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@SecondBreakfast hubby grew up spending summers in Suttons Bay, near Traverse City, and his dad was still there so we went up several times, did take a side trip to Mackinac and one year to the UP. Not my stomping grounds though, but a beautiful area!

(Marion) #302

I am taking electrolytes cause apparently keto diet causes excretion of sodium…I wonder if this may be related? You may have explained my rashes, which I couldn’t figure out. Thanks!!!

(Michael) #303

Too much to comment upon, but great read. Unlike @Azi, I am gaining weight with OMAD and higher fat. It is ok though, as I am testing regardless and my BMI is under 22, so I can handle a bit more weight. I am doing for blood sugars, but I think I am caving into restarting Metformin to help. My A1C went from 5.5 back up to 5.9 in 6 weeks of normal eating. I am impatient in this regard, so trying higher fat with metformin as well. I need lower A1C to lower my small dense ldl particle numbers that accompany the higher blood glucose ( as I proved in my experiment last fall). Eating higher fat is a lot cheaper though at least. Here are some good pics

(Linda ) #304

To do higher fat you have to pull back on portion sizes of protein if you try eat the same amount of protein and just add in more fat you will gain weight. AS soon as I went higher fat I dropped back on protein… … To drop a1c and blood sugars you may have to stop your one meal per day and split your food into more smaller meals… then you should see results.
It might take a few days but your numbers should Improve without needing meds.

(Karen) #305

@JJFiddle those steaks look very tempting.

@Fangs i reckon the picture of my jigsaw, which I might add may be a while in the making may be a bit too tempting as its very realistic… and big … lol i did some more on it today but it will take a time to put together :thinking:

Meals over yesterday and today

Plus some pork and black pudding sausages which were quite nice … 6!

Yesterday went dancing over in Hednesford near Cannock which is near Birmingham and a little over an hours drive each way. Had a super afternoon. We will definitely go again when unable to make the Lichfirld dance on a friday… we can’t make it this friday… run by the same fabulous lady.

My back is definitely getting better after tweaking it last thursday at crossFit. I will get my name down for Saturdays class as i am sure it will stand up to the stress by then.

Was going to have an easy day today but Raymond had an appointment to get to this afternoon and i must have said i would take him as he ‘reminded’ me this morning, so a little time to do some of the jigsaw after reading my books and the after i had eaten i went off to collect him.

Did i mention that there was one egg able to be re-inserted and my daughter had the procedure done on monday. So she will need lots of prayers so i am asking for anyone who prays to please include her over the coming weeks. Sian, for those who will :kissing_heart: if it’s in Gods timing… :pray:


Super enervated day. I will track later. I focused more on eggs and dairy than meat today and had a proper TMAD day, I mean, I ate lunch and dinner at their usual time. And I had milk, milk was nice and pretty much. It’s very occasional and it’s not like my January is carni anyway but I try to stay close. But I will do it better in February.

I baked things (sponge cakes for me, now in different shape as the muffins get very high when baked and I made it together with Alvaro’s bread - it was way prettier than my sponge cakes but food is mostly not about looks though it’s always nice to have it pretty too - ) and roasted chicken thighs but late and we will eat them in the next days. They are pretty. I make a photo tomorrow.

That’s why I don’t do it, I NEED my 130+ g protein to function… Though I still hoping to be able to pull off lower protein with higher fat, I actually eat a tad less protein on my higher-far days sometimes… But it’s always risky. I need to go back to OMAD as a properly big meal usually last long. I can get satiated with a modest protein intake with much fat and if I don’t eat late, it’s all good. I just tend to get hungry later when I didn’t eat my high protein but a late OMAD meal may help to avoid it.
We will see, at the moment I am happy to eat at lunchtime and eat whatever… And that gives me about 65% fat as usual. Changing my fat percentage requires huge focus. Well it depends, making my woe cheaper and not high-fat is doable if my body cooperates but those super fatty styles probably won’t happen often. I do want to do some fat fast days, they could be useful.

@Karen18: I very rarely pray but I will think, root, maybe meditate or pray for your daughter!!! :heart:


I just saw a YT video, almost everyone was shocked by butter and steak gal and said she will get heart attack before 40 and stuff… But what I have found strange that every second commenter was totally shocked and disgusted by the idea of eating pure butter…
Wow. Okay, sticks of butter would be extreme and nauseating to me as well but butter is TASTY. Sure, not for everyone as tastes differ but it’s normally lovely. Eating a little is fine. Eating more is very understandable if someone is hungry without a better option, I did that :smiley: It was still lovely…
So for a normal person eating pure butter is so very extreme? Even a little? Not that they wouldn’t do it but that someone does it…?

Sometimes I fear I am way too far from normal people eating wise, no matter how wild and frequent off days I have. Of course, my wild days are still not “normal”…

And even Alvaro doesn’t help as he doesn’t eat or think “normal” either. I will ask him tomorrow but I talk about carnivores enough that he is probably very hard to shock with wild carni behaviour at this point… :slight_smile:
And thankfully we are compatible at other things like bigger meals, high-fat, lots of animal protein every day… It would be weird to be too different.

And I tracked. 150+ protein and fat every day, okay so TMAD doesn’t work well enough… Or it will get better on proper carni? Without too much dairy, at least but after shopping I tend to eat more of them.
I just want energy for tomorrow, today was horrible.

(Linda ) #308

Well ppl tend to run from extreme to extreme I think the problem started when there was a subset of carnivores not losing weight so infuencers started pushing pmsf to push their bodies into starvation mode to finally move weight…but also remember infulencers also make alit of money so they come up with gimmicks to keep ppl buying…Pmsf kind of back fired on alot of pp,l not everyone but alot so they swung back to 80/20 which infact is just normal carnivore followed by steffesan the bear etc…but then some Influencers have pushed that to the very extreme and are telling ppl to push min of 200 grams of fat or two sticks of butter a day…

Why not just 80/20 which is basically just fatty cuts of meat if you are still hungry then adjust fat up slightly… this is Amber O’Hearn version smaller portions i followed Amber because she follows the science she was not selling a program she was genuinely trying to help ppl out…She also has stated as soon as you adjust to it start listening to your bodies needs and follow that…

…But no the extremists decided to run with it and now we have ppl not dropping protein and slugging down gollops of added butter on top. we talking 8 ounces if its 2 sticks so half a pound of butter that is over 1600 calories in just added butter… on top of their food… and so ppl are seeing alsorts of weight gain…

When I went high fat I let my body tell me how much extra fat never ate as much as two sticks of butter my preferee meat was pork belly with pats of butter never actually measured ( a stick here is 4 ounces) but if I used a whole stick a day that was way more than enough… But as soon as I hit ketosis and blood sugars dropped down I naturally backed of high added fat and started needing less and less i followed what my body wants funny thing is where as pmsf did not work for me prob because I was not in ketosis I’m am now eating a lot of lean meals of fish but I do add fat to it not sticks of butter but like 2 teaspoons of mayo … per meal for fish…

But on the other side of things you get too lean and too high protein ppl seeing blood sugar rise and hitting diabetes …too much fat and ppl seeing weight gain… so for me I watch my blood sugars daily I eat fatty meat and lean…mix

(Judy Thompson) #309

Not much going on here. It’s cold. The wood stove is purring along, the puppy is asleep at my feet.
Thawed brisket and shrimp this afternoon, for a filling delicious lunch. For tonight, reheated same and melted cheese atop. Surprisingly tasty with the cheese! And a little Tabasco.
Uploading: 20230125_125913.jpg…


ohhh, alot of nice food pics on the board :slight_smile: big yum on it all!

Sending big prayers for Sian! Sending great vibes for her to relax and embrace the journey in fine form! Prayer is power! Wishing her only the best!

I have to say K that you seem ‘alot better’ also and seem more in tune with your day now too. Remember when you had your med issue you would do ‘more’ and got woozey and fatigued fast and all that which caused you to shut down more. It seems like you are balancing out a ton better also. Super glad you are continuing to improve so much. You came a long way too baby!!

@JJFiddle, cold here too. :frowning: bleck. winter duldrums kicking in for me.
I know a little cheese can sure jack up a meal for some good taste! I feel ya on that one!

@Azi, good post!

------------today is simple. Got a lb. Tbone waiting for my first meal.
second meal I defrosted a nice pork loin to slice up, fry crispy and eat up. ZC day covered! Rollin’ along fine in zc right now. Just continuing to eat as the body wants. Today it wants heavy hitters like beef and pork. No problem, I can give it that HA

last night got super hungry around 9. said nah, don’t eat but I wanted to bad. fried up a big old chicken breast and ate 3/4 of it. you know I am really hungry IF I cook at 9 at night LOL rest in fridge to just finger eat cold with my steak later. I love ZC. I do so well in that I just eat when I truly must eat and feel so darn great doing just that :slight_smile:

rock on everyone…we need a Feb name for our new thread? any ideas. Jan is rolling out fast now…into Feb we go soon.


200g fat is modest in my eyes (I eat over it regularly and I have been trying to minimize my fat since about 12 years… but me and fat, that is a loving relationship with a modest satiation effect…) and very much needed for people with a higher energy intake… I have problems with super high fat/protein percentages - for me and anyone who can’t do it, if it works for some people, I am not against it, of course. As long as they get the necessarily protein, whatever is it for them, it varies surprisingly much. I have a “favorite” range when I give advice but even I can’t stay in it and I am aware that some people need to go lower.

One I met someone who ate lean meat and drank fat (not since long and IDK what happened later)… I never will be able to wrap my head around that. Of course, there are carnivores who like lean meat, it’s fine to eat that but the balance shouldn’t be pure fat that one doesn’t even enjoy… People are weird sometimes.
I even understand sticks of butter if someone needs unusually much energy from their food, loves butter and just can’t get or handle super fatty meat.
I would do even 90% fat with little added fat as added fat just doesn’t work for me.

Maybe some people do it for the shock value…?

Good that you did it in a sane way. It’s so maddening that some people just blindly follow others even when their own body screams at them :frowning:

And yes, it may be Scylla and Charybdis with fat intake too, we need the middle way, whatever it means for us personally, it’s just not right to go into either direction with all our efforts. That may work for some people but it would be too much for others, see the ones with tons of unneeded fat and gain… I don’t even see when people say that we need to eat more fat when we go keto. Nope, we should eat the right amount of fat (of course, it’s a range, maybe a big one). When I went low-carb, I had to drop my fat intake significantly as it was too high before… Even if one comes for low-fat, some manage to force huge amounts of fat on themselves and that’s not good.


Oh my. I never cook at night… As much as cooking and baking are my hobby, I just don’t do it late. Maybe a few eggs, that’s quick but even that is very rare. But I really focus on having something in my fridge to eat all the time and it helps.


so agree.
but when ZC screams at me to eat well, I do just that. very rare I ever eat late but if zc says I do, darn right I do :slight_smile:


And now my freezer have lots of pork shoulder roast! :smiley:
I lost my interest in fatty pork somewhat so got out some quite lean pork (the usual fresh ham but it’s from elsewhere, not from LIDL and it’s really lean, no cute fat layer on top!) from the freezer and put in most of the shoulder roast I barely touched yet… I eat the leftover tomorrow.

I ate much yesterday and had a smallish lunch today. I got bored of my old harder fried pork shoulder so I could eat only the half of the leftover 75g (almost 150g in raw weight, it lost pretty much water)… Didn’t fancy dairy either. But I had a chicken leg (with somewhat crispy skin this time! it took 1.5 hours I think), some pâté and eggs as well. Alvaro had a chicken leg too and his carby soup and carby side. We didn’t get satiated but we weren’t hungry anymore… 2 hours later Alvaro got hungry and ate while I got perfectly satiated and couldn’t eat… I ate much yesterday but I am like this anyway, it’s not natural for me to eat lunch and dinner together as the distance is so tiny especially when it’s 2 hours and not 3, it varies with Alvaro. So he ate at 6am, at 3pm and at 5-5:30pm… Crazy distances, I never could do that. His natural timing is 6am, 12pm, 5pm but he can’t have his lunch at a normal time when he is working.
I don’t have a natural timing but 3pm and 6pm has something to do with my natural 2 meals. Too bad TMAD rarely works and OMAD doesn’t come naturally… It’s very good when I still pull it off but then it falls apart again. IDK what to do but I like having lunch so I probably keep trying this TMAD business for now. But I need a tiny eating window for it to be right and that requires a smallish first meal (not my style) or special circumstances? Carnivore easy satiation (when I have it, it comes and go even if I stick to carnivore… I think?) usually does the trick (when it doesn’t trigger many tiny meals, that’s annoying but I think I am over that now? if I choose my food right?).

I am just wondering, I don’t plan to put much effort into these things, I am horrible with control anyway so I just do whatever for now :slight_smile: It is still useful to have some vague attitude, it can help a bit… Oh, we will see. I just play with the fattiness of my food as it’s fun. And I have pork jowl to eat, expiration date is getting closer. So I will try to do some super fatty day/meal soon!

Yeah, if I am hungry late (like, at 2am… that is late for me. but 9pm is kinda late already, not in my natural eating window), I eat late, that’s clear - but I consider these occasions mostly due to some mistake during the day. Not always but usually it’s the case. So I aim to eat better during the day, not like it’s always clear and possible (but when it’s not possible, it’s the rare case when it’s not a mistake, it just happens). I am still experimenting. It’s good it’s fun.

(Karen) #315

Thanks yes i can really say i had almost forgotten all that wooziness i was getting daily! This slower lifestyle is suiting me :grin:

(Karen) #316

Woke up late … i was so dure i had woken with the dawn breaking until i realised it was just after 9am!

Meds books coffee then popped round my neighbours to sit with her doggo for a while then home and jigsaw time. It was about 6pm when i started eating.
Started with 6 belly pork slices which were nice. Then some french brie and some cheddar and followed that with 4 rashers of back bacon.


My dinner was just before 8. I ate a tiny bit of pork and chicken, little egg, later little dairy and not even one Vienna sausage…

And now I tracked. Maybe a bit more than 170g protein and significantly more fat, IDK how I do this, I definitely overeat while it feels I eat very modestly, I wasn’t even satiated after my lunch… Or now. Yeah, 2 meals are just too many. Sigh. There goes my lunch joy then, I really can’t do this further, I need to do this food minimalization even harder (it feels to me I do it seriously but it’s just not enough).

At least I am not starving. Not hungry, just not satiated all day.

Oh well, I go and eat a bit more, I can’t sleep when I am not satiated. And I am not. But it’s close.

At least I see that I BADLY need OMAD now. It simplify things. And makes them very hard, it’s never easy to start especially without much carbs.

I wish to be a snake for a while again. Not bothering with eating, not needing daily (and not even one) food joy… That would be nice.
I try not to think about food for a while even if it’s impossible.

I want sunshine and activity tomorrow. The gloomy weather doesn’t do good to me.


It’s taken 24 hours to recover. I ate service station snacks on the 3 hour drive from the city. I hadn’t timed my trips to coincide with the South African biltong shop trading hours. I found biltong in a shiny packet and pork crackling. It was the pork that did it. An impossible to read ingredients list. But when I found a magnifying glass and bright light it read like the red carpet celebrity list at the Inflammation Academy Awards. It wasn’t what it was, it was what was done to it that was the problem. Thankfully my body recovered relatively quickly.

Baked beef ribs the past two nights. Being summer, I prefer the cold leftovers. Bacon and egg breakfasts. Mrs. Bear and I have been eating an earlier evening meal. She appears to be on OMAD eating based on a yoga podcast. But it looks very difficult as it is based on salads and vegetables. Dare I say it but I sense a bit of hangryness.

This morning I woke to mid-summer rain. The smell is wonderful as the parched earth drinks.

(Alec) #319

On holiday at home here… time to make pate… chicken livers and hearts, lots of butter and salt. Don’t know how it tastes yet, need it to set!

I reckon if you like pate, it’s gotta be the best value for money carnivore food… 1.5kg of pate for $9:
500g hearts: $3
500g livers: $3
500g butter: $3

Shop bought I reckon this would be $60-$70 or more.


I made a cute plate, well it lacks the 2 sponge cake muffins at this point so photo comes later.
90g protein, 120g fat. Yesterday I went over 180g protein after already unnecessarily high protein days and I have pork jowl and I fancy it now so it will be a fatty, fat-first lunch, at least that’s the plan, who knows what my desires will do in the next hours?

This is if I eat lunch, I can’t know yet. It’s barely noon and I am satiated. But it doesn’t feel so perfect satiation anymore. Still unsure, we will see :smiley: Fat experiment, I like that :slight_smile:

But I start to miss my recipe making experiments… So I will have some soon. I don’t fancy crunchy now, rather soft baked goods. And I make sponge cakes today but that alone doesn’t cut it… Unless I use some grated cheese in it and yep, I plan to.
I bought some Grana Padano for a great price. It turned out grated hard cheeses only have cheese as they are dry enough not to clump together. Good, I hate grating cheese especially hard ones. Or too soft ones. A young Gouda is just right but I still dislike grating it more than in tiny amounts. So I love when I can buy pure grated cheese with flavor and for a good price.

Good luck, I want to figure out how to make good pâté too! But the ingredients sound quite good :wink: I never ever thought about adding hearts - and it’s not nearly as easy to buy hearts as liver anyway… Not a bad idea, I find chicken liver flavor a bit too strong alone, butter or some other fat helps though… But I never added much for various reasons…
I just wrote about my desire to make new good recipes but I was always very lazy to put effort into pâté… I was fine enough with my fried liver and store-bought stuff. But I want to make my own. Eventually.

Wow. Here pâté is pretty cheap (but it is made from pork liver and pork fat, basically the cheapest carnivore items not counting chicken frame :smiley: of course pork fat tissue can be very expensive but that’s fancy smoked stuff) while butter is WAAAAAAAAY more expensive. The organs aren’t expensive though not nearly as cheap as pork liver, that barely costs anything, that’s why I bought it last time despite my big fail when I tried to make it once, years ago. I still don’t understand why it was THAT great. I remember eating pork liver elsewhere, it was edible but harder and more bitter than my wonderful liver :slight_smile: Always. It was consistently hard and somewhat bitter but I ate it decades ago, could I change that much? I doubt it. They probably overdid it or something. And maybe my sweet perception changes balanced out some bitterness? No idea but I hope I will eat similarly nice liver in the future.

(But next time I boil 4 tongues, they are impossible to ruin, at least I surely couldn’t manage that.)

Gloomy day AGAIN and it won’t change for a while, weather forecast says. Sigh.
It is windy and cold outside and the house is pretty cold, we let the house go to a higher temperature at night now. Well, downstairs where the A/C is, our rooms are cold :smiley: But it’s fine when we are sleeping.
Still much better than summer, poor @KetoKoala (who isn’t so keto now) is suffering from the Australian heat (not the hottest part but hot enough) like crazy all the time… She can’t stand hot temps. Me neither but I have an insulated house with an A/C. And our summer is a tad better. But yep, I am glad I am freezing a bit lately and it’s not summer. It’s easy to do something against the cold.