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Hello all I’m 28 yrs old and wanting to get on a keto diet where can y’all recommend me going to get meal plans on weekly bases…

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There are lots of meal suggestions and recommendations on this forum. Use the search function or just go to the food category and look. If you want someone to plan your meals for you you could offer to pay someone to do it. OR google ‘keto meal plans’ and you’ll turn up commercial services. Unless you have some special medical condition it’s not difficult to plan and prepare meals. I think most folks would say it’s not necessary to pay someone/service to plan your meals.

(bulkbiker) #3 has some good food suggestions

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I don’t like to make elaborate meals. We eat only once a day now (dinner). That consists of a nice piece of pan seared meat, a steamed vegetable with salt and bacon grease, sometimes a salad with home made blue cheese or balsamic dressing, and/or savory cole slaw. Delicious, and we never tire of it. Couldn’t be easier. The longer you are on this, the easier it becomes to improvise and make a meal in no time with things you already have.

When I first started, I’d eat three meals a day. Those were easy as well and from staples I made sure to have on hand. Breakfast was eggs, bacon and/or sausage. Lunch was chicken/egg/tuna salad with mayo or a leftover piece of meat, with maybe a salad or anything else I had - pickles, olives, vegetables, etc.

You may want to obtain your protein and fat macros, keeping the carbs as low under 20 grams/day as you can. I tracked for several weeks, just to become acclimated to what I was doing. There is no “perfect” way to do keto - just try and find your stride. Again, I would say, eat well and delicious food, keeping near your macros to start, keep the carbs as low as you can, don’t count calories, don’t exercise unduly to purge, and trust that it can be that easy.

Good luck! I hope you will keep us posted.


Tons are around. and are good places to start.

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Carbmanager app with subscription (about $30/year) offers lots of recipes and allows you to track all the calories and macronutrients. I like it.


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