what I would love to see is new carnivore people understanding the ‘vids and more they see’ from long term zc people is not them.

We both got changes we would love to see in everyone for sure :slight_smile:

(Karen) #222

Well what a day? Very restless night and evn making he decision to stay in bed 45mins past my 8am alarm i still hadnt got my 8hrs in :confounded:

So i have done very little barring my usal coupl of hours reading. Stayed in jimjams all day which is becoming a bit of a bad habit on my rest days! It snowed a bit today but it had been foecast and also forecast to drop to -4/5 tonight. Its 1845hrs and already below zero. I jave my thick jimjam bottoms on and have noticed the difference in warmth so i wont chastise myself too much… one has to keep warm and also staying in doors means my pennies stay in my purse!

Had an early brunch at 1130am of a 3 egg cheese omelette. Very tasty.

Dinner was a lovely steak. Just a cheap one out of a pack of 4 which worked out a £2 each but very tasty. 3 left in pack and here’s hoping they are all as good 'cos i am going to enjoy eating them if they are.

I put chicken thighs in the oven straight after eating the steak which took 40mins. They turned out as crispy as usual, seaoned them with cajun this time Oh they were so good. @Fangs how did your wings turn out? Do they end up with crispy skins? I knew if i ate just the steak i would feel hungry a bit later and the same would be if i just ate the thighs so i planned the way i ate tonight and it has done the trick, nicely full but not stuffed :grinning:


I ate well today. I mean, it was enjoyable, nutritious etc.

I overeate protein again. I do that now (I don’t exactly needed that much fat either but it wasn’t too bad. it was normal, my total lack of exercise isn’t normal :frowning: ). In the last 6 days my average protein intake (guesstimation but I don’t have anything better) was about 150g a day. And it included a lower-protein higher-fat day (when I consumed 116g protein… but I didn’t have enough fatty stuff so at least my fat wasn’t too high :smiley: only 144g)… That’s definitely unnecessarily excessive and I can’t afford it anyway.
Of course I held back some, I easily could eat way more protein I am sure. One day I will try :wink: I used to have 220+ g protein days anyway, it just happened sometimes, surely it will happen again but I am really on my protein minimalization mission now so I only expect that very, very rarely.

I go back to my lunch skipping and want to be SIMPLER as I always planned but never could do it. I should stop being that super food addicted and find some other joy in my life. I don’t have easy days now.

So I ate the above for lunch, a small egg pudding and some coffees with cream.
My dinner was small, I had some turkey, an egg and a jelly fluff that I should stop with, for a while. I run out of cream anyway and it’s only really good with it.

I feel quite full now. 156g protein, 133g fat, completely inactive day so no wonder.
It seems turkey works! I did have pork but very, very little. I will need more experiments :slight_smile: Tomorrow I will focus on turkey even more, I have 1.5 wing base left. I better grab something high-fat from the freezer, I don’t have much but some.

(Michael) #224

@Shinita I get about 1.75g from food which leaves about 0.5 g of sodium to add if I wanted to hit the RDA. I used to rarely add salt, but I do add a bit more now.


Oh I forgot to send this?

Simple but impossibly hard for me. I tried. Oh it went well in the beginning, it was nice, I even thought, oh, an eggy coffee after lunch, it’s fine, it’s one a day.
It ALWAYS very quickly goes back to 10 before my first meal… I do this battle/war since long, I know it happens this way. Not drinking coffee at all is WAY easier and much, much better. I don’t need coffee. I don’t even like it so much. It’s a horrid habit of mine. I DON’T WANT to drink coffee every day, probably not even every week… Pointless and problematic. It may be nice sometimes but AFTER I healed from my addiction. Maybe a few months of ban will be enough. Maybe not. We will see. Maybe I need 10-20 years to avoid it for a whole month, who knows? (I hope not but a few years effort did little.)
Sometimes I switch to cocoa, that is a great idea actually (not drinking coffee is way more important for me than the carnivore I can’t follow anyway but staying very close is good enough for me). As I pretty much stop then :smiley: As much as I love cocoa with a bunch of whipped cream, it’s an occasional drink (and requires cream).

No, I switch to water and tea and after my first meal, egg milk. I love egg milk :slight_smile:
It’s evidently a way better deal to put some effort into not drinking coffee at all and getting lots of benefits than putting more effort (impossible) into a partial thing that will fall apart anyway. It’s like adding extra carbs, it just weaken the whole structure and it won’t end well.

But I talked enough about this, I try not to mention coffee unless it’s about I ignored it for a week :smiley:

But you actually tell me to drink coffee in moderation :smiley: (A time limited one but still, some restriction is placed on it, a quite hard and serious one.) I can eat lots of things in moderation… But NOT coffee.


Wasn’t super hungry today, but ate a few soft boiled eggs swimming in salt and butter, a couple beef meatballs, and a little cheese. Going to work the afternoon shift tomorrow, so will likely just fast.
I have a leak on one of tires, and was quite willing to put the spare on, but hubby and i were unable to budge the lugnuts. Guess those tires have been on for awhile. So, I’m outfitted with an air compressor in the back, and can whip it out- 9:30 at night, in the snow, and pump my tire- if need be. He’s gonna be out of town for a few days, so this will be my MO for Thursday at work, too. Friday, I get all the new tires put on. YAY!

Hope you all are doing well.


Another bright sunny day, the third in the last 4 days :smiley: Weather forecasts say rain for the afternoon but considering the sky has no clouds, it apparently won’t happen here.

And I am not sure about turkey though my mental state wasn’t the best either but if I physically can’t eat, I don’t eat and turkey seems less than what it is, I just eat some bites and it’s surprisingly much protein and fat already…
So I had my first >200g protein day in January.

Today I will eat the last turkey piece with all the skins (I need to fry them much more, of course), I have pork fat too… I plan to eat cheese today and then I go for my simplest way again, I run out of dairy and the cheese is luxury item for Alvaro and it’s better for me to eat rarely so I enjoy it more.


oh yes they do. I make sure of that :slight_smile: I over cook my wings where they kinda dry out but it is more like I am eating all crisp in a way on them. strange but it is how I like them. Your thighs look delish too!!

beauty pics of your meals which I always enjoy seeing in the thread!!

@Shinita, yea I hear ya on hard to do something for sure about our drink/food intake :wink: you will conquer your coffee issue as you want in the end, you keep changing and discovering how it works best for ya.
Nice food plate pic!

such a pain on that tire. omgosh I hate issues like that, worst is one of the tractor tires have issues, yikes, you know, that price right? big equip, big darn expense but now even reg. ol’ car tires will wipe out your wallet too!!

----------------keeping food super simple today.
got 2 ‘thin cut’ ribeyes to eat. on an ok sale price. they had no ‘fat steaks’ and boy I hated buying the thin cut ones but I wanted some darn ribeye so I snagged just 2 packs.
second meal, eating those ribs. yes they never hit the darn oven LOL but finally in the oven they go tonight. All 3 of us will gnaw on them and call it a day with steak and pork ribs.

right now no food is calling my name so that is good.
just zc’ing my way thru Jan and my thoughts are always on ‘come on early early spring, come on early early spring!!’ Brrrr outside :frowning:

pic of skinny cut ribeye…only equals 3/4 lb but it will be ok.

yea they look delish and fat from the top, from a side pic these suckers are truly ‘thin cut’ lol, ugh.

(Robin) #229

Those look perfect and do really well in an air fryer. I’m getting that hang of mine and erring on the side of under-done.


@Fangs …OMYESSSSS!!! Had to help hubby get a tire off the big tractor last summer. It took over 3 MONTHS to get a replacement. The tire was as old as my FIL! LOL! I grew up around Detroit. Never imagined I’d ever learn so much about tractors and farming! Was not on my horizon. And here we are.

So, new thing happened yesterday. In addition to the tire on the Jeep… our water pump decided to go wonky. The water started coming out pinkish/orange. Hubby checked everything over, and talked with the well-pump guy this morning. The preliminary conclusion is that there is a crack somewhere in the well casing, and the check valve is broken. So. No laundry. No showers. No dishes. I always keep fresh jugs of water around the house for power outages and watering plants- so we’re not dying here. But, dang. Really didn’t need more stuff to deal with. The pump itself is over 30 years old- so, They do have a lifespan, afterall. So, before I go to work today, need to shovel out around the well. It’s been unseasonably warm here- like 35-37f , so about 1-2 ft of snow melted around where the pump is. Should make things easier. Hubby is cutting his business trip short and will head back tonight, so he’ll be here for the well guy tomorrow.

Food…so far today, I ate 1/4 of a Chaffle (Cheese and egg cooked in a waffleiron.) Very crunchy. I filled in all the holes with butter. =) Can’t get much more fat than that! LOL! Had a coffee w HWC. Will probably have a couple soft boiled eggs before work. IDK. Not terribly hungry now.

Got an appt. Friday to get all new tires on the Jeep. We bought them awhile ago, and just hadn’t taken them in to get installed and balanced. So, got that to look forward to. Time for a few exercises and then gonna head outside to tend to the chickens and turkeys, and shovel snow.

Have a blessed day!


@Fangs: The ribeyes look good. I wonder if I can get some cheaper beef with some visible fat on it… There are beautiful things I could use in a soup or something but I need fat if I want to fry it… I will look next time. This Saturday will include a hypermarket visit, with the huge meat department even if only a tiny fragment of it is for beef.

It’s amazing how super quickly a cloudless sky can become totally clouded…
But we got no rain.

We got insurance money (the kind where we just get back about the original sum, it still was millions, only in our weak currency but still not little). We will spend a tiny bit of it for important stuff (new doormat. I seriously was shocked by proper strong doormat prices and postponed it, the old doormat worked, it’s just smaller now as a slice tore off), not food. But I will buy a tiny steak, no ribeye, that super luxury item isn’t justifiable but I would potentially ruin it somehow and I am very sure I couldn’t appreciate the nuances. I can appreciate normal, cheaper beef just fine and I prefer pork anyway…

The pork that Alvaro totally wanted to bring me, leaner and way fattier alike. The supermarket was closed, taking inventory. Or whatever is the verb for it.
So I have a 2.2kg/4.85 lbs very frozen pork slab in my fridge now :frowning:
I hoped for some fried pork, the turkey got old (I think the wings aren’t as tasty as the legs but I got bored of the ZILLION bone-like tendons in the latter and anyway, the lil town supermarket don’t have them or not so often), it was a tad dry too today but the separated skins still weren’t good (after more than 2 hours) so I just grabbed them along with some half-fried pork fat and some other “need to be crunchy” stuff from the freezer and fried them for a long time. And I got super crunchy everything! Cool! :smiley:
Now I think fondly of the tenderness of chicken. Turkey is firmer. No problem but it’s a bit of a fight to eat it while chicken softly melts down from the bones…
So it will be chicken after this slab of pork.

20 eggs are left, Friday probably brings more but it’s only Tuesday so we use as little eggs as possible and hope it will be enough.
I am not against a very porky day tomorrow :slight_smile:

I had lunch. Planned not to but couldn’t resist. It was nice except waiting for the crunch with the lean turkey in front of me. it needed the crunch. Alvaro ate his turkey with the very much not crispy skin on it without complaint, he just wished for some sauce for his boiled millet. But I couldn’t help him with that. I barely know sauces and they are for eggs and meat, not grains. I never even used sauce for my pasta, I used vegs or a bunch of cheese :smiley: Or sour cream with paprika, that’s a good sauce, actually :slight_smile:
I used up the sour cream for Alvaro’s pretty good spread (I love the spices in it). It’s a confusing one. Originally uses quark but his is based on millet. And it’s sadly way better than the quark one. I have one almost carnivore spread and I prefer the grain one… Oh well, I know the reason, it’s more neutral. Quark is too much in big quantities. I plan to use eggs for mine in the near future! Eggs are super good replacement for grains anyway. A tad poor for quark (despite all the reviews about their family members couldn’t tell them apart. yes, it is similar to some extent but still very different) but that’s good in this case when I prefer something more neutral. The quark replacement (big thing here as we use quark a lot and paleo is popular here) uses only egg whites but I obviously will try to add some yolk as well…
I perfectly fine existed without the thing but now that Alvaro has a big bowl of it, I want it too.

I am almost thinking about buying one… They started to appear in supermarket ad papers here, you folks say beautiful things about it… And we have some money to spend on useful things…
I don’t care much about crispy vegs and whatnots but if an air fryer can do something nice with the food I like…
So I will read about this topic, feel free to tell me things, everyone!

(My poor kitchen and its space problems. But I can throw out the juicer than I haven’t used since ages.)


So… Very… Full… Alvaro had dinner so I ate too. Just a little :slight_smile:
Fat and protein a tad above 100g. Very good after yesterday. Proper people might have fasted but that’s not me yet.
But I am too full now. I wasn’t before my little biscuit.

Tomorrow is pork day, yay!

And I keep eating my extra 8g salt. It’s horrible, the salt eating. Not bad enough for me to stop but salt tastes horrible as it’s too salty. But I feel normal during the day.

(Karen) #233

Up just before the 7.30 alarm went off. Restless night again. Could be all he cheese i have been eating over past few days. The cheese makes a big difference to howmy nails grow and the’re quite long at the moment… i notice the change in them when i go off cheese for a while.

Meds, BP and black coffee in the lounge wth books then just after 9am off to CrossFit. Another hard workout but they’re all good.

Back home after chitchatting with my CF friends and another black coffee with a bot more reading.

Brunch was number 2 of the 4 pack of steaks and every bit as nice as yesterdays added 2 fried eggs.

Dinner was 2 beef burgers with butter and a tin of mackerel. And now having a mug of beef stock. Been drinking hot water all afternoon.

Stayed in after returning from CF … save my pennies. The civil service pensions havent got my ill health pensin sorted yet so i am almost living off air … well maybe thats a bit of an exageration but 9nly my 2 veey small pension coming in at the mo so still having to be very mindful. They are keeping me in the loop since i called them last week, had an email from them this morning. I am not worrying, it will be backdated when it does get resolved.

100 push ups and 50 each or side and front delt raises completed


Oh My GOLLY GOSH! What a comedy of errors today has been!

Confirmed that the water pump and check valve are broken. Pump guy will be here tomorrow.
Had to shovel the snow away from said pump. Worked up a good sweat.
No water for shower tho. =0 (Boss said I could take as long as I needed- so long as I got there before 530. )
Tried to put air in my tire before I left the house, but the compressor has a leak in the valve. So, decided to stop off at gas station no. 1 on the way into work. Thought it was just slushy out there, so as I get out of the Jeep to get the air hose, I slipped on ice and went into a rather deep puddle, and slid partly under the rear of the Jeep. That was fun trying to get up. The tire was very low by this time, so I drove to gas station no. 2 and filled the tire. I was going to just buy new socks and leggins (and some DOANS pills) and stay at work…but as I was explaining all of this to my boss in her office, I left a puddle of water- dripping off my coat and pants. She told me to go home and take a hot shower…then come back. I was like, "ummm. I don’t have any water but sure…I’ll just throw my clothes in the dryer and head back.
Next question is…why couldn’t i just call or text? Well. so. I just changed over my phone service and apparently not everything has worked properly - so unless I’m at home - no texting for now.

My left leg and buttcheek are SO COLD now…having a time here trying to thaw. I just wanna curl up in a ball.


Our water pump prefers to fail in winter too… We helped the water guy, it wasn’t fun… And without water for days… I don’t remember which year it happened (last year we only had a faulty water tank but we could get water, we just had to go down quickly and turn off the water pump manually each time so we did it once a day), I really hope this pump will serve for a looooooooooong time.

By the way, we still didn’t fix the leaking of the water tank but it means we just need to pour out a little water collected in a plastic bowl on every second day, way less often than before… Maybe it’s the super hard water, plaque narrowed the hole? Whatever, we don’t want to do the whole work to try to make it better…
It annoys both of us that even today, lots of things are like this, we do things and something happens and it’s rarely right. Water always have this here. There are no items just to screw on and working fine.

One learns so many new things in a house :smiley: And I lived in a house before but that had no water, only in the yard after some time and it usually worked fine. No water tank and a different pump in the shallow well (for watering the garden… it sometimes dried out in summer… but usually not).

I am sorry to hear that. I had no physical problems today but both Alvaro and me are so very COLD since days. I am fine in the first half of the day but I am freezing in the evenings… The temperature is normal so it must be tiredness or mood or whatever, I don’t know and Alvaro has reasons to feel tired, not me.
We can’t even imagine taking cold showers but if we had to get more or less wet outside, we sooooo wouldn’t be happy campers.

I planned a cute day for tomorrow, I had to set some low number for the fried pork not to go too high with protein (I will have other sources so I should get satiated, I eat the crunchy things too), we will see :smiley:
I start to enter the phase where I think 150g protein modest enough… But if I manage to do OMAD, I should be able to do my protein minimalization a bit better.
Or when I finally get some fatty pork, I fancy that now, actually. People can’t buy the pork when the supermarket is closed, hopefully they ordered it as usual and we can buy some 70/30 “scraps” on Thursday! I just put the lean one into the freezer or use both simultaneously, that’s good but Alvaro is looking forward to eat it tomorrow as well. He had plenty of vegetarian days lately so he handles meat perfectly at the moment. It makes my cooking life easier.

The fridge is pretty empty at this point, it’s good we go shopping! Not Saturday, Monday, we need a bank day to put most of the money into the best thing they have, we asked about it last time and it sounds good. We have high inflation (too bad that the official number is way lower than what basic food items get but it’s something) so we don’t want to let the money rest and lose its value way too quickly to our liking.
Good, LIDL has cheese sale then, I haven’t eaten Grana Padano since AGES (Parmeggiano Reggiano has a pretty good price too but I can’t tell them apart :smiley: fine, I never ate them at the same time but if I can’t tell them apart when eaten at different times, it means Grana Padano is good enough for me who can’t appreciate the real parmesan :D). So I can make something closer to the proper Alfredo sauce (I still will use some Gouda as the super flavorful cheeses are too much for me alone).
I need to buy so much dairy, I barely have anything now. Just butter and Gouda.


Sorry I write so much BUT BUT BUT! I found a thing I had no idea about!

Erm, I can’t translate it, its (according to its name) some kind of… non-sausage. I call the things usually sold and eaten along with soft fresh sausage (they all need to fried or baked) like this, we have a separate Hungarian name for them. I can’t call them sausage as they are so very different. They have some kind of organ meat, often 2, a little spice (but not paprika like all proper Hungarian sausages) and lots of grain.
And it turned out that there is one wonderful variety WITHOUT grains! And it has various organs! No idea what the store-bought ones has but found a normal recipe and it has lung, liver, heart and tongue :smiley: And skin, fat :slight_smile: Sausages don’t have skin just meat and fat… That one recipe I have read used pork everything except potentially for the liver, beef was mentioned there as another option.

The local supermarket chain has a sale on that thing, that’s why I know this now
:slight_smile: I will check it out! They have headcheese with tongue now too (every head cheese should have tongue but whatever, it sounds nice. but I need to look at it myself, I have some idea how a tasty head cheese looks like. I need a decent amount of meat, cheap ones have too much aspic and skin. I am not particularly choosy, I accept that the normal cheaper ones can’t be as amazing as the best pricey wonderfulness from the farmer’s market and a not so great one still may be good… but I had truly disappointing ones, SOME noticeable amount of meat is very much needed).

I will take a good look on Thursday! :heart_eyes: And grab some very needed fresh pork, the freezer has none left.

(Robin) #237

What a comedy of errors! Some days seem like we need to find the reset button and just start again.
I once slid all the way under my car when the door was frozen shut. Will never forget that.

(Linda ) #238

I really hate falling getting up is not easy and in slippery conditions eeek…I fell in ice when in nebraska and not under a car and that was bad enough…hope you didn’t do more damage than you think…

@Fangs…I Def was not in ketosis while on carnivore for over the first year and that was not only backed up by my keto mojo but Dr Cywes tests for ketones in blood tests done in lab and all but one came back negative only the one came back with trace findings…
When I started carnivore I believed the hype 0 carbs had to mean ketosis stated by all carnivore gurus and i bought into the hype “after awhile your body no longer shows them cos your using them efficiently”…and since I’d been keto for almost a year it had to be what I was going through right?

If that was true I’d not be seeing ketones results im getting now especially in the 3-5 range as I’ve been carnivore for coming up 2 yrs I’m not chasing ketone that’s just where my numbers are the difference in doing carnivore in ketosis against not is night and day for me …appitite has dropped just as it did on keto to almost no hunger at all . Scientifically research says that the reason for the lack of hunger is ketones…they not sure how but test results show that ketosis suppresses leptin release and stays that way for hours… so with no leptin raising hunger I’m not being driven to eat or snack. So im not even needing the fat I was eating even my fish days i had no hunger…
For me its dropping my blood sugars down which also means my a1c wont be climbing it’s allowing me to drop the weight I’d gained no cravings no hunger so I’m Def not finding it hard to stick to it… Im not forcing restrictions no white knuckling waiting for next meal …But im also very well aware that ketosis has me esting in way lower portions than id ever be doing with out it…Im just not hungry and full up very fast … Yes I do have to take electrolytes id be foolish not to infact Cywes asked me to up my salt intake I told him I put LMNT in my coffee and he was happy with that.

But I do agree that most ppl coming to carnivore don’t need to worry about ketones or ketosis at all and I’m envious of them to be able to just eat until full…unfortunately that wasn’t me but I’m still carnivore and that was a big thing for me I told Cywes I didn’t want to give it up but I couldn’t keep gaining and pushing towards being diabetic…he said good then don’t quit do this it works…I was skeptical at first thinking sure thing nothings worked yet except keto …but vege dont agree with me anymore so not,an option of going back … i just felt im just destined to be fat…But decided to follow what he told me to do nothing to lose …(im,still kind of waiting for it to suddenly stop working.)…
Here I am today losing weight week after week and turning my blood sugar numbers around so if anyone’s lurking and reading this try normal carnivore first if it works keep going no need to stop… But if you try normal and it doesn’t work your not alone but there are different ways you can adjust…I just don’t think ppl should jump on to something like pmsf or high fat just cos it’s the latest trend Def give normal carnivore ago first…


Long post, here is the first sentence summary:

  • Hey Alec, I have really enjoyed reading (and feeling) your recent post updates
  • Yesterday I was running around figuratively
  • The exercise people and physiotherapist reiterated that the most regain of physical function and strength occurs in the first few weeks
  • The past two nights have been steak dinners with bacon and egg breakfasts as bridesmaids
  • But let’s talk about cream
  • Dive with me deeper into the cream

Hey @Alecmcq Alec, I have really enjoyed reading (and feeling) your recent post updates. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and progress. Small butts are out of fashion according to Instagram. But healthy is always in. I was wondering about the proportion of sprint efforts you incorporate into your running? I remember from my swimming training years that we would churn through the miles for an hour or hours, and then the coach would finish us off with 25m all-out sprints.

Yesterday I was running around figuratively. It was a bureaucratic battle. Finding and signing forms at the Transport Department and two banks. I had to go to the larger town down the road where those institutions reside, for they are not to be found in the closer, smaller town. Before facing those air-conditioned buzzing, fluorescent light lit, closed in office tasks, interacting with neatly pressed and corporate uniformed human robot drones, I went to surfing rehab.

The exercise people and physiotherapist reiterated that the most regain of physical function and strength occurs in the first few weeks. This phenomenon is not unbound from mental health. There is muscle soreness. But that is a goal, a feedback reward for participation in life. I fall for that mindset. The struggle will be in maintaining the physical rehab and returning to work full-time. I could see and feel the improvements in the session, and more particularly afterward, the feeling of muscle activation.

The past two nights have been steak dinners with bacon and egg breakfasts as bridesmaids. 2MAD seems the groove. But I did do a three meal day on Monday past. Some smoked salmon and nutty Norwegian cheese ‘helped’ me sign a contract. Mrs Bear and I bought a small farm property about 4 hours away from here, which is about 3 hours away from the most isolated capital city on Earth. Hence the paperwork trail. It’s just over 40 acres surrounded by forests and larger (cattle) farms, and about half an hour from the coast on another ocean. Some properties are being gentrified into wineries. Only about 14 acres of the actual property is cleared and it has an old timber framed cottage on it built in the 1930s, a leaning over shed, and a water tank. There is no mobile phone reception. The bush land parts are dense, swampy, and hopefully full of snakes and other creatures. Access is via dirt roads.

But let’s talk about cream. Dairy milk cream. Leaving butter and ghee to the side. This is what I actually wanted to bring into discussion. I have turned up at the party with a glass jar of fresh cream. We talk about dairy in seasonal bursts in this forum. Within dairy we have talked about cheese, and how ‘easing the cheese’ can be a target to tilt a carnivore plateau. Then there is cream. Friend to coffee. Cheese, cream, and coffee are lifestyle biomarkers I think. The toxicity is in the dose. If you are overdosing, something stressful needs resolving. Dairy cream, a vehicle of potential health in smaller doses, and increased struggles in detrimental over indulgence. I was reading @robintemplin Robin talking about coffee and cream. The context being along the lines of the goals of ‘cheese ease’ (as achieved by @Karen18 Karen), and hoping for cream redemption. Robin wrote of reducing the cream dose in to each cup of coffee, and finding a new level of continued satisfaction with less. It was a low carb tweak. I found myself at the dairy section in the larger town’s market (not supermarket) contemplating this, and reading labels.

Dive with me deeper into the cream. Cream is not zero carb. End of story? Side by side compared, top risen cream that you scoop off full-cream dairy milk has about 2% protein, 38% fat, and 3% carbs. The balance being water. The cream is liquid enough to pour, which makes it dangerous. Double cream is also 2% protein and 3%carbs, but it is over 50% fat. It is thick and creamy and crowds a spoon like the huddled bump of a hunched, sleeping field mouse. It does not pour, thus making it safer. The control of gravity on dosing is key. Automatically one will use a teaspoon dose of double cream as compared to a dessert spoon dose of pourable cream along with its ignored spillage. A teaspoon dose of double cream still provides the nutrition and energy of the fat that an over spilling dessert spoon of cream will. But the intrinsic carbs dose will be halved. I would further contend that the satiety (ever the aim) is reached faster, and is of better quality from a smaller dose of higher fat. So, I put to you that dairy cream is best bought double as a next step to finding a better dietary replacement but half dosed. And that the dose is more easily controlled , if nutrition is not pourable. It’s a way to not restrict, restriction being a poor mental health karate chop, but also, in a very low carb carnivore way of eating, to redeem the cream.

Eventually, many of us naturally find we have bypassed the dairy section without even a side glance as we move toward the siren call of the meat cabinet.

(Megan) #240

Awesome post @Azi! I always enjoy reading about your journey. Thanks for writing a nice long post with lots of detail. I’m super happy you have found what works for you. Weight loss, for me, really lifts my spirits. I feel like I am achieving one of the things I eat this way to achieve. So Yay You!

Apart from a marked decrease in appetite and cravings, is there anything else you notice about being in really solid ketosis? I’m still hoping how I eat eventually helps my chronic low energy (most likely caused by fibromyalgia and dysthymia). Increased energy, as reported by some people in ketosis, was one of the big things I wanted when I went keto. Maybe if I’d stuck with keto I might have been one of those people, but I moved onto carnivore after a few weeks.