My experiment from another carnivore thread


So I hate organs cause yea I tried them all but in the end it is not me.

So I bought Ancestral Supplements. I got the Beef Organs. Just dehydrated kidney, liver, spleen, heart etc. and I kinda wanted to see ‘their effect’ on me.

So it was expensive if ya ask me ($48 for 6 capsules per day) and 188 capsules gave ya 30 days worth.

I am not a ‘pill taker’ ever so I took only 3 for a few weeks and then I upped that to 4 per day.

but that cost. high for what it is but not high at all if you ‘see and feel results’

So my take on it…not going to buy again. I felt ‘no difference’ and got ‘no changes’ that I can pinpoint as ‘omg this is wonderful’ so at this point I would rather put my $48 or so per month, depending on how many ya take per day :wink: into real meat and real seafood.

I think real food trumps the organ supps at this point for me.

It is a personal experiment. Others might find a difference but for me, being heading into year 4 with no supps ever, I have been reading and seeing so much more ‘carnivore adverts’ about ‘supps’ and GOT DRAWN into it but in the end of it all…nope, I personally don’t think this is worth it to me at all.

So that was my little experiment and I found I never need it but it was fun trying it out and seeing if anything wonderful came from it, but no, my usual meat/seafood life is just me never requiring ‘organ supps’ at all.

of course this is not bloodwork tested, not mineral bloodwork tested or any other test other than how I feel in my life taking something that should boost me and since I feel no diff. it isn’t worth it to me…but ya never know, if I did ‘real bloodwork tests’ and more beforehand, who knows? but then again I am not that type of person…lol…I am try it and if I get real noticeable results then I ‘got something here’ but in the end…again, nope.

$$$ spent towards real food is key for me still.

but it was fun trying it and yea I still gotta suck down a few of those things and will finish the bottle but not another purchase.

so that wraps that up…

(Karen) #2

That’s so reminds me. I made some pate and it’s in the freezer. I’m going to get it out today and dip some Parmesan chips in it


Did you try adding things like ground heart or liver into your burger meat? Even liver done that way most people can’t taste it.

I totally get not wanting to do dried organs. But I do like them, brains is the only one I would never do again. Even in eggs, it just doesn’t work for me.

(Laurie) #4

I think sometimes we have to accept that we just can’t do it perfectly. No organ meats? Oh well, you’re eating a lot better than you were before!

Were you hoping to get any particular nutrients from this?


yea I did all the ‘add this to that’ a few years back but ya know I never was a fan. I am ‘very taste’ oriented person BUT ya know I haven’t done it for a few years now…so this comes off as a good suggestion to try it again.

I changed so much thru the years on zc maybe now I can handle what I did not like back then.

Appreciate that thought cause who knows, this might be a good change that might work for me now vs. back then.

Thanks!! You gave me a new experiment to try LOL


well ya gotta remember there are zc veterans over 15-20 yrs plus that never eat organ meats and they are thriving so I know I don’t ‘require them’ but I have seem ‘carnivore’ come into its own and wondered if adding this would ‘make it ramp up to super wonderful lifestyle’ but at this point I didn’t feel it ya know.

no, it wasn’t particular nutrients cause must good old meat and seafood are enough easily for me personally and I feel great and in good health but I ‘saw adverts’ that say go more nose to tail for ‘being more stellar’ health so I kinda am just throwing thoughts that way and just wondering on it all…but in the end MY ZC way works for me and I feel fab, again, just experimenting to ‘gain more’ that ‘could be’ but I got nothing from the supps. on that tho.

(Bob M) #7

I love both beef heart and beef liver. Just had liver as part of my lunch. Thought this was interesting:

May not be true “carnivore”, for at least some of the recipes.

(Vic) #8

I’m not a fan of subs. Never touch them.

I love eating noise to tail and eat organs all the time. Its a taste thing…

I believe if you eat meat fish eggs and dairy, you got it pretty much covered, no suplements needed.
Just an opinion based on poor science available on the carnivore and diets in general


yea I sure agree with this. I ‘saw the ads’ that are flying around for those carnivore supps and just had to try for the sake of trying LOL but pricey and in the end I ‘got no significant’ jolting improvement in my life to say, wow those are great. So yea, no more spending money on that stuff. Those bucks can buy me alot of steak LOL

(Karen) #10

Another option is not to worry so much about the organ meats of larger animals. Consider eating sardines you’re almost eating nose to tail by eating a sardine


oh I do that already LOL
I eat tins of water packed sardines cause I love them…thanks, that gives me that other food that means I get more ya know than having to woof down a big old liver…cool :sunny: I never thought about them!

(Tony) #12

People say ‘Organs don’t work for me’ but I think it’s just a case of adapting our tastes. I find the whole idea of organs a bit grim, it took me a good while to build up the courage to touch, butcher then eat them. After a few organ meal the thought of them started to turn my stomach and I left them.

The approach I’m taking now is just to occasionally blend small amounts of them into muscle meats. I believe eventually I’ll learn to accept the flavour and texture of them and probably even start craving them.

I ate liver pate as a kid and I actually love that but I find a slab of liver challenging. Go figure :wink:

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #13

People are funny about the organs they’ll eat. As one colleague of mine once said, she wouldn’t eat any food that came from too far out or too far in the animal.

I once had a bad experience with some improperly cleaned kidneys that seems to have put me off them permanently. On the other hand, beef heart tastes just like any other beef muscle, though chicken hearts are boring; and I love liver, whether beef, calf’s, chopped chicken, or goose pâté. My sister is turned off by the very thought of tongue, but I can’t see why anyone who likes corned beef wouldn’t like tongue as well. It’s hard to find, however, and the only delicatessens I ever knew to carry it closed many years ago. Oxtail is delicious, but it became popular many years ago now, and I refuse to spend eight dollars a pound for mostly bones (especially since I still think it should cost only $1.50/lb.).

(Laurie) #14

My Mexican ex-husband used to cook tongue in a sauce that was half spaghetti sauce and half barbecue sauce. It was delicious. He liked to serve it to our Canadian guests, listen to the compliments, and then tell them what it was.

But kidneys and chitlins …


I sure understand this cause I was the same with chicken wings. Old days long ago they were ‘trash’ sales and you could pick them up for nothing…then the ‘wing restaurants’ opened and everyone wanted chicken wings and the darn things shot up in cost…alot too, just like your oxtail prices. I was always irked about those chicken wing prices HAHA


I don’t understand chicken prices at all but well, tastes are different… Wings are so tiny, so little meat, I don’t care about those, I am into thighs and drumsticks if it’s about fowl meat. And I seriously dislike chicken breast, it’s cool as it’s the most expensive part… :smiley:
I don’t know the wing price here… Somewhere (a bit) above thigh/drumstick, one (two but we call both “thigh”, quite incorrectly) of the cheapest (and the best by far) parts? Still dirt cheap unless the chicken is specially raised, still not as good as home-raised but it’s enough to cause a twice or thrice as high price…

I never ate oxtail but I ate pig tail yesterday :slight_smile: A relative made the dish and I liked it. A little amount made a good soup, the skin became almost as soft as the fat, there was a decent amount of meat, they clearly sell parts above the little tail itself as “tail” too… And it’s cheap stuff (like chicken thigh, that’s below $1/kg on a good sale).
It’s amazing how cheap some kind of meat is. Poor people should eat meat all the time, I would think. And they say meat is expensive… Some meat are, sure but not all and the value, flavor and price aren’t very strongly correlated if one has a taste like mine.
And as we know, some items became popular or rare and got way pricier during the times…
Salmon was poor people’s food too at some point. But it surely was super tasty back then too…

Liver is cheap, I like that :slight_smile: (Chicken thighs are even way cheaper but it’s hard to beat those. And liver is so flavorful I can’t eat it in the same amount as “normal” meat.)

(Kirk Wolak) #17

If I overcook the liver (blackened via adding butter)…
I actually enjoy it. I have become accustomed to it.

I’ve tried cutting the FROZEN liver as 1 Gram pills, and just swallowing them.
I’ve tried sous vide in Duck Fat, Butter, Etc.

It’s more of a texture thing than a taste thing. Once I figured out to cook them well done, they are my staple in case I did not plan a meal. I can do 4 slices of liver, and I am stuffed. (600 calories, and it totally destroys my carb limit, so I have to add some exercise)

(Kirk Wolak) #18

Keep Experimenting.
I take Vitamin D3, K2 and electrolytes.
Nowadays with Covid I am back to my old 3 Grams of Vitamin C, just in case.
[Which makes me wonder if this is impacting my glucose tests… They compete for the same receptors… and my glucose has been higher lately in the morning despite fasting… Hmmm]

With Covid floating around, and because of normal flu season… I would recommend D3 to everyone, especially those with Dark skin living in America and the further north, the more you need.

I take 4,000 - 10,000 IU per day. (It varies based on how I feel, and the amount of sun I get. We had a horrible rainy season, and I could not walk my 35 miles/wk without a shirt on. So I upped it!). I have the best tan I have ever had. (Dark Blonde/Blue eyes, part Irish).

But I have been taking D3 Supplements for years. And I almost NEVER get the flu. Maybe 1 time in 10-15 years when I was running myself down (and probably a bit forgetful on my supplements). I was also morbidly obese at that time as well…

It takes about 10,000 IUs every day for SEVERAL MONTHS before people start showing signs of toxicity. It takes 90 days for your blood work to accurately reflect your level of supplementation. So don’t lower it for 2 weeks and get a blood test, and lower it again! [And the current definition of HIGH is way below average for some native cultures]

Anyways, supplementation has a place. But supplementing “organs” without a deficiency seems questionable (but profitable to the seller!)


thanks, alot of zc people do just this. I thought about it but never went this route but with so many doing it, might be the best route to take on it if I still wanna incorporate it. cool.

carbs from liver would not matter on carnivore. We don’t count any carbs from any animal protein sources so I never have to worry about that part.

on zc most of us never take any supplements. I don’t and won’t. but of course some still love their supps and take some but I was never a ‘supp taker’ anyway ya know in life so I don’t bother going that route.

(Kirk Wolak) #20

I don’t “need” the vitamin C, but take it as a precaution.
I can’t tolerate the 20+ Gram doses I used to need to work through a cold…

I do need the Vitamin D3. Even with heavy supplementation, I am “barely” towards the high end of serum levels 2 years into supplementing it. I have been chronically low, and it affects my mood, and is also utilized during inflammation (which I suffer from).

Yeah, being ZC means you dont count carbs. LOL (ZC literally means Zero Carbs).
But I have a 5g limit to maintain ketosis. 2 Patties of liver (300 calories) is more than enough to halt my ketone production, if I am not coming off a 36-48hr fast!

I don’t worry about it as much, but life is better if my GKI is below 6.

FWIW, I started in my late teens to supplement. And I stopped getting sick. At college, money was tight, and someone gave me an article about “expensive urine” and I stopped, saving the money. It took about a year, and suddenly, I was getting sick with everyone else. Colds, Fevers, Flus, infections.
Then a family member noticed and asked what I changed (It happened so incrementally, I honestly did not notice). So, I started taking them again… And the seasonal stuff stopped hitting me. I constantly won awards at work for never missing a day. I think I’ve used 99% of my sick days for taking care of my daughter or wife…

So, again, Every Body is Different. In hindsight, I was eating too many vegetables and carbs, and was nowhere near healthy. But my youth was covering most of it up!