News article - Why cheese is no longer my friend

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Whereas, in my case, until long after I became an adult, Mom would buy a gallon of milk just for me, whenever I came for a visit! :milk_glass:


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These things are related :slight_smile:


Dairy would be one of the last things I’d ever give up. I don’t care if vegans proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that milk and cheese would give me brain-eating bacteria, I still ain’t giving up dairy. I’m descended from Northern Europeans, if anyone can handle lactose, it’s us. And, as the Ancient American Proverb states:

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I’ve never liked drinking milk very much but was made to at school when we had free milk. If I had a sweet I would put that in my mouth and drink the milk at the same time. I hated cheese until I was 19 then I would have a small piece of danish blue. After that I could eat most cheeses but in very small serves.
When I had my first child in hospital the nurse asked me to drink a litre of milk a day. I said I would if I had to but that I didn’t like milk. She asked me if I liked stout which I do, so she said I could have stout instead. I was the only one who’s husband brought me cans of stout in hospital!
I still don’t like milk or any milk products but I do eat cheese and cream. I recently gave up milk altogether, the only time I had it was in tea, now I have almond milk.

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If your eating a bunch of sugar, don’t eat cheese with sugar in it either?

The cheese is not bad for you at all, it’s the sugar and grains your eating with it?

Bad gut flora and a leaky gut and you have a perfect combo for lactose intolerance?

Lactose intolerant eat goat cheese (dairy)?