Need help troubleshooting my symptoms

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Have a read of this thread…there are a few others too


Hello, Thanks for the detailed explanation. I do not have any stomach problems of reflux. I thought of stomach acidity as a possible cause for the kidney ache, like making my urine too acidic. I had a bit of kidney dullness (not real ache) last night and tried drinking a glass of water with a teaspoon of baking soda and the dullness went away.
I’m keeping track of my water intake, making sure it matches my escretion, and adding salt both to my food and water.

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I would stick with salt and avoid baking soda as it kills your stomach acid, only necessary if you have acid boiling up into your oesophagus. Blood ph is highly regulated by your kidneys and the notion of acidic or alkaline blood is mostly erroneous vegan thinking against meat eating. You can’t do much that will have an effect on blood ph, your body has to keep in in a certain range to avoid massive biological damages. Unless you are a T1 diabetic and ketoacidodsus is a danger.

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Hi black clover

You replied to Susan that unfortunately Keto aide is not available where you live. I checked back to Susan’s post and she gave you a recipe to make Keto aide. Keeping your electrolytes up is really important for feeling well in Keto.


I agree that baking soda is just a temporary remedy. Today, I have been drinking water to match how much a was urinating, over 4 liters.
I added sea salt, lemon juice, and ginger to the water. I felt better, not eliminated 100% of the symptoms, but minimized them.

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Be careful about that much water, it flushes electrolytes and will increase the need for more salt and minerals. I’m glad you’re getting some relief now.



Yes, I did the same, the “brand” name ketoade threw me out, LOL.


I agree, I have tried to gauge the right amount of water. Adding sea salt to the water I drink definitely helped.