My Zig Zag of Progress/N=1


(Marie Drake) #1


I’ve been a little down this week because I had an “In Body Bio-Impedance” test and I focused on my weight only (I know I know—I was completely ignoring my own advice) for the last few days. Well I finally reviewed the report more carefully last night and compared it to the 3 DEXA scans I had previously (by the way my oncologist told me no more DEXA scans because of the radiation --I know it’s not much but I trust Dr. Nasha Winters’ advice for me).

My overall results are fantastic! I am now TOTALLY psyched to keep pursuing (and reaching!) my goal of 30% or less body fat! I still have a ways to go (over 10% from goal) but it’s within reach in the coming 12 months I suspect. Here is how I got here:

On 7/2016 I had cancer surgery #1
On 12/2016 I had cancer surgery #2
On 3/2017 I joined IDM but did tiny fasts only
Starting in 6/2017, I did a series of back to back 5 day fasts then kind of derailed myself
On 2/2017 I had DEXA scan #1 which showed I had 114.4 lbs of lean mass
In late 3/2017 I started working out with a trainer doing HIIT 2-3 times per week, but missed July & much of August.
On 11/2017 I had DEXA scan #2 which showed I had 115.4 lbs lean mass
In 12/2017 I had my last (yay!) cancer surgery (#3)
Then after 3 months, in late 3/2018, I started working out again (HIIT) but now 4 times a week. I also started taking care of my dad who had multiple heart attacks and strokes, infections, etc. and was dying. I worked full time too. I was VERY stressed and not doing much fasting. I kept working out no matter what though. Lost my dad in late September 2018 :cry:
Then in 10/2018 I had DEXA scan #3 which showed 123.5 lbs lean mass
I continued working out through my grief 4x per week plus I skied on a lot of weekends and I also walk my dog about 1 hour per day, sometimes more.
I started fasting 2x42 with a 24 thrown in a few months ago. I completed a 7-day Zorn fast in May 2019 too.
This week, on 6/3/2019, I had the Bio Impedance test and it showed I had 142.0 lean mass!!!

I’m still working out 4x per week HIIT now with a few days of heavier weights because I’m getting so strong.

RESULTS: 27.6 lbs lean mass GAINS over 28 months since first DEXA scan = 0.99 lb gain of lean muscle PER MONTH!!! WOW!

Or 2.3 lbs of MONTHLY lean mass gains from October 2018 to June 2019!!! Holy smokes!!!

I’m still working on my stress and it’s been a tough year or really three tough years but I’ve made progress in spite of setbacks and pretty massive stress — and I’m coming up next month on my 3 years cancer free anniversary so there’s much to be grateful for, to say the least. Heck I survived the same cancer that killed my mother at 53.

My new fasting schedule is weekly 72 hour fasts followed by a 24 hour fast and once a month I do Brenda Zorn’s ZORN Fast of 7 days. This is the schedule Megan Ramos helped me plan at my appointment with her yesterday (I’m still a long distance IDM client thankfully). I’m going to follow it.

So, as usual, fuck the scale. I need to keep looking at body composition (yes I know the best, most accurate, way to test is a $300 full body immersion in water). I’m going to continue taking my measurements monthly, continue fasting regularly and feasting well when I feast). I think I will do another Bio Impedance test thing in about 6 months. And I’m happy to be alive at 56 years old. Feeling really grateful.

(Bob M) #2

That is an amazing gain in muscle. That’s also an impressive fasting schedule.


I think I remember your first post on here :slight_smile:
These numbers are great! And your smile is beautiful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Paul H) #4

What Bob said! Very impressive Marie! Serious dedication. :exploding_head::grin: