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So I am considering going carnivore. I do like veggies - maybe too much. I also love all meats and fish. I am worried that there may be some nutrients missing in an all carnivore diet. Is anyone taking any supplements? Anything we can get too much of? I should mention that I am almost entirely lactose intolerant (to my huge regret, love cheese and butter etc) so I am not going to find the nutrients in that either.

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For micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) in animal foods, I defer to Dr. Paul Saladino’s work. Liver is especially nutritious.

This episode is especially helpful.

(Elizabeth ) #3 it has all you need no long-term carnivores take any supplements and many don’t have any dairy at all either. As long as you’re eating a pound and a half to two pounds of meat a day you’re fine

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Saladino is kind of a newbie to this I defer to the 10 and 12 year veterans that have helped thousands of other carnivores :slight_smile:


What Elizedge said :slight_smile:

Out of being curious, why are you trying carnivore?

You truly need no supplements but some newbies will do a multi vitamin when they start cause they can’t drop the ‘just in case’ fear they have. Hey I did it and real fast I dropped it cause I realized it was useless for me but I couldn’t let go easily of the ‘I must need some supps of some sort’ LOL but truly you need none.

Just eat as much meat and seafood as you need. Eat any time hungry, don’t eat when not. Eat your fill, do not limit at any time. Eat all animal products that do well for you and you will do fine.

Drink water and just stay hydrated. Eat up some salt to help thru adaption time.

I bet you do very well. You will mourn your loss of veggies if you like them that much. I hope you do well tho and any questions check back in!

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I like that Dr. Saladino speaks to the detailed science of mineral and vitamin content in various foods, especially organs. From what I have heard from the 10-20 year veterans, they mostly talk about their experiences (which is 100% valuable), but I meant specifically to the nitty-gritty science, Dr. Saladino puts out a lot of content.

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Absolutely, he’s a very smart guy. But you also need to remember that first of all the RDAs were never seriously scientifically developed. Secondly you’re spitting in the wind by thinking somebody who’s only eating meat should fall in line with them. We have no idea what normal levels of just about every nutrient should be when you’re only eating meat. The veterans do have not only their personal experience but the ones that I follow have headed up groups with thousands of people for over a decade so they have seen and helped tens of thousands. Since they do this for free wouldn’t it make sense that if carnivores needed supplements or tweaking or nose to tail that they would have been recommending it all this time?


Yes I agree on this.

In general, I was in the big old carnivore world out there. We seem SO small on this forum, a few of us carnivores but there truly is a massive world of carnivore eaters out there in the world. And thru all the years of experience etc with so many thousands, it shouldn’t be taken lightly at all the great personal information being passed around the carnivore community which is a mass of wealth.

I have to say I’ve seen some nitty gritty science ruin people real fast thru confusion and more. If we can all control every cell down to its microcellular level and control every nutrient we ingest down to the microbe or whatever LOL we would all have it whipped. It won’t ever be that way.


Im trying out carnivore because I am thinking of genetics and genes passed on from direct ancestors, as well as my lifetime experience with my own food. It’s more or less an experiment, and one that can’t hurt and could help and may or may not be right for me. My ancestors as far as I can tell for some 5 generations back all lived in the same general area and led the same life style. That makes it a lot easier to trace specific genetic trends. If your ancestors all came from different areas and circumstances, it/s not always possible to trace such things, but you probably have better, less specific and more rounded genes over all. My ancestry is farmers and butchers, with an occasional pub/restaurant owner, raising animals and produce and selling them, in many cases processing them before sale. One ate pretty much entirely carnivore in late fall, winter and early spring. In spring, greens and berries were added. And so on, food was seasonal. Depending on weather, in the warm months the diet would contain more fresh veggies and fruit, or none. And, with major wars and famines on location, there were long phases of starvation.

Myself, I have always loved meat and fat. Looking at food porn here, it’s what attracts me. Certainly with all these butchers in my family, my system should be fine honed to utilizing meat well over the generations. So, I want to give carnivore a try and see if it is right for me. I am a bit worried that the change will affect my weight loss negatively for a while, it just picked back up after a stall.

In any case, I just ordered 20 pounds of individually frozen chicken livers. I love chicken livers. I also ordered 66 pounds of rib end pork loin with the bone in, and 20 pounds of bacon. Love all of the above. And a whole bunch of cod liver and sardines, which I also enjoy a lot. So, we will see what comes of it. If I end up with a hankering for spinach in the spring or whatever, I will indulge, and it is quite likely that my carnivore will be dirtied up with some mushrooms.

So, I am still just finding my own way. I am not much for dogma in any way, not in my diet and not in anything else either. I try to find what suits me and works for me.

Lol, I bet you didn’t expect such a long answer to why I am trying carnivore. :slight_smile:

P.S. Oh, and I love science. It doesn’t confuse me, it fascinates me. And, often, causes me to dig deeper. Knowledge is gold.


wonderful post and I appreciate that cool info on why you are trying carnivore. with that history you posted it sounds like you have ‘some carnivore’ literally in your blood. love that :slight_smile:

your food you have ready for carnivore sounds wonderful also.

hey best one can do is try it and see how you feel and just jump in and take it from there. I can’t wait to hear how you do!!

ohhh I am a sardine eater also. I don’t do them as much anymore cause it seems I am just walking away more from them, but every now and then I get a hankering for a few tins of good sardines!

With all those lbs. of meat and bacon and more you are gonna be eating wonderful for sure!

wishing you a great trial into Carnivore!!


I go through phases with sardines also. I’ll eat a lot, then not at all, and suddenly I eat a lot again. I figure my body knows what it wants, unless dealing with addictions such as sugar etc. You ought to try cod liver if you haven’t yet, I just discovered them and absolutely love them.


That is great you love something like that. I am not a fishy person tho, never was. It is like tuna and sardines is my whole realm of the fish world LOL Is the cod liver like a paste and such? Not sure I ever really heard anyone eating it, I heard of cod liver oil and everyone holds their nose HA


It doesn’t taste fishy at all. It’s blobs of cod liver swimming in cod liver oil. I had never tried it because in my memory cod liver oil was super fishy and I hated it when made to take it as kid. Wow, what a surprise it was! It tastes like liver pate, but less livery. It’s a very mellow and delicate taste, and a pate texture. And I use the oil to drizzle over eggs or whatnot, it’s so satisfying.
One teaspoon (5 ml) of cod liver oil provides the following (4):

  • Calories: 40
  • Fat: 4.5 grams
  • Omega-3 fatty acids: 890 mg
  • Monounsaturated fat: 2.1 grams
  • Saturated fat: 1 gram
  • Polyunsaturated fat: 1 gram
  • Vitamin A: 90% of the RDI
  • Vitamin D: 113% of the RDI

Cod liver oil is incredibly nutritious, with a single teaspoon providing 90% of your daily requirements for vitamin A and 113% of your daily requirements for vitamin D.

All of that and wonderfully palatable. I don’t think that cod liver oil sold as supplement tastes the same at all.


Cod livers are quite tasty! And even though chicken livers are good to eat as they are, try soaking them overnight in HWC. I did that and they were soooooo sweet.


I’ll have to try that, I’ll have plenty of them. :slight_smile:


wow that is good info on your cod liver and thanks for posting.
I have to say I am on the fence at trying that HAHA but ya never know how my carnivore might change.


Woohoo! I reduced my veggies and added fats and I am off my stall! 248 on my scale today, I was stuck on 252 and couple of pounds above. Broke the dreaded 250. Yay! I started with 320, I am well on my way to the goal of 200. :yum:


Super congrats V! Rock on!! Sounds like you are succeeding on your journey. Happy for you!


Nothing like hitting a milestone. Last weekend I ranged from 251-254. This weekend it was 251-252. Hopefully I get into the 240s by next weekend. Congrats.


Keep on trucking Bobt!!! Congrats!