Need support - fasting (120 days)



Oops - sorry @juice - totally different juices I swear :hugs:

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Just no. This is wrong in so many ways I don’t know where to begin.

You very clearly don’t understand any of the underlying mechanisms in any way, and doing something like this is straight up dangerous.

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Sorry I don’t really have a lot of information about juice fasting based on what I read it’s just a less tiring form of water fasting.
Can you explain a bit more


I do not mean IF or even 3 or 5 day fasts. I meant 40 or 120 days. I should have clarified. I was responding to the OP :slight_smile:


Put simply, highly refined foods (that includes juices) will jack up your insulin & eventually fuck up your blood sugar.

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Is it possible you want a ridiculously fast result that is simply not sustainable? Just curious what you think will happen once you start actually eating again? I have my guesses and it involves a lot more than putting 15 pounds back on.

I know it might sound like people are a little harsh/judgemental but they are trying to help. You did not put on the weight in a couple of months and if you don’t take it off sensibly over time, your body will fight you and give you back what you lost and more (unless you actually plan on developing an eating disorder).

Good luck to you - maybe spend some time and research so that you get what you want - including a healthy body.

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Juice fasting will send your insulin and sugar up and down like crazy. It will be hell and isn’t healthy. Are you even keto? Fat adapted?

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Have ever considered trying a Ketogenic diet? Check out for lots of information!


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Seriously, I don’t think that’s correct. Actually nothing would actually be better.

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Same thing. Juice from a fruit is sugar whether smashed or purchased.

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Not at all. I think she did.

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If anything do bone broth instead of juice. Juice is going to be loaded with sugar, even if you juice vegetables, and may wreck/damage your metabolism.
Maybe look in to this video

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Hi Sky –

If you move forward with this fast, I wish you the best of luck, and would love to see your progress updates.

If you complete this fast and lose a lot of weight, what are you going to do when the fast is over? You can’t fast the rest of your life. Are you going to go back to the behaviors that got you to where you are now? Because you haven’t established any new behaviors or lifestyle modifications or eating strategies that are going to help you keep the weight off long term.

The reason I ask that is not to dissuade you. I can understand your frustration and desire to lose weight and feel better about yourself. Like many people here, me included, it appears you’ve been a yo-yo dieter that has tried everything under the sun to lose weight. And you’re now going to try an extended water fast. It is a bit radical, even for this forum, a community of people, many of whom have lost 50-100 pounds or more.

I’d recommend eating low carb, doing a weekly fast of 24-48 hours and starting an exercise program – and commit to it. It would be a healthy way to lose weight, and a great way to start new habits that will help you lose and keep the weight off.

Plus, you would have the resources and support of this forum.

Whatever you decide to do, good luck.


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Speaking of intention, the distinction between eating to achieve ketosis or fast to reach that goal is the long-term aspects of it. I mean, REAL long term, like years, decades. Only EATING to reach ketosis will make possible for you to have a balanced and healthy life.
I’m not against your 40 day fasting, what is socially crazy, may be physiologically a normal thing. However, if you want to make your life fully enjoyable, do your ketogenic eating, even if it’s after your fasting. Turn it a lifestyle, isn’t hard.

About the juice thing: don’t use fruits, use vegetables, only those with low potential to spike insulin, since insulin resistance is the real problem here. (Broccoli, cabbage, cucumber and green leaf).

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But with juicing you don’t get the fiber so it’s still a lot of sugar.

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All the fasting drs. say to only do over 7 day fasts with medical supervision. Have you discussed this in detail with your dr.?

All that sugar from a juice fast is going to cause you problems. All juices even green ones have too many carbs, without the fiber, to be of a healthy benefit. Bone broth is a much healthier choice. BUT remember, for longer fasts get monitored by a health professional.

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Sky, it sounds like you think that juicing will give you some vitamins and minerals that you need, but in reality, it just gives you a lot of sugar. People can water fast with nothing but a multi-vitamin (and water). If you want to start adding in nutrients, then either go with whole food or bone both, as others have recommended.

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You still got all of the soluble fibers. And if you don’t care with the pasty aspect and accept that you’ll have to chew a little bit, you can get the insoluble fibers too. Fibers won’t simply disappear only because you crushed it. And, of course, drink immediately.