Nausea with Zero Carb?

(Cindy) #1

Anyone else have nausea when eating zero carb? If I eat a fatty steak and nothing else, my stomach is distinctly unhappy with me. Adding a bit of something green or nuts resolves the problem in minutes.

What can I try to get around this? Would love to give zero carb a fair shot, but I"m not willing to feel that bad after eating.

(Dustin Cade) #2

Hmmm I’m curious, how much protein and fat is in that serving?


What I discovered on the month-long steak challenge is that I feel horrible eating nothing but steak. I had to resort to Pharma to get a full spectrum of nutrition…which kinda defeats the point. I never take vitamin and mineral supplements. Zero carb works for me if I can have a variety of proteins (fish, lamb, eggs, pork, etc). Sticking to beef steak alone is a nutritional disaster for me. I get nausea when I eat so much beef, and i am still starving afterwards…because my body knows it didn’t get all it’s required nutrition.

(Cindy) #4

This is happening literally with the first meal. I cooked a chuck eye steak in enough bacon grease so it didn’t stick to the frying pan and ate that for dinner the other night. Shortly after finishing, I was extremely queasy. I’ve been doing LCHF for several years, so my body is fat adapted.

Ate some almonds and felt better within a few minutes. Have tried this before and followed up with a salad to calm my stomach, but one meal is surely not going to create a nutrition problem.

(Sondra Rose) #5

Sounds like too much fat at once for your system. The other foods will slow down digestion/absorption, which is why they help.

Try a leaner cut of meat and work your way up to the fattier cuts. Ox bile can be helpful during the transition.

(Cindy) #6

If I’m not fat adapted after three years of eating LCHF, it’s highly doubtful that I ever will be. Looks like zero carb may not be right for me. I’ll just keto on.

(Sondra Rose) #7

Being fat-adapted has nothing to do with eating too much fat at once.

After 8 years keto and two of zero carb, I can still get nauseous if I overeat fat in one meal.

(Genevieve Biggs) #8

I’m young and should have a healthy system, but too much fat still makes me sick too after almost a year of keto and over two months of ZC. The important thing is that although ZC is ketogenic, the philosophy and lifestyle is different than mainline keto. According to ZC thought, you do not need to emphasize fat. As long as you are eating enough meat, it is still high fat. If you want to give ZC a try, I would recommend starting with leaner meats like @SondraRose suggested. ZC is less about macros, and more about eliminating plant foods. So eat what works, and if that means leaner meat, then so be it. :slight_smile:

(JennyBelle ) #9

Oh no, I was wondering how that went for you guys. I haven’t asked Brenda how it went. May I ask if you experienced any kidney issues? I have had some trouble in the past, I want my fat, I want my protein, but I love my salads! I am finding it harder to fit in fat than anything else. If it weren’t for my hubby being keto too & cooking for us, I might just survive on salads and protein, missing the fat:(


No kidney issues. Just eating beef everyday is not nutritious for me. I try to vary the cuts of meat, so I’m eating from different parts of the cow, but still not enough to get a full spectrum. Which is why I am taking vitamin and mineral supplements. When I do zero carb, I eat a variety of proteins (fish, seafood, eggs, chicken, pork, etc…) so the nutritional spectrum is very wide and I don’t need supplements. It doesn’t feel satisfying to me to eat beef all the time either…I feel hungry afterwards, no matter how fatty or lean the cuts are. It’s just so “blech” to eat like this everyday. I will keep my word and stick to it for this month, but will never do this again…ever.


I would be tempted to simply choose the lowest carb option to go with it that stops you feeling sick - so maybe have a small green salad with your steak. Experiment and see how much and what. You might find you only need a few mouthfuls and something like lettuce would be hardly any carbs anyway.

(JennyBelle ) #12

Even a small mouthful of fresh herbs like, cilantro or parsley to aid in digestion. You could even go for a more flavorful approach i.e. basil perhaps, depending on how you are cooking your beef. This is just coming from my experiences when I get to the blah state:)

(JennyBelle ) #13

That’s good news to hear. I had just commented to Daisy that for me when I get to that blah state sometimes, my hubby feeds me fresh herbs. Cilantro, parsley, basil, mint is one of my favorites and you can mix it in some bubbly water with a little lime. I have found for me it aids in my digestion. Sometimes even I use bitters. I hope that the end of the month goes well for you!:slight_smile:

(Alex Dipego) #14

If almonds made you better than its a nutrition issue I think. Too much fat maybe but almonds have fat too.

I’ve learned certain types of fat cause a problem. Too much mono fat yells at my gall bladder. Also bacon fat makes me feel ill after so much. I handle butter and ghee much better.

Honestly I never put butter or anything down in the pan and the meat doesn’t stick. I also only cook for 1-3mins a side pending on thickness.


That is SUCH a great idea. You could go a bit Asian with the flavours and have some ginger too (naturally good for nausea).

(JennyBelle ) #16

You are a woman after my own heart!! I’ve been trying to get my hubs to make our own thai peanut sauce… still checking it out. However. I might send a slight suggestion to our friend Fiorella…she just might find one. I miss peanut butter.


Sorry, why are you depriving of yourself of peanut butter if you like it? Just eat the one made with 100% peanuts, and not the other stuff made with sugar and hydrogenated oils.

Or did I not understand your post…is there another problem with the peanut butter recipe?

If you want to reduce the peanut content, a good trick is to use half macadamia nut butter and half peanut butter. That will reduce the carbs, and the macadamia nut butter adds incredible richness. Easy to make macadamia nut butter, just cream it in a food processor.

(JennyBelle ) #18

Yumm, thank you. I’ll be testing my recipe later today on those chicken wings I’ve been dreaming about.

(Sarah Gardner) #19

Just threw up after eating a can of sardines, a scoop of collagen powder in water, and a skillet of wagyu ground beef + lard from Walmart. Eek. I’m eating salmon next meal, if there even is a next meal after how crappy I feel. This two meal a day business is not for me. I’m doing like four. And more seafood.

Update: it was histamine intolerance. Started taking a DAO supplement and that resolved all unpleasant symptoms. Except diarrhea which is just adaptation and I read somewhere that those with IBS will have pretty rough diarrhea at first. I’m going off the grid in the future so I have to figure out how to get DAO from the land I’m purchasing or cure the histamine intolerance all together. Any advice on that from anyone who’s done more research than me?

(Bob M) #20

Nothing wrong with four. When I started out in 2014, I used to eat 5. Or more. I ate before I went to the gym, after, lunch, dinner, snacks. After a while I went to 2, only because I eat, then I’m not hungry. Ate from 10-11 am, and it’s 5:20pm, and I’m not hungry.

But if that’s not you, that’s not you.

Meanwhile, I dislike fish. I can hang with some seafood, say shrimp and mussels, and will eat fish sometimes. But I’ve grown a liking for beef.

Again, it’s whatever “floats your boat”, as we used to say in the Navy.