Never say never November...a master class in in autumnal/Fall dishes...what did you Keto today?



(Robin) #2

All this talk about salt has me wondering if I need to look into it. I salt my food (and coffee) but just looked nd the label says no iodide.
Guess I need to investigate.

(KM) #3

I’m making chili today. It’s a little on the carby side because of the tomato base, but it’s still keto in my book. It’s one of the dishes that my husband and I still share, I’ll probably have mine over shredded cabbage, he’ll have his with rice (and beans added in).

(Bob M) #4

I found some “roasted seaweed snack” at Costco for not much money and have been eating these. For me, it’s more of an addition that I know has iodine, though it’s a bit too tasty for me (I can overeat it). But there’s really no way to know how much iodine you’re getting, and at least one assumes seaweed has iodine.

On the other hand, people who have been carnivores for years don’t seem to be struggling, so perhaps we don’t need seaweed for iodine.

I should note I can’t tell any difference yet as to whether eating the seaweed helps or not. It might take a while though. We’ll see.

But other than for collagen peptides, where I can point to age spots that are much lighter now after eating collagen peptides than they were before eating them, I can’t tell for pretty much anything else whether it works. So, chances are, I’ll never know whether eating seaweed helps.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #5

Plus 1 on the seaweed Coop. Age old food source.
Eggs and Bacon an unbeatable Combo but Corned Beef and eggs not too bad also.

(Jane) #6

Smoked a pair of pork tenderloins. And some riced cauliflower to go with it with onion, mushrooms, butter and cream.

(KM) #7

Coffee and cream 8am, hiked til 3 and went out to a pub for lunch/dinner. Managed to find two ok things on the menu that weren’t deep fried - a green salad (with dubious dressing I left on the side) and a gigantic grilled pork chop. Like, maybe 20 oz. Huge, naked on a plate. They also served a soup that was tasty but probably half flour, I picked out the chicken and left the rest. Overall a pretty on target day, especially for eating out.

(KM) #8

Wasn’t that seaweed snack loaded with sugar? I’ve been disappointed with their “non carb” snacks like seaweed and crunchy shrimp that turn out to be carby after all.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #9

Per 100g there is carbs in seaweed but Surely not a problem in small portions

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #10

After months of almost no veg (and great digestion) I’m experimenting with plants again. I can suffer the pain to know a little more.
Todays Corned Beef Hash combines onion, cabbage, egg and cheese.


Yesterday it was an OMAD day, so nothing until dinner time.

For dinner I had chipolatas (a lot of them, but they are little) with creamed spinach (bought). At the end of it I still did not feel sated, so I added a mozzarella with pesto. At the end of it I was still not sated, so I opened a Gorgonzola wedge and ate a good portion of that. At the end of it I was still not sated, so I got some raspberries and blackberries with clotted cream. And then I was sated.

I washed the whole stuff with a 440ml beer.

This morning I was still in full ketosis. My body is good at not being kicked out of ketosis with a moderate amount of carb, so I don’t worry about a beer now.

Today is another OMAD day, but I will go salmon and eggs for sure, then what I see in the fridge/pantry that is keto and wants to be eaten… :wink:

(Mark Rhodes) #12

Look into Lynn Farrow’s work on Iodine. I have talked with her and she doesn’t know much about the keto lifestyle, however her information on Iodine is difficult to dispute as most of it is observational. She does however say iodized salt is a nutritional scam

(Robin) #13

Thanks. I don’t have any reason to question my salt intake, as everything is going great. Just got curious due to all the discussion about various kinds of salt.

(KM) #14

No, the particular seaweed product at my Costco had about 10 carbs per serving of added sugar.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #15

Ah, beg your pardon, I missed that bit… yes, agreed. Great way to ruin something.

(KM) #16

Never underestimate the demand of the sugared class - or the manufacturers’ ability to pander to it.


I don’t even show my usual pork roast to the carnivores now… I made enough for about 6 days. Cooking is so simple now, I don’t need my old variety. My food is still not SUPER simple, I have my usual sponge cakes (100% egg but still whipping and baking), processed items… Is most dairy items processed? What does processed mean? Whatever, I don’t care.

November goes SO WELL! I don’t have zillion meals a day (well it was only a few days… I don’t have 5MAD days that often…), I eat at a deficit (!!! me! since DAYS! tiny but probably existing… okay, I had this for 3 days before but I hope it stays… with the occasional higher-cal day, of course. I thought today would be one but nope, it seems) - and I don’t feel the need for desserts!!! I almost always feel the need for desserts. Yeah I have my dessert type drinks but just those, I used to have them AND something else.
I even managed… almost 4 days without coffee I think…? But I had a stubborn headache today (not because I don’t drink coffee, I don’t have that relationship with it. I suspect I have slept too much. or it’s the weather. lack of my usual walks. stress. whatever. my body responds to most problems with headache, I even can tell apart some types but not all) and decided it’s a good enough reason for some cheap and not so great coffee so it’s totally medicine. All the cream, milk and egg in it is to make it a bit better (I won’t buy that coffee again but it’s not bad enough to throw it out. if it’s not good, I won’t get tempted to drink it all the time, at least :wink: )…

I had my pork roast today (green ham and pork shoulder, I cut off fat from the latter as it was super fatty), cheese, egg, liver, smoked ham, egg milks… A little of everything but the meat. Not much meat though, that was yesterday, 528g meat and 30g scratchings for lunch… :smiley: And a bunch of other things as well, of course and I still didn’t have a big meal, it only lasted for 18 hours (with some baby hunger after a few hours and I managed to chase it away with 10g scratchings, yay! I am good in November this far).

One day I will try to get satiated with meat only, I wonder how much I will need. Only something fatty could work. But I never went over 600g meat in one sitting or if I did, it was barely above. 600g meat is a very very nice amount for a meal for me, it’s around that amount that I feel I had enough. Of meat, usually, I am rarely finished but it happened with some beef. That was effective. (I still ate one yolk as no way I skip eggs for a whole day :smiley: ) I was quite satiated for a day.

Sorry, next day I bring photos instead of writing this much. I am not done with my Halloween dishes yet!

(KM) #18

There are actually two different terms, “processed” and “highly processed”. Processing is technically anything that changes the food, whether it’s parboiling peas or separating milk from cream. It can refer to things like grinding flour, or dried pasta with a few straightforward ingredients. Offhand I’d describe anything that somebody’s grandparents would have done to raw ingredients as processing. Highly processed, which is usually what people mean when they say ‘processed food’, is the commercial manipulation of food beyond that. Turning corn into corn oil and corn syrup, turning that into a sugary whipped cake filling. Torturing peas until they turn into imitation hamburgers. High heat to extract something, black magic to make resistant dextrin or resistant starch, adding in all those ingredients we’ve never heard of to “improve” the original.


Yes, I have read such things but it’s not clear to me when it comes to certain items… Like grain/flour/homemade bread… Fruit/pure fruit juice… I don’t know where are the limits if they exist… What about roasted peanuts?
It doesn’t matter much to me, I am just mildly interested.
Are processed meats highly processed? Bacon, sausages, well there are very various sausages, they are totally not the same… Good sausages have pretty nice ingredients even if they aren’t homemade, they are just processed to some not tiny extent.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #20

Simple Lamb Stew, cooked in Chicken stock (that’s the only stock I had)