I expect zero oxalate problems in the future as well (of course. one being the opposite of a hipochondric do that. but I never had such things ever anymore. maybe my long just flirting with carnivore and disdain to green leaves are the culprit, maybe it’s all my very capable body, who knows? :smiley: I think it’s all of them)… It doesn’t sound nice AT ALL.

I feel things more sweet again. I mentioned before that I like sour things and dairy so kefir sometimes appears in my life. Maybe once in a few years or a bit more frequently, it depends. I bought one again. And it’s… Not good. It’s SWEET. And while it’s not a big problem when it’s subtle and/or the dairy item is often used for desserts (sweet whipped cream? cool. milk is so-so, it’s so odd that it’s so very sweet now… good in desserts though included milky coffee, I use very little so it won’t make a sweet coffee, I don’t want that) - but kefir is always just a natur, neutral things. Except the sourness, kefir has it in a proper, not small amount. And it’s extremely sugary. 4%. I looked at my other dairy items and it’s the highest while being the most watery - except milk and that’s very sweet too. If something is more watery (less dry matter), less sweetness feels right.

I made pork shoulder scratchings from the most fatty parts, I can’t imagine they would be so good in my roast though who knows…? But I needed lard anyway. And I got it :slight_smile: And a bunch of tiny crunchy scratchings for me to enjoy and being utterly clueless about my fat macro! :smiley: Or the protein one. Some pieces have meat.

We had SNOW. A LOT. I made a few shots but we go for a walk soon and make more. We probably can’t use the car tomorrow.



I am 75kg as always, of course.
I am thinking about getting more muscular at some greater speed, maybe I never will be light :smiley: Not like I want to but it’s not realistic for me to slim down while being 75kg.
But I don’t care about these things much now.
And I should do clean, proper, longer term carni to figure out if I can lose fat anyway. With lots of exercise. I know. January was hungry and not very disciplined but I am not particularly displeased. Now it’s better though, my hungry times are apparently over and they hardly come back while I have lots of fatty pork to eat and if I get bored, so many other nice, satiating items!

I admit I still love baking bread. It’s pretty. No matter how I squeeze poor shape with my clumsy hands (not too much, actually when it’s just a proper loaf, I am baking breads since more than 2 decades, I have some skills… it’s more like for my simple bread sculptures), it will just get plump again :smiley:
There are a few others when I enjoy the process but I am way less tolerant with most carby dishes so if it’s not a rare fun thing, I only spend 1-2 minutes on them. It works well, Alvaro isn’t choosy and he can make his veggie dishes all alone. Those are time consuming and not fun! If I am very nice, I help with a single item where I am waaaaaay quicker. So it’s not much time for me even then. Except when the dish is based on it but I only help in that case and don’t do the whole peeling.

But as I often say, I like that I can have days when I am in no cooking mood so I can just do something SUPER simple even for Alvaro. I am so thankful I learned about eggs (and meat, that works too) in purgatory on this forum a few years ago. Extremely simple and he is fine with it as lunch.
It’s even better when he just eats my carni food with his sides, of course… And it happens more and more :wink: Turkey, pork, he is fine with any meat that isn’t very, very fatty. That’s why I can feed the lean, often undesirable (by me) pieces to him. It works sooo well.
So I prefer cooking for a high-carber who isn’t choosy and accepts carni food quite often. Cooking just for me would be more boring, it is still my hobby at some level. I just refuse to overcomplicate it. Good food doesn’t need that.

It’s weekend now so everyone makes and eats their own food. Except we both will try the liver, most probably. Some recipes say pork liver needs only 10 minutes, Alvaro’s Mom said 30 minutes, we will see what I will think but I make sure I stop when I can without grossing myself out with the result. I am bad with too raw liver.

Like me now. I don’t understand it either. I have way better meats than this chicken Vienna sausage all the time… But it is fun sometimes. And another emergency food, the freezer have so much of them at this point…

(IDK if I wrote it yesterday or just thought, sorry.)
I am sure we never have those and when I thought oh, we have money and curiosity,. let’s check out the steaks (just a single, small but thick piece in a package)… But nope. It’s INSANELY pricy, no way I can justify that, not even once in 10 years! I rather buy 4 times as much of a way cheaper stuff for the same money… Deer. Deer is the cheapest ruminant in the supermarkets, a tad below the cheapest beef cuts (if organs don’t count. are organs “cuts” I wonder…). Isn’t it strange for you? It is for me. I consider deer wonderful and special. Yeah, we have them everywhere in the forests but still. It’s DEER! :smiley: I like deer. I mean, the meat too. I have wonderful memories with venison, either prepared by a good chef or ourselves.

But we didn’t buy deer, we have too much meat already, my freezer is bursting and I have a lot of raw meat in the fridge too at the moment.

So I’ve read back and it seems my comments are a way too big part of the last days again… I will try to behave! Today will be a cute proper carni day, I have so many things to try, my daily energy need or even eating abilities are no match for it.
Well I drink tea and even coffee but that’s okay for me. (I go back to no coffee on Tuesday. but I only drink the less great stuff and before my first meal, black!).

(Karen) #283

Had a relaxing day yesterday and then left the house early evening to go to a little village nrar Lincoln (just over an hours drive) for dancing. Super lovely evening even though Raymond was a little distant and not focussed. I knew immediately why … ‘you’ve not eaten before coming out have you?’ And i as right … i was a little annoyed because we had just been talking on Friday about how important eating before dancing was to being focussed! He can drive me insane at times. I told him to expect to be nagged about eating whenever we are going dancing or to at least take something with him for when he needs his brain nourished!

Yesterdays food

Plus some cheese. The steak was sirloin and was quite tasty.

Stayed in bed thi morning after 8am alarm as i hadnt slept that well. Got to bed at 2am or there abouts so i rested till about half 9 this morning just to get some hours in.

Just about to grab a bite to eat, i have nourished my brain wth my spiritual reading and now my tum needs some substinence too! :grinning:

Catch you laters have a great Sunday x


any news on your back dated payment for your retirement issues yet?
hope that comes soon to you :slight_smile:
yea the ‘oldies’ like Raymond don’t put focus on themselves as they should. I saw that in my mom the older she got too. You are such a good friend for watching him and noticing things to help him along.

have you done any kind of journal or list of when AFib hits and high heat or big exercise or eating maybe less for what your day activity etc entails? Just wondering on that.

I guess this part missed your hedonistic tendencies HAHA
I feel ya. We eat what we can afford and what works for us. I couldn’t survive without beef per day but I am all in carnivore so I require it literally, plus it does pleasure me daily :wink: :100:

-----------------simple food day. omgosh the winter ick weather. I will trade with anyone who has hot weather right now HA
Big rain outside. Gray day. Put me in a very gray mood too.

thin cut Tbone. With about 1/2 lb of shrimp. surf and turf first meal.
not sure on other food. got that chicken I need to use up for family but on this gray icky boring off day for all, I bet the family starts ‘conjuring up ideas’ of going out to eat or get takeaway or ? For me I think chicken alfredo will be my second meal zc fall guy today. They can do what they want :slight_smile: I don’t have to follow their food path for the day, well, heck, I never do!

ZC strong all


The thing is that I am VERY sure that I enjoy some way cheaper meat just as much… See my thought regarding the so very cheaper venison :wink: But I really, really love my pork, it would be my number one meat even if I was super rich. (Unless I have found something better that I couldn’t ever try this far.) I would eat more seafood (especially raw fish in Japanese restaurants ;)) but it’s for special occasions. Pork is great by default. I would buy the best farm and home-raised pork (we keep forgetting asking the prices of the pig farm :frowning: we did it but it got lost it seems and we just didn’t try again) but I pretty much like the taste of simple cheap supermarket pork and my body doesn’t complain…
But no matter how expensive proper steak is, I definitely want to eat one in a steakhouse. That’s different, that should be proper, we get the whole experience with the atmosphere and no one will mess with poor beef (I really am not self-confident regarding making steak, I have no idea about the whole thing. good meat should be good, almost no matter what BUT there are levels for sure). So I can easily justify this. It is my plan since long anyway (just not a super important, must happen SOON one. I can wait). But buying that little piece (about .25 kg) for the price of 1kg nice cheese or 1 kg venison or 2kg pork chuck or 3kg fresh ham or almost 4kg chicken/turkey or the cheapest meat that I almost never buy, ~10 kg chicken (from chicken frame but full meat, all prices are for boneless stuff now)… Nope.
Or 2.3kg pork shoulder, oh that should feed me for days :smiley:
If I want to buy beef, I can buy the cheapest cuts, I did that before, that’s fine for variety. I would miss ruminant meat if I never ate it. But the “twice as expensive as salmon and salmon is a luxury item” steak? Nope. Not even once. I could afford it, clearly but I can do so much better with my money.

I got a tad hungry reading this thread earlier and ate just before noon together with Alvaro. I rarely have a snack for lunch but it happened now. Pork shoulder scratchings, 100g :slight_smile: I looked at it from different angles, about 760kcal and 25g protein sounds right. I got satiated, had a walk, got a tad hungry again, now I am cooking the other, just properly and not super fatty parts of the pork shoulder slab and had some coffee with egg milk. My baby headache is still here, no big deal but coffee feels nice.

I go for a very very meaty, simple day. Except the liver. But that’s simple too just not a 2-ingredient dish like the pork shoulder ones. It will have bacon :slight_smile: And leftover lean pork.

I ate 1g salt this far. The tiny crunchy things didn’t require much but my other pork won’t be like that anyway. I will do this on simple days with lots of fresh meat, I surely will have some very low sodium consumptions then as these dishes don’t need much. I actually tried the scratchings(? can I just use it and everyone understands that it’s very fried meat/fat/skin/whatever I have? I am really unsure if the definition I have found are right as they aren’t for the Hungarian word as I wrote before) without salt. I prefer them with salt but they weren’t bad without, I could have eaten them so. It’s nothing new, I never feel unsalted fried meat actually bad (it was awful, inedible in the past) anymore, lacking but edible, sometimes even enjoyable.
I probably would miss salt if I went low but I am curious so whenever my food doesn’t need much salt, I will experiment. I definitely won’t eat a subpar meal out of curiosity!


Me again. I had my dinner with Alvaro. The pork took its sweet time to get ready so I ate a few bites (very tiny cheese and Vienna sausages) and tasted my new quark. The brand makes wonderful milk (it reminds me of fresh raw milk from the neighbours. it’s not like that but way closer than the normal milk I can find in supermarkets. it would be interesting to compare it with the raw milk from the dairy truck!) so I hoped the quark is better too. And indeed, it is. Not as dry and tasteless as too many of the crumbly type. I prefer the other type but this other type is more common and goes on sale more often and dairy prices are crazy so I only buy any without sale if it’s just too important. I can live without quark, I did it for years.

Alvaro pointed out that the kefir is lactose free. Yeah, that helps even more with the sweetness but it would be sweet anyway as normal milk is quite sweet too.
But I realized I can add it to my quark and use it as a sweetish dessert :slight_smile:

The 12% sour cream is good. But it’s not like sour cream, more like… Raw milk let alone for days, it was a beloved food in the past and I had it several times as a child too. Sour cream is actually what becomes from cream on the top of it :smiley:
I prefer low-fat sour cream over high-fat (still lower) yogurt.

The liver experiment was a success! :smiley: It is a good dish. Not my favorite exactly but very far from the disappointment it was the only time I bought and cooked pork liver before (I think it was one time). It could be better, next time I will cut it into smaller pieces (I used finger sized streaks as recipes said), it would be nicer if it had some sauce… This dish should have it but with our veggie usage it can’t happen…
We even forgot about adding any spice :smiley: Paprika, black pepper, marjoram (I never liked that thing)… I wondered and decided it doesn’t need it. But I actually used a spice called bacon :smiley:
Recipes always say we should salt all liver only after cooking. I obviously always ignored it when making chicken liver as it’s tender and soft anyway.
And now… We didn’t use salt (Alvaro did a little) . Or more like, we did, right in the beginning as we added bacon :smiley: 60g bacon for about 800g meat (I put in the old leftover lean pork as planned) so it’s not THAT much salt but it seems it was just, barely (or for Alvaro, almost) enough (along with the very little salt in other things, the lean pork and a tiny lard left after my fried pork in the pan).

Recipes said 10 minutes, Alvaro’s Mom said 30, it turned out we needed 20. It was firm as it’s pork liver but soft enough, not dry, not super aggressively liver-y… It was nice! Yay! I probably will keep buying chicken liver here and there but the focus probably will be on pork liver :wink: I will try another recipes.

So I am quite pleased now, it was a cheerful day anyway. Tomorrow is doing something with our money (Alvaro researched everything, even the ownership of banks) and a little shopping (I thought I can’t possibly want more meat but of course I do. turkey legs don’t go on sale just any time and they are tastier than the wings).

I will track later.

I have chill times again. Pork is working well, I have normal hunger, nothing crazy. I can wait while cooking (and have something to snack on anyway if needed), eat and get nicely satiated… And I like my food but I don’t have an over the top appetite. I missed this.

And I don’t have a headache anymore. Yay.


Youngest son and his GF came up for a ski trip/vacation at Mt. Bohemia. They rented an AIrBnB with some friends, so, we were able to spend some time with them- which was great. Such a great couple, they are. Cant wait to get the call that they’re engaged! LOL!

Had some Ling Cod last night, drenched in butter. Delish. (One of the creatures hubby and the guys fished for up in Alaska.) Ugliest fish I’ve ever seen, but quite delicious. Big, fat, chubby cod fillet. YUM.

Today, black coffee for breakfast. Then, 4 fried eggs with butter for lunchies. Have a terrible headache, but, dealing with it.

I work all day Monday, but, am leaving w hubby on one of his business trips Monday afternoon. Will be gone for 4 days. YAY! The girls will be here to take care of chickens, turkeys and doggles. I got 12 eggs from the hens the other day…could not believe it. It was 17F here. So. That was nice, indeed. I could quit my job entirely and just sell eggs. Probably make the same amount. LOL!
Hope y’all are doing well. Carnivore on, friends.

(Karen) #288

@Fangs hahah i am just good at nagging lol Raymond is used to it … guess he knows it is just out of caring for him ! I keep praying for more patience :pray:
No not heard any more from the civil service re my pension. No doubt they wil be in touch as soon as they have had anything back from the prison admin. I will give them till wednesday and then phone them again just to let them know i am still around lol x

Meals today last 2 sausages. Not bad. That was brunch then took Raymond shopping and to our doggo cafe at the marina and talked to a few doggos … oh and their owners lol

Came home via the Company Shop where I picked up a number of bargains. Needless to say the freezer is full and there are a few more items in the fridge. One of which was a cooked whole chicken which i have eaten half of with a bit of french brie and some blue cheese. Just followed it with some streaky bacon.


I kind of tracked. As much as I could.

Things just went back to the chill state I like. I just eat properly fatty satiating meat (and some other things but the focus is on the meat) and things automatically fall into place. 2 meals (with some nibbling while waiting for my meat to get ready but very little), minimal protein, decent amount of fat even if I have no idea how much. I probably grossly overestimated it using the usual data about pork shoulder (even where I used it without the fattiest parts and it even lost fat in the process… but at least I don’t need to care about any added fat in my day, it just makes it more accurate if I ignore it) and macros aren’t bad even if I am off by 30g fat, I don’t think I am even worse but it would be fine even then.
I don’t care about the actual numbers, I just want to be sure I eat some okay amount. If I keep the fattiness about right and the items satiating and I manage to automatically eat right, that would be brilliant. I had such days lately (before my hungry times where I had leaner meat and too much little extras too, I was so indisciplined but I have supplies and it’s hard to compete with them successfully), finally being able to eat enough meat helps me tremendously. I haven’t even problem when I am unsure if I can afford eating more than minimal eggs! I only used one today, for my egg milk with my coffees!

So all is very nice now eating wise :slight_smile: I try to do my absolute best to keep up this right fattiness, enough meat I have now and even keep some ready to eat proper meat in my freezer. I don’t have space for that right now but hopefully Alvaro will eat something from there. I have lots of fresh food in the fridge now and probably will buy turkey lower legs tomorrow, I can’t get out anything right now.

I will LOVE when I will have a bigger freezer. This is TINY. I use the space very, very well but it is. Maybe I shouldn’t buy all kinds of meat (but I don’t, I could have venison too :smiley: and I don’t even have pork heart there. or spleen. duck frames?).
But even with this tiny stress, it feels quite good to have wonderful supplies!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
And I don’t need fried/roasted meat in my freezer if I have a lot of it in my fridge :smiley: And I got good at frying up something way before my other one runs out, it does good to the variety I like.


I do like this doctor’s accent. This is a nice review, I think. Do you agree with all 15 ZC carnivore tips?


Hey @Fangs, we are in upsidedownland here in a long run of clear blue sunny beach days. So I’ll send some :sun_with_face: to you (below). They had a surfing competition at our local beach. I found it too crowded.

In answer to your question, yes I have a long writing recording thread on AF and low carb that I use and review. It’s linked to the previous post.

Had a hungry day yesterday. Scrambled eggs with cheese and smoked salmon as 10am breakfast. Coffee and heavy cream. Chores in the sunshine, Developed a headache. Drank a salty beef bone broth using the warm drink on a hot day theory. Lazed about. Cold, left over rib steak with extra salt for early dinner. Still hungry, so added two boiled eggs, finished the 150g smoked salmon packet, and rolled six slices of Jarlsberg. Headache and hunger seemed to be linked?

Fasted but post coffee with cream blood glucose = 5.4mmol/l (98mg/dl) and blood ketones 0.2mmol/l.


very cool. a new good dish is a nice add to your menu when wanted!

THE best, the big fat chubby cuts of cod, I feel ya on that :slight_smile:
WOW your trip, where ya going? when we farmed, ANYWHERE off that farm which was rare, was a treat :sunny:
Your chick gals are doing you proud still.

yea you only 1 person in the home! You be sure to eat that older frozen stuff before ya lost it. One pet peeve of mine, digging down that ol’ chest freezer to grab the older stuff to use up! Your Company Store is providing the good bargain prices for ya. Stellar!

yes me too on that one. I got very good at playing older frozen stuff to what is in fridge I must use and more…what a game of rotating and using up the meats :scream_cat::joy:

Any chance ya can buy a bigger freezer from some of the money you came into from inheritance circumstances?

@FrankoBear, any sun and big heat you can ‘will’ my way would be much appreciated!!

Have you been in surf competitions or is it just a fav hobby to you? I don’t know, you seem like a competition type surfer to me before maybe?

for me hunger and not a headache, but feeling woozey and light headed is what tells me it is definitely time to eat. Plus I feel very ‘anxious’ and anxiety kicks in but not in a mental type of issue, but in a ‘overall dread’ feeling which all that I discovered early on in carnivore when I tried ‘to eat a bit less’ to lose more lbs. Learned that was not the way to go! Headache for me if one hit, which is rare, is usually a dehydration type issue and salt combo type thing.

it is wild how we ‘truly find us’ and what our issues are in spring/summer and fall and into winter and our work life and stress etc. I always say on carnivore we become a ‘whole new you’ but the best part about it is we learn SO much about just ourselves and our daily lives :slight_smile:

What a beauty pic! I would love to be swinging my metal detector on that beach :wink: then go in with my boogie board and ride the waves!

============SO I LOST another lb. I will take it. Long time, many many moons and months for a few lbs to shift off but they are --WEE— and I just know, let ZC do the job in its time and we shall receive :wink:

Today is fast run up to little smokehouse meat store near me for burger for the dog. Yes the dog is eating me out of house and home for sure LOL but that is a good thing. I tell ya, that vet issue? Makes me boil in a way but also makes me very happy no issues to date so? ugh.

Today is a monster sized big cheeseburger for me.
second meal finish up my chicken breast and probably another burger if needed. Got NO hankering really for anything. Winter. Shuts me down. Kinda like I move SO much slower and don’t use energy so no big meat energy is required in this ol’ body :slight_smile:

ZC strong forward all!

(Karen) #293

Yep @Fangs plenty Company Shop bargains yesterday. I got some streaky bacon and wow it is superb. Cooked 4 rashers with the remaining half chicken breast off the whole cooked chick… it was delish … the bacon fat mixed with some sausage fat made it super delish.

I left the cold leg and wing because the hot was so nice i thought i might do the same with the cold meat later.

I am having a complete rest day today, i have cancelled tomorrows CrossFit as the back, albeit not like it was last Thursday, is still aching a bit… think it needs a couple more days at least before feeling confident to work it out again. Trying to be kind to myself and its working so well worth trying at!

Meds/BP and coffee in the lounge with my books. Started yet another new book a couple of days back, another one by Craig Groeschel called Soul Detox and again exceptionally good. His words jump out of the page at me in very thought provoking ways :slightly_smiling_face:

Also spent a couple of hours starting a new jigsaw but i am not sure i will be able o show this one when its finished as it is very carby… i only bought it because i thought it was nice and colourful and guessed it would be quite hard. It doesn’t effect me looking at the big picture while i am putting it together and really couldn’t think of anything worse to eat these days … it just reminds me how i would have eaten it and then carried on eating and making myself feel sick and still carrying on eating! Crazy when i thi k nack to that time in my life, but no it doesn’t make me feel i want it. Just go to show how our Zero Carb woe just balances everything out in our head if we stay at it long term.:thinking::wink:

Catch up with you all a bit later this evening xx


Tiring day, we already had enough of the city on Saturday and we did the financial things, oh they took a lot of time and some effort… The day started with walking to the bus, realizing I lost my phone, coming back, meanwhile we have found the phone and decided to use the car as the weather got warmer so it was even probable that we can come up to the house (it’s easier to go down). And we did it :slight_smile:

We didn’t buy any meat and only a little cheese (very good!) and 600ml cream (3 boxes) in the end. We started with the money things so we arrived too late for a few items, oh well, we have plenty to eat.
I had chicken, pork (lots of fatty aspic with pork skin and meat) and some other carni and non-carni things today, it will be much better tomorrow when I can just have my own food at home when hungry, I prefer that. I had one bigger lunch and only had something more at home because it felt nice…? I really can’t complain about my satiation now unlike until a few days ago when I barely could stop eating at night… It was so bad but I didn’t do anything more wrong than other times, I just had that phase, apparently.

