New Keto starter with Crohns and rheuma

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Hi, I’m Annemieke from the Netherlands, 37 years old. Living with Roland (we’re gonna marry in September) and beagle furbaby Pluto. Some hobbies are quilting and Japanese Oldtimer cars (Honda).

I started Keto in December 2018. I ate paleo before BUT never couldn’t get rid of the cravings. I was a slave of chocolate and sweets and after eating that crap I always felt guilty and sick. It wasn’t always so. Before they discovered my Crohns Disease and rheuma 10 years ago I never had those cravings. When they put me on prednisone everything changed. I became right away a slave of my own food and cravings. It felt not right and it made me depressed. And this way of living certainly doesn’t heal my Crohns and rheuma.

October and November 2018 I started reading. I discovered that a lot of people got rid of their cravings when they eat lower carbs. And that some people heal their CD and rheuma on a ketogenic lifestyle. And that are goals I want to reach for. At this moment I have to stop another medicine for it because of bone marrow suppression due to the medication. I was 6 times in hospital in 6 years for Crohns, rheuma and asthma to get prednisone IV. I don’t want those problems anymore. To reach that I’m not only eating Keto but do it OMAD and do some extended fasts too. Did 48 hour fast this week without problems and for healing I want some longer fasts. The doctor don’t knows what he must think about it, but I said that I will give it a chance.

So in short my goals: healing my CD, rheuma and Asthma. Get rid of those 25 kgs I gained the last few years. Get rid of my cravings.

One goal is reached now. After 4 days of Keto eating I never had cravings anymore. I lost in 28 days 4,5 kgs so I’m happy. I ordered something what measures my blood ketone so I can directly see what foods do in my blood. It will be delivered this evening.

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I observed that people with leaky gut have super cravings for carbs. maybe because they leak minerals and valuable nutrition or maybe because the inflammation.

In my opinion keto will give some help but you must read what is the most effective way and supplement to reduce the inflammation .

your priority is to reduce the inflammation even if it meant higher total carbs to populate the good bugs

Also large amount of probiotics like in yoghurt can help populate the intestine with good bugs.

I think antibiotics can help to heal the wounds.

some people think they are lactose intolerant while in fact they are not. It is the leaky gut inflammation make the body tag some large molecules as foreign resulting to what looks like intolerance.

hope you feel better.

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Thank you very much for your input! I tried the somewhat more paleo carbs before starting Keto and the cravings were the same. On Keto however they dissappeared within a few days. My enterologists monitors the inflammation in my blood, it is down in just a few weeks Keto so maybe it works… But I skipped most of the food with omega6 and added fats with omega3 - > ALA, DHA and EPH in the form of fatty fish, fish oil and flaxseed oil. No nuts, I get a sort of itchy skin patches from the most nuts. Macadamia are only nuts without troubles for me.

I used 2 kinds of antibiotics in the same time last september for almost 4 weeks, so everything is supposed to be dead and got probiotics afterwards for a period.

My blood ketone device is arrived… Yay… Today on 11-01-2019 my ketones are 3,5. Measured my blood glucose too (there are a lot of family members with diabetes type 2) my blood glucose was 4,9 so I’m not metabolic broken I presume … Yay… :slight_smile:

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You’re definitely on the right path with keto lifestyle. I would suggest probiotic fermented veggies over any other source like real fresh sauerkraut, Kim chee, or the many other preparations you can easily make at home for trillions of probiotic bacteria in a single tablespoon. Way more than any dairy cultures.

I am on prednisone for life (5mg daily) and it was causing me to develop post transplant diabetes. That’s what brought me here. I have had numerous other benefits from this WOE however. Weight loss, no more snoring, drastically increased energy levels throughout the day, lowered blood glucose levels, improved triglycerides, better looking skin, no more psoriasis, mental clarity, improved sex life and I’m sure with more thought I would come up with more improvements.

And that’s after 4 1/2 months! And I love my new way of eating because I feel so good. As has been said nothing bad for you tastes as good as feeling great does.

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Did you mean probiotics healing leaky gut wounds and Crohn’s disease?

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Wow David, it brought you a lot! That’s very encouraging! If I have a difficult time with my new WOE I will be back to this topic to read your message. Thank you!

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antibiotics are sometimes necessary with diverticlusis, and other IBD.

during the course some good bugs die. So I have to re establish the good bugs.

There is lots of literature concluding the benefits of antibiotics for IBD.

I also found with a very high intake of probiotics that antibiotics may not be necessary as some good bacteria is capable to occupy the territory making it difficult for the bad bugs to find ground to grow but that unfortunately does not last long.

that is why high intake of probiotics is necessary.

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Hello and welcome Annemieke.

You might find this thread useful as it relates to Crohns:

And this article talks about Crohns and a diet removes grains, processed foods and sugars (except for honey), and much dairy. It promotes vegetables, fruits, meats and nuts, called the specific carbohydrate diet. It sounds mostly keto with the exception of the fruit inclusion.

You can try a search on “Rheuma” using the magnifying glass in the top right corner. I’m pretty sure you can find some posts that indicate keto does help this condition.

Hope this was helpful to you.

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Thank you Carl. I removed grains, diary and sugar out of my diet since September 2018. I wil read the topics about it.