New England, USA - Dry, Hard Cider Review Thread

(brian) #1

I’ve nearly given up on trying to find a dry, low carb seems all of them even the ones that say less sweet aren’t really to my taste and they have more carbs than I want to consume. Today I found Citizen Cider from Burlington VT has one called Wits

It a very dry cider with 2g carbs in the whole can, definitely not sweet just what I was looking for in a cider when I want one.

(Clare) #2

how does it taste?
I love a good dry cider. I had a fantastic, bone dry cider in Spain from Asturias.
Over here in the UK the live scrumpy is the driest and least mucked about with.

(brian) #3

It is definitely very dry which I like. It doesn’t have much apple flavor which I kind of expected. If there was a way to brew and leave a bit more apple flavor that would be nicer.

I haven’t tried scrumpy in a while but I would like to find some around me. We actually got more into cider after we went on vacation in Cornwall England and visited a Cornish Cyder Farm. They made a brand with the a rattlesnake and they had scrumpy too. I didn’t like scrumpy at the time but with my changing tastes with desiring less sweetness I think I would like it now. Here’s a sign from the place

(Heidi ) #4

Wonderful! Here’s hoping I can find that here in Alberta.

(Clare) #5

You can make your own very easily if you have a fermenting vessel. You just use shop bought apple juice and add champagne yeast. I’ve been too lazy to sort it for a while but might make a batch now it’s getting warmer. Takes about theee weeks to ferment and clear. Google turbo cider for instructions.

(brian) #6

Wow I thought it took longer. I fermented some a couple years ago. Took it too dry, added apple juice and left it. Need to try again for sure!

(KB Keto) #7

not available within 25 miles of me… assuming they havent made it too far outside of Vermont

(Ben) #8

Awesome! I am going to Vermont in June and wouldn’t have found it otherwise. Thanks for posting this.

(brian) #9

Yeah I’m in Massachusetts so maybe only the states surrounding Vermont

(Marc) #10

I found it here in Illinois right near where I live. I bought some, but I haven’t tried it yet because I’m fasting. I’ll try it a little later.
Thanks telling everyone about it.

(KB Keto) #11

This gives me hope, I’ll keep looking.

(Marc) #12

Did you try their locator? They say “Citizen Cider is currently distributed in ALL New England states, New York (City & areas of Upstate), New Jersey, North & South Carolina and Illinois.”

I don’t know if that will help…

(KB Keto) #13

Looks like it is only available in limited areas. on the East coast, New England and New York, Carolina’s, and for some reason Illinois lol

(Heidi ) #14

well poop…I’ll try making my own then! thanks for the tip

(Jane Reed) #15

This puts me in mind of “apple wine” my dad made years ago, following instructions in a magazine. Successfully, too.

We went to the apple growing region in our area and obtained 5 gallons of raw, untreated juice. Dad drilled a hole in a large cork, put a length of plastic tubing through it, set the cork in the bottle opening, then sealed it all over with wax.

The other end of the plastic tube went in a jar of water. As the juice fermented, the bubbles of carbon dioxide went up the tube and came out in the water, perfectly air-tight. The instruction was to count the number of bubbles per minute. At a certain point it was time to bottle.

Dad and Mom had collected old champagne bottles for this purpose and they were duly filled and capped, then store for some time longer. The resulting “wine”, as it was called, was light, bubbly, refreshing, and had the slightest hint of apple flavor. Ah, memories.

(Mark Landry) #16

I found another low carb cider, this one made in Cincinnati. I found it in a local store in my area (halfway between Boston and Providence). 3 carbs per can. It’s a dry hopped cider, which I’ve never seen before, and I love it. I find most ciders to taste far too sweet but not this one.

(Ben) #17

I also found, Seattle Dry cider has 3G carbs for a whole pint. It’s very good, nice flavor and not sweet.

(brian) #18

For those who like ciders. I found this magazine with a free online digital edition.

(brian) #19

A couple more options. This one was a little more tart/sour
But a nice change

(brian) #20

This was less tart but 4g vs 2g carbs I’ll try something different