@Nebulous ~ Progress Report

(Laurie) #61

Hi Nebulous! Yes, it can be an up an down struggle. Many of us have been there – I know I have. Just think of your successes and the lessons you’ve learned along the way.

Congratulations on getting back on the horse. You can do this. Best wishes.

(Susan) #62

You can do this, Nebulous --just keep reading here and people will support you, good luck.


Back again, haven’t really gained any weight since I was last here in a April but I haven’t lost any either. Too many people in my life who don’t eat keto, I need to be strong this time! October 1, 2021 is day one! #SoberOctober(from carbs)


Back again to say the same thing I said back in October. Hoping to stick to it this time!


Just weighed in at 271 pounds… Been super fat lately with the holidays and lots of birthdays in January/February. Seems like theres not much left to celebrate for a while so that’ll help keep me motivated.