even swallow it I end up spitting it out…I have to be careful even with supermarket meat on sale because of use by date often ill cut a tiny piece and if its gross spit it out and give the rest to hubby

Halloumi cheese is amazing but I over do it lol and so it has to be a treat for me…

So 4 weeks on Plan and 9 lbs down …I’ve had this hankering for fish lately so I’ve been blending fish fillet and egg and a sprinkle of pork rinds cooking it in my waffle maker and topping with small blobs of mayo yummy …I tried salmon the same minus mayo just salt with that was great…
Not sure what’s up with needing the fish but will go with it, it sure tastes great still.having my fatty coffee so I’m not even hungry with the fish which is lean but I have the added mayo still eating twice a day.

(Judy Thompson) #66

@Azi Almost like crab cakes?

(Robin) #67

Ooh, I love signs like that. I begin every day with a page from a poetry book and a quote from The Daily Stoic. I almost always find a common theme for the day and a nudge for where I should direct my thoughts and actions.

(Judy Thompson) #68

Last night, our puppy (just passed her 6th birthday but still 9 lbs and very energetic) scratched and scratched, waking me up several times. I didn’t have any itchiness but checked her this morning and OMG hundreds of fleas on that little body! So she went right in the kitchen sink and had a Dawn bath. Dried her with the hair dryer and now she’s fluffy, clean, and flea-free. I stuck a flea collar on her in hopes it will take care of any strays in the house, and washed the top blanket from our bed.

I mention this because 1. I didn’t seem to get bit, and 2.I used to give her those pills, which I did know were poisonous to her blood stream but thought there was no alternative. Last year when she got fleas I called the local vet to get those pills and the vet said - just bathe her with Dawn and put a Serestro collar on her. Nice vet! Saved me a thousand dollars probably.
Now I don’t even worry, just keep a dollar fifty bottle of Dawn under the counter.

Thanks for the well wishes! You’re right Shinita, probably a few more days of this, max. And it’s definitely going around.

@Fangs Just say when! I haven’t been to the river walk in a decade myself. You’d like our little town too, scads of tourists and campgrounds. And a better climate than San Antonio at just an hour away.

There was just white meat left on the chicken I cooked earlier in the week so I had a wing and a half, a pile of cold shredded white with some mayo, used the rest of the burger and cooked a piece of sausage. Finished all but the sausage.
White meat doesn’t satisfy but I like the wings ok.

Tonight we play, home around 11:30, probably will cook some eggs then.

(Judy Thompson) #69

@robintemplin I looked up the Daily Stoic. I’ll be following it. Thanks!

(Linda ) #70

Yes lol

(Robin) #71

Hah! I didn’t know it was online. I have a book I have gone through many times/years. (I always get something new from it.)

(Judy Thompson) #72

Looks awesome.
The Daily Stoic is $1.99 on Kindle, btw. Couldn’t NOT get it :slight_smile:


might be a bit but darn if you are in that area, heck yea I will be telling ya I am heading your way :slight_smile:

I dropped all meds for dog on heartworm and the ‘flea’ stuff in that pill when doggie was diagnosed with his ‘death time’ and I ain’t worrying about it now. Fleas suck rocks LOL Now you ‘do not need Dawn’ to do it. What it is a bath of bubbles and thickness and you are literally ‘drowing the fleas’ from air. Any shampoo you want will do the same, key to it all, keep the dog in bubble form for a while, cause actually fleas can hold their breath a long time :slight_smile: I know, I walked that path too on my pets. Saturate the dog and let the dog hang all bubbled up for a bit is key to de-flea with bath. No one ever needs poison flea dip bath stuff to do just this.

love ya ‘needed’ some seafood, fish for whatever and ya ate it into the form you wanted and enjoy. Now that is carnivore baby!!!

-----------unpack rv.
cold here :frowning: brrrrr lol
catch up day. off to get meds for seizure dog and then home to finish up laundry and try to control my life in some form and wait for darn early early early spring to function again :wink:

all good, got a nice Tbone.
no good meat sales and I gotta say my freezer I took kinda low so I need some big sales to reload, when I see them, YES I am going to reload heavy for sure.

second meal either tuna/mayo which is in my sights for some reason or cook up a lb of bacon which is also in my sights with some melty cheddar. After Tbone steak will decide but all good in what I feed me today :slight_smile:


Lazy to track now but I took notes so maybe will.

Yesterday I had a second dinner, my body definitely wanted the leftover fried pork… Maybe my mind was in it subconsciously, I have no idea. Maybe it was both. I vaguely tracked my day just before that so I think I had enough fat and protein but I often have this thing when I make some lovely meat dish after lower-meat days (I never have actually low-meat days on carnivore but sometimes I eat more eggs and dairy and less meat than usual) so I am not surprised. It felt great.

So I made fried pork again, I cut off all the fatty parts as they are best for it. The very lean parts got some bacon and they will become Scotch eggs. I don’t fancy them now but it was the plan, I made my eggs properly soft (peeling was a problem for some) and I surely will be happy with them a few days later. But now fried fatty pork is the best for me. The thick fat layer is firm and nice and the lean meat part can’t get dry if I just fry it quickly together with the fat.

Today I got hungry early again but somehow lasted until 1pm. I made scrambled eggs (5 eggs, about 30g bacon but I fried 60 and got out some so IDK), I got bored of it before I ate it all… Had my leftover old pork chuck roast, some fresh fried pork and an egg milk. I never had such a lovely egg milk and I always make it the same. Maybe because it came before the fried pork and I was hungry :slight_smile: Usually it’s my dessert and I am barely or not hungry anymore. But it can’t be the only reason, I feel the taste very very similarly, no matter if I am very hungry or totally full. Whatever, it was foamy, creamy… The usual 2g butter did a very impressive cream imitation this time. It couldn’t have been more perfect with cream and it’s new.

I feel things quite sweet now. Things I don’t really “should”… Like my egg milk and the sour cream we bought for the first time. Yes, 3.8% sugar is something I feel but I still don’t normally feel sour cream actually sweet. Maybe it’s not sour enough and that’s why. It’s not among my fav sour cream brands. But it’s nicer than nothing :wink:
It’s good I feel the egg milk sweeter as it’s a proper dessert. Sour cream may be a dessert but not the type one ever sweetens normally so I don’t like the extra sweetness there. But maybe I miss the amount of sourness I prefer. It’s lovely creamy though.

I have a super low energy day. And it’s a lovely, sunny, very very spring-like day. IDK what is the problem with me but hopefully it will go away. I have a few ideas what to improve in my life that may help. If these paperwork troubles will stop, that will be fine for one. I have the inheritance and life insurance (2 new problems this week and we had an anxious irl visit too), Alvaro helps but he started to do something with a new lawyer still because of the accident more than 2 years ago… Sigh. So it wasn’t our best week even lately. But things go to the right direction, maybe with some extra loops but it could be way worse…

Yep, my tiny experience says the same. I usually just cought all the fleas from our cats, it wasn’t hard. Where my family lived, that was a flea place. No ticks ever. I only got a tick when the class went to the mountains… It was the only one in my first 35 years if I remember correctly. And I managed to step into a flea nest once and they bit me but they can’t stick to a human as we bath.

This place hasn’t many fleas, apparently. Some were in Pie at some points, I don’t remember any in the others.
But this is a tick place. (Well there are forests everywhere around here.)
I soooo hate ticks. I get out insane amounts of the cats every year. And at least a few from myself, it’s inevitable, they are everywhere. I always catch mine when they are still super tiny, the cats aren’t that lucky. I definitely don’t overuse the word “gross” unlike so many other people but ticks ARE gross. Super ewww. I rather collect and throw out mouse stomachs from the doormat (happens all the time)… That’s not gross, merely an inconvenience.
But it’s winter no so no ticks, yay! Spring will be very different.
We had some anti-tick liquid once, I don’t remember if it did any good. But it was so horribly bad smelling even I hated it, I imagine the cats had it worse and it was on them, poor things.

I properly started to read my black hole book now :slight_smile: (I can’t end my comment with gross things…)

(Karen) #75

Robin i get so many signs! A lot of my prayers are answered instantly, some require a bit of a wait but that just aids the art of patience! Some dont get answered at all and they may be the best! All i kept thinking before jumping out of bed yesterday was … Did He let me have such a bad nights sleep so that i would be too tired to travel because there would be an accident on the journey that i was to avoid? These things cross my mind, there is a reason for everything! Anyway i certainly felt rested this morning for not going out yesterday.


That rib-eye steak for dinner last night needed reversing warning signals to get it on the dinner plate. Must be the full moon. Had no trouble eating 700g of rare beef.

Waiting for the moonrise last night at 8pm looking across a paddock to the bay after sunset.

(Vic) #77

Hi all,

Best wishes for 2023.

Switched to OMAD eathing from 18.00 to 19.00 only.

Picked up a few bad habbits eating meat outside of mealtimes, the OMAD is for self discipline.

Not very active on any social media at all, including the forum, so forgive me for not participating more often.

Bye for now,


I know that feeling well. :grinning:

It really is a mind shift. I felt the same as you. It’s about getting used to your plate looking different, I think - and being patient after eating. The meals are smaller so they don’t take very long to eat, so remember to wait 20 minutes or so for the satiation signal to kick in before going back for more food.

Kelly Hogan has made some very helpful videos on High Fat Carnivore, and in this one she shared some examples of her meals.

Kelly also posted (I think in the video with Amber?) a helpful example of her food log for one of the days, showing her macros and food choices. It also shows how many calories she was eating (and still lost 5lbs):

For anyone interested in the logic of why some are going High Fat carnivore, Kelly’s video series on this topic is a very good watch. I recommend watching in order:

Interestingly, a couple of the interviewees I’ve linked above talk about consuming fat throughout the day rather than the idea of OMAD, 2MAD etc. Eating more fat, less protein isn’t about going hungry.

For me, I find the easiest way is to make a very high fat drink (about 60g of fat) and to have that before making a plate of food.

Hope this helps. I know videos aren’t for everyone which is why I shared the pictures, but if people are curious about this version of carnivore, Kelly’s videos really are a very good watch.


I don’t think I ever had this 20 minutes thing people talk about but maybe now I have? But it’s newer, wasn’t normal with more carbs. But sometimes I need to wait 2 hours… I need simple eating and tracking to help me on some days, my body works that way, it wants its numbers. If I ate enough macro wise (or it’s an early meal and I don’t want to eat most of my food then and there, sometimes) and I am not really hungry, I try to wait and it often helps.
And I have the opposite, I feel very satiated but a little time later (may be 5 minutes or 1 hour) I am hungry again. Sigh. Maybe I will find some nice spot with the right food items where things will get better, I get some stop sign and all will be well for a long time. My days are all over the place, sometimes I get this ideal thing, sometimes it’s a struggle and the others are in-between.

Today is chill and it’s 2:36pm and I am still fine, I guess my last 2 meaty days helped :smiley: I ate plenty of eggs too, still didn’t track but surely ate much but in a right, feels good way.

I don’t think the look of my plate/bow/tray matters very much to me. I do like to eat more than a tiny meal volume wise but it’s not a big restriction. My SO seems to be a bigger volume eater and he really isn’t, his satiation almost only depends on the eaten calories (it’s crazy and always will be to me, no matter how many decades pass). Surely he needs enough fat and protein in his day but if his first meal is a bunch of carbs (inevitably with some fat and protein but it’s often little), it’s still fine and he stops at the right calorie count… He has his “must eat sweets” thing too (mine is weaker and requires a carbier woe. I have a “needs desserts quite often” thing on carnivore and everywhere else). Today he admitted he wants the sweet flavor. Last time he said he needs it for nutrients as he can’t just eat more of his non-sweet food. It’s both.

Erm sorry I will endeavor not to talk about his diet. I will fail but maybe I will mention it less. But it’s very interesting to me as it’s so very different from mine due to us being so very different.

THANKS for the pics, while I am able plan meals for various fat/protein ratios, I never saw examples with photos! :slight_smile:
I probably would try to avoid added fat myself, except some lovely dairy and a tiny bit of butter… I would eat VERY fatty meats :slight_smile: I love some of them. And if it would be just for a short time, lots of yolks. Alvaro can eat up only 8 egg whites a weak and it has conditions. And my freezer can’t hold very much either. Maybe sometimes.
I must look up butter sauce, sounds nice and never had any. I wouldn’t eat it often I think but even I use sauces here and there.

Are oysters fatty? Apparently. But it doesn’t matter, I won’t even see such things let alone eat them, not like I particularly want it. My seafood desires learned to behave themselves (and they never were very developed, I almost never had seafood in my life). But one day I will go wild, some place (maybe an all you can eat restaurants, they aren’t common especially if I want seafood) must have some lovely selection.

OMG that fat/protein ratio is so crazy… I aim to eat less fat than protein, to me 2:1 is the super high-fat thing, not 3:1 :smiley:
I just couldn’t do 3:1, I would get nauseous there. Maybe in time I could handle it but I went into the opposite direction, having leaner pork, rabbit and fowl and liver a lot… I will make my diet fattier later, I will need it. Not THAT fatty but fattier :slight_smile: With super fatty experiments.

I saw a video about why, it was informative. I don’t have that (just like I lacked the allegedly mandatory reasons for fat fast but no one tells me how to eat, I had to try. that was informative too and not bad at all), I am just curious about various things. Even when it’s something I never will do (like PSMF. or 3:1 fat ratio, it seems impossible for me. 2:1 seems doable for longer term).

I did that on egg fast due to the super restricted items, I couldn’t eat more than a few bites at a time, it was awful.
I think I did OMAD on fat fast (where a rule is not doing that but I am not that type who follows things against their body and mind. I liked my version) as I could plan a vaguely normal looking meal even with 88% fat. If someone wants to feed me a ton of pure fat, that takes many tries. I mostly used very fatty protein sources and fatty protein/fat mixes.

No but I totally expect it results in that for me. But I can’t KNOW so I will try. But it needs focus as if I don’t focus, I will eat protein like no tomorrow, it comes naturally… :smiley: The same with fat. Going out from my 55-70% fat intake range always was challenging, no matter my carb intake. But I could do it if I focused (and once without it but it included jumping a huge amount of bread with honey. Only 45% fat in my day in the end, it was scary to see… But it was reassuring that despite the start, fat made an impressive comeback even if it stayed way lower than normal).

I have an opened pork jowl package in my freezer, I should eat it asap (I am not sure it responds well to freezing. meats do but it’s fat and even meats may lose some of their charm). So I may try to eat fattier. Still a bit afraid of overeating fat and missing protein. I will persuade myself somehow, it shouldn’t be a long time, after all.

Thanks, it actually sounds something I may be able to do… Would need some drastic attitude change as I do my egg milks with my normal added fat minimalization in mind and my taste points in the same direction… I will see what I can do about it :wink:
60g fat using butter and cream and some yolks… Doesn’t seem difficult.

You were highly helpful, thanks again :slight_smile: Sometimes there are so great simple ideas and I don’t understand why I didn’t think about them…

Videos aren’t for me either usually but I watched the first video on a patient curious day. I watch zillion videos about other topics but the usual super long nutrition videos just can’t hold my interest. I like quick, concise, entertaining, informative ones (there was a Bikman video once, I liked that) and articles. There are some topics where I want articles, not videos because I want to be able to skim it and grab what really interests me. And I almost never watch long videos anyway, no matter what.
I probably will watch a shorter one soon, Kelly is interesting enough for me for that.

I am unable to write short comments today, to put it lightly. Maybe I am enthusiastic, maybe I procastinate, I am not sure. Maybe both.

Food wise I make an experiment day I wanted and didn’t in December, non-carnivore very low-carb but tomorrow I plan to start a strict period (just as strict as comfortably possible as before), fully carnivore for a month or whatever long I can do it. I suspected before January that I am not fully ready yet and there were circumstances too close to December too. And my experiment where Alvaro expressed interest… I am bad with circumstances piling up. I can stave off one temptation like that but multiple ones? When I don’t see the harm and my week already wasn’t exactly carnivore? Close but I had stricter plans for these 5 months. Not all the time, being realistic but I want my carni month and then we will see (I want more just maybe not with the “strictest possible” attitude, it probably would wear me down despite not using any force).

(Karen) #80

So yesterday. Git up 7.30am meds pint of water and 1 coffee with my books in the lounge till my alarm signalled time to go to CrossFit. Had an awsome workout, another crazy one in teams of 4. My daughter was there so we teamed up with a couple of lovely lads.
Returned home for an9ther black coffee and half n hours reading and off to pick Raymond up for brunch and shopping at Morrisons 2 fried eggs 2 sausages 2 rashers bacon no piccy. Picked up a small lamb shoulder and some plasters as my fingers lost some skin rowing at CF :astonished:. Perks of the workout :smirk:

Popped to a few local charity shops looking for a couple of books Sian askes me to look out for then home for dinner. Ribeye steak nice and rare and followed it with buffalo chicken wings and a bit of cheese… well a bit more than a bit over all.

Also had a bowl of chick stock with a beef stock cube added and the white bits on the steak are salt droppings lol 100 push ups and 50 shoulder side raises and 50 shoulder front raises completed.

Today was a relax chillout day at home spent reading and jig saw puzzling. Its coming together lol.

Brunch at 3.30pm was a bowl of pork stock from the chops the other day with a beef stock cube i to the mix.
Then whilr having that i was cooking and ate 4 chicken thighs with the skins coated in lard.

Off dancing now catch you later oh 100 push ups and both side and front shoulder raises done 50 each.