New to this and loving it but

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Please tell me which enzyme supplement.

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I’m also wondering if your bananna and higher carb intake might be hindering the body’s ability to rebuild the gut biome?:thinking:

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I appreciate that fruit may work for some but I don’t think it would help me…might start off sweet cravings which I don’t have at the moment.
I’m backed up at the moment though, sorry people, and nothing is working. I’m having slight palpitations so eating more lo-salt. Then strangely my face is very puffy, swollen looking in the morning…don’t know if anyone has experienced this?

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Sorry that I’ve come across as upset. You caught me on a weekend where I’ve seen multiple “this works for me, it must work for everybody” posts. As a newbie I found it odd that you went from asking for list of acceptable foods to giving someone the advice they shouldn’t be afraid to eat fruit.

As for giving females advice…well there are too many variables as a male to provide specific information to them. Their bodies work a lot different than ours and I’m more comfortable letting other ladies provide more detailed advice.

I personally feel trying to help by giving incorrect advice is worse than not saying anything.

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I’m not a doctor so I don’t give advice on health related matters, this forum as it states says we are all welcome to explore the science and share personal experiments, successes, failures, etc which is what I’ve been doing. Just because I asked a question doesn’t mean I cannot share what has happened to me on my personal journey with Ketogenics, and I’ll continue to do so unless an admin tells me I am way out of line.

For all those people who cannot eat fruit because they have some condition that does not allow it, I apologize and please ignore my comment about the fruit. To emphasize my point again my plan is what I do, and it does not mean anyone or everyone should use it, pretty sure I’ve said that already.

Anyway this thread has gone off topic and I’d like to see someone help @MonkeyNuts out with her issues if they can.

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It says right in that beginning blurb “the only criteria is to remain in a state of ketosis”. Which extremely few can do if including fruit.

I believe the amazing @Brenda would agree.

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I’d suggest you read the whole post, not just the part that supports your argument. The oldies know best! Pearl clutchers…lol. What a classic post by Brenda.

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The Cavendish variety is not as good as the Gros Michel, the original export banana, but if packed carefully and shipped gently, it can survive to market. Almost no other variety of banana can. The Gros Michel is practically extinct (except possibly for a few seeds preserved in laboratories), the world’s supply having been destroyed by a fungus. The Cavendish is a hybrid that almost never seeds and is propagated by cuttings, so it is even more vulnerable to the fungus, which has now mutated to attack it. It won’t be long now before there are no more bananas on the world market.

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I’ve been in ketosis for over a year and am American. I’ve never had constipation or diarrhea since going keto (except a couple of days of diarrhea from a bout of food poisoning). I suspect that some people consider themselves constipated if they don’t have a bowel movement every day at the same time of day.

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That could be. But I’ve read so many threads relating to giving birth to baby bricks… I am going to experiment with digestive enzymes and try cutting all dairy. I seem to have no problem with olives, avocados, nuts, seeds and fatty meats. I will try staying away from oils and dairy.

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Lastly, on the matter of fruit. Fruit contains fructose (science for “fruit sugar”), but it also contains fiber, if you eat the whole fruit and don’t juice it. Even Dr. Robert Lustig, the anti-fructose crusader, is on record as saying that whole fruit is okay, because the fiber slows down the rate at which the fructose gets absorbed to a rate that the liver can safely metabolize. However, he strongly advises against juicing, because it destroys the fiber.

Anyone who is familiar with what happens to glucose and fructose in the body (and remember that sucrose is a molecule of each, bonded together) will want to keep consumption of any kind of sugar to the absolute minimum possible. I certainly do, at any rate!

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Forgot to mention that low sodium is a cause of constipation, along with the “keto flu,” but most people who’ve been keto for any length of time know to get enough sodium and to drink to thirst, which eliminates the problem.

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Oh, I didn’t think of that. But I should have since I have read about salt flushes on the forum. Gosh, maybe I’m overdoing the salt. I tend to eat it like candy!

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Hmm that’s interesting…I have half teaspoon of salt and half teaspoon of lo-salt but by the sounds of it, that’s no way near enough?
I never salt my food, never have done, but i also don’t have more because I’m scared off the dangers of having too much??

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@MonkeyNuts - half of teaspoon of lo-salt is enough but you can up you regular salt.

(Bubba) #115

I will then, thank you!

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Here’s a screen shot of an example of Dr. Stephen Phinney’s lo carb diet for a day.


(Bubba) #117

Thank you, that’s very handy to see…mind you, the percentages look odd for protein, considering the menu. But good too see anyway👍
I’m still plodding on, couple more pounds down…so it’s moving slowly, well on and off, on and off but ok I guess. Though oddly, no change in measurements :thinking:

(Terence Dean) #118

Congratulations every little bit adds up over time. I would recommend listening to Phinney, and reading his articles, he’s been in Ketogenics for over 40 years, and does a really good job of explaining the science and what is happening to the body. I should have watched more of his Youtube videos before now. Anyway great news that you are moving the marker, well done! KCKO :keto: