@Nebulous ~ Progress Report


Today, November 3rd is my first day of my keto diet.

Wish me luck! :sunny:

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Good luck! Today is a good day!



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Good luck. Actually I’ll wish you good progress. Because I don’t think luck is involved much😏


Good point, thanks Jd.

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Have a great journey and may the keto force be with you.


Welcome to the club. Enjoy the journey.


:star_struck: Hopefully it will be a great journey.


First day went well, my macros looked good but I was still hungry. Maybe it’s just my body craving the carbs.

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Be sure not to undereat fat. It’s counter to the guidelines drilled into us, but it works. When satiety hits, you’ll know it (unless your hormonal responses are really broken, of course).

I’m still getting carb cravings six months into keto, even when I’m not feeling hungry. At first I couldn’t figure it out, but people helped me learn to discern what’s craving and what’s real hunger.

It will take a while for your body to become efficient at burning fat, but eating fat to satiety is very important to the process—that and keeping your carbs low. If you’re hungry between meals, you can have a high-fat snack (I like buttered cheese, pork rinds, and almonds or pecans), but better to get enough fat at mealtime to be able to go for a while before your hunger comes back.


Great advice. Thanks for that.

I’ve been craving pork rinds lately. I got a coupon in the mail for $10 off if you spend $50 at a local grocery store. I think I might just go there & buy $50 worth of pork rinds. :rofl:


I’m already in Ketosis, but it might just be those exogenous ketones I drank.


I tested this morning and I really am in Ketosis, there was no exogenous ketone drink in my system this time. Hooray :smile:


It’s my one week anniversary, I lost 8 pounds already!


Yay! Taking potassium (or getting some everyday in your foods) along with increasing sea salt and adding lemon juice to your drinking water will help. My first few months, I had weird sort of light tensiony headaches in the center of my head - that disappeared once I upped my salt and really paid attention to the fat macro at meals (ie, plenty). You can even pour a 1/4 tsp in your hand and eat it that way sometimes, to ward off imbalanced feelings.

The reduction of hunger that happens when we eat 70-80% fat is really amazing - it made it easy for me to explore Intermittent Fasting (fatty coffee then not eating my first meal of the day till about the 18th-20th hour after my last meal the night before).

The whole concept of eating to satiation when we eat, and that good fat is good - is quite a pleasant gear shift. If you have a chance, check out the films The Cereal Killers and Run On Fat for further encouragement of the magnificent transformations going on !


Woohoo! Great going!


Thanks peeps.

I spent a ton of money restocking my kitchen with all keto friendly foods. It’s worth it though because I’m already getting some results.


Been at it for 24 days and I lost 24 pounds!


It’s my one month anniversary doing keto! Lost 28 pounds so far. :slight_smile:

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Holy Crow, Nebulous! :star::star::star:

After one week, you were down 8 pounds - I am assuming a good bit of that was water. Yet your month averages out to almost a pound a day, and that is a “Wow!”

I lost the first 15 or 20 pounds fast, but I know most of that was water. (If I eat carbs, to a little extent I then “swell up.”)
Got to 54 pounds down after 5 months, and was more than delighted with it.

Keto is being very good to you - keep on. :slightly_smiling_face: