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I love that your group is all ages!


AWWWW moar fridge and freeze photos! I love them :smiley:
My fridge is 170cm high, I measured it today. So tiny. And it’s just the height. The door shelves (IDK if there is a term for those) are so small, a normal mason jar barely fits! It’s normal here, I always saw such fridges in real life.
And I talked about the bottom drawer with lots of space cut away from both from the front and the back…

I won’t show my fridge, it’s so ugly, some plastics are broken, the bottom of it is rusty… It gets dirty so easily too and I never can make it look like new :frowning: We got it with the house so I don’t know its age. But while it works, yep, maybe it’s time to get another, I am looking forward to a bigger one with a bigger freezer since ages!!!
I painted it well though, I will miss that (it was white. boring. I hope I can get a prettier one. I still will paint it here and there :D). And I have zillion magnets on it. I mean it, MANY dozens. Alvaro gets them from different electronic machines.
And my Turbo Gum collection, it is a very retro thing and has car pics. And lots of recipes. It’s quite messy… The Mangalica photos are cute though (the curly furred pigs with especially much fat if someone wouldn’t know. I talked about them a few times but we always have new ones and it’s hard to read all of my comments anyway).


Odd day as I ate after 3, was unable to eat until before 9 (I was that full) and ate then. It felt modest. But I suspected it may be not true, it happened before.
165g protein. Yeah, I can’t afford 2 meals :smiley: It should sink in already…
But it was a lovely day eating wise. I had pork roast, pork soup, scrambled eggs with bacon and pancake with cheese. And finally, I was quite satiated almost all the time. I got hungry around 2.

Alvaro brought tiny pork slabs. A lean one (fresh ham but without the fat layer I am used to from the other supermarket! no problem, I will mix it with something or make a soup of it) and a very fatty one (I almost run out of lard anyway and plan to eat liver again, it was so long ago I ate the last 500g in 3 days). And the organ thing. It has meat too unlike in the original recipes. But it’s quite fine. It contains not so nice ingredients but in very tiny amounts, it says it has 0.3% carbs and almost nothing is added sugar (why they added it then?). So they don’t include spices in “sugar”…
We will see, I am curious, never ate such a thing.

(Karen) #264

Up at 7.30am as it was CrossFit day. Meds, BP, coffee and books then off for the workout. Got through half of the 2nd workout and pulled my back both side, behind hips. So i managed 3 rounds of 1k bike and 10 db clean and jerk no probs, then went on to 6 rounds of 10 target burpees and 10 kettlebell deadlifts , 3rd set of deadlifts and it went :roll_eyes: i had to stop straight away. Such a nuisance. The pain has eased from when i did it but still hurts. Hopefull it will be okay for my dancing tomorow. It hasnt stopped me doing my 100 push ups and shoulder workout … managing to get down on the floor, just being careful lol.

Brunch was 4 fairly big chicken drum sticks and dinner was 8 M&S banger sausages that were so so, wouldnt buy them again plus they were M&S expensive price!
Just goes to show pricey isnt always nicey!

Went round to my daughters this afternoon. She was a bit tearful … she isnt generally a weepy girl, she had her egg collection yesterday for IVF and only 3 out of 15 eggs were likely to go to next stage… they were expecting a good 12 out of 15 so it wasnt as positive an outcome as was hoped for. Its a sit and wait game now to find out if any will be able to be used for insertion on Monday. She asked her hubby if they dont get a baby out of these eggs does that mean she can get another cat? He said yes … i guess they will get another one even if they get a baby :wink:


Ouch, get well soon!!!

I always feel borderline ashamed reading this (not very much as I never expected push ups from me, it’s my weak point but if you can do 100, I can do 10… 5… 2? :smiley: or something)… Maybe if you keep writing this, something will happen to me. I already started to run so there is hope for changes even for me :wink: I just need a high repetition and the willingness and annoyance at me building up slowly :wink:

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Fingers crossed for your daughter and son in law…

(Megan) #267

I sincerely hope at least one of those eggs produces a beautiful baby for your daughter and son-in-law @Karen18


Oh yes, sorry I didn’t reacted to that part. I wish for a healthy, lovely baby too, @Karen18 ! :slight_smile:


I try to be scarce until I get over this phase and anyway, my food addiction is very severe now, I shouldn’t think about such things.

Well pork definitely works better but it’s too tempting and I barely could stop eating it. It limits itself per meal very well but it was a stupid day, I ate all day (started at 11:30!), it was pretty simple, mostly fried pork and some eggs. I didn’t eat too much, it was a more active day, protein is 175g.

I try to clear my mind, avoid eating as long as I comfortably can (I need some peace) and use fatty pork! :smiley: And go stricter.
My appetite is out of the world now, it’s very inconvenient and disconcerting. My hunger is normal but my satiation is still hard to keep up all day.

Let’s blame the remaining plant carbs first even if they don’t seem to be enough to do this to me… But my pork is extremely addictive too. It’s crazy. I barely ever desired my food this much but it’s all my animal food and almost all the time now. I am too full at the moment, only that keeps me from eating the leftovers, my appetite is still raging but meat satiation is powerful. I am a bit too full, even.

Maybe proper supplies will help. I run out of too many things lately and my meat was too lean. I get pork chuck and various dairy tomorrow!

We had snow today! It’s freezing outside so hopefully won’t melt. It’s not much but more than the few snowflakes the other 2 times this winter.


Venison osso bucco for the last two nights. This time I was less caring in the cooking and it turned out a bit tough and chewy. Also have had some hotter summer days with sweaty humidity. I had electrolyte problems yesterday that kicked off heart problems (again). An episode of atrial fibrillation. If my ZC Eating is not en pointe with salt, or if there is a variation like wine added to the osso bucco, or I over do physical activity on a hot day, or I could be oxalate dumping, this heart thing comes back for a visit. Noting it here for the record. Treated it at home as before.

Back on the horse this morning, back to chores (I love being able to do them), feeling a bit tired and beaten up by yesterday.

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I was just telling a friend about you handling your AFib episodes at home. He was positively gobsmacked!

The longer I go, the more aware I am of the importance of salt. It can be a delicate balance. My most important salt dose is in a glass of water before bed. Otherwise, muscle cramps are guar. I have also learned the importance of water, especially as I age. Dehydration is our enemy.

(Linda ) #272

Could be in summer humid heat you need more salt…??? Just thinking out loud…

Strange few days for me hubby came home for 24 hours part of his 34 hour break to restock his food have me cook Carby food for his dispatchers, get some washing done and head off back to his truck…I stayed on plan, sometimes being so strict when he is around is harder …we bought a couple of rotisserie chickens to break down for him to take but he left me half a breast and a leg lol so that was two days of chicken meals for me…with eggs… before when i wasn’t in ketosis chicken just didn’t cut it now it doesn’t seem to matter…and a few oz is enough I tried some in a chaffel but was way too dry had to add butter to eat it…so today made it into a salad with table spoon sour cream and a touch of salsa…much better eaten ontop of a chaffel…
Back to fatty day with bacon tomorrow…

Jumped on scale this morning another week gone and total of 12lbs gone…

(Karen) #273

@Azi wow well done on that 12lbs gone, you are holding strong and consistent.

@FrankoBear azi may have a good point about the effects of the heat during summer… but i am sure you mentioned a couple of episodes during the winter months? You take care of yourself and listen to your body, if you are feeling tired … REST! If i can learn this then anyone can lol!

Thanks @Azi @Shinita @MeganNZ for support re Sian xx

Yesterdays meals, 2 steaks from the pack of 4 … if i had cooked these 2 first i would probably have got rid of the other 2, they were so chewy especially the bulbous one, the minute i got it out of the pack i thought uh oh! Just pure gristle the whole steak. Well i did my best but had to throw almost a full steak and a half away! Later for dinner i had the sausages. M&S ones again but these had a bit more taste to them. I have one more pack in fridge and am tempted to stick them in the freezer for when u have nothing else to eat as they dont look very appetising.

Went dancing yeserday afternoon to Lichfield and had a wonderful fun afternoon… oh i have really missed all this … Sunday Wednesday Friday and off dancing again this evening, just like old times :grinning::dancer::man_dancing:

Hardly felt my back twinging at all after my hot bath yesterday about 11am, no probs dancing but as soon as i was home and sitting watching tv it was aching again. Not too bad through the night, i was at least able to turn over in bed which was an improvement on previous night but a bit stiff and achy this morning so yes i did absolutely the right thing cancelling CrossFit class this morning. Need to be fit for dancing later!:smirk:

Have a great day and weekend everyone … foggy -3 one today with us but fortunately so far no snow!

(Linda ) #274

Love that you have got back into dancing so often yes taking breaks from crosscut when you need to is prob very wise.

Thank you for your comment on my weight loss it actually feels good that it’s still going in right direction…
I’m finally hopeful my clothes will fit again and maybe even back to my goal weight.

(Karen) #275

Is it as easy as it is sounding or is it ‘grit the teeth determination’ ? Whatever kudos to you xx

(Megan) #276

12 pounds is great Linda! I’m so glad it’s working so well for you.


Sending great vibes for your daughter!!

Nottingham area. I watched a UK tv show on real estate and I checked out the Nottingham location. Such beauty!
Happy you are enjoying your dancing so much!

Super congrats you are on point and doing so well on your changes.
I hear ya on making ‘carby’ food when ya gotta :slight_smile: my hubby works ‘part time’ but heck he works full time cause he wants in his ‘early retirement’ now and I have to say it is wonderful tho not having to deal with food for him much now. We ZCers all have that fantasy of always having only zc meals to deal with and no others :), well I do at least HA

wow. I am super amazed how well you are doing so tuned into you and working thru these episodes. Must be scary for sure but with how you are handlling it all I feel like you got this ya know, like it is better to know how to tackle the event and come out of it ok at home vs. the hosp. visits. Take care of you :slight_smile: Watch that ‘big heat’ too and now you own a nice new property and wanna get there so you don’t over do too much at one time in big heat either. 2 properties and double that heat issue on chores!

---------So I ate alot of junk zc food. yes I did. SO WHAT IS THIS MESS IN THIS PIC?

well that is 2 hot dogs with melted cheese. I just broiled the cheese nice and crispy over the hot dogs and cut it up into a mess. Yes it was good HA then I had to go eat a can of tuna and mayo. Then I was still hungry but not big hungry, so I waited a bit and tackled a small Tbone steak. Yes that filled me finally. Last night tho I got ‘snacky feeling’ again, hmm, so hit up 2 beef sticks and wandered the kitchen. Do I wanna fry this meat or that, maybe do up a 1/2 lb of shrimp to snack. Ya know in the end I ate nothing else. It was TOO much friggin’ work to bother cooking!

today I am starting day with a smaller Tbone steak and might just pair up my ‘hot dog mess’ with it again. Why the draw to a hot dog when I only get this like, what?, 2 times a year if that ever? No idea :slight_smile:

I just eat what zc tells me to eat! So today might be wild in food choices, got sardines on my brain now too.

Hit another store since steaks were not abundant and that store had 8 big thick steaks and I did grab 2 packs of ‘those darn thin cut steaks’ cause not sure if I can get to anotehr store by the time the sales goes off. ugh. SO want ribeye sales to hit soon. SO want big ol’ chuck roast sales to hit also.

I got a big pack of chicken breasts defrosted for family meals, I am sure sometime over today or next I will be hounding down some chicken too!

Here is my sad lil’ old ancient chest freezer out in the garage. Hubby bought it like 30 yrs ago, before we were even married. One day I said I need a freezer and he came home with this used ‘$50 special’ and it has run ever since. It sure wasn’t what I envisioned but the hubby went for it :slight_smile: it works stellar and keeps on running so I can’t even bother replacing it with another til it craps out. Darn thing ain’t ever gonna crap out. Loaded up of course with meat/seafood fish and fowl. Well not as loaded now but working on it again. Stock that meat in my freezer is so important to me. Size is ok since I am the only carni in this house anyway!

(Linda ) #278

It really is that easy I’m not hungry at all between meals… I take jake out for his walk before I eat or drink anything. I started that because I’d get a few mouthfuls of coffee in and he would start whining to go so id end up taking him to shut him up and end up with cold coffee…
so it’s best take him first , get food and drinks later and in peace lol…
Once I take that first bite my hunger hits and I’m usually full by time I’m finished til next meal I’m only eating twice.

Thank you yes hopefully it keeps going…


It’s late and I am tired, I just talk about today’s shopping :smiley: (I wrote lengthy comments in my head so I better come and actually write something but in a more concise way. [Yeah, sure. Because I am capable of that after a successful shopping when I even need to cheer up after a hard day. Talking about food helps a lot.])

It wasn’t a particularly good day, cold, wet, webshop parcel problems (why they update the system for hours in the middle of Saturday without telling it people I have no idea… we usually pick it up from an automaton. I am unsure about the terms, I just translate from Hungarian), headache… And visiting multiple shops is never my idea of fun but it definitely cheers me up to get supplies! :smiley:

Some are blurry and depth of field isn’t great either on the camera, whatever.

Look, I got the cutest, most cheerful little cup ever! I LOVE this color and it has freckles :smiley: I will make a better shot of it tomorrow.

Today… wasn’t a carnivore day, again but I ate a decent amount of chicken and some pork and it wasn’t too bad in my eyes. I wasn’t hungry, thankfully, I was okay with a small lunch (1.5 chicken leg and some pork soup with a little pork in it still isn’t a full meal to me) but satiation needed some food at home too. I ate maybe too many Vienna sausages (though they were frankfurters :smiley: well, I looked it up and according to that definition no but they were called frankfurters. made of chicken) as they definitely isn’t to eat when I am hungry, I have more substantial meat for it but well, not now and I fancied Vienna sausages. I do it like once a year. I could buy better meat with that money but it’s fun sometimes, convenient, easy to eat, it may come handy! Still not for hungry me who would gladly eat pork but I only had little leftovers. I will solve this tomorrow!

I got a cute, 4kg (~9 pounds) pork shoulder piece, 2kg pork chuck with bone as my main meat source. A hen for soup (not as tiny as last time), some fatty duck necks (Alvaro looked at them with disdain as usual… they were on -50% sale and I rarely eat duck! as it’s expensive and still just a fowl, doesn’t worth it to me. I saw a beef sale too but I didn’t like its look, it was tiny too… no, we just didn’t fancy it despite the great price), 2x500g chicken liver…
4 different dry sausages, well they were all on sale and we wanna try the new ones out :wink: They last long enough, it will easy to eat them up. I looked at the labels at home, all have some kind of sugar, not more than 0.5%, still unnecessary but while it’s not that very hard to find sausage without added sugar, it’s not that common and I just didn’t look at the labels. But that level should be fine. The last sausage had no sugar, it was nice. With its nutricore of F.

By the way, F was the efficiency rating of the most cute fridge we have found. And it could be a tad taller… We will continue our search. It seems only Whirpool fridges have the open freezer self I want. Yep, no change there. I still checked all of them… One can never know. But it’s so basic to me to have an open one… I use my freezer a lot, just putting in something or getting it out, it should be quick and convenient!

Oh but what else did I buy that might be interesting? :smiley: Organs I don’t normally buy!
Pork liver - I am brave now and more price sensitive than ever (oh getting a decent amount of money that I totally want to spend partially did absolutely nothing to my money spending abilities :smiley: I persuade myself not to buy things because they aren’t that important… it’s good, I guess. anyway, I bought a tiny cup and 2 tubes of acrylic paint :smiley: I am used to buying such things, I can’t justify things I usually don’t… one day I will buy pants. mine have no pockets, they are light colored and thin. a bit tight too but I only have those so I wore them. it’s hard to imagine any person hating pants shopping more than me but they surely exist somewhere. I am okay with the idea. theoretically. in the distant future as a possibility…) so I decided to try to make pretty much edible (I mean, without suffering… enjoyable may be too much to ask for though it’s my goal) pork liver dishes again. It CAN’T be impossible. I ate not so great but okay pork liver dishes made by others. I love store-bought pork pâté… There must be a way. Just because my basic attitude is “if it’s good meat, it should be work if I just toss it into a pan and fry it”, sometimes a bit more effort sounds the right way to approach things. I got tips from experienced older people. Involving more or less carbs but the stew-like, very very popular liver dish have a chance.
I will search for carnivore options too but the sweetness of onion does good to the bitterness. The hardcore, carnivore way is probably way more difficult to pull off. Unless I just add a ton of pork, that should make the strong flavor weaker.
I think you people here either just eat it as it is or don’t eat liver but tell me if you have any tips.

Chicken hearts :heart_eyes: They are so very tiny and I have 500g of them! :star_struck: We have been planning to make a liver/heart stew since AGES but it’s so very hard to find only hearts! Liver and liver with heart is easy to get but even the latter has one tiny heart for one big liver and I prefer the same weight of both. I love chicken hearts, they are tasty and a bit chewy as all hearts. I like chicken liver too but the taste is strong so it’s better to dilute it. But it’s tender unlike the heart… The combo is great, that’s why it’s a thing here. Mom never did it but Alvaro thinks about it fondly.
(If it’s chicken or pork, Hungarians surely make stew of it. Not like beef would be the exception, tripe stew, WHY? :smiley: Of course we make the same type of stew from many vegetables and a bit modified one using eggs. Blood stew is totally a thing, of course, it’s part of an animal so avoiding becoming Hungarian stew isn’t really an option… But blood is harder to get so things like pig’s feet stew are way more popular. I don’t like it as it has no meat while it has animal body parts. I only liked vegetarian and meaty stews. I have no idea about my opinion about vegetable stews as I avoid them since several years and changed too much to guess.)

Probably everyone knew it won’t be concise. Oh well, these are fun topics. I did omit most of what I was thinking while showering. These are new.

Dairy wise, we got lots of cheese for Alvaro (and me but mostly him), more will arrive on Monday. We got milk, I was brave and it was a too good sale so I bought low-fat sour cream… Of course I bought normal one in the biggest container too.
I bought kefir, quark and found a good butter sale, yay!

And I found a nice looking head cheese. Not the cheap lame thing with mostly aspic and skin, it is rich in tongue and that is one of the best meat. And it was on sale with a decent price too. It happens, I don’t want everything all the time so I eat whatever is on sale. Lots of things are on sale any time so it’s not a restriction, more like it helps me to decide what to buy :wink: Of course I always buy the necessary things like my favorite sour cream. I don’t even buy pork chuck not on sale but it’s always on sale somewhere and when it is not, I am quite fine with my other favs.

Tomorrow I plan to start with 500g fried pork shoulder and then we will see. It’s so good to have some fattier pork already, hopefully I will get proper macros this way and won’t be hungry when I don’t really want more of my leanish meat anymore but didn’t get enough fat. I tried to balance it out but it’s not always easy especially with low supplies.

My freezer is packed even with lots of meat (like the pork liver, several Vienna sausages and the pork shoulder) not in it. But it’s good, I will cook the mentioned ones soon. Except the Vienna sausages, they are already cooked and Alvaro will do whatever he wants with his ones, he wants several. It’s nice we both fancy these things now.

Oh I bought some leanish pork too, of course. It’s the cheapest cut by far due to the price cap still on it and I even like it a lot. When it’s not too lean but I have my ways.

And I forgot to tell until now that I TOTALLY FORGOT I quit coffee and I had some. I always drink coffee at Alvaro’s Mom, I had a headache, I was tired, cold and a bit upset because of the parcel thing (we couldn’t get it yet at that point)… It felt good, definitely no regrets! I drank some at home too but only the cheaper, more bitter kind and mostly black. It was comfort/medicine for my headache, not like it helped much but it still feels good when I have a small headache. Small but insistent. It’s very tiny now, thankfully. I have enough problems without it.


Making a note regarding Atrial Fibrillation (AF), ZC and dairy.

Dairy foods can be beneficial in helping mitigate some of the toxin release side effect problems when eating an elimination diet such as carnivore. The calcium mineral in cream based dairy foods can bind oxalates in the gut, thus preventing their absorption. Some people dirty up their carnivore with chocolate. Dark chocolate contains oxalate. So do some seed bean, or leaf beverage drinks. Clean carnivore can release stored oxalate, dirty carnivore can add oxalates. We get hit from both sides.

A common lifelong poor eating, stored toxin is oxalate. The liver can also produce internal oxalate in the absence of dietary oxalate. When on a low oxalate diet like a ZC carnivore elimination diet, there will be cyclical stages when the circulating oxalate levels dropping will trigger the release of stored oxalates from body tissues. A variety of symptoms can result such as pain in joints, pain in ligaments, pain in tendons, skin rashes, teeth pain, crusty eyes, watery diarrhoea (how many people complain of diarrhoea when they start carnivore?), cloudy urine and kidney and bladder pain, maybe even kidney stone formation. I don’t want to experience that again.

The problem that interests me is that the oxalate binds strongly with circulating electrolytes meaning they are unavailable for electrical function in the heart, thus causing AF - with a subsequent symptomatic cure of large doses of salty bone broth and magnesium citrate dosing to intestinal tolerance.

So, the ZC carnivore diet is clean, and in this case, cleansing. But accumulated oxalate may take 5 to 10 years to clear from the body. That means there will be cycles through dumping times when things that feel like disease happen, like AF.

Here is a photo of 8pm twilight at the beach last night. Air temperature 27’C and a very light warm breeze. Eventually got home to eat a perfectly cooked by Mrs. Bear rib steak served with pickled octopus.