New to this, help!


I just started keto and exercising and I feel great. I have been tracking my meals, I have averaged 21.76 gross carbs a day, 2008.63 calories, 75% fat, 4% carbs, and 21% protein in calories.

I exercise at least 30-40 min a day of running and walking, I do at least 50-100 pushups a day, some core exercises and leg exercises in sets throughout the day.

My BMR is around 2013 (I burn an average of 280-300 calories while running and walking). I weigh 214 pounds 6’2", I’m 27 and I have to lose weight due to congestive heart failure.

So weigh in, am I not working out enough for my calorie intake or do I need to eat more, I get really hungry.

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Hi and welcome. When you say you just started do you mean three days ago, three weeks ago?

How much weight are you trying to lose? Chances are you’re going to find the scale isn’t telling you how much fat you losing while you add exercise and gain muscle. Are you reporting to a doctor (you have to lose due to CHF)?

Congrats on making healthy choices, wishing you the best.


Three days or so.

I was at 220 until I quit drinking and wanted to lose 15lbs, but now I’d like to get to 195. I’m currently at 214.

Yes I am reporting to a good doctor. He instructed me to lose at least 15lbs.

Thank you for your kind words.

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3 days or so… Just gonna take some time… Fasting doesn’t work that fast… Be patient. Sounds like you’re working the right way… but you’re not even fat adapted… Juice’s post is straight up good info.

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If your goal is fat loss and adaptation, you might want to ease off the intense exercise. You need to give your body time to adapt and get used to this new fuel source without overstressing it.

The time for exercise will come but I found it easier to give my metabolism some time first.


Karim - I wanted to quote what you’ve said above but didn’t know how to and seem to have ended up flagging what you’ve said and to be honest don’t really know what that means. I’m not really into forum language. Really sorry if I’ve done something I shouldn’t.

To the OP - I agree with what Karim said above!!! 3 days is nothing, settle in, fat adapt and give yourself time to heal.

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The way to quote is to highlight the text, you should then get a “quote” box, click that, and it will start a reply. Pics below… make sense?

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You need to work on your patience more than anything else. Give it time and let your body adapt.



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Perfect! :+1:


Three days is nothing.
I’m at over 4 months, and my weight loss is noticeable, but not too astonishing. For nearly two months, after the initial 4 weeks, I kept hovering around a particular weight, apparently my body’s set weight. Did some exercise (because I felt like it) and ate rather healthy, but it didn’t do much.

But now, when I failed sticking with exercise due to too many other stress factors and mesed up schedules, and even had carbs during Easter, my weight suddenly started dropping again.

It takes a lot of patience to lose weight, not so much exercise. Excercise helps build muscle and strengthen bone when done right, and that means your weight goes up. Too much excercise (or other stress) causes more cortisol, which makes your body hesitant to let go of fat.

Try to relax as much as you can, really feel that life is wonderful. This works wonders even without any weight loss diet. The diet only makes it faster, and helps people who don’t feel too strongly how wonderful life is.

Eating to satiety is sound advice. That doesn’t mean you should eat a lot, but rather that you eat fewer times if your meals are large, or end up with a calorie deficit if you don’t feel like eating much. I ended up eating rather little for the last few days, just because my body didn’t want thay much. And that’s how my weight started moving quickly.

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It seems like you are trying to hit numbers too accurately. An important aspect of Keto is to eat to satiation - trying to avoid getting too hungry or overly full. This should mean days as low as 1500 or as high as 2500.

Keto might help with this but, as you are implementing Keto, I would think it best to be sure you are only getting healthy fats.

  • No vegetable oils, industrially raised meat, cheap nuts, processed foods of any kind (even marked Keto snacks) etc.

  • Yes to avocado oil, coconut oil, grass fed grass finished beef, raw nuts etc.

I am not a doctor but, if I had congestive heart failure, I would put this topic near the top of my research list.

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Three days is a blip on the radar. It is about the amount of time to get into ketosis if you are eating <20g carbs but that is only the beginning. Over the next week or two you will have some carb withdrawal symptoms. After that everything starts to improve but you are not done yet. The final step is to get fat adapted and can take from one to three months. Once adapted you can play around with things like lowering fat intake or increasing exercise to see how it affects you.


Thank you everyone for your wisdom and kind words.

I know I’m just getting started. I’m not expecting results but I’ve lost 3.4lbs since Monday, most of it is water weight I’m sure.

I’m going to take a day or so off of exercise and load up on the healthy fats.

I honestly haven’t felt this good in years. I am definitely going to stick with it.

I think I am getting the “keto flu”. I woke up this morning disoriented, nauseous, a headache etc.

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Unless you typed the first line before going to bed and the second line after you woke up I am confused?


Despite feeling today, my overall outlook on my health and future has never been better.

A temporary setback for a good cause won’t break my spirits.

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Once you get past the first week everything keeps improving over the next several months, hang in there.


I ordered some test strips and they just came in, according to the first one I am in ketosis. I did a control and checked the strips they all seem to be uniform color.

Should I trust it? I’ve read mixed reviews about the brand after ordering.

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It’s kind of fun to get confirmation but it doesn’t mean much. I ordered the strips but never used them. If you are <20g you will be in ketosis and after your body starts using them for energy they don’t show up in urine anymore because only excess shows there. I quickly found out by the taste in my mouth I can tell if I am in ketosis.