News article - Why cheese is no longer my friend

(Allie) #1

Why cheese is no longer my friend


Good ole Greger, king of the quacks.

(Now known as "DR JUICE" - it's just that easy! JUICE DC (Doctor of Comedy)) #3

What a terribly-written article.


“Why cheese is no longer your friend”, say three vegan nutritionists.

Yeah, seems legit.

(Whole Lotta Rosie The Riveter ) #5

I wouldn’t say cheese is my best friend but we are very close :heart_eyes:


Oh my word… speaking of being very close to cheese… the other day I had sauteed spices & shallot with 3 eggs cracked on 'em and about two ounces of thinly sliced raw Vermont Maple Sriracha Windsordale cheese on top - which I covered on low so it melted perfectly (and colorfully).

SO FLAVORFUL. I highly recommend it. It’s heavenly, and friendly :rofl:

(Whole Lotta Rosie The Riveter ) #7

Would that I could import some of that😍

(Allie) #8

You’re all saying the same as I thought when I read it. It was the ALL HAIL KALE that gave it away :joy:

(Carl Keller) #9

"There’s no animal on the planet that drinks milk after weaning - and then to drink milk of another species even doesn’t make any sense."

I’ve never seen a cat turn down milk. Plus, animals are not equipped well enough to manipulate teets.

(Jane) #10

The vegans must be feeling threatened by all the publicity and popularity of the keto diet because they are coming out of the woodwork to bash cheese and meat.

(Stylee) #11

It seems that sometimes people are uncomfortable with their chosen path without much approval from their peers. We all have choices and while many vegans are pretty malnourished looking there are many high endurance athletes and professional sports people who thrive and get extremely muscular on it. The amazing thing about the human body
is that it can thrive on different diets if they are done with intelligent thought. Others thrive on keto or carnivore diets.

(Brian) #12

Couldn’t make myself read it. Sorry.

To me, cheese is a lot like butter. I eat all I want. I don’t always want much and there are days when I eat little or none. But I eat all I want. I have no issue with the amounts of cheese I eat. It’s mostly full fat, the real thing, and I detest “cheese food”. I don’t get along well with large amounts of lactose but for most of the cheeses I eat, lactose is not a problem.

If I ever have a good reason to leave it behind, I will. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy as much cheese as I want to eat. :slight_smile:

(Brennan) #13

I can’t find it anywhere that he’s vegan or even vegetarian. But he’s lactose intolerant so… Yeah cheese probably not a good idea for him (n=1).
I do agree this article is pretty flimsy click bait BS. However I did Google the author and it looks like he’s d done some good work for abandoned soldiers in the UK. He also started a pop band of senior citizens to highlight ageism. Kind of an interesting character, I think I might listen to one episode of the podcast to see if the “Wellness with wit and actual evidence” claim holds up.

(Jane) #14

He might not be vegan but those in charge of which articles get published sure have an agenda. I guess that goes without saying as it applies to ALL news published, but sometimes the agendas aren’t so obvious.

(Brennan) #15

Podcast is lame, could only get 10 minutes into the 30 minute episode. It’s just the article in podcast form with audio clips of the people he talked to. Falls well short on the “actual evidence” claim in the description. The “wit” claim sadly lacking as well.

He might have done a couple of good things with his work. But his style and methods are suspect. And his work isn’t enjoyable to read or listen to in my opinion.

(Brian) #16

Maybe not. I have a problem with lactose, not severe, but were I to just drink a glass of regular milk, there would be some intestinal discomort and an extra trip to the bathroom within a half hour or so.

I do eat my cheese, though, pretty much without thought. I tend towards stuff like hard cheddar and parmesan, so aging probably does away with most of that lactose. No symptoms that I know of. And so thankful… I love a good piece of smoky cheddar… :slight_smile:

But you’re absolutely right, n=1 is where it’s at.

(I seldom listen to podcasts. On occasion, I’ll fire one up. But often, when I’m on YouTube, I’ll turn the speed to 2X, maybe 1.5X for people who talk fast anyway. I find that I can listen way faster than people talk and I get impatient.)

(Life is bacon, bacon is life) #17

One of my uncles used to keep dairy cows. Being a city lad, I never got enough practice at milking to get really good at it. But the barn cats all came round at milking-time, in hopes that my uncle would squirt a stream of milk in their direction. He’d occasionally give us kids a squirt, too, if we behaved ourselves, lol! Milk tastes best when fresh from the cow! :cow2:

(Carl Keller) #18

Straight from the tap eh?


(Whole Lotta Rosie The Riveter ) #19

Thanks for taking one for the team :smile:

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #20

Milk is not something I use except for tiny amounts in recipes, I weaned myself at 6 months old my mom freaked out about it and the dr. told her “she just doesn’t like it, let her eat the other foods she likes, she is healthy”, and I never became a milk drinker.

But cheese and yogurt have been staples of my diet my whole life. I’m very friendly with both soft and hard cheeses of all kinds.