Need support - fasting (120 days)


(Mike W.) #43

Are you going to sit down and eat 8 to 10 cups of vegetables, like is easily possible juicing?

(Reduan Thalji) #44

Exactly, i won’t because i don’t like it. But I do eat/drink the remaining pulp of my broccoli juice, which makes easier for me to consume about 250 to 500 grams of broccoli.

(Katie) #45

I am wondering why you want to consume that much broccoli; for the nutrients?


I’m also curious 1/2 kg seems like an awful lot of broccoli

(Mike W.) #47

That much broccoli would inflate me like a blimp…


Yeah, I’d be a mess :slightly_smiling_face: I eat maybe 1/2 kg a week on a good week!


Am I missing something? You juice your broccoli and then eat the pulp? Why not just eat the broccoli!

(it's official - I'm forked) #50

You’re going NOWHERE in Silicon Valley with a backward-looking attitude like that, lady!

(Reduan Thalji) #51

It’s tasty with stevia and I miss fruits. It’s a lot, but the blood ketone testing makes me secure that i’m still in ketosis.

(Reduan Thalji) #52

No, the pulp is semi-solved in the juice, so I drink it normally. If I put less water, there is some solid particles. I don’t really know how all those details could be interesting.


Well that is a novel solution - never would have occurred to me :smile:

(Mike W.) #54

Any updates? Still going strong?