My sharply rising CAC score - and why I'm staying the keto course 🖖

(Joey) #61

Ah, helpful clarification, thanks. Haven’t come across the MAFF/Maffetone perspective.

180 minus age seems like fairly light fare. I haven’t read the MAFF material (yet) but am assuming he recommends longer training periods of lower stress exercise?

My understanding is that max heart rate (subject to wide individual variations around population averages) approximates 220 BPM minus one’s age. Separately, most trainers seem to suggest reaching 80% of your individual max as a “training zone” for cardio improvement and maintenance.

For me, in my mid-60s, my “max” HR ought to be around 155 … but when I engage in bursts of HIIT cardio (e.g., 3 bursts of 20 second duration interspersed within a 10 minute gentle cardio segment as per a number of research papers I’ve read), I typically reach around 140-145 bpm - appreciably higher than 80% of 155.

In short, we’re all different n=1 sample points and population averages are merely that. Will try to make time to learn more about MAFF approach and see if I can learn something. Thanks.

(Jon Addison) #62

There was another man doing all he could to get his arteries supple and calcium score low. I believe his name is Patrick Theut. He mentioned one missing ingredient that after he started adding it to his daily regimen, everything changed for the better. From what I recall, he is heavy on Lysine, vitamin K (huge doses), and Vitamin C.

(Joey) #63

Yes indeed. Having spoken with him a couple of times, I find Pat to be a fascinating guy. In fact, my wife and I are currently taking his “Koncentrated K” [sic] Vit K product. We’ll see if, along with everything else, our CAC scores stabilize and begin to decline over time.

(Butter Withaspoon) #64

My personal hack for training or exercising in easy zone is to keep my mouth shut. Or when I’m with a friend, lots of talking without having to gasp it out in phrases. I also have awareness of the timing of my breath with steps when I ran.
In case that’s useful for someone scratching their head over max HR numbers