N=1 experiment where carbs are increasing my ketones? Wha?


I prefer a ketosis diet but for the fun of science I tested this for 3 days in a row.

Started Keto WoE (way of eating) 5 months ago.

First 3 months, any carbs above 25ish would throw me out of ketosis and I would have several hours before I got back into ketosis.

Also for that first few months my blood ketones where up in the 2’s.

The last 2 months my ketones will not get above .05 to .08 range even with 72 hours of fasting. It peaked at 0.9 on the 72 hour.

Additional Facts:

  • Last dexa scan showed me at 53% body fat
  • Height 5’7
  • Weight 231lbs
  • Age 39
  • MTHFR C677T
  • migraine suffer since 12

Test Structure
Past 3 days Ive been doing an OMAD (one meal a day) carb meal and testing my blood glucose and ketones. Results seemed odd. Eating is done between 6pm-8pm.

Testing Numbers look like this each night -
Prior to meal : Glucose 104 / 5.7 , Ketones .05
30 minutes after meal : Glucose 114 / 6.3 , Ketones 1.2
Same ketones for up to 2 hours after meal
Ketones slowly return back to the .05 range after several hours.

How many carbs in the OMAD?

  1. 65 carbs
  2. 65 carbs
  3. 70 carbs

Consuming OMAD carb meals DOUBLES my blood ketones but I don’t know why and it used to kick me out of ketosis FAST. :thinking:

Also, weight loss. Lost 4 lbs in the 3 days.

A. WEIRD?!?!??!
B. Why am I not getting kicked out of ketosis?
C. Why are instead my ketones raising and then coming back to the my normal?

Any feedback, links would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


(Bunny) #2

It is because your most likely already fully fat adapted and have built-up your health reserve, I can go well over 150 carbs!


Oh man that is EXCITING!

(Bunny) #4

Per-meal :hugs:

(says mix it up! Let chaos reign!) #5

Because 1MAD means you’re fasting, and so your body produces ketones and uses them. You eat carbs (glucose) and so your body uses that preferentiially, leaving the ketones around not being utilised to thus show up in the test.

I am not an expert, I just like theories.



No carbs 24 hours, only coffee. Ketone level 2.2 - neat trick!!!

Haven’t seen 2.2 for months!

(Kristen Ann) #7

Whaaat!? That’s exciting! I’ll be looking forward to trying that in my very long-term future! Thanks for sharing.