New to ketogenic diet! Best credible sources?

(Danny) #1

Hello everyone!

I’m new to the ketogenic diet (10 days). I did Whole30 for 6 months earlier in the year (before drifting back into SAD diet when I hit some stress w/ work). But as a result of my Whole30 experience ketogentic hasn’t been too jarring a transition. I am currently 6’1 204 pounds, medium build.

I’ve also been pairing keto with intermittent fasting. I feel great. Here are some meal examples:

Of course I almost instantly lost 7 pounds in water weight! And on the strips I’m showing low to moderate ketone levels already.

Biggest question! What sources do people recommend that are based in science and leading research that can be trusted? There is a lot of conflicting information or even sites that ultimately are trying to sell some kind of supplement. Don’t want any of that. I’m looking for REAL answers to questions about protein v. fat, or CICO debate etc. and more on how the diet actually works.

Any advice? Thanks!


Both very good.

EDIT TO ADD: Amy Berger has a great talent for cutting through the BS

(Bob M) #3

I don’t think there are answers to those questions. There are theories, some of which I believe are more likely true than others, but no real answers.

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Lots of good info right on this site. Just have to search a little.

(Carl Keller) #5

You can’t always trust science. A lot of times scientific studies are sponsored by companies that want a specific result so the studies are often cherrypicked for things that favor a predetermined belief or hope. You will see this happen a lot with studies that come out of the Ivy League. Big business has a huge influence on them.

I find what’s most credible are real people just like us who have no motive to lie and want to share their experience with keto and how it has changed their lives. This thread is a perfect example:

Most of that can be answered here:

and here’s a link to 23 studies that compare low fat to low carb:

(Kathleen Rose) #6

Following a ketogenic diet does not necessarily include fasting which is what Dr. Fung touts. We recently had a long thread about this. Although it works great for some it is not right for everyone and should not be treated as the holy grail.

(Carl Keller) #7

It’s more information than the OP asked for but it explains his question about the CICO debate and how the diet actually works. I actually forgot about the part about fasting in the video but if you read everything I wrote, there’s not one mention of fasting. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wow that was fast. Pun intended.

(Brian) #9

One of my favorites is Dr. Ken Berry. He’s got a BUNCH of short YouTube videos up.

Most of what he does is fairly short and sweet and too the point. If you’re really wanting to drill down into the geeky stuff, he may not be the one you’ll gravitate towards. But he’s a real doctor that sees real patients that eats keto (more towards the carnivore side).

(Bob M) #10

Though fasting is great for some of us, including me.


Start listening to the 2ketodudes podcasts-

(Danny) #12

Thanks, everyone! This is helpful.