Nausea with Zero Carb?


Nausea is very common to new carnivores. It is truly a phase many of us go thru and thing is, just keep on eating food you enjoy. Don’t force down what doesn’t appeal to you at any time. You want chicken you eat it EVEN IF you think beef and sardines are more nutritious LOL

This is eat to suit the situation and adaption you might be working thru.

Don’t be adding a ton of fat to your meats, don’t be adding in collegen powder you do not need and more…when we ‘feel off’ the best and smartest tactic is eat what appeals to you, eat smaller meals if needed, eat less til ya feel better, and just go more simple at all times. Time thru adaption will get you thru, some of us have tougher days than others while we change. These are ok things, just what little changes we make to suit us to make us feel better is very personal so do what you need to do and eat as you can to get thru adaption. Nausea type feelings or a ‘hatred’ of say burger or steak all of the sudden happens even longer on plan but every carnivore gets thru it :slight_smile: All the longer term people have gone thru it and it goes away for all of us but that is a personal timeline…so hang on everyone :slight_smile:


I think Fangs wrote everything I experienced on the topic. Too much fat (fat in meat matters too but added fat too, just differently, we may be way more sensitive to the latter), food we dislike or get bored of it lately…
I often need a nice variety during a single meal, this is what carnivores usually don’t have I think… It depends on the food, of course but eating different things usually help. Some people can live on steaks, others don’t. I never ate a proper steak, it would be nice to try one day. Made professionally, from one of the right cuts… But it would be a luxurious occasional treat to me (using up my weekly food money for a not even big meal) and it’s fine, I am happy with my normal food and can’t imagine anything tastier. And if my body works quite well on my normal food (not like I can afford beef often), why to force something else? I include beef sometimes and my hedonist self is happy with it just like it’s happy with my other food (not always but close).

So, experiment, eat something else, figure out what is best for your body.

(Sama Hoole) #23

This is probably a case of needing more time to adapt. It’s a lot of extra fat, and that needs a lot more bile acid production.

I had plenty of nausea at the beginning, especially with rendered fat. But nowadays I can hit 250+ grams of fat within a day with relatively few problems.