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You extract the fiber from the fiber and leave the sugar alone…

Like, I mix 10g coconut sugar with 10g bamboo fiber (it doesn’t sound good at all but that’s not the point). It’s 20g total carbs, minus the 10g fiber, it’s 10g, just the sugar.

It doesn’t matter how quick the carb is and what is mixed into it, it’s still goes to your net carb intake. Simple.

Labels, they aren’t always simple, some labels simply don’t tell me the net carb content at all. It happens with sweeteners… Good thing I mostly just eat some animal stuff, I still can’t track accurately as I have no idea about the fat content (therefore the protein is a tad vague as well) but carbs? No problem there.

EDIT: Well okay, not THAT simple as some people suspect that we can use some part of the fibers. I don’t care about it. I only cared about net carbs as only that seemed to matter to my body and fiber and non-caloric sweeteners didn’t do a thing, apparently (it is just for me, not everyone).
Then it became a moot point on carnivore…


Just from reading your thread, and trying to understand the carbs thing. So because I’m in the uk I should always add the fibre number onto the carb number to get the true number and that should be total below 20g for the day?

I don’t think I’m a candidate for carnivore. I live for the veggies and can’t think of it as a meal without some kind of veg. Stuck in my ways I guess! Now I’m worried even just the veg is going to tip me over the allowance.

So much to learn!


oh you don’t have to force into carnivore ever. You do fab on Keto, found the foods that work for you and make ya feel fab in the Keto Plan you hold that very dear to yourself for sure!!! Allowances on Keto plan is about who you are personally, not some number. Some do fab on 20g total carbs, some can go 30g total and do fine so don’t go too crazy in overthinking. All about how your results are working for ya and if only good changes are coming your way on your keto eating!


If you go for the total carbs and 20g carbs a day is your limit then yes.

I did 40g net carbs keto because I NEEDED 25g net carbs for my vegs. It was below minimal so I quit keto as soon as I got fat adaptation. (I just always came back :)) So, I was a HUGE veggie lover. 1kg a day was just too little for me. Okay, I did vegetarian keto, it’s different with meat I suppose…
And I just changed one day and now my chosen woe is carnivore(-ish, to let in various tiny things if I feel like, I can’t remember not licking fingers and spoons anyway… really tiny things, maybe 1g carbs a day from plants in average? it’s good enough for me) but even when I go off, even if I have a high-carb day, I barely ever eat vegetables now. Very, very odd. I never thought I ever will give up vegs. But they just lost their charms.
I don’t say you should TRY to give them up, of course not, I don’t even know if carnivore could suit you ever, I just say that it’s amazing how much we may change. I didn’t even TRY to stop eating vegs, I just lost interest in them after hanging around for a longer time in carnivore threads despite doing vegetarian keto… :wink: And it wasn’t a tiny jump, I had to give up my vegs and nuts and my darling fruits and almost everything plant - and add meat. It’s big. But wasn’t a bad decision at all. Carnivore was easier than mere keto for me. And I didn’t consider vegetarian keto hard. Just lacking the proper amount of vegetables but that was in the past.

There are people who tried carnivore but found eating (for them) lots of plants better for their body and taste and whatnot. Carnivore can be extremely good for someone but it’s still not for everyone. And we are at different parts of our journey anyway. I couldn’t even do keto 10 years ago, I tried and quit in 1-2 days. I had to be ready for it.

Yeah… I went keto, learned to make fried cauliflower and promptly banned when I realized I physically can’t eat less than 1kg cauliflower when I start to eat that stuff… And anyway, veg carbs add up quickly. It didn’t help that I always hated most green leaves… If you like them, that makes it easier.
One trick of mine was eating a bigger than usual part of my vegs raw. 1kg fried veg is just a tiny snack (and it gave me too much fat too) but 1kg raw veg? That’s A TON (except if it contains a lot of tomatoes), I never went close to that. So I had a little cooked veg and as much raw as I wanted, basically. I like raw vegs but a little is enough and it’s more fresh, juicy, crunchy, somehow MORE than the cooked ones. Cooked vegs are just normal food, I easily eat 1 kg and as it doesn’t satiate me, I can eat more for the same meal.
So… Use raw vegs if you like them and just a bit anyway. Not as a main dish. It was tricky for me as even with 40g net carbs, I can’t afford vegetable dishes anymore. Maybe soup if I was careful. So I ate eggs and oily seeds with some vegs. Vegs couldn’t be the main thing though they were important.
And that’s why I ate so many cakes and other sweets on keto, I had to keep my carbs low enough… If I touched vegs, that brought carbs like nothing else.
Of course now I have meat and I only eat desserts when I want them (and that happens at every meal but a little may be enough as it hasn’t the old importance). It’s much better this way.

