New "night-time" fat bomb recipe

(Denise) #1

I haven’t had much luck with a “sleep helper” tea (chamomile) but this recipe looks and sounds so beneficial I’m trying it tonight. I had the ingredients a week ago but just didn’t get to it.

Let me know what you think, or maybe you’ve tried this one to help with sleep :wink: PS I would have to add just a teen’incie bit of stevia to mine:

Thomas DeLauer Nighttime Fat Bomb Recipe

(Jane) #2

Sounds interesting - let me know how it works for you.

I only made fat bombs when I first started out before becoming fat adapted and only made the savory ones since I prefer salty/savory over sweet.

(Denise) #3

These were a pain, and didn’t taste that great at all. They didn’t help me sleep, or even drowsey. I could make a way better recipe myself and will do that. They are kind of ok with stevia added in batter, but they unfreeze way to fast, messy. I like putting a couple in a bowl and sort of eating them like a quickly melting popsicle. Can’t afford to just throw stuff out :wink: Nothing wrong with the taste really. I don’t recommend them though.

My cacao fat-bombs are the best :slight_smile: for me anyway:heart_eyes:

(Denise) #4

Edit: Almost forgot, only pour maybe 2 oz or less of water over teabags to steep. Less water in batter that way. Then make sure to squeeze the good stuff out of tea bags :wink: I steep about half an hour if I can, but at least 15 minutes.

I hope some see my revised version of Thomas DeLaures Sleep Bomb recipe, they are delicious how I make them, imo! Picture below if interested and instructions:

Thai Coconut Cream (13.66 oz) or any brand of the Cream
3 bags of Chamomile tea
1 tsp vanilla
sweetner (I use stevia, one tiny scoop 1/32) to taste
2 scoops of Collagen
1 heaping cup of frozen blueberries

2 ice trays that hold 15 each (I’ll put a link to the ones I use)
Blender of your choosing (I use my full size blender)

  1. Melt Cream over medium heat, don’t boil, just melt so it’s warm. It’s easier to get the bombs to freeze that way.

  2. Take off burner, add Vanilla

  3. Stir in collagen, stirring constantly, collagen can clump easily.

  4. Sweetner/Stevia whatever you like

  5. Pour into blender, add Frozen Blueberries and blend about maybe 15 seconds. I keep it on low, but your preference.

  6. Pour into trays, try to keep them below top, and then put in freezer. Well fully frozen you can bag them in plastic zips. If you let them set about 2-5 minutes, depending on your room temp. they pop out much easier :wink:

I eat 2 after dinner and before bed. Usually I like to eat them about a half hours after dinner when I get back for my walk, and after an Epsom Salt bath is a nice time too.

Please feel welcome to share your ideas on how you’d like to make these with your tips and tricks.
Warning; These can be addictive :crazy_face:


here’s the trays I bought:

(Jane) #5

Thanks for the updated recipe. I made a fathead blueberry danish recipe that was just ok (cinnamon rolls much better). But had to buy a huge bag of frozen blueberries from Walmart and didn’t care for the recipe so now have this large bag of frozen blueberries that need a home.

(KM) #6

I used to just eat them plain - frozen - as a snack.