Newbie with calorie question


Hi all. I have been reading for the last few days and have learned so much.

I started Keto 5.5 weeks ago. My initial 2 week loss was 7 lbs, since then I have lost 4 more lbs.

I try to meet my macros every day and usually succeed except my calorie intake, it is low. Some days I barely make 800 calories, I’m just not that hungry. I am using cronometer to track everything.

Should I be concerned?

(Robert C) #2

If you are an under 5-foot female that is following a solid keto plan - you might be fine.

If you are an over 6-foot male - even if you are following a keto plan - you are probably in calorie restriction mode more than keto so, might have a yo yo effect if you lower your metabolism too much.


Well how do you feel? I think that’s the most important question.

If you’re feeling good and having steady losses you don’t need to worry. I too found myself in your situation with not being hungry and not eating as many calories as I thought was necessary to keep my metabolism up but I continue to look slimmer weekly and feel pretty darn good. When I’m hungry, I eat. I don’t withhold based on calories. I also tend to look at my progress weekly instead of daily and just weighed myself for the first time since starting in September and lost weight, but I am going by my clothing and photos.

Keep up the good work!


Thanks for the quick response, it helps. I am 5’4 female and usually I feel good. Occasionally I am tired, but am busy so I’m not sure it is what I am eating but probably lifestyle at the moment :wink:

I am loving this way of eating - amazed that I have few cravings. It’s liberating!

(Robert C) #5

It sounds like you are not at a decision point yet since you are still losing weight. Congrats on the weight loss, good for motivation to continue!

If/when you plateau - you will not have much room to cut calories anymore so, you might want to research the calorie increase angle (including being very sure you are fat adapted).

The goal would be to get your maintenance calorie level (on keto) up to something like 1500 so that on days you dip to 800 - your body fat is used to make the difference.


I am not happy with myself I eat too few calories. I really feel to lose and to lower stress and ensure that I do not lose lean body mass I want to eat over 1200 calories in average.
I am 5’2. I do have some fat to lose


I am reading about fat adapted and I think I will try to pay closer attention to my calories by possibly adding some fat. I usually eat the minimum fat I should based on the macro calculator. Time to experiment a bit I think and see what happens.

Thanks for all the great info!