I just want some peace for now. Hopefully the inheritance process leave me alone for a little while now. And we didn’t visit some stores we should soon… But I bought fancy teas, yay! (And obviously drank many coffees. I had a headache again, obviously, it’s inevitable, it was a city day with money things on top. One place lasted for more than an hour but we will do interesting things to our money :D)

We both feel pretty dead right now.

Tomorrow I won’t cook but Alvaro will eat up most of the liver. No problem, I have very much pork and I really wanna try being super simple now. It’s time to get momentum again. Next time we go to the city will be another month and I definitely bring my own food. Just a little, I usually find something okay for me at Alvaro’s Mom but not always enough and under certain circumstances (thing piling up but they can happen) I don’t care so I only have one option and it’s not something I really don’t want, I may choose that. I can’t even regret it in that situation. But I want something more ideal.

It was muscle ache day #3 today. Yeah, it was eons ago I had a proper full body workout… It will be better next time. It wasn’t bad just long. I am VERY serious about my workouts now. And my whole spirit changed. I feel another person. I feel capable of doing things after a long time where I was lost and not self-confident. I am interested in things as much or more than in the past… So I still trust 2023 will be my year! Well, it will be the year when I am brought back to life… 2024 will be MY year, I am a dragon! :smiley: Bunny year only does the groundwork :wink:
(I will have my true year at 60… The second and hopefully not last Fire Dragon Year in my life :slight_smile: I am still very stubborn about living over 120 so I better improve my lifestyle already and do other important changes. Financial things involved thinking about my death. Nope, not yet. We haven’t even started to live properly.)

I have 2 shiny paper things, no idea what are they called, things going below my tray, I haven’t use them since long (they are on my fridge. so many things end up being on it :D). One has various breads, the other huge pretty cherries… They are pretty.
But I wouldn’t want to put together a jigsaw puzzle of food. I prefer nature and buildings and people :slight_smile: Preferably all together :slight_smile: But it can be nice I suppose, it’s just not my preference.

@Fangs: Oh, so Bolts still has his good appetite? Wonderful! :slight_smile: :heart:

I can buy one any time I want, sure - IF I find the right one… It’s not like we didn’t have money for 10-20 normal fridges since quite a few years (and the number went up and it will do it again), we just don’t like to spend money without a real need when our income is low. I already looked at fridges a few years ago, this one already wasn’t a pretty whole thing but it is working, I like to use things while they working, it won’t happen to this fridge though, probably, it really has problems and I want a better one already! We started looking and it surely will need some time as we need the city and we rarely go there and then we need to do food shopping… And something extra but that will be some furniture, DIY things and optometrist the next few times (it was electric shop - Alvaro got a better souldering iron :smiley: - and the banks today)… Oh we need a stationary bike too… We aren’t in a hurry but I want my new fridge this year. We need to look at fridges at multiple places and choose the best. It’s NOT easy to get a great one right away, we had that problem years ago but we didn’t look so seriously yet.

I got pretty Hungarian stamps today :slight_smile: Most of our money is at the Hungarian Post, I wonder if my sentences are still understandable, maybe, I am SUPER tired. And that cute Post Office had lovely stamps and I saw animal stamps I don’t own yet (I have a lot of stamps, both me and Mom’s second husband collected stamps seriously)… I even got a… paper thing to put it in, with cats on it. I bring photos tomorrow and you will see. I bought two new tiny cups as well, now I have a yellow, a green and a turquise one, all are wonderful colors and all have freckles :slight_smile:

It’s good to be home. With all my food. Even if I couldn’t get camembert :frowning: That’s good stuff. Even on its normal price it’s worth it very much. But it run out :frowning:



We don’t have anything like that. Slovenia has blue water (and pretty clean yellowish green, oh that was a lovely river, with rocks! Bled and its vicinity if one of my fav places in the world, not like I visited many. but saw photos), ours are just aren’t like that ever…
They still can be pretty but BLUE waters, big seas, high mountains and tall waterfalls are just wonderful and exotic and we don’t have them despite I love them so much.


LOL you are too kind to us but a jigsaw pic of, say fruit or whatever is fine to put in the thread :slight_smile: we zc’ers ain’t that bad ya know when it comes to showing off some art work we handled, well a puzzle, but to me a puzzle can be art work :slight_smile:

Just if no one posts the real food pics then I am cool with that. real pics send me triggering sometimes, but a jigsaw would be cool still :wink: great post!

oh so the purchase and work to go get it from the city and if they have what selection you want and more is available is a big pain in the azz for ya. So get ya on that. I live more rural also. Many times I had to put do I wanna do all that ‘seemingly like work’ to get whatever from the bigger city areas too. You will get one when ya really want one and need it :slight_smile:

@JJFiddle, how is it going for ya :slight_smile: Just a shout out to say HI~

----------simpel zc day. temps are going alot colder. ugh.
Got nice Tbone steak first. Then got burger or chicken as second meal when wanted. No food focus. Again cold weather has shut me down. Boring :slight_smile: and BBBrrrrrr too :slight_smile:


Nice sunny day, I had a nice walk. My spirit is great but I still am lazy now. Especially after my meal. I ate so few eggs lately, 1-2 a day? So I ate scrambled eggs with the new, nice cheese (lovely but not exceptionally flavorful so I eat it quickly…) and sour cream, the worse parts of the liver (no problem, the bigger part was nice meat but the cats got plenty of small chewy pieces too) and some fried pork.
And coffee with egg milk. I do this “no coffee” later… I don’t overdo coffee-drinking, it’s just nice sometimes. From my lovely new cups.

(Judy Thompson) #298

Hi! Thanks @Fangs, I do like to finish reading the thread before posting. We are a prolific bunch!
@FrankoBear I watched Dr. Berry’s video. I’m using powdered collagen, he said no don’t, but just bought another big container on sale and I like it in my coffee. I can’t seem to keep up with bone broth, it goes bad in the back of the fridge while the bags of bones builds up in the freezer. Something I do is better to me than something I don’t do. Also, organ meats. I’m eating liverwurst, that’s good enough. 9 lb Mimsy loves her liver treats, she’d live on them if I’d let her. She’ll probably outlive us all!
Also interested in oxalate dumping. I used to eat a lot of spinach. For the chlorophyll of course but it’s super high in oxalates. Isn’t toxin dumping good? But the side effects of oxalate dumping seem like things I’m experiencing, so eventually won’t it finish dumping? I do imagine they can settle in the joints as well as showing up in elimination. Anyway, thank you and I’ll look into it more.
@Karen18 @Fangs thanks for the fridge pics! Yep K you don’t have any more in your fridge that I do, I think. Not much but veggies in my fridge and in that flex part, just upcoming meats and my dog food, which is raw meat. Hubby eats mostly the same thing every day, bless him! And doesn’t like spices and herbs. Easy care.
@Fangs I have a chest freezer like that in VA. Difficult to keep it from swallowing stuff up! But it does hold a lot. At 30 years old I know you can look forward to new choices soon. (my chest freezer is nearly the same age.)
@Shinita head cheese! Interesting. What do you cook it with? Also, venison! Funny that the deer here are rampant pests and many people hunt them, but you can’t buy it anywhere. I wish you could, I love it. Just not into direct killing of things even though I eat them.
@Karen18 good luck to Sian! All it takes is 1 good egg - it could take. At least she won’t have quints!
@Fangs glad Bolt is doing SO well! I’ve been thinking of him.
@SecondBreakfast I looked up the ski resort, WOW you’re way up there. Are you in Wisconsin or Michigan, I couldn’t tell.
@Azi 12 lbs, excellent! And on a woe you can actually maintain!

Our weekend was exhausting, and I wouldn’t have traded it for anything. We played at church Sunday morning, now hubby has decided to be there with us every week. Then home Sunday, lunch and I think we both slept the rest of the day. We’re talking about whether we’ll still be doing this in 10 years when we’re 80 and 85! Honestly, the clients love us, it would be our choice whether to play or not. But we recognize it’s who we are - I don’t see us stopping.
Here’s some food from the past few days. Today I ate breakfast, I don’t usually. Yesterday I sous vided chuck steak. The other tray, I’ll go longer to get more tenderness but $3.50 per steak beats to $20 of a rib eye!
The day before, I sous vided a couple thick pork chops. I hope the pic is here.
Later I’ll air fry chicken thighs for lunch. Just 2 students online today, an easy day.



@JJFiddle: I don’t understand why I can’t buy lamb here except 1-2 big places (I think I only could get some from the hypermarket. while deer is in small supermarkets, only in the city but still)… But yep, sheep were common hundreds of years ago, now not so much I suppose. Sigh.
I just eat the head cheese. It’s for that I suppose? An already complex dish, people just eat it with bread, I obviously eat it alone. Just a little, it’s sold in smallish packets anyway. It’s like deli meat but more proper and traditional :smiley:
Alvaro came and said oh you just give subordinate cheeses to the head cheese… :crazy_face: Not a very bad idea but eating head cheese (with lots of tongue :D) with cheese, that’s just too fancy :smiley: I rarely eat meat with cheese anyway and those are quite neutral, not characters like a head cheese (with paprika and more meat than usual). Cheese is for eggs :slight_smile: And I can eat it alone, obviously.

After my much eating yesterday (no idea about the macros but I was too full after my lunch and snacked on things in the evenings without a real need…) I didn’t need much food today. I basically only had my not big lunch. I ate a bite of sausage (9g so yep, just a bite) and drank my leftover egg milk with coffee (and even had milk for the last one. 20ml, I don’t feel the need to hold back with these tiny cups :smiley: it got quite milky :D) but that’s it, I was unable to eat.

By the way, 2 days ago I had a late meal. After I was glad here that pork did the trick. I still was below 130g protein and that’s not safe.
(I am at 90 now but sometimes I pull it off…)

Today was proper carnivore if we don’t count the slice of crunchy juicy radish :smiley: No regrets, I already decided I won’t try hard this week. It wouldn’t do anything better but I had tiring days and I need my focus elsewhere. And I pretty much love my carni food so I stay close enough for now. I plan the strictest I can comfortably manage a bit later, starting on Monday, maybe. But today was pretty good too.
It turned out the liver likes bacon but it doesn’t need onion at all. Good. it wasn’t hard or bitter AT ALL! And I lightly fried it yesterday (it was late but raw meat in my fridge since days, I couldn’t wait) and fried it more today, with some bacon… No extra salt was needed.

Alvaro ate up his food but is willing to have meat so after an eggs in purgatory day tomorrow (he requested it. he is better at avoiding food boredom except if it’s about my darling pork, of course or bigger amount of eggs because the role is reversed then), he will eat chicken. 4 big legs are defrosting so I make it tomorrow and probably will eat my first one. Pork is lovely but JUST pork (and eggs and dairy), I rarely can do it. It’s better if I always have a secondary meat.

Today was very unusual, I ate only 205g meat including liver. No problem with it, it doesn’t happen often. And I had an early time when most of my days had significantly less (if I remember correctly but I think I do)… That wasn’t easy even with my stubbornness. I need variety. And most probably nutrients from more meat.


@Fangs … The hennies are lovely gals, aren’t they?! On a really hungry day, I could probably eat as many as they produce! The trip was hubby’s business trip to one of his hotels- had to conduct some interviews, a ppy audit, budget review, etc…drive was about 9 hours. I worked most my 8am-4pm shift, but I skipped lunch and left at 3:15pm. Then, left our house a little before 4pm, drove over the Mackinac Bridge around 10pm, then another few hours near Grand Rapids. Not the weather that was forecasted either.:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Supposed to be light snow flurries. Turned out, it was lake effect snow - kinda heavy in some spots, with 35-45 mph winds. White knuckles going over the bridge. The Bridge Authority folks were doing escorts for high profile vehicles. Thankfully we did not have a trailer this time. The whole trip took about 90 mins longer than usual. The roads were pretty ugly for 3/4 of the trip. We did not plan well for eats, either. Hubby ended up with coffee and a toasted no-no with cream cheese. Won’t say what I got with my coffee but it was definitely NOT carnivore. Went into a total emotional/scared eating episode there, but over it now. Had two chicken breasts last night, then eggs and butter this morning, then, a salad at lunch. Yeah, I know. Just did not feel like another burger. Drinking some tea now. Will fast for awhile longer. Had some time to kill after lunch, so we hit Hobby Lobby. Love that place. They had a bunch of stuff I use for one of my businesses, all on sale 40% off. Got a couple of those decorative storage boxes for greeting cards I want to keep. (I’m kinda sentimental.) And a recipe book - the kind you write your own recipes in. I like that better than the tin box with the little cards. I hate writing so dinky, and not having space to write sidenotes. So, the book seemed like the better option.
This town recently put in a new Aldi store. So, tomorrow or Thursday, we will hit Aldi and head home.

@JJFiddle Yes indeed, we are WAY up there! Mt. Boho is in Michigan. My son is a seasoned snowboarder and his GF is a very advanced skier - so that was a great spot for them. We actually do not live right there, but a bit lower on the Keweenaw penninsula nearer to Michigan Tech Univ. When we get home Thursday night is when the single digit temps will hit. Its been a little warmer than usual - which is just fine- bc we don’t use as much wood for heat. Next week will be different tho. Once those temps hit, it’ll feel like normal. I am thankful for the more mild winter thus far- as it has kept the chickens producing well.

Well, that is all for now. If I find any new and interesting carnivory things while out and about, I’ll report back! Have a blessed day all!