"Naturally Refined" Avocado Oil


What does Naturally Refined mean? What do they do exactly? The label claims it is expeller pressed and naturally refined. “Naturally refined” could mean anything to the food manufacturer I imagine… wish they would disclose the process. I am curious how they refine it so it may achieve a smoke point of 500F. I “naturally refine” my butter making it into clarified butter, with low heat only, no chemicals. I’ve been using clarified grass fed butter as my high heat cooking oil… because of the high smoke point and I know it’s healthy.

(Full Metal KETO) #2

Avocado oil has a naturally high smoke point.


(Joey) #3

I recall reading somewhere (Ivor Cummins’ book, perhaps?) that when it comes to “refined” avocado oil, the key is to confirm that it’s cold-pressed - i.e., not heated. Sorry I don’t recall further details and/or rationale.