Newbie Keto when breastfeeding


(Wendy) #21

I was not ketogenic when I breastfed but I did lose all my excess weight.(I actually gained most of my weight after my children were all weened.) I think if you concentrate on eating Keto friendly foods, avoiding all sugars and grains rice and legumes and eat as much fatty meats as you want and eat real foods, you will do well. Feel free to eat above ground veggies if you want them.
It’s interesting that breast feeding women actually make ketones in their milk for their babies. We make it from fat and protein.
Oh and make sure you are getting plenty of vitamin k2 for your babies growing teeth and vitamin d.

(Ellenor Malik (spare me thy resistant starch spiel)) #22

K3 is toxic. You want to be getting K2, which is in fermented products.

(Wendy) #23

Your right I meant K2. It’s D3 that I supplement in the winter. I fixed my post. Thank you.


@David_Stilley yes you’re absolutely right about the Inuit people, I’d forgotten about that. Maybe I’ll try 50 carbs for a while and see if I can gradually cut it down. Thanks for all your advice.


Thanks for the reply @240lbfatloss. I love avocados so that’s easy for me! I’ll try your other recommendations also.


I definitely think your right about listening to my body. I think I’m going to ignore MyFitnessPal, stop inputting my food and just do as you’ve all said - highfat, plenty of protein and minimal carbs. I bought some ketone urine testing strips so if I’m slow to go into ketosis I’ll lower my carb intake.


I don’t really like the taste of beef, and pork for religious reasons. Other than that I’m good to go with other foods :smile:. I’ll definitely up my meat intake, I really enjoy lamb. I know it’s probably not as fatty as true red meat but I just don’t enjoy beef. I’ll make sure to cook everything in oil/butter (my preference is butter).

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You should do some research on Mikhaila Peterson, she is carnivore and has a child she breastfeed as a carnivore, no need for carbs.
Below is a good video to start researching her. She also has a blog, Don’t eat that, Facebook page of course and instagram.account. She answers questions when she has the time.


So I just watched the Mikhala Peterson video; really interesting and unfortunately extreme for her to have so many allergies. My mum has rheumatoid arthritis and takes methotrexate, I’m going to recommend she watch this video also. Thanks for suggesting it.

Oh and guess what - I’m in Ketosis! I did a urine dipstick this evening and it read 1.5mmol (light pink), it’s a small amount but at least I’m in ketosis. What would be a recommended ketone amount to be at considering I’m nursing?

I actually think I entered ketosis yesterday (day 1) as I had a real headache and definite brain fog (is it even possible on the first day?).

Thankfully my milk supply seems okay so far but it’s early days.

Thanks for everyone’s replies.


Hi everyone,

So I’m just starting day 4 and since day 2 I’ve been in Ketosis. I used a urine test strip and it was measuring 1.5 but today it’s the darkest purple on the strip which I think is 4.0 or maybe more (I don’t have them to hand at the minute). Is this safe?

I read that as a newbie I maybe excreting more ketones before I adjust. I’m just worried. as I’m nursing, about ketoacidosis.

I did experience a lot of weakness and vomiting this morning but that passed. I’m having 50 net carbs a day. I added some cheese to my breakfast to increase my fat intake early on, and I feel much better.

I seem to have lost 5lbs in weight but my fat percentage has gone up :thinking:. Why would this be, water losses maybe?

We have one of those scales that have handles that you hold and measures fat and muscle via resistance/flow (can’t remember how they work properly), so I think they’re more accurate than the usual scales that calculate body fat percentage. It even tells me my visceral fat.

I’ve starting taking an electrolyte tablet just to make sure I don’t get dehydrated.

I’m not cutting calories and am really conscious of taking a good amount of fat and protein and listening to my body like everyone has said.

Thoughts please.


(KCKO, KCFO) #31

Careful, that darkest purple can also indicate dehydration. Make sure you are getting plenty of water and sodium to hold onto the water. Dehydration is not good for you or the babe.


Yes, I’ve been drinking lots of water, throughout the night also after nursing. I add pink salt to everything also and have started some electrolyte tablets. I have to say after having breakfast I feel so much better.

Any ideas about the body fat percentage rising?

(Susan) #33

As long as you are keeping your carbs low, not eating any sugar, and drinking a lot of water, keeping your electrolytes/salt up, I would consume lots of healthy fats and proteins and NOT worry about calories at all. We want you and your darling baby to get lots of proteins and fats and to be healthy. Your body will shed the weight too =). How old is the baby and how long are you planning to nurse him/her? I nursed all 5 of mine for 2 years or a tad more, (last one for 2 years 4 months). I wish I had of been smart and doing Keto then too!

(KCKO, KCFO) #34

If this is a smart scale telling you this, it is probably wrong. Even the manufactures put in their booklets, that no.might not be correct for women. Mine did that and it was one of the first ones on the market. Right now I think you should be more concerned about having good milk flow, enough energy to care for your little one. Keeping your weight under control is one thing and body recomp is a totally different monster, so wait till you are not breastfeeding to be concerned about that one.

(The remembrance of bacon past.) #35

As long as you are eating ketogenically, you will keep your insulin level basically low (with periodic rises to handle food intake, which is what the body expects). Low insulin for most of the day allows the fatty acids stored in your adipose tissue to be released and metabolised. Your body probably will not shed too much of that stored fat all at once, because lacation is extremely important for the welfare of the baby (there are systems that will stint on fetal growth in order to save resources for milk production after birth), and you need enough fat to serve as a metabolic cushion while lactating.

So as people have been saying, this is not the time to worry about how much protein and fat you are eating. Trust your body. As long as you are not overdoing the carbohydrate, the body has systems to regulate your appetite to ensure that you give it enough while also allowing it to shed excess fat. It is chronically high insulin levels that inhibit the metabolism of fat; low insulin and abundant calories allow excess fat to be used as fuel.


Hi, no I definitely not cutting my calories but for the sake of the baby’s milk I’ve been trying to meet my fat and protein macros but it’s been difficult as I’m just not super aware of the best low carb high fat foods. I always seem to be lower in the fat and protein macros but I’m learning though - lots of late night google research!

He’s 13 weeks old now and thankfully my milk supply seems to be doing great. I really think the electrolyte tablets and lots of water have helped with this, plus my multivitamins. I usually nurse my baby’s until they’re 2 years old, he’s the fourth one :blush: :heartbeat:


By smart scale do you mean one that syncs via Bluetooth? It’s not one of those, it’s called ‘Omron Karada Scan body composition monitor’. I’ll try to focus less on the numbers from now on. I guess I’ll know by measuring inch loss and how my clothes fit anyway.

Thanks for your reply.


Thanks PaulL for the thorough explanation, it’s helpful to understand and makes sense. I’ll try to just focus on low carbs and eat whatever I feel I need from fats and protein.

(Susan) #39

Awesome, that sounds great =). My fifth I went to the 2 years, 4 months because she was my last and it was hard to know that was it. I always loved being pregnant and nursing too =). I am glad for you it is going well.

I find adding Heavy Whipping Cream to tea and even herbal tea helps bring up fats, and cooking meats and vegetables in butter helps, and adding Avocado Mayo and Extra Virgin Olive Oil on vegetables or salads helps me increase my fats. Avocados would be good to eat as well if you like them. If you like eggs, you can try to have hard boiled eggs in the fridge too to add to salads, chopped up. Another thing I like is cutting up a red/yellow/orange or green pepper and adding cream cheese to it and eating that. Yummy =).

(KCKO, KCFO) #40

Not bluetooth, just one that gives you body fat % estimate and any other data like how many calories to maintain current weight. Mine is over 10 yrs. old now, long time before bluetooth was used with scales.

Measurements and clothes are the best feedback IMHO.