(Polly Bennett) #1

I began a ketogenic WOL on March 1st after receiving a diagnosis of being allergic to most, if not all grains. Since I eliminated all grains and sugar, I

  • began sleeping through the night, which I hadn’t done since I was 27 (I’m 62 now)
  • can make fists and snap my fingers with both hands. It was impossible before.
  • have no more aches and pains. None!
  • have lost 32 pounds with no other changes, where I struggled to lose half a pound before.

Although I am not diabetic, I follow this for my health and will never go back to my former SAD. I still have 25 - 30 pounds to lose, and am currently in a holding pattern while my body finally gives in to my persistence and tenacity and begins to let the weight go again. I’ll get there. I have all the time in the world. I feel SO much better, and looking better is a great bonus.

The other NSV is meeting all of you here in the ethers. I am grateful for the guidance and friendships I’ve gained. You all hold a special place in my tender little empathetic heart.

Keto on!

(Polly Bennett) #2

Oh! One more!

  • My skin tags are drying up and falling off! Yay!

(Polly Bennett) #3

Ok, wait. Another one! :joy:

  • My 2-year-old new knees no longer bear the stress of carrying around the equivalent of a large bag of dogfood!

(Richard Morris) #4

Awesome @Polly :slight_smile:

(AnnaLeeThal) #5

How wonderful! Quality sleep has had to have improved your quality of life tremendously.


Awesome! My joint inflammation has been reduced so much I can do exercises for a better range of motion now.


(Tom Seest) #7

I gave up dieting and started living again.

(Scott Shillady) #8

@tdseest Amen, and it’s a life worth living with plenty of bacon,brie, and butter

(Polly Bennett) #9

I noticed today that in addition to the NSVs I posted above, I no longer have “floaters” in either eye. Go figure!

(Kathy Meyer) #10

I have terrible floaters – I hope this works out for me. I wonder if they really are related to high insulin?


Eye health is related to high glucose levels but I’m not sure about floaters in particular. Perhaps @richard knows more about this.

(Richard Morris) #12

No. I don’t know the mechanism, but I’ve seen a few people mentioning it so I’ll go look for any research on the topic :slight_smile:

(Roxanne) #13

I’m hoping my skin tags do the same. At least I’m no longer seeing any new ones!

(Robin) #14

The robe at the fancy hotel I just stayed at was too big! Used to be those often were too snug to use. It felt luxurious!

(Kathy Meyer) #15

My glaucoma pressure has gone from kinda high (we need to watch that) to low – wondering if that’s from lowered insulin?

(Jacquie) #16

@xandtrek, that seems to be the case when I Google it. Good for you! :grinning:

(chasse.francisca) #17

Oh wow, I hadn’t noticed my floaters were gone until you mentioned it. Love this woe. Keto is giving me my life back. :grinning:

(momzbusy2012) #18

Merry Christmas to me :smile: getting ready this morning, I decided to try on a size 12 I had in my closet…it fit! I started this WOE wearing a size 16/18 and weight loss has been extremely slow (started in March) so this is a NSV for me!

(Apryl Garcia) #19

Omg, I just realized from this post that I can make fists again. It’s been about 12 years since I could do that! Idk what I’m going to do with that knowledge now, maybe take up boxing? Makes me wanna punch someone in the face just to see how well it works! Also, diabetes and sleep apnea are gone. Off blood pressure meds. More energy, all around happier, and 95 pounds down.

(Cathy Schroder) #20

How long were you keto before this happened Polly? I only have one but would be thilled if it disappeared.