@Nebulous ~ Progress Report


Thanks for the words of support. Keto has been great to me so far. My SO has lost 20 pounds too! I feel weird calling this a diet because I’ve been eating delicious & filling food the whole time.


So it’s been about 3 months and I’m down almost 60 pounds. I need some new clothes! :smiley:


It’s no longer an “almost” … I did it! 60 pounds gone :smiley:


Holy :cow2: that is freakin’ amazing! Good job!




Hey folks, I’m 4 months in now and I’ve lost nearly 75 pounds! My energy levels are up and I’m performing better at work. Nearly everyone I’ve come into contact with recently has been complementing me on my (now) noticeable weight loss. Keto is awesome :slight_smile:


Lost over 80 pounds now. :slight_smile:


90 now :star_struck:

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Wow, Neb.

I suspect you had a lot to lose at the start.


Yeah, I still have like 30 to go.


I’ve now lost 100 pounds!!! :smiley:

(Banting & Yudkin & Atkins & Eadeses & Cordain & Taubes & Volek & Naiman & Bikman ) #32





Today I weighed 199! …which is under 200! I’m shrinking too fast :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s great, Nebulous. :slightly_smiling_face: Seeing that “1”…


Thanks, it’s pretty awesome.


183 today, which is the lowest number I’ve seen yet. Woot! :star_struck:

My weight loss has slowed down and has been going up and down for the last couple months, but I’m okay with that. I’m getting too skinny now, so I’ve been doing things like putting a few croutons on my salad, getting a small popcorn when I go to the movies and having a cheat day once a month. I’m still keto 99% of the time but it feels nice to have given myself the freedom to indulge in a little of the “bad stuff” every once in a while. I’m glad I finally got my weight under control, I spent so much of my life being overweight and miserable. I wish I knew about keto 15 or 20 years ago. :stuck_out_tongue:


Still maintaining the 180’s and feeling great! Keto rules! :slight_smile:


Ive been a member of this forum for an entire year already! :star_struck:

This place really helped me a lot when I was just starting out. Thanks guys! group hug


Here I am one year later! It’s been a great year on keto. I’m way healthier and I’ve lost about 130 pounds! Happy keto-versary to me! :sunny: