Newbie Ketosis question


(nor pa) #1

As long as you are in Ketosis ( any shade on stick) you are burning fat. True or false?

Does the darker shades mean anything?
3rd day in and showing next to darkest purple.

(Ilana Rose) #2

Yes. If you are in ketosis then you are burning fat. However, it does not automatically mean that you are burning the fat on your body. Ketones will show the exact same result if you are burning fat from your plate.

Many people don’t lose a lot of body fat until they are through the fat adaptation stage and their appetite begins to respond. This can take from four to six weeks. However, do not reduce the fat you eat in order to try to jumpstart losses. It’s very important to keep satiated early on or you body will fight you by slowing your metabolism. Once you are fat adapted your hunger signals will subside and the body fat should too.

And no, darkness of the strips varies from person to person. But a dark result does tell you absolutely that you are in ketosis.

(James) #3

As long as you are in Ketosis, your body is metabolizing fat due to the absence of glucose. In my experience, a caloric defecit is how are you eventually going to to lose or shrink fat stores from the body.

(nor pa) #4

I hadn’t eaten anything before testing. So a 16 hour fast. Thanks for the response

(nor pa) #5

Thanks James

(Robert C) #6

If you are doing 16 hour fasts on your third day in - you might see dark ketone strips but you might also sabotage yourself if you do them (fasts) daily. Your body might see it as calorie restriction and start to slow metabolism. It might be better to wait the 6+ weeks (to get much closer to, if not fully) fat adapted to avoid this.

(Regina) #7

The strips reflect hydration levels. They never worked for me because I drank a ton of water. The more water you drink, the lighter the strips. Dark can be caused by dehydration. That being said, some posters report results with the strips a year later. When my strips were still light, my blood monitor showed decent ketone levels. Below is a good read:

(So much bacon . . . so little time . . .) #8

In my experience, when I am eating in weight-loss mode (low insulin, etc.), I automatically eat at a calorice deficit. It’s not eating less that makes me lose weight, it’s burning excess fat that means my appetite doesn’t need to be so high.

(nor pa) #9

Thanks Regina for the info. I drink at least 7 glasses of water a day, so dehydration is not possible.

(nor pa) #10

Hi Rob. The fasting was not intentional. It just happened. I will definitely wait awhile before intentionally fasting.