Need support - fasting (120 days)


(Sky Fasting) #1

Hi everyone…

So this is my first time on any forum but I really like the posts and the community’s support overall and I thought I’d give it a try. God knows I need the support coz people around me react like I am crazy :blush:

I have started my water fast yesterday and plan to complete a 30-40 days waterfast followed directly by a 40-60 days juice fast. I am currently 230 pounds and plan to lose 115 pounds minimum since I know I will be gaining approximately 15 pounds back after I am off the fasts.

I had done water fasts in the past a lot of 1 or 3 days. longest was a 5 day fast which I regret breaking because I was in an amazing state physically and mentally when I had gone past the 3 days but a friend basically guilted me out of it because people treat you like a crazy weird person when they hear about waterfasting.

I have lost 60 pounds in the past on a very low calorie restricted diet but that was six months of pure hell that felt like an extended first three days of the worst water fast ever. After my 5 day water fast I decided if I ever want to lose weight again I will never do a diet again it’s either waterfasting or nothing. Also losing weight through working out is always the worst experience ever because that just comes back double for me when I have to stop going to the gym. mind you the 60 pounds I lost through dieting I gained back after 5 years and only due to a very sudden life change and stupid decisions I made in one and a half month of terrible mental state and noticed the great weight gain when it was too late and I just kept postponing the commitment to diet again until I had gained it all back.

So basically now I woul love any support I can get. I will be posting weekly weigh-ins and any fast-related incidents as soon as anything comes up. :wave:


Good luck. Seems a little crazy, why fast for such a long time?

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #4

This is a ketogenic diet forum
A juice fast is not Keto, we would never do that.
Can you please advise why you are doing that on a keto diet?
This is not a purely fasting group.
And yes, I believe it is a bit crazy to do a 40 day juice fast after not eating for 40 days. Bit redundant if you ask me. I couldn’t read past that sentence so I won’t address the rest of your post.

(Jessie) #5

That is a very long fast.

Don’t know how smart that is but this forum isn’t really built on extended fasting.

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This is a ketogenic diet forum, despite the URI being a bit confusing. It’s not a fasting forum, per se. We have people who very successfully use fasting as a tool IN CONJUNCTION with a very low carb eating approach.

Have you discussed this four-month planned fast with your relevant medical professional?

This seems crazier than the weekend’s “fasting to win a bet” post.

(When in doubt, keep your carbs under 20g) #7

This is very extreme, and I do not recommend it.

We care more about correcting metabolic derangement, and improved health, than simply losing weight.

If your goal for performing such an extreme fast is purely weight lose, again I don’t recommend it.


If I would’ve known you could bet on your own weight loose (Lmao) I would’ve bet two (LoL) just not that much cause I’m cheep (lol) sorry @xScarlet had Two do it :joy::yum::wink:

(Robert C) #9

Pick up Dr. Fung’s Obesity Code and learn from it (and from his web site) about their fasting methods.

One of their more aggressive plans is 3 36 to 42 hour fasts per week (after an initial week long fast).

Keep the refeeds keto and you’ll be (safely) doing great.

Progress will be slower but likely more sustainable with a much higher overall probability of success.


Well, Sky, I adhere to both a ketogenic way of eating and extended fasting of 2-5 days so don’t be discouraged here on this forum. And there are many like myself but very, very few who would consider such drastic approaches to both dieting and fasting.

You are welcome here but you won’t find much advice.

I would also suggest you frequent the dedicated Fasting sub-topics. Good luck in staying healthy … and alive.

(Sky Fasting) #11

Well based on what I’ve been reading it’s the weight loss for less the trouble, the reason I wanted to start with water fasting was to detox and get the healing process but past that I felt like just a juice diet would be enough since I can keep losing the weight with that to.

(Sky Fasting) #12

I actually read a few threads on extended fasting here so I thought it was. As for the fact that it’s too long, my main focus is really the water fast and then with the juice fast I can try to get all the nutrients that I need along with multivitamins and choosing the right ingredients for the juices


You’d be much better off sticking to whole foods. Keto if you like or not but juice is bad news no matter how much kale etc… you put in it.

(Sky Fasting) #14

I appreciate your advice. The reason I wanted to start with the water fast is so that I can detox and get its full benefits. Now I am not planning to just keep going with it if I feel like it would be a danger but from what I read about it it is supposed to be a very good experience and gives great health results then after that’s done I would continue with a juice fast if I feel like I am up to it and I would make sure to choose juices that would include the nutrients I need along with multi Vitamins. I feel like I am up to it but of course if it got to a point where it felt dangerous even slightly I would definitely stop it

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #15

Going on a juice ‘diet’ will ruin everything you just achieved if you complete that water fast. I’m still not understanding why. There is no point to it, like @juice said, you’d be much better off sticking to whole foods.

(Sky Fasting) #16

So just to clarify if it was between water fasting and juice fasting it’s better to not do the juice fasting or do you mean the water fasting should not even be considered?

(says keto isn't complicated. Sorry, but it just isn't.) #17



The concern is that you are fasting solely for weight loss. There are much healthier ways to go about it.


Both the water and the juice fast you have planned seem extreme to be honest. By all means incorporate some water fasting into a healthy diet but juicing cannot replace a healthy diet. Read around the forums here & you’ll see people have had seriously impressive results eating keto - some fast/some don’t - but nobody would recommend a juice ‘cleanse’ or juice ‘fast’.


Oh. Really? Hmmm.

(Sky Fasting) #21

Actually I do intermittent fasting all the time with low carb so I understand it has health benefits and so I am not just jumping into water fasting. But it is so much harder to do intermittent fasting it is so draining as compared to after the third day in water fasting where you stop feeling the fatigue and headaches and cravings all the time