New England, USA - Dry, Hard Cider Review Thread

(brian) #21

I think I’ll turn this into the cider review thread.

This one was still (non-carbonated). Very dry. Didn’t have a carb count on the label but I’m guessing 2 or less by the taste. It didn’t have much apple flavor, reminds me of the the apfelwein in Frankfurt I had a few times.

(brian) #22

I liked this Seattle Cider. Crisp. Clean not too carbonated

(brian) #23

This one was tart! Tasted pretty dry but no carb count on the label. Guessing 4 or less

(Chris) #24

Unable to get most of the ciders posted in this forum on the west coast…Anyone ever try 101 Cider House ciders ( Looks like they are more of a “sour” tasting vibe, but per their website they have no added sugar. Searching through google they appear to be low carb…

updating my post…Purchased the “India Pale Cider” from 101 Cider (reminiscing on my IPA days…) and Riestra Natural Cider ( Both are very low carb (0.1 per serving).

Going to taste test this weekend [fingers crossed]…OK, patience is not my strong suit…so I went ahead and tried the two above mentioned ciders…

The 101 Cider is too sour for my taste. It tastes very similar to taking apple cider vinegar with a sparkling beverage…so if that is your jam I just saved you $10. However, they do have other flavors…

The Riestra cider came out flat and extremely bland in flavor…its a no go for me.

(brian) #25

No I haven’t seen that brand near me. I’m curious to hear your review.

(Heidi ) #26

I hear ya @ChristoJaggs I can’t get any of this good stuff here in Alberta Canada either…:frowning: But I really do need to try that apple wine that @Buttonwillow mentioned earlier. Sounds pretty simple actually.

(Ashley) #27

Great thread! I’ll have to see if I can find some of these in my area. I used to brew my own cider until I started keto. I’ve thought about picking it back up to brew low carb cider, but I’m not sure how to make sure it is low enough in carbs. I would think I should aim for some range of specific gravity, but I’m not sure what to aim for.

(brian) #28

It would be good to try and brew some again and test. I found this residual sugar measuring kit which might work for cider but it is $65 for 20 tests.

(Ashley) #29

That’s fabulous! I will definitely have to try that out. Thanks for the tip.

(Heidi ) #30

Any chance you still have these instructions @Buttonwillow? I’ve been looking on the old interwebs and can’t seem to find anything quite like that! thanks

(Jane Reed) #31

Sorry, Heidi. That was more than 60 years ago.

I don’t believe my dad used any yeast, although every similar recipe calls for it. Since raw, untreated apple juice will naturally ferment as it ages, I don’t know why yeast or added sugar would be necessary.

Surely one of the ciderheads in this thread could give an opinion and make an educated guess as to how long an anaerobic ferment should last.

You would need a carboy, a bunch of sturdy bottles (my folks collected old champagne bottles from friends) and sterilized them, then put a metal cap on each, and stored them in a cool place away from the house.

I wonder if you could find a cider maker’s forum where some brave soul had experimented with a recipe like mine.

(brian) #32

Getting a couple more up on the forum. This is pretty sour. I hear sour beer is the new thing… haven’t had one. This isn’t bad. I like the no carbs, but I’d appreciate less sour.

(brian) #33

I found this cider better than the previous one. The label is confusing 0 carbs on the rim, but 5g on the nutrition label. Hmmmmmm. For one occasional can I can handle this one. I’ll be on the lookout for this brand again. It was a gift so not sure where it was purchased.

(John) #34

Ace Joker is 3g per 12oz. Its not a bad cider. Not overly sweet so if you like a bit of a funky beer you would probly like this

(Tamarah) #35

I tried this cider in VT as well, was very good, I can’t wait to try again . I always look for the dry ciders they are usually very good, I prefer dry wines and ciders and prosecco as well.

(brian) #36

It has been a while since I’ve tried a new cider. A friend brought these Citizen Cider Big Juicy’s from a trip up to the Burlington, VT area - not as sour as some super dry ciders with more flavor. I’d get one again for sure. Nice color, lightly carbonated.

(brian) #37

I’m going to give these another try. I didn’t get a lot of gin botanical flavor from the first try. It is an interesting concept to partner with local distilleries who provide some gin botanical flavors. This one was black button distilling. So hoping 2nd time is a charm. And they’ve got 8 or so distilleries they’re working with on this idea. I imagine it is a challenge to get right but can’t recommend this edition now.


(brian) #38

I’ve got a new favorite Cider windfall orchard farmhouse cider and it comes in a cool bottle. Nice champagne-like effervescence and good flavor.

The website says zero residual sugars.

They are making a perry (pear cider) so I may check that out if it is dry.

(brian) #39

New York State is taking a scientific approach to categorizing dry for ciders :slight_smile: