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Howdy, I’m a newbie with some experience only through watching my mom and step-mom do keto and I’m hoping to start tomorrow. I don’t talk to my mom nor do I want to follow her influence directly, and my step-mom isn’t super detailed or able to really tell me exactly what I need to do like my ADD brain needs. I am a female college student, 18 years old, about 5’8, around 193 lbs the last time I went to the doctor, and a waitress 3 days a week. I live with my dad, step-mom, 10-year-old twin siblings, and a 4-year-old little sister so having my own things or hiding food isn’t really an option at the moment. My step-mom gave me a few packs of Pruvit ketones, so I am planning on getting up early tomorrow morning before school to get a tumbler and maybe some Babybel cheese, and while I really need to be studying right now, I have spent WAY too much time tonight looking at keto websites and it’s all so scammy looking and confusing and overwhelming. My issue is really that I get too excited about things like this and all I want to do is spend all of my money on meal prep containers and a huge grocery bill, when I know I shouldn’t. I want to throw myself in and start meal prepping with my step-mom but I’m worried she’s going to shut me down. ALSO, finals are coming up and holiday season and I’m kind of sad to start Keto.

All this to say, I have no idea what I’m doing and I need some guidance or straight-up step-by-step processes. Thanks for reading all of this and I appreciate y’all already! :slight_smile:


Welcome Briar - congratulations on taking the first step to a healthy life. Of course it’s not always easy but my best advise to you is to keep it simple. No grains, sugar or starchy veg which should on its own take you down to very low carbs. The forum generally recommends below 20g a day. You can of course measure and weigh things if you want to. Do not starve yourself or go hungry. Have 3 meals and keep yourself full whilst you transition from sugar burner to fat burner. Keep your electrolytes up. After a while you might be comfortable with just 2 meals. Eat real whole foods. Of an evening just have your average meal but without the potatoes! Maybe a bit of extra fat. Above all don’t get hung up on precise quantities etc. Preparation is key. If theres only bread for lunch you’ll end up having a sandwich. (Look up chaffles :slight_smile: ) Spend your day thinking of your finals your holidays and having a great life. Good luck.
You’ll get loads of great help on this forum

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This is a handy guide to get started.

You’ll find there are endless variations, but at its simple (simple doesn’t always mean easy.) Once you get the basics down, you can start experimenting and tweaking to make it fit you better.


I would suggest the Diet Doctor site for vetted, research-based information you can trust. Look at the food guides on that site and focus on meat, green vegetables, and healthy fats. I’d personally avoid Pruvit-type products as they are not needed and are a huge waste of money (no offense to your step-mom). This is the beginner page forDiet Doctor and is how I (and many others) transitioned to keto/low carb 3.5 years ago and stayed there successfully. You don’t need tricks, hacks, products, pills, or potions. Just eat right: meat, vegs, and healthy fats as they occur in your foods.


Agree with April on not spending money on unecessary products.
One thing about our culture is that when there is a problem we are conditioned to look for what to add: a pill, a potion, exercise equipment.
Instead please start by looking at what to remove: the bad foods.
Your body will know what to do if you fuel it properly.
Good luck.

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I agree, there are no “KETO” products. I do put some MCT oil in my coffee each morning because I like it but I doubt it has the word keto on the label (I have never looked). Limit carbs, increase fats and let your body get the hang of it. I don’t know about you but I love breakfast and don’t plan on missing it. I eat eggs, cheese, sausage and bacon daily. It is probably about 2g total I think.


Welcome and good luck. Others with more experience will give you brilliant advice, but I wanted to say to keep it simple. You don’t have to make it complicated. I know it is hard not to when starting something new. I am that way too. Grand plans! Ha! But give yourself at least a week of simple action to get started. Some days for me it is a can of tuna or some leftover chicken thighs. Nothing fancy.
Some of my go-tos to have on hand are:

Tuna fish
Aged cheddar cheese
Chicken thighs
Blue cheese dressing (check the carbs)


You can buy some containers if you need them but why would you need significantly more money on food unless you ate the cheapest crappy food until now? I spend much less money on food on keto, maybe it’s a special case but the same money probably will be fine. You don’t eat a lot of things you ate before, some of that might be overpriced processed stuff that possibly didn’t even satiate you well so you ate too much… Less but better food, it doesn’t need to be special. Just normal, nutritious food, meat, eggs, cheese, nuts, vegetables, butter and other fats, whatever you choose for your own personal keto.
Whatever I did, vegetarianism, paleo, keto, I barely ever touched those overpriced special things (I am curious so sometimes I did but not every year. they weren’t worth it). I cook for myself using simple ingredients, it’s easy. I do have special ingredients but I use them rarely in tiny amounts and as time passes, I realize they aren’t needed.

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Welcome to the forum, Briar =).

Please do not waste your money on things that you do not need. I have been doing Keto since February and I have never used any strips, or Keto pills or any blood monitors, etc. I just use a free app called to keep track of what I eat (easy and free so that suits me and helps me see how many carbs/proteins/fats I am eating).

You do not need to spend money on Keto gimmicks at all. Just eat real food, try to avoid processed foods, keep your carbs at 20 grams or less, no sugars, and try to not eat from supper to breakfast (to give your body time to burn fat, reducing your insulin responses). Congratulations for getting your body healthy at 18, this is fantastic! You will be so happy that you did, this is an amazing way of eating and you will feel so much happier and healthier once you are on track. Best wishes on your keto journey =).

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Welcome :slight_smile:
The “What did you Keto Today” threads have been a huge inspiration and help for meal and food ideas for me. I see that you have already been provided some great information and links but I wanted to suggest those threads in addition. I wish you the best!