Never say never November...a master class in in autumnal/Fall dishes...what did you Keto today?



I have no problem with such mixes :slight_smile: I usually make a chicken/pork soup.

No new photos from me for a while, I just eat my usual food, fried pork, eggs, cheese whisps… :smiley:
I had pork spleen but IDK where the photo is. We have too many CF cards at this point (the camera uses those) and it is a tired, lazy week for me. If I have some energy, I focus it elsewhere.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #22

I don’t often buy pork fillet, that will change, enjoyed this.

(Robin) #23

Sauce details, please….


In the middle of a 72 hour fast, just here to torture myself :slight_smile:


@KetoDad2020: It usually helps me when I look, read, write about things I decided not to eat for a while :slight_smile: Even if it’s food in general. It’s quite individual. Even food smell (like scrambled eggs with sausage, that is quite strong) is nice for me when fasting :slight_smile: Well, until I get properly hungry but I never would fast longer than that.
Good luck with the fasting! I wish I could do such a long one again but I will try harder. I never feel strong hunger nowadays (except if I eat first) but it isn’t enough for a fast, I need to be devoid of all eating urges.

IDK if anyone is interested in my fried pork chuck but I will make a photo tomorrow. Today I was tired and fancied my food already, it got ready at 16:30 and I was very well-fasted :smiley: It was simple but GREAT.

(Robin) #26

Just don’t lick the screen

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #27

My usual butter, cream and mustard sauce. Perfect with pork

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #28

I’d love to try this, I’ve never ever done a 24 hrs fast. I’ve even gone up to 3Mad … it feels like a fail but I feel better for it!


3MAD only registers as a fail for me if it is accompanied by overeating… Sometimes I have cute enough 3MAD days on carnivore with great macros, that’s not so bad. I just prefer less meals, more convenient, less hunger, longer lasting satiation (if the food amount is right)… Sometimes I can’t even tell properly how many times I ate as some of my meals are super tiny and very close to the next one (I try to get satiated with little for various reasons and fail in the end. but I tried, no regrets)… I rather take a note about the length of my eating window then, it’s easier and more informative.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #30

Very English Style

(Bob M) #31

Contains: Organic seaweed, organic sunflower oil, organic sesame oil, sea salt.

Too many oils for me, so I won’t be buying them again, but no sugar.

Costco’s seaweed salad is, however, loaded with sugar.


Seaweed and sugar? Sounds an odd combo to me… :thinking: I always ate seaweed in savory dishes and can’t imagine them sweet. Even though they are green stuff and Mom made lettuce soup with garlic and sugar :smiley: But it’s true I totally considered it an abomination… Albeit a not particularly bad one…
But seaweed sounds even more odd with added sugar than lettuce…
Of course, tastes differ, a lot.

(Jane) #33

Tilapia with a sauce made from butter, mayo, Parmesan cheese, lemon juice and fresh basil from my hydroponic garden in my utility room.

(KM) #34

Our Costco had some kind of seaweed chip but it was carby. Sugar and something else, maybe rice flour. Same problem with the dried shrimp.


I could try crickets this year, finally. And they were covered with flour too… Sigh. I felt the crunchiness, tasted the spices and the flour… Still no idea what crickets taste like.

I fried pork again but it rained all day, didn’t even try to make a nice shot. And it’s fried pork, just like all the others… But it’s nice and fatty :wink: