My Keto Progress Thread - 8 Months In

(Terence Dean) #41

I keep meaning to check up on your accountability thread Dave but see you have been feeling a bit ill lately, hope you are doing ok now. Bookmarked for easier access. :wink:


Yeah, felt under the weather week before last, mostly felt like stomach and digestive issues or I just caught a bug? But been trying to get things back in order the past week or so. … But feeling much better now, thanks.

Also been wanting to make some stuff, but just wasn’t up to it the way I was feeling. Plan to fast for a few days this week, just to see how I feel with it. Been on the low end of ketone numbers too while the issues mentioned above were going on too. So trying to get the numbers back up as well. :slight_smile:

(Terence Dean) #43

Yeah I got a flu a few weeks ago myself, so backed off the weight-loss regime until I came right. Its enough for the body to deal with sickness as well as losing weight. Glad you’re back on deck.


Yep, just didn’t feel like doing much. Laid on the couch a couple days, and then just took it easy for the rest of the time, without overdoing it. Seems to have helped.

(Queen of Random) #45

Glad you’re feeling better!


Thank you ma’am. :slight_smile: Hopefully after doing some fasting this week, I can finally get to doing some of those experiments to see what might raise or lower my numbers we discussed. (I see you’ve been doing some in your thread, and I’ve been watching. :slight_smile:) … Also thought to check dairy in general too, since I’ve been doing stuff like cottage cheese, yogurt, cream cheeses, etc. May take a bit, but just think the knowledge would be good to have and help with scheduling meals.

(Queen of Random) #47

That is why I love my KetoMojo. I enjoy exploring what is going on in my body. (You should have seen me years ago with the pregnancy strips.!). But after yesterday my fingers are really sore. I set the thing on four, totally use pressure and really have to work it. I don’t bleed easily?? Managed 1.1 today. I still have so many questions about ketosis, the forums seem to be divided on the subject. Will start a new thread tomorrow.


Well, breaking a fast tonight at 48 hrs. since we don’t know exactly what this hurricane is going to do in the next few days. So I figured to eat tonight through Thursday and see how things go. … Actually did some more shopping last night, and thought this was funny. Wouldn’t this be something! BACON FOR LIFE!!! :smile:

Thought the Keto-Folks on here would like that. :slight_smile:

(Queen of Random) #49

I loved it! Stay safe.


Definitely trying to. Doesn’t look like it will impact us as others have done, but we will probably get something from it. But with any storms, it does what it wants, so anyone guessing on it’s path, is just a guess. Could turn North and come right up the Eastern Shore. … We’ve had many that have done this and it’s never fun.

(Virginia ) #51

We got this…lol :slight_smile:


Would be nice… as much as we buy. :slight_smile:

Well, this past Saturday marked 4 months (16 weeks) to this WOE/WOL. Not much to report for the past few weeks. Been under the weather some, and haven’t really been real mobile with everything going on at work or at home. So numbers, though still falling, haven’t moved much. But that’s ok, I know it’s still heading in the right direction. … Plan to fast for the next few days to get back into that some, and hopefully kick me in the butt some to get me back to it as it was. - Haven’t cheated or anything like that, just haven’t felt as well the past few weeks.

But I am still down -57 lbs. total now, but only 6 lbs. for the 4 weeks. But I will see if I can boost that for this month. :slight_smile: Here’s where I’m at presently. I also tried doing TMAD this past week, from the way I’ve been feeling, but this doesn’t seem to have helped much. So back to Fasting and mostly OMAD, since it’s somewhat felt forced for the past couple weeks when it comes to eating.

(Virginia ) #53

You are still doing great honey, proud of you.


Thanks :kissing_heart:

(Virginia ) #55

You’re welcome :kissing_heart:

(Terence Dean) #56

Great progress there Dave, I lost about the same as you at this time, 25kg (55lb) in 18 weeks, 4 days.

It gets harder to lose the closer you get to goal weight, so expect it, steady as she goes as they say! KCKO!


Oh yeah, I have no problem with that. Just the past month, my activity level has dropped some. Somewhat due to being under the weather some, but also at work, from either inundated with computer work keeping me in my office behind computer screens, or the non-stop back-to-back meetings. … So I’m hoping to get back into it here soon. :slight_smile: … Not expecting to see numbers jumping, but hopefully at least go up some.


Well, I did get some more activity in this week, but mostly yesterday with working in the yard for a lot of the day. But also added in another 74 hr. fast earlier this week. So presently at 17 weeks, and now 61.5 lbs. down from the start. … Can’t tell ya for sure, but I’m betting I haven’t been in the 250’s since maybe my mid 30’s? :slight_smile:


@Regina Thank you, Pooh. … Wow, Keto is really changing you! … Just keep away from that HONEY now! :smile:

(Virginia ) #60

WTG!!! :slight_smile: