Negative net carbs?


I just discovered this Protein Bread at a German store.
The net carbs number is negative. How do you interpret that?



I hope I managed to upload the images.


There is no such thing as net carbs. Net carbs seem to be 4g and total 11g then. Wrong labeling but hopefully they meant 4g net and not something unrelated to every number here deep in mystery.

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This label is wrong. It is in U.S. style, but it should be in European form, if it’s a German product.

European nutrition labels list net carbohydrate, exclusive of fibre. This label appears to be in violation of the regulations, since it says “Total Carbohydrate” when it should say either just “Carbohydrate” or “Net Carbohydrate.” In any case, the total carbohydrate of this product is 11 g per 50-g slice, or 22 g per 100 g of product. The net carbohydrate is 4 g per slice, or 8 g per 100 g of product. (In the U.S., the number listed as “carbohydrate” would be 11 g, and subtracting the 7 g of fibre would then make sense.)

European regulations also require a panel listing amounts per 100 g, in addition to the panel of amounts per serving (if any). To be charitable, I suppose that the marketing department mixed up the labeling requirements when they designed the packaging for the different countries where the product is sold. But they could get into big trouble with the European regulatory agency that has oversight.

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In Soviet Russia, net carbs deduct YOU

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When Chuck Norris eats a low-carb diet, he doesn’t cut carbs. He stares at the carbs until they cut themselves.

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Not negative, just already separated into net carbs and fibre.

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These look tasty! Ugh too bad the carb count. Secret dream is that there is a clean product just like you posted but within 5 total carbs and able to enjoy a full slice. How do we make this happen. :slight_smile: recipe wizards go!

Ps closest I’ve come is Ella’s flats but that’s more cracker than a breadish product. But the flats are super super addictive and delish.

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this whole “net” carb thing bugs me. Now I see what our Franz brand of breads is doing, which is just adding fiber to sell their dough. I can’t see how that can be good for me to try and smother the carbs with fiber?

Maybe I’m wrong at thinking this way but it’s certainly not Low Carb bread. Feedback always welcome, Denise

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Does Chuck really do low-carb? I know atleast one guy at my gym, he’s 56, that doesn’t eat low-carb at all but he has a lot of muscle, looks good. Not sure he feels all that good though, says he has to be at the gym because he eats too much, sounds addicted to food. You know, where you eat a couple of potato chips but can’t stop til the bag is empty??

I’m T2 btw, so I am scared I’ll croak if I don’t stick to low-carb. I’m guessing there’s some desperate marketers out there when they hear of this huge group of people that are all about low-carb.


But a bag of chips is tiny (maybe not in the US)… Of course we won’t stop, one doesn’t need to be an addict for that. (We… I didn’t eat non-handmade chips so many times :smiley: but when I did, I enjoyed it. I love crunchy and crispy stuff. And good potato has wonderful flavor.)
He surely doesn’t eat too much because of some flimsy chips unless he eats them in insane amounts or something.
Good for him if he does overeating so subtly that some training can help him out… I simply eat twice my energy need sometimes, I don’t need carbs or added fat or starting before noon or even eating when satiated…

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I agree.

No idea. I was just riffing on a popular Chuck Norris meme.

I’m fortunate that eating LCHF/keto does a lot to curb my binge eating. I’m not totally craving-free, alas, but it does seem to be a bit easier to stop. And my favourite pre-keto binge foods are all now too sweet to taste good.

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I have to admit I was pretty keen on the “new” Keto Bread from Franz but the more I thought about it, my conclusion was, well, you know already :crazy_face:

I still once in awhile get a craving but mines nervous energy I think. Too much sitting in front of the boob-tube, bored with that and thinking of a “food fix”. I’ve gotten into a healthy fix though and I do a couple of boiled eggs. I know I don’t want any of the “old foods” I used in the past :wink: