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So many things to think about in these posts today!
@FrankoBear I don’t think we can get double cream here, but I think in England I had it. My last time there was on a concert tour in the early 90s.
I love raw cream, which I have bought from a farmer in Pennsylvania. Here in Texas I haven’t found anything other than supermarket cream. Love the image of the sleeping mouse on the spoon.
Congrats on the new farm! Sounds beautiful. Looking forward to stories of it!
@SecondBreakfast Hope you’re recovering from that fall. Ice is scary. Rest is paramount for healing, hope you get a lot of it.
@Shinita You would love a little air fryer. In our tiny kitchen in Virginia, where the stove and oven aren’t even working, I live on the air fryer, instant pot, sous vide and a small electric skillet. For the small kitchen they’re ideal as I’m always swapping things from shelves to counter to cook. Counter space there is about a square foot!
Here in Texas, the kitchen is nice and big and most of the laundry room acts as extra kitchen. I get so spoiled here. But still depend mostly on the electric appliances I’ve gotten so used to in VA all these years.
–We decided some time ago to use dedicated fridge and freezer here whenever we could manage to get them. We got the freezer last month and today we got a “flex” fridge with programmable sections. This thing is so cool! Everything that was crammed into our side by side fridge section is now in the new fridge and it looks so empty! Here’s how it looked right off the truck -

Today, I cut some more of the brisket for a late lunch after having a boiled egg in the morning.
After teaching, about 5, I sliced some sharp cheddar and braunschweiger and set it up on the island and that kept me going for the rest of the evening.

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No double whipping cream here infact almost impossible to get heavy cream without additives …but so sad lol…

@MeganNZ I’ve never had an issue with energy sleep on the other hand I kind of always fighting insomnia at night and then getting up later…
its funny when I was over eating on protein my hair was coming out in handfuls i know another not supposed to happen with enough protein…but since adopting higher fat that seems to have stopped ketosis maybe part of that not sure. …inflammation since being in ketosis has dropped more also my rings used to be tight on my fingers in the mornings but that is not something I’m dealing with now and also I was starting to have pain in my finger joints waking up stiff that too has gone now. And im not feeling the bone pain in my knee any more from rain… so yes def seeing more improvement

Getting the weight to turn around has been great for improvement in mood and attitude there is hope I’ll get back in my clothes… but most importantly for me was blood sugar …diabetes can rob so much from us and I just want to avoid it at all costs

@JJFiddle love your new fridge I have a middle flex drawer on mine I use as freezer but can be fridge I just don’t need extra fridge space as I have fridge freezer in garage as well.

(Alec) #243

You ask a very interesting question, and the answer is that it varies…

  1. A lot depends on the phase of the training cycle I am in.
    * Recovery phase is close to zero hard sprints
    * Base phase is usually 3-4 hard sprints (we call them strides) maybe twice per week
    * Competition phase I would increase my strides to 6 maybe 3-4 times per week
    * Peaking phase the number probably comes down to 3-4 twice per week again
  2. In addition to those strides (approx 100m long, could last 15-20 seconds each), in the competition and peaking phase, I would be doing intervals, which are not sprints, but hard racepace (or faster than racepace) efforts over anything from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. I would do maybe 1-2 sessions of intervals each week, and I would vary the pace, the time, and the rest between reps. These intervals are a great way to increase your pace without tiring yourself out with a sustained hard effort (similar to a race or time trial).
  3. There are lots of benefits to these faster efforts, both the really short strides and also the longer intervals. They do increase the risk of injury, so they need to be done carefully, starting with shorter and controlled efforts, and then increasing speed and quantity gradually. The easiest way to get injured running is to run fast when your body is not ready for it.
  4. In terms of proportions, you ask the key question… in the past 12 months, the proportion of these harder efforts was around 5-10% (or even less, depending on training phase). I have very recently changed my regime, and I am now doing more harder intervals and less slow work: approx 40-50% faster work now. I have earned the right to do that with the 12 months of base/slow training I have done in the last 12 months. It remains to be seen if my body is OK to live with this… I don’t think I can do this for long, I think I will cycle in and out of this much harder regime. But so far so good. I will let you know if I break down!
  5. I forgot one area when I add a sprint: on about 1 long run in 3 I do a stride on each k… meaning the watch beeps as I finish a km and then I do a stride, and then go back to long run (slow) pace. Long runs can be 12-16 even 18k, so I could be doing a lot more strides per week depending on what I am doing on the long run.


Yes, my reason for doing this is different to yours - but I think being normal carnivore for a couple of years first was really important for my metabolism, and for the other improvements I saw before I became ill.

I’ve been doing high fat less time than you, but it’s been an interesting change. At first, I was ravenous and consuming far more calories than on normal carnivore, but I can feel that I’ve lost size. I stuck to my ‘eat when hungry’ mantra and after a while, my hunger has calmed down - although I am still consuming the same (or slightly higher) calories as I was on carnivore.

I don’t know what my ketone readings would’ve been prior to being ill, but they were between 0.8 and 1.1 when I first made the change. Now, like you, they’re between 3 and 5.
On the days where they’re higher, I have felt better despite still being sick.

How is your blood glucose, @Azi ? Mine’s gone down about a point, or 18 in US units (sits around 3.6 or 65 in US).


I started to react but it’s about me mostly as usual, so I kinda put this warning here.

I almost never was in ketosis then :smiley: I was so, so hungry on keto first! :smiley: And then got fat adapted (so I suppose I was in ketosis, I felt a tiny bit differently anyway and I lost water weight)… My hunger got cuter but I still was hungry a lot, definitely in a deficit, that’s why I never lost fat (except short times when I tried hard and ate less), I always ate too much for that…

Of course I ate a lot even without hunger and appetite but I usually had hunger and I needed to throw a lot of food to it. 1200 kcal for my first meal just didn’t always do the trick! I think only carnivore brought the weird “no hunger” times.
Well I am hungry a lot lately… I blame the turkey for last night, I truly wanted to go to bed but I was so hungry… And I needed a lot of food to satiate it. Pork will help me from now on.

Okay, I believe you weren’t in ketosis… We know that some (many!) people doesn’t feel good on carnivore with lots of protein either. We are different.
And I don’t care about ketosis anyway, carnivore feels best so I keep it. As soon as I can go back to it fully but I am working on it. Then I add my tiny extras again anyway but I prefer them to be really, really tiny and not even every day.
But as I don’t want to go off keto until June, I need to entertain my rebellious self sometimes :slight_smile: I never had such a super long keto time (of course I want it very close to carnivore but I won’t be very down if a few keto days would happen. I wouldn’t like higher-carb ones at all. I can do this.)

so lucky… Yesterday was special even in my life but I felt the desire to eat ALL DAY, it was disconcerting. And I ate a lot the previous day and felt I don’t need food… I just wanted it. Very, very well-fed (so, after overeating) my desire for food normally turns off. Not yesterday :frowning:
What my hormones do no idea but I am quite sure the mind can override things quite easily. It happens to so many. It happens to me even on keto, apparently.

It’s so unfortunate many of us need to figure out why it doesn’t work for us when it works so well for others… But it’s life.
It’s so ODD I was able to drop my vegs (and walnuts. yum. and peanuts but that’s addiction and my body complained in the end, good riddance!) and start to eat meat again (but I NEVER ate meat every day before!)… Keto didn’t work for me, I needed this but was so far from carnivore originally… As I did vegetarian keto. I would in so big trouble if I had to go back to that, it seems so difficult in retrospection but it felt easy back then, except missing vegs, that was hard.

But carnivore was so good for me (I know I went off all the time but while it lasted), no problems at all, well except the boredom and when I got satiated too easily… But it still was way better and easier than my original keto. So I always felt I have it very easy :slight_smile: I don’t lose fat, of course as I still eat too much (but it’s just carni adjacent… I did lose fat in my 2 pure carni weeks. I am not sure it would happen again but probably) but it will be better later I am sure!

Yep. Especially not pmsf, that’s starvation. By the way, I read about PMSF a little lately and some articles totally hints at people “should” do it longer term if they can… It’s horrible. It’s like fat fasts, not sustainable. Okay, there is the protein, it’s something but it’s still starving and many of us don’t even have enough body fat to pull it off well… We need more energy even for a quicker healthy fat-loss.
The food must be horrible for most people’s tastebuds too…
But high-fat can be problematic too. But many can pull of 80/20 for very long, it’s not a starvation thing, more like the opposite for me, that’s why I won’t do it…
But a fattier day here and there? I find those useful.


@JJFiddle: OMG that’s a huge fridge! :smiley: Have very many lovely moments with it! :smiley: Be it the faithful guardian of your easily perishable goods!
I saw some double ones here too but almost everyone has a normal simple one :smiley: I couldn’t even fit a big one like this into my kitchen (without getting out cupboards I need for my rarely used plates and mugs, I have so many stuff… and there are others. could be done if needed but nope, a slightly bigger fridge than my current one will be fine. poor thing is soo rusty now here and there, we really will start to search for our next, Ideal One. never had a proper sized fridge I chose. once I bought a tiny fridge as the rented place had none).
But we are only 2, we are quite fine with the biggest single :smiley: How anyone handles life with a smaller one I don’t know but maybe they go shopping every day and don’t eat leftovers.

Is that a thing??? Wow.

Cream is the thing I only can get from supermarkets (as the dairy truck doesn’t have it for some reason), it’s UHT, still good but still :frowning: And they are all 30% at most except the one time I found 35%. Sigh. I wrote this about zillion times on this forum but I can’t get over it :smiley: Maybe later when I barely ever open a box of cream anyway…
I only can get raw milk. Hmmm then I probably can get a TINY bit of cream too…? It was ages ago…

I measured my kitchen in this small house :slight_smile: About 16qm. We will give it a new floor, my original idea just didn’t work, not even the second one and it looks so bad I look at it and don’t feel tempted to mop it, it won’t get much prettier :smiley: Of course I mop it eventually but I would do it more often if it would result in a nice floor…
We really can’t postpone this and some other work on the kitchen anymore (omg, it will be a mess and it’s work and I will measure something wrong… and we can’t even move the washing machine…) as the webshop order arrived too early and we will go twice to the city in the next days… The banking is very important and while we try to avoid extra costs like this, it’s about too much money. But if we go twice, I will make sure we visit every shops we need (and that doesn’t fit into a single day because my brain would implode first or something)! So we get the stuff for the kitchen. Or at least check if we have the floor I find acceptable. As usual, I am not VERY choosy but I am a bit, it’s for long term and I saw a nice pattern I loved before and now I know it’s possible to get a pretty one…

But what can I use an air fryer for? What it can do better than an oven or a frying pan?
Oh. Chicken skin, probably. I wouldn’t buy an air fryer just for that though :wink:
I will do some research :slight_smile: And ask elsewhere too.

I never got it on keto :frowning: Okay, I went off a lot but still. One big reason for me to go off was that I got nothing from keto after fat adaptation.
Carnivore(-ish) is way better and sometimes it seems I have a tad more energy so I really should remind me to stuck to it as strict as I can manage without too much effort as I really need more energy. Of course other factors should be right too, why am I writing here instead of walking in the sunshine, for example…? I got so lazy lately. But it’s walking, it’s a purely positive thing! I just was in the kitchen in the morning and wanted some sitting before I go out. Alvaro is standing all day, I always found that hard. I did 9 hour walking when went to hiking but that was rare and fun. And walking is better than standing. Still can be tiring after 8-9 hours.

How big is a dessert spoon? I don’t even own “dessert spoons”. But it seems it’s over a teaspoon, significantly?

Oh I go to the other direction. I don’t care about the carbs in cream, it’s the fat, I don’t need it (well maybe I do now that I eat much leaner meat). I actually used 10% cream before but very rarely, I hate low-fat dairy :smiley: But the 10% I bought came in 180ml! Less than the 200ml for the 30% cream (actually, part of it isn’t pourable but it doesn’t matter, how hard is to use a dedicated 25ml glass for our daily cream? :wink: sadly, that’s enough for ZILLION coffees… I am training to use cream for other things, not coffee). 200ml is such a huge amount, it’s always a tiny problem WHAT on earth can I use it for? I give maybe 50ml to Alvaro for his dessert but still way too much is left… Fortunately I have some dishes I can use it for. Originally it was ice cream but on carnivore I desire ice cream exactly never. I don’t even want to eat it (it’s lower than desire. I don’t desire it but if I have it, I can eat it gladly due to tastiness, I have lots of such things)… So I don’t make it unless I am kind of forced to it by too many leftover yolks.
It can go into quiche but that uses too much cheese and I am not always the mood for it. But it was so long ago, I will make one soon, I just need cream :slight_smile:
Nowadays I make my raw fluff with cream, a big portion (even I often eat it for 2 meals) uses 30-40g… So I manage but it would be better with smaller cream box. I think twice before I open a big, 200ml one! Especially if I am sure I don’t want coffees with it…

Yeah, I get way more carbs from eggs than from cream :smiley: I don’t care about that.
Yogurt bring sugar like crazy though. How anyone can eat that in moderation IDK :smiley:

Going for the fattier stuff helps me a lot, yep. I use way more milk in a coffee than cream. But the 30% one is fatty enough (I still would love to try those super fatty ones out of curiosity… the 35% one was like the normal 30%).

And I prefer the pourable ones as they easier to mix in anything. I think. As I never saw a cream over 35%, I don’t actually know what it is like… But still, liquid mixes easier. I like pouring cream from the box or bowl it’s in (the bowl has whipped cream but some of them became liquid again and I pour that into my coffees).

I am without coffee for the 2nd day now, by the way. No problem this far :slight_smile:
And I did 3 days where I ate 8g extra salt. I split it as 8g at once is a bit much, I need some break. It tastes absolutely terrible, well, it’s salt so it’s super salty. No other effects yet, I just totally hate eating it but I don’t feel miserable. I ate worse medicine before. But not often. Even Epsom salt is tastier than salt and I dislike bitterness…
I guess it’s as bad to me as collagen peptides to Alvaro. He still diligently drinks it, right before eating something tasty to take away the bad taste.
I avoid it as I already overeat protein… I consume it on some of my fatty day when my protein is lower.

It isn’t protein rich so there is no satiation from it in my case. It’s just joy and a coffee trigger. I try to avoid it for a while.
And it makes my carni less strict, not like it matters lately when I add lots of stuff anyway, like cheese. I still am in my cheese phase :smiley: And it’s fine, my meat is too lean anyway, need the help.

Of course I need restriction for cream, it’s unavoidable. But it’s fine, it doesn’t feel bad and if I only have my tiny glass of it, I feel free, I don’t need to measure or be careful, I can eat it all :smiley: If I use the box or bowl or jar or whatever I use at the moment, it’s a dangerous, scary thing. Or not, I am not that worrying, happens but happens but I still make some attempts to avoid overeating…
But at this point cream isn’t really a problem for me, my leaner meat balances it out. As long as it’s pork and not turkey.
I still keep turkey but I always will make sure I have enough proper pork (and fat) with it!

Thanks everyone to tolerate me, my mood went up spectacularly reading and writing here :slight_smile: Now I go out, still sunshine! Well a bit, not a full one.

(Linda ) #247

It depends what time I eat I prefer mine to be in the 70s but last few days I been eating later than I like cos Jake’s walk comes first so I been taking it as soon asi get back and ts been 95 then it drops back to 70s after eating lol


Great posts on the board.


WOW I thought your ‘new 40’ was next to your now homestead…but only a 3 hr drive. very doable :slight_smile: and more isolated which I think you guys would enjoy being that homesteader off grid type mentality, kinda like me. SUPER happy for you and Mrs. Bear on this one and ya know Billie will love that freedom too!

cream and double cream mean nothing to me. can’t help ya there. I only use some heavy whip cream and buy when my mind says homemade alfredo sauce :slight_smile:

@JJFiddle, super cool on your new techno freezer or rocket ship, whatever that entails HAHA

@Shinita, wonderful you got the insurance handled and ‘when I see millions’ I had to do a ‘basic conversation’ against my US dollars LOL but happy out got it done and handled and ‘maybe a new freezer ya wanted’ can be had now?

super glad you didn’t break something hitting the ground like that. older now I am scared of breaks vs. the younger days of I could bounce up fine LOL

yea our farm equip also had LONG lifespans. but darn when things go south omgosh truly on it all for $$ but also when we sell equip they do hold good value. easier to put some parts on the equip than buy new. we sold our 2 hay balers, and many tractors and bush hog eqip and tethers and more and we did very well cause to buy new, yikes, used is the way to go on ‘big all iron equip’ for sure :slight_smile: feel ya on that!
3 months for the new tract tire. wow. had to hurt. we rely on all tractors at all times as I know you do too! ugh

ahhh, the ‘system’. just file paper and wait. then wait more. survive while ya can and wait. best of it all, backdated money!!! beauty food pics as usual and I love seeing them :slight_smile:

------------------not sure on food today. winter. winter has shut me down physically. I slug out in this cold time. I don’t have any activity mostly other than being outside to do what I like. Kayak, swim, metal detect beaches, hiking, bike and all that outside stuff. So winter closes me down a ton, which means sluggy. Sluggy means I do not need alot of food. I tend to lose lbs easily in winter time, summer not as much.

no big food focus so ‘I hit my scale’ to see over a few days and I am holding ‘down 2 lbs.’ from my usual now. OK I WILL TAKE JUST THAT and be fine with it. Key being not food wanting, don’t bother eating like I normally do in summer LOL ahhh, the beauty of how zc works for me personally.

today I got 2 big cheeseburgers on my radar. I want them.
then second meal, between chicken breast and maybe a massive lb of shrimp in alfredo sauce. I do have a bit of heavy cream I need to use up so…waste not want not I guess. Shrimp is drawing me more for today.

ZC strong all


I am still cheerful, a bit slower as I had my meal… I am still hungry and I got bored of my pork roast in little time - yeah, I prefer fattier cuts for that. I will make my fried pork tomorrow, I won’t have such problems there! And I happened to start with the fattier slice and left the lean one later… After some eggs I needed the leftover piece. Pie was very happy to help me out but she only got tiny bites. That small cat eats meat SO MANY times quicker than I do and I don’t actually eat slowly.

Alvaro liked the pork roast. We have more for tomorrow, some very small fatty pieces for me and a big lean thing for him.
I thought how lucky we don’t need overcomplicating dishes. It could be simpler, yes but we don’t need sauces and marinades and salad dressings… (Even if I used condiment in the very end when I was very hungry but didn’t want the lean meat. Lean meat is different, I usually need something with it. Fat is the perfect "condiment’…) Alvaro has plenty of 2 ingredient dishes (like the roast, it has salt), he eats multiple ones at the same time though… He can’t just eat fatty protein alone. I never had such problems, probably… I had difficulties to eat things together when they weren’t even mixed or layered. I probably mentioned it before. Meat, something starchy, some low-carb veg on the plate - and I ended up eating one part as kept forgetting the existence of the others. Alvaro typically recalculates everything at every bite (I guess) so even the last bite has the perfect ratio :smiley: And it’s the tastiest, he makes sure about it, he saves the best part for it. I can relate to that.

I feel full. Good I stopped when still hungry and unsatisfied a bit… It’s so very hard for me to get satiated lately. I need to get strict and hopefully it stops.


I do something wrong. I felt starving this afternoon… And my average protein intake guesstimation for the last 5 days is at 168 grams :rofl: (And it’s still without tonight’s late eating. That I reaaaaally hope I will avoid. But if I get hungry, I need to eat.)
I can just laugh at it at this point. It’s still safe and stuff, just unnecessarily expensive.

Well surely better days will come. I feel pretty okay though. Except when I am starving and spend too much time with cooking and eating. I would prefer the chill I had before.
And I thought pork would help. I did eat over a pond of it, eggs and extra fat too… Still got hungry again very soon.
But it still should help, maybe tomorrow :slight_smile:

I need to get more active.

(Linda ) #251

I haven’t posted a blood and ketone reading for awhile this I took after walking jake before anything to eat or drink. 85 blood. 5.0 ketones

(Karen) #252

Up at 8am though i was awaken earlier by the big diggers that are turning over the concrete in the land at the back of my garden. They are now making the area of the demolished house and petrol station in to car/van hire which is better than the containers that had been put there and it is just going to be to the side rather than directly behind my garden. I wont probably even be able to see it from my place. So much better.

Meds, BP, Black coffee and books till it was time to start getting ready to go to Derby dancing.

I ate minced pork prior to heading off. Pleasant afternoon then home to eat cold the bit i left. Then i cooked the minced chicken that i had defrosted at same time as the pork so it had to be cooked and i have eaten have of that. Now eating a tin of tuna and have had some cheddar.

This is the miced pork, the chicken looked very similar so i havent taken pics of that and tuna is just tuna hahah

100 push ups and 50each delt front and side raises :grinning:

(Judy Thompson) #253

I use collagen peptides in my coffee, along with cream. This morning I got a little taste of the powder alone (not mixed in very well) and it tasted sweet, like whey protein! I love the collagen in my coffee. It seems to neutralize the bitterness. Another surprising aspect of my taste changes since carnivore.

Yes the fridge! I mentioned that the old fridge was mostly full of hubby’s sides. Yesterday I made yogurt, 4 qts of 24 hr yogurt in the instant pot. So. Here’s what the new fridge looks like inside, the top part.

The bottom part is practically empty, but there were so many potatoes (I overbought) I had to put them in the bottom flex section which is set for meat. That section is about the size of an office or lg hotel room fridge. I set it for meat figuring it should be enough space for all the thawed meat, ever.

I’m shocked how little space our food takes up!
The dedicated freezer is stuffed however. As it should be! I won’t need to buy meat for awhile!

The top shelf holds any rotten stuff on the right and my homemade raw dog food is frozen on the left. In the middle are some pots I’ll eventually get around to heating up for hubby.
Everything else is meat!

Today I air fried chicken thighs and seared the rest of the brisket from the first ⅓ of the roast.

@Shinita I used to cook everything in my little air fryer, but you do have a regular oven. It’s really just a convection oven, most of them with a timer that shuts the unit down at the end. It may save electricity since it’s usually very small.
I have to admit to being an appliance junkie :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Alec) #254

Breakfast… I don’t usually do breakfast but I was hungry this morning after my run… a sign that I have less bodyfat to access??? :+1::joy::clap::clap: Also pic of this morning’s running group. Me in the middle in blue shirt.

(Judy Thompson) #255

Gorgeous breakfast! Nice looking runners too :slight_smile:


@Shinita. A dessert spoon is between a teaspoon (5ml) and a tablespoon (15ml) in size. I might have the name wrong. Maybe it’s a Soupspoon? Anyway, it holds about 10ml of liquid, I reckon.


Blood ketone monitoring has some interesting discussion points in relation to the carnivore way of eating, and health goals. I’d love to dive in to some philosophical thinking, but I am back at work. My plate is full, and it’s not steak, eggs, and bacon. So, I’ll pin this post here for coming back to.


so lucky you won’t be able to see that new car/van hire biz.
Enjoy your dancing in Derby? Did I get that right :slight_smile: Your dance event is in the town of Derby?

Love the pics and you being a proud new momma of such a nice new fridge! Feels good tho to be organized so well in your fridge etc. and to have nice open space still in it. No jammed up with whatever :slight_smile: cool.
Nice to see your home inside with all that nice woodwork in it!

------------quickie post. have some stuff to handle. gonna be one of those busier run here and there days.

got Tbone steaks on a lower priced sale. I NEED alot of them. I am gonna hit 2 or 3 stores and get a load over the next few days of this sale. My steak supply has dwindled and that just can not happen! So I am off hunting the meat for sure and stocking the freezer.

so first meal later will be a big ol’ Tbone steak. and believe me they better have some thicker cuts packaged. I ain’t stocking up tons of those super thin cut packs…ugh. Can only wish myself luck out there hunting the sale :slight_smile:


@JJFiddle: Yes, I saw people drink it in coffee and wanted to try but kept forgetting and now I don’t drink coffee… Alvaro drinks coffee once in every season, 4 times a year :smiley:
I don’t feel it sweet, it reminds me of gelatin, not good but not particularly bad. Alvaro hates it though.
Oh, it goes against the bitterness? Sounds good, not like I actually need it most of the time but sometimes when I use the cheaper, very okay but more bitter brand, it’s a bit too bitter to me… I will try it out when I drink coffee again unless I forget…

Yay, fridge pics! :smiley:
Our potatoes and beetroots and onions are below our fridge, I made a tiny wooden frame with a shelf there. I wondered about it before as our fridge isn’t the heighest but I want to buy the heighest possible and still storing (to store? English is sometimes too hard to me) canned fruit on top. WE need all the surfaces for it.
We will see. I probably would like to keep that container as it means I don’t need to bend too much to reach the lower part of the fridge… How I will reach the upper part, that’s another thing to consider :smiley:
But I open the freezer very often so I suppose we will just use the high parts for storing things for later so I don’t need to reach it often or ever. Anyway, my chair is just next to the fridge.
I see there is a proper big drawer thing on the bottom of the fridge. It’s super common, thankfully, I WANT that. Ours are small as not only the door containers takes away from it but some machinery of the fridge is on the bottom…

My oven is a mini grill, actually, I imagine it saves electricity too as it’s not a full sized oven. It’s a big mini oven though as I need the space for my meats, my muffin mold that holds 12 “muffins” like my sponge cakes, Alvaro’s cheesy fluffs… I mostly just do these two in it. On and quiche but I very rarely make quiche and keep forgetting about its existence or I am not in cheesy mode or like now, I just lack cream, even sour cream - and currently, I barely have eggs either.

Doesn’t matter, I don’t know such a thing either :smiley: I eat my soups with the biggest tablespoon I have :smiley: But don’t everyone?
So there is a name for 10ml, didn’t know, thanks!

Nothing to report eating wise yet as it’s only noon here - except that finally, I was nicelty satiated until bedtime so no after-midnight eating due to hunger (or anything else)! Yay! I knew pork will be more effective. Even if I was so very hungry in my eating window. I expect better times now but when do I not? I am a huge optimist!
My main dish will be my soup today :smiley: I never had this before but it’s a lovely pork soup and I doubt I can stop and why would I? I will eat fried pork and scrambled eggs with bacon but they will be way tinier than the soup :slight_smile: I just eat the whole pot (it’s a small one). At least that is the plan. I tasted it last evening and it’s good. I used pork and 3 turkey wing bones (they are so HUGE, how a not super big bird has such huge wing bones I can’t imagine. turkey sizes always confused me…) as the bones still had things on it that seemed good for a soup :smiley: Indeed, even some meat came off. The cats gnawed on the bones afterwards, they can’t do so much with big bones but something they can.
So today should be pretty straightforward.

And hopefully the pork brings my mind back to carnivore, I feel I start to waver (of course, I would came back very quickly even if I went off but still, I didn’t plan totally off days until June), Alvaro eats so nice non-carni things, I have hunger and problems… But I don’t really want the things, I like my food if it’s varied and good enough, it wouldn’t worth it and I trust in my pork now that I have enough ready to eat. And maybe it’s time to eat our fancy seafood. (Everything beyond tinned herring, salmon spread and hake fish is fancy to me.) I don’t desire it specifically but it will be surely very nice and something new.

And I go back to fattier pork for a while too, I just still haven’t any…

Good luck, Hunter @Fangs! :smiley:

(Karen) #260

@Fangs Yes Derby city, i live smack bang in the middle of the cities of Derby and Nottingham. Takes 20 mins to reach both from my house. I am fortunate to live between the 2 even though i dont go into the cities very often as i dont like lots of people around me. Yesterday i just had to briefly skirt round the centre, it was an easy and fairly quick drive. But, they are there if i ever have the need to enter them if i am unable to get what i want from my local towns.

@JJFiddle your freezer makes me feel like i must be a very greedy piggy … yours is for you your hubby and doggo and mine is just for moi!

But just like you Judy, my fridge is often quite bare, eggs, cheese and whatever i have just got out the freezer … today there is also 2 steaks left in the pack of 4 and 3 packs of sausages to try from M&S unopened… i have to be in the right mood for sausages!