(kimberlynwebb) #21

Sleeping through the night was huge for me. I just assumed that I would always wake up multiple times. It is so nice to wake up refreshed in the morning.

(Polly Bennett) #22

I would say about 2 months. It isn’t every night that I sleep through, but it is definitely an improvement!

(Georgette) #23

My NSV is pretty awesome if I do say so myself. I went to my family doctor for my annual physical. First, my bp is the lowest it’s ever been in years. It’s consistently around 120/80. Today it was 11/2/78! The nurse asked if I normally run high and I told her I used to, but it seems to be lowering further with keto. My doctor comes in and gives me a double take. She tells me I look the same, but better. Starts reading my chart and says I’m down 28 pounds from my last visit and that my bp has taken a huge dive from being 202/190 a year ago to what it is now. We have eliminated one bp med and lowered the dosage of the other. She told me the pills wouldn’t put it that low and asked me if I have made changes to my diet and I told her about eating keto and she told me to keep it up! Said she wants to see me in three months if I continue to feel dizzy on the bp meds. We may be able to eliminate them completely

(Polly Bennett) #24

That is FABULOUS!!! Yayyyyy you!!!

(softail925) #25

Ok, so hubby and I were running errands and he suggested we stop for a small hot fudge sundae and stating one wouldnt probably hurt since I’ve been keto faithful for over 2 months… so yea, I’ll admit I was “somewhat” considering…so I started googling carb amounts on my cell phone. Welllll, when I saw those crazy a** carb numbers, I started thinking… Hmm, I got Unsweetened almond milk, I got heavy whippng cream, I got cocoa powder, I got stevia sweetener, I got ice… So I told hubby, lets run home real quick and I’ll throw those ingredients in the magic bullet…So we did… and we both shared one 8 oz serving of a keto choc smoothie!!! (We only shared cuz I got full real fast on half of it) Yea baby! That’s my NSV!

(softail925) #26

Totally awesome!

(Polly Bennett) #27

Well done!

(David) #28

I’m liking thinking of this as a way of eating, rather than a diet. We are all on a diet of one kind or another. But, most people are on one that is slowly killing them.

(David) #29

One NSV that I had today, and is quite a significant one for me was to turn down various sweet treats from my mum.

She invited me round to sort a form our, and offered a brew and a hot cross bun.

I made a BPC and took it with me.

She is also in the habit of giving me bags of treats, and today’s included :-

  • a bag of chocolate mini rolls.
  • a bag of some kind of oats covered in chocolate.

I tried to explain some of science, but I don’t think I explained it well enough.

Hopefully well enough that she won’t just buy me treats like that :wink:

(Arlene) #30

Ah, the little things that make us smile!

(Keto in Katy) #31

I love these kinds of stories so much. :heart:

(Polly Bennett) #32

UPDATE: I have had a big ol’ dark, raised mole on my left clavical for years. It was about 1/4"+/- across. Well, no more. It dried up and fell off little by little. YahoooOOOooo!!! I never liked that thing, but my Dermatologist wouldn’t take it off. Ha! Take THAT!

(mike) #33

This same thing happened to me. Started Keto in Jan 2017 and just had eye exam in Aug. Opthamologist was kinda surprised that my eye pressure went down. He said that is “unusual”. I have “suspect” glaucoma because it was high, however now it is not nearly as high.

I joked that maybe it’s because I have been on a ketogenic diet much of the year. He had no clue what I was talking about.