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This is where counting net carbs comes into play. Most salad greens are mostly water, to begin with, which doesn’t count, of course, and then a lot of the carbohydrate is fibre, which is indigestible. So many people feel that there is no need to worry about them. In low-carb diets for weight-loss, going back almost two centuries, the doctors creating the diets usually put salad greens into the category of foods we can have as much of as we want.

The things to avoid are sugar, starches, and grains, so no tubers, pasta, bread, legumes, and so forth. A lot of common vegetables have been bred to contain a high amount of sugar, to make them more palatable, which is why we tend to stick to cruciferous ones, such as cauliflower and broccoli.

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The point of subtracting fibre in foods when counting one’s carbohydrate intake is simply that fibre is indigestible, so it doesn’t affect blood sugar. That simple.

It has nothing to do with whether the fibre was in the food naturally, or whether it was added during processing. For various other reasons, it is a good idea to avoid processed foods and just eat real food.

Now, you are right that the fibre in whole fruit mechanically slows the absorption of the glucose and fructose, but there’s nothing to say that the fibre added in processing doesn’t do the same thing. It may, or it may not, I don’t know. But that’s another reason to avoid processed foods. Also, juicing and smoothies destroy the fibre in the process of making them, so they are not a good idea. Only whole real foods have the fibre intact.

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That’s the idea, if you want to count total carbohydrate intake.

Some doctors, Eric Westman in particular, feel that this is a simpler and easier way to limit carbohydrate intake. He calls it the “prescription-strength” keto plan. Other experts, such as Stephen Phinney, take a more relaxed approach. He says that he tells Virta Health patients to count 50 g total, in hopes that they’ll end up under 20 g net.

If you don’t want to give up veggies, you don’t have to, but try to stay away from the ones that contain a lot of sugar. You’ll be better off if you can do that. And remember that, despite what the agricultural marketers say, the human body has no need for any plant food whatsoever. We can eat them, but we don’t need them.

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You are basically describing me and my husband, although for the past five months, he has eaten clean food only (after eating clean keto but binging out on candy and not being able to control it; seems like he’s finally learned).

I am basically zc, but I always counted total carbs, not net. I would encourage you to eat clean, usually one-ingredient foods, only, and not eat any processed junk - even if it claims to be “keto.” These “foods” are just junk food in another form. Too much like my old binge foods for me to sustain, plus, if you read the ingredients, I’m sure there are are lot of chemicals/additives in them. All of us have to find our own way. Keep doing what you’re doing, and let your husband figure out what works for him - or what doesn’t. That’s what I did with my husband. Everyone’s plan is a personal choice and individual.

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I enjoy an occasional salad as well (usually only when we go to a restaurant). I don’t sweat the lettuces (prefer romaine), and only have a few bites of cucumber, cherry tomatoes, pepperoncini, etc. that are in them. I stick to blue cheese dressing, although I prefer it when it’s homemade by me (I know what’s in it - and what isn’t).


I never understood this and never will as it makes little sense to me (if one doesn’t miss them, sure, it’s a good way but otherwise?). They are the tasty ones and the rare ones where I needed only a tiny bit!
There is no problem with eating peas and carrots (or when it comes to fruit, banana) if they barely bring any carbs but makes our diet nice. Portions matter a lot and the more sugary a food is, the lower the carb content per a portion in my case, usually. Not always. The sugary stuff I like to eat in big amounts, they aren’t for keto.
I couldn’t touch cauliflowers in most form without immediately getting +40g carbs, I could eat peas and carrot and add only a few. My veggie soups depended on both. I couldn’t stick to keto for 7 weeks if I hadn’t eaten all my higher-carb vegs and fruits and I know I can’t be the only one, many people have their important carby items.
We merely need to be aware of the carb content and use the carby ones subtly and only when it is worth it.
And if we want to eat vegs galore, yep, we need very low-carb ones. So I get the gist, obviously but I never ever liked these restricted keto food lists. As it’s about the carbs we eat in a day, not the carbiness of the items. There is some connection, obviously but sometimes it’s better to eat the carbier, tastier item where a way smaller amount works very well.