New to all this

(Gerald) #1

Good morning from the Uk,

I just wanted to introduce myself.

I am 47 yr man just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I have been advised to start a ketogenic diet which I have been doing now for a week. So please bare with me as I don’t really know what I am doing and I am about as computer literate as an avocado :avocado: :smiley:

(Rob) #2

Welcome to the forum!

I’m a 48 yr old man, curing his pre-diabetes, so you’re in the right place.

I am impressed that you were told to start a Ketogenic diet. Based on the general experience of most people here that is rarely suggested at present, but absolutely the right thing for reversing your type 2 diabetes.

If you’re not particularly computer literate, the forum bot (who should have introduced themselves to you by now) is great for getting used to how the features of the forum work and your conversation with the bot is private, so no pressure if you mess something up.

So, feel free to have a look around the forum. There is a good FAQ and the search function is useful for finding answers to other questions not covered there. We’re all very supportive and helpful when you need something else not covered there.

(Gerald) #3

Hi Rob, thanks for the reply I was pointed down the ketogenic rout by a good friend who is a nutritionist not by my doctor who just wanted to medicate me, In fact I told the doctor there had to be better ways of controlling diabetes than pumping the body full of toxins.

A quick question though which is the best forum to ask about lifestyle as my work has a huge effect on when I sleep and eat so that is a starting point for me.


(Rob) #4

it had to be too good to be true! At least you’re here! Well done on resisting the conventional wisdom of current dietary guidelines. You’re in good company.

For lifestyle, I couldn’t see a natural sub-topic to place it under. On that basis, I would post under Food or Newbies.


Welcome, Gerald! There are many folks on here who are managing or reversing their T2 with keto and can give you guidance, encouragement and advice.

In addition to posting your questions, I would wander around the forum (especially the Newbie subforum) and read a LOT.

(Gerald) #6

Thanks Rob and Madeleine I will have a scout around and see what’s what


(matt ) #7

Welcome to the club. Look around and read all the great info and ask all the questions you need!

(Gerald) #8

Cheers Matt, will do


There is a ton of terrific in this forum so take the time to read and wander throughout.
Take it slow it can be a bit overwhelming at first.

(Gerald) #10

Thanks Ajax

There is a load of information and a lot to take in sometimes the hard part is where to start, because it seems there is so much to learn.

(Dan Dan) #11

Welcome :smile:

I like DR. Berg he explains it in a simple way (for a simple person like me) :smiley:

“May the Force (fat adaption) be with you”

IF/EF Keto WOE is Self-Discovery :wink:

Good luck and much success in your journey in IF/EF Keto WOE :grin:

(Troy) #12


And Avocadoes are GREAT on KETO​:smile::joy:
Tops on the grocery list

Good luck

(Valerie Williams) #13

Hi, Thanks! Great videos. I’m one month in, 14 pounds down and starting to see some of these transitions.

(Roy D) #14

Gerald, welcome to the forum.

It may help focus info feed to you to include some statistics on yourself (i.e. A1C levels, current weight, …).

You may want to read “The Obesity Code” by Dr. Jason Fung. It is a good explanation on how he treats diabetics on the keto diet.

There is a Facebook group (based out of the UK) that may be helpful named “TypeOneGrit”

The following sites may also be useful;

There are also many YouTube videos on the subject. Some items to search for on YouTube include the following;

Dr. Eric Westman
Dr. Jason Fung
Low Carb Down Under
Diabetes Keto

I found the following Podcasts to be helpful on the keto diet (including diabetes);

2 Keto Dudes
The Obesity Code

(Dan Dan) #15

@shrek @Valbethw

Your Welcome :blush:

Here is a good one :smile:

Therapeutic Fasting - Dr Jason Fung

(Candy Lind) #16

Welcome! Glad to have you here, and doing a HAPPY DANCE that you actually were COUNSELED to do keto!! My advice is KISS - you know that principle!

Read the FAQ and check out the HOW TO topics for future reference, figure out your macros, then eat things you like, but add the fat you’ve denied yourself (or maybe you haven’t? :wink:). Low carbs (under 20 grams a day). Moderate protein, then eat fat until you’re not hungry.

Dr. Sarah Hallberg, who runs an obesity & diabetes “resolution” clinic, tells her patients to remember “GPS” - no Grains, no Potatoes (or other root veggies), no Sugar. Fix your own food so you know what’s in it. Use plenty of salt! I ate an awful lot of bacon & eggs when I first started (still do!). Easy and nutritious and does a good job of fitting the macros.

You’ve come to the right place. It’s full of awesome, helpful people and inspiring stories. :innocent:

OH! One more thing! ACRONYMS! This place is crawling with them, and the moderators don’t have any acronym spray, so they’ve become pets. :smiling_imp: I would print the Wiki & keep it handy at first. ENJOY and KCKO (it’s on the Wiki)!

(bulkbiker) #17

Hi Gerald and welcome from another UK ketoer
If there’s anything I can do just drop me line.
I tend to point people at diet doctor as I see someone above already has. A great resource.

(Valerie Williams) #18

Wow! Thanks again Dan… Now I’m worried I’m not eating enough! Just not very hungry.

(Dan Dan) #19

Yes its important not to restrict calories Keep carbs low and protien moderate and fat high and eat til satiety :grin:

Of course I eat til I’m stuffed because I can :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: